「開示」 (Kaiji)

It’s hardly a surprise that the Battle of Ceres concluded with the humans suffering considerable losses and with about half of its forces annihilated, the defense squad of Earth is undoubtedly boxed into an extremely adverse position. Casting aside the trivial aspects of human politics, the interesting question here, of course, is why the Wulgaru pulled back when they clearly had the upper hand. Even when they were overwhelmed by the humans in terms of sheer number, the Wulgaru’s edge in warfare technology is utterly beyond doubt and the alien’s battalion was on the verge of obliterating mankind in this crucial battle. There are a few possible reasons for the Wulgaru’s unanticipated retreat, not least of which is Jiart’s peculiar fascination with the pilot of Red 5 – a prospective prey in his twisted hunting game that for now, he deemed worthy of being kept alive ! As expected, the truth of this mortifying debacle was concealed from the general public on Earth, and Team Rabbit was branded as the heroes who brought about human’s sensational victory in this battle. There’s no question that such a blatant deception doesn’t sit well with the Zannen 5 and I suspect the most recent developments will exacerbate their identity crisis even further – especially as regards the latest bombshells that was revealed this week!

What we were told in this episode was certainly an eye-opener and the newest revelations have shed light on some of the most inscrutable aspects of this war, chief of all is the identity of the mysterious silver-hair maiden (Itou Shizuka) – who is presumably, the person Jiart referred to as Teoria. As it turns out, she is in fact, a Wulgaru, but one who has defected from her planet in pursuit of what I assume is a path to peace. Her role in this galactic conflict is a game changer and I don’t think it would be a stretch to say her intervention behind the scenes is the sole reason why the humans even stand a chance. After all, Teoria was the informant who clued the humans in on the imminent alien invasion and more importantly, her facilitations were crucial in the development of the JURIA-system, which is, indeed, derived from a template of the Wulgaru technology. What her real motives are has not been made apparent, but based on the intricate insights that were made known this week, she’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill pacifist who is looking for the easy way out. While her involution might have given the humans a fighting chance, it’s also undeniable that such treacherous act has led to countless bloodshed of her own people and for her to come to rest at a resolution like that would, no doubt, require an unparalleled tenacity on her part.

Then there’s the question surrounding the Teoria’s enigmatic connection to Izuru’s past, which has indubitably raised a few eyebrows. Kei, in particular, seemed to be somewhat disconcerted by Izuru’s fervent interest in another girl and such a breakthrough, to my greatest delight, has notably confirmed the budding romance that is gradually brewing in the backdrop. It has not been made clear whether Izuru’s enthrallment with Teoria is of the romantic kind, but what we know for certain is that Kei’s affection for Izuru is real and their latest hoopla by the water fountain has pretty much cemented her status as a potential love interest for Izuru. Of course, the drama looming in the stage set is never quite as straightforward, and I have a certain suspicion Toshikazu and Jiart might also have a role to play in this romantic subplot. Somewhat surprisingly, Toshikazu has hinted at a possible romantic endearment for Kei in their brief exchange this week and that, combined with Jiart’s keen fascination with Teoria would effectively make this complicated set of relationships a “love pentagon”. Such an unexpected unveiling has, without a doubt, got my adrenaline pumping hard and it almost goes without saying that I can’t wait to see how the pieces of puzzle fall into place!

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tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #MajesticPrince 09: A tough road ahead for the Zannen 5 – a “love pentagon” in the making and a Wulgaru spy who has defected to the humans #Anime
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    1. Isn’t it a love pentagon? Don’t write off Toshikazu and Jiart just yet 😛
      I think Kei has a pretty good chance of winning out, don’t underestimate a kuudere’s appeal :3

  1. This show seems to be getting more and more interesting each week now. This is definitely good news!
    Some awesome action in there, intrigue and some romance. Nice combo all around. I’m rooting for you Kei!

      1. It seams the shipping wars is brewing up a storm…


        Anyway as a Izuru/Kei fan myself its a love/hate episode because I cant tell what is Izuru is thinking to our ‘mysterious’ white hair wagalu and it kills me to what the writer is doing to Kei. I fear that it might lead to Izuru and the princess as a couple but I do hope that their relationship is more towards the sibling route.

        No! I must not give in! It will be Izuru/Kei! It has to!!!

        (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      2. Firmly on Kei’s camp here~ Hopefully Izuru will see the light and start realising how much win Kei is 😛

        Though if anything, all Theoria has to do is start singing songs of peace and I’ll be referring to her as Lacus Clyne XD

    1. >Dat boobs
      >Dem hips
      I don’t get it either? If she offer herself to the prince and gets turned down I want reasons other than “we are not of the same species bullshit”.

