「依然として彼らの距離は変わらずに、祭りはもうすぐカーニバる」 (Izentoshite Karera no Kyori wa Kawarazuni, Matsuri wa Mousugu Kaanibaru)
“The Distance Between Them Hasn’t Changed and The Festival Will Soon Become a Carnival”

The amount of negative emotion that this series draws out of me is almost as bad as watching someone punch cute puppies in the face. Basically, at certain times, I would have loved to trade places with Hachiman and uppercut some of these high school ass hats. But seeing how the technology to cross into a different dimension is still at the least three years out, I’ll have to let my words do the fighting for me.

Let’s start with Sagami Minami, the stupidest bitch that this series has encountered thus far. I mean, how dumb to you have to be to ask someone who’s known to be ruthless and brilliant, help you manage the very committee that just futilely asked her to do that very job? But then to get jealous after she outshines you purely because of just how much more competent she is at your job? If that isn’t the definition of an idiot with an inferiority complex who unleashed everything bad upon themselves without realizing it than I don’t know what to think anymore.

But seeing how I’ve cooled down a bit after attempting to re-write that last paragraph over fifteen times, I am honestly amazed with just how emotional this episode got me. I went in expecting to see an awkward Hachiman try to deal with his internal problems with a lost looking Yukino. Instead I was greeted by an extremely awkward Hachiman trying his hardest to help Yukino out of a troublesome spot — something that by the time it happened I was hoping for but honestly half expecting not to. But nonetheless it did happen and I’m hoping that this monumental event plus trying to expose Sagami for the bitch she really is might mark the turning point that will repair the relationship between the two.

And even though I keep going on and on about just how furious I was, there were a few moments that managed to shine through. Ebina’s “must-gay” comment was probably one of the funniest made up English lines that I’ve heard in quite a while. But add in the mental image of Hachiman and Hayama doing yaoi things to each other and it elevates the joke to a whole new level. And while we’re talking about Hayama, he ended up being the other saving grace! While it’s been clear that he’s a nice guy, I think it’s been set into stone that he’s a nice guy for the sake of being a good person — not for some type of personal benefit. While he could have done a bit more than just volunteer to be the volunteers’ leader, it’s nice to know that he realizes that something stupid has occurred within the committee. Plus how can you not like someone who takes the time to talk to Hachiman about things beside their own problems?

Here’s to me hoping that next week’s episode involves Hachiman having another outburst that’s hopefully a bit more meaningful and a whole lot less awkward — I know you can do it man!




  1. Here’s to me hoping that next week’s episode involves Hachiman having another outburst that’s hopefully a bit more meaningful and a whole lot awkward — I know you can do it man!

    Who knows? Might be how he finally wins her (Yukino’s) heart…

      1. It ends in three episodes. What “point” is there left to make if there isn’t any show remaining to make it? An anime original ending isn’t outside of the realms of possibility especially if this show isn’t popular enough to warrant a second season.

        I am simply nonchalantly stating a possible plotline that could lead to one of many probable anime original endings as per my observations- unlikely perhaps but possible. I have no preference as to which girl Hachiman ends up together with- I’m not a brain-dead shipper, don’t take my statement out of context…

      2. It’s a Light Novel adaptation, first of all, so the ending won’t be conclusive either way. The LNs are still ongoing.

        But the whole point of this anime has been to take the usual random romcom cliches that appear in every harem anime ever and show how shallow they really are.

        Which is why Hachiman coming to the rescue and capturing Yukino’s heart would be the opposite of what the show has been doing the entire time.

        It’s not a show about tripping flags and capturing hearts. It never has been.

      3. To be honest….if the company was to go for an anime-original ending it’ll really shoot themselves in the head when season 2 comes, because in the latest volume Show Spoiler ▼

      4. Technically there was some sort of closure at the end of this arc Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Where is Zaimofatguy? Does he even go to school or that school in particular? We seen him like 2 episodes and that was it.He’s rarely around for any of the schenanigans.

    The smile on Hachiman’s face when the Yaoi girl wanted Saika to be the prince was priceless XD

    I’m glad she got some screentime for once, if only I could remember her name ;/

    The episode was pretty meh.That bitch Sagami brought Yukino’s sister just to troll and I thought the sister was going to troll Sagami, but went along with it like a bad person would.

