「能力追跡 (AIMストーカー)」 (Noryoku Tsuiseki (AIM Sutoka))
“Power Trace (AIM Stalker)”

It’s another week of Railgun S, and I gotta say, they’re really showcasing the Level 5 espers this time around. With Mugino “The Meltdowner” making her triumphant (SUPER!) debut, more than half the Level 5’s have shown up at some point already, and it’s admittedly quite the surprise to see them all playing a part (or about to) in the development of things. For now though, the sole focus is on the fight between Mugino and Misaka (how bout that Spider(wo)man move showcase?), and things really ain’t looking too good for the latter. But then again, when you’re up against a supergroup as well-rounded as ITEM, it’s no wonder…

…cause they’re quite the amalgamation of talents. Not only do you have a Level 5 who seems like she can break down anything with her ability, but you have a Level 4 in Takitsubo that can memorize and track a particular person via their AIM dispersion field no matter where they are, a crazy beret wearing bomber in Frenda, and yet another Level 4 in “Offensive Armor” Kinuhata as well. Indeed, they’re people who could really hold on their own, and the fact they’re all working together just makes them an insane combination. There’s just nothing quite like fluid teamwork and ITEM’s really got time to strut their stuff this week. I find myself wondering just how they got together (and into this line of work) in the first place… but I guess that’s more so something for another time.

Either way—despite ITEM demonstrating the importance of great teamwork, they nonetheless also demonstrate one other key lesson: the fact that there’s really no substitute to having that one transcendent talent on your team. Even the greatest sports teams typically have that one player they can call on when the time comes—and in ITEM’s case, it’s Mugino and her Meltdown ability. Sometimes, you just have to fight fire with fire—Level 5 with Level 5—and it looks like we’re heading in to quite the showdown next week as a result. Combine that with the fact that Shinobu’s in some seemingly dire straits as well, and it’s just like… “gosh darn, how exactly are they going to get out of this?”

And that my friends, is the million dollar question indeed. Still, while we look ahead, it’s also important to note how they both ended up in the situation they did, and it basically all boils down to one thing: trying is better than not. Because if there’s one big lesson here this week—and one that continues the “fated lives” concept from the past few episodes—it’s that even if something seems like it’s futile, it’s worth trying regardless. There’s a lot here about how it’s important that you give that effort in the first place—because if you never try, nothing will happen. The only way you’ll change something is by doing something about it, and that’s really what Shinobu highlighted this week especially. As it turns out, new security measures seem to have thwarted her plans to install emotions onto the MISAKA Network… but the fact that she tried in the first place is something to be noted. That, and the fact that you have to wonder about the significance of that one MISAKA clone sitting in that laboratory. Part of me is inclined to believe that Shinobu’s “failure” might not have been one at all… and it makes me wonder if that MISAKA might be the key to rescuing her from her fate in the coming week(s).

Indeed, it’s either that, or the fact that Kuroko’s turn might be coming up soon. Because while that whole bit about Level 5-Level 4 dynamic duos was literally describing Mugino and Takitsubo… I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who thought about Misaka x Kuroko instead…




  1. Super interesting episode but not much super epic fight scenes. Super looking forward to that next episode. Another thing, I’m super dissapointed there was a lack of Frenda jokes, that would super make it more super awesome.

  2. Does anyone notice how Saiai’s Offense Armor blocking Shinobu’s fired bullet had the same sound effect as Accelerator’s ability’s normal deflecting sound?

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

  3. This was my favorite arc in the manga and now it’s my favorite in the anime. The animation of this series is really nice and seeing everything animated is just really cool. Can’t wait for next episode where we finally have Railgun vs Meltdowner! Gonna be good.

    1. what’s impressive is that railgun S has consistently kept this animation looking great for 9 eps straight and even though we got two eps in a row of nice fight scenes, the animation has not let up and it doesnt look like it will next week either. It’s a shame railgun can do this but Index II could not keep it’s animation consistent to safe its life.