    2. The appearance of a girl attracts attention, but what engages the desire of the suitors is the personality.

      I’d be more than happy to date to Tamaki, but it is also obvious that scary her intense attitude. It’s not bad to be cheerful and active, for me that is attractive in a women. But any person is difficult to accept at first to someone very aggressive and hurried to form a romantic relationship.

      Tamaki needs to calm down. With a more peaceful attitude and cheerful character she will be to eat. XD

    3. LOL, I couldn’t agree more. With a body like that, Tamaki could get any guy she wants. Jiart’s a playboy, he’s probably not gonna say no to Tamaki if she throws herself at him XD

    4. Tamaki might turn out to be the “crazy chick” of this series.The busty purple haired Wulgaru started out crazy, but thee “crazy chick” of mecha anime, mostly in the Gundam Series, becomes crazy through various means.

  2. I like this series more than I thought I did. Although – I had to give it my all to watch the first episodes. But I won! 😉 Still, some of the characters (and Im not even talking about the hairstyle) are really … I dont know how to describe them. Now we also have this “cook” (or whatever she is) joining the ranks of “characters with a soothing voice” :S Im not so sure if I want to describe this show in these moments as stylish or as stupid…(Yes, you can still like stupid shows XD)

    1. Is “comedic” or “comical” the word you’re looking for? Personally, I quite enjoy the lighthearted moments of the show, the deadpan humor is clearly not everyone’s cup of tea, but it never fails to give me a chuckle or two 😉

  3. Great episode. The answers on why this war started sooner arrived than I imagined.

    Now this really starts romantic complications LOL XD. It was clear where was Kei. It was predicted the relationship between Izuru and white princess. It is obvious that intensified the rivalry with Prince Jiart. But I never imagine Asagi involved in this. This will put intense, but I already feel bad for all romantic disappointments that will come T_T. It also saddens me that Tamaki is left behind in its development. Ironic that the first girl to want a romantic development is the last to be considered. But I’m available and interested lol XD. And also for my Reika :P.

    I want this next episode and you Seishun next post XD

    1. Do we know why the Wulgaru started the war? – it probably has something to do with the prophecy that was referenced in episode 7, but as of now, I don’t think their motives have been made clear to the viewers.
      To be honest, I’m glad Tamaki was excluded from romantic subplot, she doesn’t have a emotional maturity to handle a real relationship. It will only end in pain and suffering, just like a wrestling match XD

    1. i am guessing that she is older than him. she refers to him as “that boy” which kinda hints that he is younger. oh great, a may-december romance (that is, if it doesn’t turn out that theoria is indeed izuru’s mother 😉 )

  4. Well, Seishun, it seems you were right on the money about Kei>Izuru. It almost broke my heart to see Izuru ditching her to run after Theoria. Jeez, a possible triangle with 2 of my Top 5 Favorite Female Seiyuu. Izuru, you lucky fool.

    Wait a sec…Izuru…ditching Kei…to run after Theoria…


  5. there seems to be still a lot of things not revealed here yet. for one, theoria’s reasons for defecting is still clouded in mystery (i am guessing that she has her own faction supporting her in the wulgaru ranks). she seems to have known who or what the humans are beforehand. simon’s insistence that the wulgaru is a different species also feels somewhat off, i would be surprised if this show pulls off something similar to gargantia.

    and tamaki is starting to be quite an interesting character. her innocence (which is fitting for a 15-year old) is turning out to be a nice counterpoint to the others, especially the adult characters. her instant crush on jiart and comment that he is good looking, somehow shows (given what she now knows) that she doesn’t view the wulgaru as anything different from humans. who knows, her views might become an important plot point later on. hoping she also gets her fair share of character development and not become the sacrificial lamb/

    well, this show keeps getting better and better. the series definitely needs more love.

    1. I thought that remark from Simon sounded somewhat suspicious as well. It’ll be quite fascinating if MJP does indeed pull a Urobuchi Gen on us and there are definitely a number of ways to explore such a thematic dilemma :3

  6. After watching this ep all I could do and fangirl over the love triangle. It’s a rarity that I approve of a complete triangle. I refuse to think it’s a pentagon >.< KEI! WOOT!

  7. All in my face please, just place them where they are meant to go.

    Interesting tidbits were revealed.We got traitors, we got the G-14 Classified information kept from the general public, and jealous waifu material

    I have a theory that Izuru was one of the first people the Silver Maiden met when she came to defect and she suggested for him to become a pilot of the AHSMB units.She’s still mysterious and brings up even more questions.Like why did she defect in the first place and I hope to god it’s not the cliche “for peace” reason.Another question is why her bodyguard/butler is such a cockblocker and always judo/jujitsu/aikido flips Izuru when he tries to get close.