    Yukino wants to be all stubborn and not apologize, Hachiman is like whatevs, and Yui is caught in the middle deciding on whether to be lez for Yukino or straight for Hachiman.Even Saika couldn’t make this episode good.The Yaoi girl is trying to NTR Hachiman by making Hayato the co-star and stole Hachiman’s pilot role, after trying to force Hachiman to play that role.That’s messed up lol.

    I’d rather have a Yui focused episode than a Yukino one, I can’t stand her, her sister, or that aggressive single sensei who will undoubtbly end up forever alone because no dude in their right mind would put up with her bullshit.Unless they’re masochists and are into that sort of thing.

    If i was Hachiman, I never would’ve “saved” Yukino.Then again if I was Hachiman, this anime would’ve ended soon as I met Saika.The Happy End would’ve came earlier than expected.I would’ve quit that club and said F U to the teacher.I would’ve set the teacher up with some domestic abuser type of dude and see how she likes it.

    1. that aggressive single sensei who will undoubtbly end up forever alone because no dude in their right mind would put up with her bullshit

      *Cough,cough* my friend.In soviet Russ…RandomC,guys not right in the head are not a rarity.

    2. Nobody cares about the yaoi undertones in this mess when there’s so much straightforward drama happening. I would even say it’s incoherent, detracting from the drama. Call it comedy relief if you want to but the shear amount of drama makes it annoying, like it’s getting in the way.

      1. When I said nobody I meant the writer & production company. If they did they would have included their date in the last episode. It would have screwed the whole atmosphere of that episode so oh well.

      2. Indeed.There’s a time & place for everything and in OreGaIru,now’s not the time for comedy.If you ask me,the next 3 episodes should be no different – maybe save for some funny moments in the last few minutes of the final episode but no more.I also feel the Saika-trap gag’s been really overused by now and while we had our fun with it,it’s not really the series’s strong point and when this show gets more serious it definitely gets in the way,especially now since we’re nearing the series’s end.

  3. OMG that “titular chairman” lazing off while Yukino was doing all the hard work was so irritating, frustrating, annoying… I’m all awaiting the incoming trainwreck of festival now Yukino is sick from overworking herself.
    P.S. Saika as the Little Prince made me LOL… Too bad it was Hayama that got to be the pilot, otherwise we would have some extremely funny scenes with Hachiman incoming. Ebina, go work on your pairing sense!

    1. Happens more often than you think. That’s why back in the days when i still had school, I refused to join any group projects even though the course had mandated for the cumulative grade to be based on group work. Most of the time, the professors made an exception for me.

      1. ^ Pretty much that. If there’s one thing I learned during my college days especially, it’s that group work is the bane of a college student’s existence. The tendency always ends up being that one/two people do most of the work, while the others rely on them and contribute little to nothing except a smile and petty words.

        In the end, you can go back to the professor with the other group members to complain and maybe they’ll be nice enough to dock down the guy/gal’s grade… but yeah, it doesn’t usually change the fact that this happens all the time, some person’s gonna be toppled with most of the work, and it gets done because it’s mandatory. Sad stuff, but exceptionally prevalent nonetheless.

    2. You found it irritating? I did too, at the start. But then afterward, it got really funny, like a long running gag.
      Show Spoiler ▼

      I lol’ed at that. Overly complicated fails never fail to amuse me.

  4. Omg I can’t wait for the part where Show Spoiler ▼

    But seriously,
    ‘ What Hayama and Meguri said wasn’t wrong in any way. Amazing, I’m moved to tears, such wonderful camaraderie (awesome sarcasm from Hachiman). But, is it really bad to do things by yourself? Why does someone who worked her socks off, even by herself, have to be rejected here? ‘ Hachiman’s inner monologue really hits home for me personally. Why do some people need to view that others who are putting in so much effort are being, in their own words , ‘bad’?
    And is it me or is Harunon equally being a bitch this episode? Her snide remarks about how the club has become awkward for her, and that annoying tone that she had when talking to Minami really made me wanted Hachiman to do a Touma and falcon punch both Minami and her.

    1. It’s so much “bitching” going on in this episode that its literally painful to watch. In hindsight its hard to see why she would merely accept to do all the work herself. Yukino probably has a history of doing that so they just automatically shifted all the work on her since they knew she would try to do it anyway, although a bit reluctantly this time. She was probably already not feeling well.

      For her sister to be there is just more piled up BS. Isn’t she in college. I was in the SC @ my HS & I didn’t pop up out of nowhere just because of a festival. It seems like she was there just to add more bitch to the fire.

      As for Sagami-bitch, I would really like for her to just crash & burn just like Hayama’s crew intended . . .

      Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Damn…I would have totally bought the “must-gay” book of Hachiman x Hayaman…judging by the preview I bet the play will still be a blast (even though better with Hachiman in it…) because Ebina’s gasps of approval at the end killed me. On another note~it was just Sagami that pissed me off but also that girl who kept on comparing Yukino with her sister, gawd!!! at least she managed to realize her mistake later on. It makes me wonder if some of the members did take Sagami’s advice and just dump their work on others like Hachiman, because Yukino did say that he had a lot more paperwork than usual.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the part where Yukino accepted the committee’s offers of help and subsequently apologising. That apology was actually directed to Hachiman or the committee? Because to me it feels like that apology was directed to Hachiman.

  7. This was it, putting the fuel in the tank. Letting it overflow actually. Preparing for the spark needed to send everything into dramaland and somehow re-unite Hikigaya and Yukino through emotions upon emotions.

    I felt it- the frustration, the anger. The air was tense all episode, and Sagami and Haru made it so much worse. It was one of those episodes where you just wanted to scream and blast the entire school to smithereens like in Mirai Nikki.

    1. I feel yah, I wanted Hikigaya to do more and sooner too, but I feel this is more true to his character. I mean have you seen what he’s been through? No surprise he’s isolated himself from everyone. Honestly the fact that he does pay so much attention to Yukino and cares is a good enough sign to me. You can’t expect him to play the hero being the way that he is, having been treated the way that he has.

      1. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. What you think is best for someone is usually never the solution to the problem for the person you’re trying to help. Most of the time your “help” may make the problem even worse.

      2. Sometimes it’s a smarter move to watch the problem unfold and how the person in question reacts before interfering and helping them. Hachiman knows what he’s doing, I’m sure he knows what Haruno’s up to as well. Being who he is, I’m sure he will interfere before things get beyond a certain point (maybe Yukino being sick/away will be that point).

      3. I’m seeing all these thumbs down, and it makes me wonder. It’s easy to judge Hiki being a spectator, but I bet the same people who are judging Hiki wouldn’t be able to do anything were THEY in that situation. How many times in high school did you let something you know was wrong, happen because you were too afraid to stand up to everyone.

    2. the problem is defining “his friends”
      you kind of need to define his state of having friends, before you can really question how he could abandon them

      in other words, remember this is a guy who basically views friendship as meaningless and useless, and if you asked him, he’d probably tell you he has no friends; nevermind abandoning them.

      1. THAT is everything when it comes to this show. People are assuming way too much when it comes to this series.

        First of all, the trio’s current state is forced because of Sensei. The only one that thinks they are all friends in some way is Yui, that doesn’t make them friends. Friends acknowledge each other as such. I see none of that here.

        Second, the only reason they are a trio is because of the forced club, that make them club members, not friends – despite of what history they have.

        Third, they have some sort of intertwined history that brought them together for all the wrong reasons. I don’t know how this anime world works but it does seem pretty close to reality. In reality, saving a dog & getting ran over does not constitute friendship. Gratitude & hospital bills maybe, but not friendship.

  8. i see what she was trying to do here ,Yukino sister really a scary person
    she’s purposely to discredit Yukinon so Yukinon just would put all work more because pressure
    hence of this she fell sick,now with Yukinon absence the bith Sagami must work all work Yukinon done by herself

    Goblin Fire
  9. Man, I felt BAD for Yukino this episode.

    Throughout most of the episode, I got a Sasuke vibe from her (not in the negative way as I feel it with Naruto these days). What I mean is that, when it comes to most of the other people, ALL you seem to hear from those other people and what they only seem to see when talking to Yukino, asking her to do stuff, and so on (and that we see Sagami obviously take advantage of) is not “Yukino Yukinoshita” herself as her own unique person, but “the sister of Haruno Yukinoshita” or basically someone they expect to be a total clone of.