    There is one more mystery yet to be revealed.This man is a spy, but for who and why?

    I don’t have a particular ship to join, but I don’t mind seeing IzuruxKei happening.Asagi might pull a Jiart and take Kei by force, but I don’t mind that either.Netorare is always good in my book >:)

  8. Toshikazu’s hobby is…..scented candles? Well I supposed he needed one, he was the least defined of the group other than his stomach pains and being the Fail 5 straight man.

    As for Kei its nice to get confirmation the she does indeed have a thing for Izuru. He was pretty the only thing Kei was concerned about in the whole aftermath of the battle. And you can taste the delicious jelly when Theoria is around. Did anyone notice how the lighting of the fountain turned pink when Kei approached Izuru? SUBTLE!

  9. Just a correction Theoria did not give the JURIA system. All she gave was the Wulgaru mech specs and those were adapted to ASHMB.

    The JURIA system was developed by a MJP member named Juria (episode 1) and later confirmed in this episode to be an Earth original technology.

    The JURIA system is a human fight or flight OS that is meant to sync with the pilot. Now I theorize it was made as a trump card against the Wulgaru’s innate primal instinct. As seen with Izuru vs Jiart.

    1. Thank you.

      I was literally just going to post this. The episode actually goes out of its way to point out that the Juria System was of human design. The MECHS are what she gave them designs for. This was specifically said to counter team rabbit saying they were using alien machines.

      Other than that great review to an increasingly awesome show. I’m hoping for a little downtime now. As INCREDIBLY AWESOME as the fights are, i really like the characters in this and I want some more time with them.

      Also I was saddened to learn that unlike most mech anime, this is based on an Manga apparently? Does that mean we’re going to get some half-assed anti-climactic ending like in so many manga adaptations? Does anyone know? I really hope not because I tend to avoid manga adaptations for that exact reason.

      1. Anime original it just so happen there is a manga adaptation that shares the same characters but is a different story.

        This is a human vs alien story. The manga is a academy high school story with Asagi not a member of Team Rabbits but a designated rival of Izuru. Different character designs too. Tamaki is a blond bimbo while Kei is a Asian beauty.

    2. Hmmmm… I thought I’ve made it clear in my write-up that Theoria merely facilitated the process of the AHSMB development and the JURIA-system was based upon a template of the Wulgaru technology. Maybe it’s the awkward structuring of the sentence that is confusing some of the readers, I apologize for that XD

      1. As ReddyRedWolf said, the JURIA system is, as far as we’re told, completely human. They specifically state this when Team Rabbits complains about alien technology. Maybe it was just the translation, I’m not sure, but certainly in the version I watched they went out of their way to point out the JURIA system’s human origins as opposed to the AHSMBs which are built on alien templates.

        Again not trying to come down on you, it’s a fine review, but as far as the version I watched, that part is wrong.

      2. I see where you’re coming from, but I guess I read what Simon said differently.
        I don’t really see the AHSMB and JURIA-system as two separate entities, they’re one and the same – which is why when Simon said alien technology was used to develop their mecha unit, I assumed that statement applies to both the physical mecha and the JURIA-system.
        I could be wrong, of course, but let’s see if we’ll get further clarification in the upcoming episodes.
        Also, if you see something you don’t like, feel free to point them out – that’s how we improve. Plus, I’m a math grad, you won’t find a strand of writer’s pride on me XD

  10. So, no one took note of Izuru’s ability to understand the Wulgaru speech, when later on, during the recording that was taken from inside the AHSMB had to be translated by “Theoria” (Yeah not gonna confirm that to be her name yet) So to some extent, Izuru must have some sort of connection/bloodline to the Wulgaru. And mind you, im disregarding his position already as the pilot who already has shown adeptness to the JURIA System.

  11. A slow episode this week, especially coming out of the huge skirmish last episode.

    I’m a bit put off that Izuru was told to remain silent about Jiart, only for Simon to reveal the secret to Team Rabbits at the end of the episode. It made watching Izuru keep his silence feel awkward and time-wasting.

    Also, was Tamaki always so stacked? o_0 Forget pillows; I’d sleep on Tamaki any day!

    I hope this show will dive in to the action and drama quickly.

    My body is ready for naked Kei! Bring on the next episode!

  12. It was mentioned that Izuru was supposed to forget his family, but remembered “that girl” for some reason; which Rin immediately ordered he remain silent about. It implies that at the very least, Teoria was either a mother-figure or sister-figure to Izuru, and her running away was more to do with not interfering with the memory wipe rather than simply because she didn’t like him.

    Also, I’m rooting for Kei/Izuru, which is a possibility if all Izuru wants is to be able to reconnect to a former “family member” and settle his history. After all, Izuru’s the only able to handle Kei’s sweets.


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