    Much like how, as a kid, Sasuke was constantly compared to Itachi, even by his father, when it came to pretty much everything, and everyone just expected him to be at the same or a greater level than Itachi “by default”. What both he and Yukino end up doing is essentially play into those expectations, but don’t (always) seem to try to do their own thing to create their own identity, probably to avoid being made out to be “inferior” or a “disappointment” or “failure” due to all those expectations.

    Yes, Yukino did initially reject the default offer of being made the chairman (again, simply because Haruno did it when she was a student and did so well at it, and we saw how quick people looked to her as soon as they realized who she was), but look what happened; she more or less “became” the chairman anyway and never tries to get out of it. Instead, she just takes on more responsibility with no real hesitation or questioning because it’s what Haruno had done before.

    Basically, to me anyway, it’s a clear example of the pressure of conforming to others’/society’s expectations rather than trying to take your own path and defying (some of) those expectations and, judging from some of Yukino’s hesitation, it’s not like she hasn’t thought about it before; debating on whether to try to act like Haruno like most others expect her to or do what she herself wants to do.

  10. Ah… The two-faced bitch that has a posse that for some reason, hang on their every word. I love this trope, as it’s always so satisfying when they get what they deserve.

    The dynamic between Yukino and Haruno is an interesting way to do the whole “living in your sibling’s shadow” thing though, as in most shows the older sibling is either dead/missing and they aren’t there to see the younger one, who might or might not have a chip on their shoulder because of the constant comparisons between the two. So I’m interested to see what Yukino does from here on out, and how long it’ll be before Hikki actually decides to interfere.

    And of course Sugisaki- I mean, Hayama is here to keep fighting to a minimum! He clearly tries to solve things without causing conflict, and since everyone likes him because he’s a genuine nice guy definitely helps. I haven’t read the LNs, maybe Hikki asks him for help in resolving this issue? Or Hikki takes care of this in a way that only he can think of?

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we get a emotional outburst from Yukino sometime soon, that’s going to be quite the thing to see, as she’s maintained her cool for so long- seeing some real emotion from her is bound to happen at the rate things are going… Looking forward to the next one.

  11. I think people are overlooking that Yukino is a very prideful person. She doesn’t want people to keep comparing her to her sister, but more than that, she doesn’t want people to think that she’s not able to live up to her sister’s legacy if she tried. Yukino was expected to take up her sister’s mantle, chose not to because that would allow ease of jealous feelings to kick in, but Sagami asking for her help directly allowed her to assume a scapegoat reason to try and meet everyone’s expectations.

    Yukino lives under Haruno’s shadow, and although she feels like she shouldn’t want to feel obligated to meet everyone’s expectations of her, she still wants to show people that she can do it naturally, with grace, and seemingly little effort (because if she did show effort, she will be met with jealousy like always).

    Sagami is pushing all the work onto Yukino because Yukino assumed Sagami’s ambitions. The expectation forced on Sagami to assume a larger role on Yukino was too heavy for her to handle. The contrast between Yukino’s desire to fill Haruno’s shoes and Sagami’s ultimate surrender is a point I think the show is trying to show.

    I’m still unsure of Haruno’s angle. She seemed genuinely concerned and understanding of the situation Yukino was put in but in this episode, she knowingly brought a live comparison into view as well as discredited Yukino which just put more pressure on her. I’m thinking it has something to do with getting her home or trying to show Yukino that she shouldn’t try and be like Haruno. I feel like seeing their mother will make it clear, though.

    Hikigaya got fucked this round but I anticipate he will come back stronger next episode. This episode was very tense but it was a build-up for something greater in the end. I’m pretty sure Hikigaya nailed it on the head what he thought Yukino wanted. However, the awkwardness in the club and Yukino knowing that 8man and Yui know her family caused the accident is making her feel apprehensive, I believe. I think Yukino, while “accepting help” from others, she rejected 8man’s help because she doesn’t want to feel indebted. She feels ashamed for the accident and so would rather not add to the shame or feeling that she needs to pay him back somehow if she can help it. In other words, Yukino wants to act independently of him because she already feels like she owes too much.

    this is what I feel, anyway.

    1. Ah. Is that why Yukino accepted? That could be it actually. The biggest problem I had was coming up with a legitimate justification for Yukino to accept Sagami’s request.

      With regards to Haruno, I think she does care about Yukino but she does want Yukino to overcome this hubris of hers. I think her methods are like Hachiman’s (that’s probably why Hachiman didn’t say anything), if not worse, where in the end its a lose-lose. Haruno played along with Sagami to both convey a point to Yukino and encourage the dumb attitude Sagami has thus setting her up for massive failure (Sagami will cop the blame, people aren’t as blind as she thinks).

      I also didn’t like how insensitive the President was being comparing Yukino to her sister in 99% of everything that left her mouth which simply added to Yukino’s feeling of inferiority to Haruno.

      1. No offense, but please don’t compare Haruno’s methods with Hachiman’s.
        It’s like comparing Sho Yosei with Taikoubou.
        Both use cheap tricks and dirty methods but the latter actually cares about the people.

        Yukino was already under pressure and Haruno just had make it worse by going against her.
        I don’t care what noble intentions she has for her sister.
        Using that kind of method without taking other people’s feelings into consideration is just… well, sh*t.

      2. I’m just giving Haruno the benefit of the doubt at the moment. For those of us only watching the anime, there’s just not enough information and background behind Yukinoshita’s family to draw any concrete conclusions.

        Also what you’ve just said and the way you’ve said it makes it implicitly a spoiler rather than a speculation. Just curious as to why you’re so sure that she doesn’t care at all – admittedly she probably doesn’t care about Sagami but Yukino being her family might be different. What if she just thought that the ultimate outcome outweighs Yukino’s feelings at the time?

      3. No, it’s not a spoiler. I did read some of the LN but stopped right after I got to volume 6.
        I don’t know for sure myself if she’s doing it to support Yukino or the other way around.

        “What if she just thought that the ultimate outcome outweighs Yukino’s feelings at the time?”

        That’s exactly what I meant. Just because you have a good goal doesn’t mean you can use any method to achieve it. The end doesn’t always justify the means. True, she may have a good intention, but it’s still a fact that what she did hurt Yukino in some way. If it were Hachiman, I doubt he’d use that kind of method unless he’s certain there’s absolutely no other way. But even then I still don’t think he’d do it.
        Hachiman would put himself before others, something that I can’t imagine Haruno would do.

        I’m not sure if I get my point across (English isn’t my first language) and I’m not forcing my opinion on you (just saying what I thought about their methods) but if you know Sho Yosei, you’d understand what I mean. Haruno’s kind of similar to him in that regard, except Sho is like thousand times scarier.

    2. I’m always looking for the backstory. Here we have two rich girls (Haruno and Yukino) who’s family has high expectations for them socially. Haruno is outgoing and Yukino is an introvert with Yukino probably being even smarter than Haruno. Haruno may even resent Yukino because Haruno has had to take the brunt of the social demands of her family that she feels that Yukino has shirked. I think there is both a desire to help Yukino and jealousy at the same time. (Seems somewhat like the relationship of Haru and Yūzan in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun). Yukino a strong sense of duty but not the outgoing personality of her sister, so acting as the aide to Sagami lets her get the necessary work done but not have to be out front. Not having the type of personality that would allow her to cajole the others into doing the work (which is what her sister could do) she takes it on herself. If she had fed Sagami the information off-line she could have used Sagami to get the others to do the work and maybe even taught Sagami some things, but Sagami basically gave up when Yukino kept butting in when she was trying to run things. Not that Yukino’s input was wrong, just that it made Sagami look bad by presenting it in front of everyone.

      Hikki is a classic cynical romantic. He doesn’t intend to get involved and then basically “falls on the grenade” to help someone out by redirecting a negative situation towards himself. I guess he feels that since his social life is screwed it doesn’t make any difference that he takes the negativity on himself.

    1. I mentioned something like that after I saw the end of episode 8 but episode 9 seemed to put her in a different light so I was starting to think that I was wrong about her,until I saw this one.Not sure if Yukino even has more freedom than her. though.I’m curious if Haru’s genuinely trying to help her sister in some way or she’s just being a bitch.

  12. I think next episode Hachiman should burst on Yukino’s sister, she keeps going on about how ‘Yukino’ follows in her lead, doing everything she does, but still she invovles herself so much into Yukino’s life that Yukino can’t have her own space. To be honest, I am starting to think that her big sister is the one who is trying way too hard to surpass what Yukino might become, because Yukino is just better than her in every angle there is, so she spent her whole time ridiculing her. I hate Yukino’s sister.

    I think also Yuigahama was mad because it was obvious that Yukino had agreed to become someone’s game, which seems to be against everything Yukino is, so why is that?

  13. Wow, just like Takaii this ep made me rage so much. It felt like everyone who let the words fly out of their mouths were being total a$$h013S. I’m pretty sure everyone here knows sagami’s a total biznatch so I won’t go on ranting about it. But the student council president? Kneeling at the will of Haruno’s every will? With every piece of crap that comes out of her mouth has to do with “Oh, Your sister did this and you sister did that. Oh she could do this too” I’d stuff my frikkin foot down her mouth.

    I know Yukino is calm and collected but there should be just so much a person can take before snapping and going psychopathic and gunning down everyone is a drunken craze. I’m not sure whether Haruno is trying to take her sister down her help her… I suspect the latter but I could be wrong.

    That one scene of President of student council + salami (Lol autocorrect of sagami on my computer, decided to leave it like that since it was funny) + haruno =

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    For once I really want to see this festival fail to the ashes. And like everyone else on here see sagami take the fall and her pathetic attempt to push it onto Yukino and then it backfires and lands her in big doo doo. Whew. Somewhat a load off my mind…

  14. I’m not sure if Haruno’s “tough love” towards Yukino is genuine or not…

    There seems to be more than just Haruno trying to stop Yukino from following her shadow.

  15. One additional deconstruction here, namely we see brother and sister in a classic scene where she walks into bathroom while he’s taking a bath… And bored-faced toothbrushing ensues, while Hachiman almost falls asleep in the bathtub due to being tired. I sincerely prescribe the series to those who have enough of the Imouto-centric shows…

    1. The only pattern I’ve noticed (courtesy of Takaii pointing it out) is that they go up by one each episode. Anything aside from that… is anyone’s guess, though I’m thinking that it could be a kind of pathway of growth or representative of continued additions to our MC’s lives/perspectives.

  16. Totally spot on when you say there is a lot of negative emotions, this whole episode felt awkward and discomforting. In mostly any other show, I would find that bad, but for Yahari, I don’t feel that way. I wasn’t expecting Hachiman to speak up since he’s more of an observer, but I would be lying if I said I really wanted to see him say or do something amazing to help Yukino out of this pinch and put down that “bitch”. Alas, that would be out of Hachiman’s character.

    I feel like all the negative emotion that is building up will be resolved or at least settled in some way in the next episode. I hope Hachiman can find some way to help out Yukino without breaking out of his character. On a side note, I really love how this show can be so humorous, yet realistic and relatable.

  17. I remember one Haruno scene in last episode when talking about Yukinon. After watching her in this episode, she clearly has a strongly bad intention to Yukinon. She really enjoys watching Yukinon chasing her, and tries to make as many burden to Yukinon.

    Well, I might be wrong, but that’s the only thing I could see from her…

    Kevin Yamagata
  18. Come on guys, whats with the Haruno hate? Sure, she was being a bitch but try to think why is she doing those things…

    Yukino isnt even the chairman, so if the festival fails who will the people blame? ofc Sagami.

    1. She is a major part of the reason the committee proceedings turned into a shithole for Yukino. The problem lies with her methods, not her intentions. Besides, her wish for Yukino not to follow in her footsteps seems too ambiguous and goody-goody for one as intelligent as her.

      At the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Haruno ends up explaining that she went through something similar to Yukino’s situation and wanted her to experience the same thing in order for Yukino to stop trying to follow her/surpass her, because she’ll only end up suffering.

      Bottom line, I hope we get a more concrete, fully fleshed-out reasoning for Haruno’s actions instead of the one we have now.


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