      1. Not quite true. You forget about that breather slice of life episode that was about Misaka’s friends. Animationwise that one looked definitely worse than the rest. And that’s okay, since it wasn’t as important as the rest.
        This one? Great stuff indeed.

      2. eh, depends on how you are evalauting it. In that slice of life ep there werent any off- model designs, use of stills, or super cheap short-cuts therefore it still falls under the title of consistent animation. Trust me, watch index II; there were eps that strayed far from the norm of their usual quality. Consistent doesnt necessarily mean all the eps will have the exact same quality down to slightest detail, just that the quality of the eps wont stray too far from one another. In our kuroko-centric ep, the lighting was still good, textures were great, and characters were fluid when they needed to be. But like you said, not much was happening in that ep so there was no need to be as show-offey as they have been these past two eps.

    1. I have been wondering if Kuroko and Touma appearing in the OP fight against ITEM is something that actually does NOT happen. Especially Touma, who should be somewhere else right now? Hope I am wrong.

      1. Actually, Touma (Atsushi Abe) is busy being Suzugamori Ren in Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker every Sunday. You should listen to him as he rides Blaster Dark Revenger in one of the recent episodes.

  4. About that new security measure…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  5. want to see some kuroko + railgun tagteaming again but this looks like a placement match between 3rd and 4th strongest. railgun is pretty tired so it’ll be interesting to see who comes out. no idea what’ll happen if mikoto loses, which, knowing this show, is not out of the realm of possibility.

  6. The tablets which Takitsubo uses to enhance her powers is made from the same esper enhancement crystal seen in the second arc of Railgun season 1, which Therestina attempted to use to power-up Haruue, though Therestina was aiming for her own Level 6 Shift experiment.

    The data from Therestina’s research after her defeat to Mikoto no doubt ended up in the black market, this time mainly mass manufactured as a power enhancement drug.


  7. Since I read the manga, I already know the outcome of the fight. But it has never been revealed in the manga what happened to Shinobu, so I really hope the anime will answer that.

    1. They arent going to animate that arc of the manga; I read somewhere (forgive me, i dont have the link) that the sisters arc is going to end somewhere around ep 16; leaving us with 8 eps left of the season to which they will dedicate to animating one of the side stories of the LN (hopefully there’s a decent story in that piece of source material). I dont know how valid the information is but that sounds pretty legit seeing as there’s no way they can animate the current manga arc since it hasnt even finished yet. I had a strong feeling that this was the path the production staff would take after watching the first two eps.

  8. ITEM really work well together like modern tank, bringing together targetting systems (Takitsubo) , main armor-piercing gun (Mugino) , secondary armament (Frenda) and strong armor (Kinuhata). Together they are sum greater than its parts and truly formidable opponent. To see Mikoto being chased around is a testimony to their combat effectiveness. The fact they can cover multiple bases (literally!) allows them even to deal with the unpredictable factor of Shinobu getting involved. The series does great job of getting our heroines into dire straits, and evoking sense of real danger despite Show Spoiler ▼

      1. because there’s actually some people who don’t watch Index (I’m not one of them, I’ve watched it all) who only watch Railgun and there’s who only watch Index and never heard of Railgun…really I was surprised to see people like that. Its one of those face-palming moments of….”have you seriously been under a rock this entire time?” I think at this point even those who solely watch dubs (bless their souls) from funimation realize that both Railgun and Index was released.

  9. Great episode.
    What does ITEM actually stand for? Unless it’s a spoiler that will be explained later?
    Considering how tired Mikoto has to be, I can’t imagine her winning against Mugino in a 1 on 1 fight right now.

  10. In the manga it says on the error screen that the one responsible for the security measure is 20001 — meaning Last Order. She was also shown in this episode inside a cylindrical capsule. That solves the question why she has such over-hyped emotions. Because she was the one who intercepted Shinobu’s emotion program while it being installed.

  11. Other than the fluff meant to stretch the episode at the beginning, and still, and I can’t help but reiterate this, green beams, there are no complaints here…

    Please let this be a paradigm shift that means anything JC STAFF tries to adapt will not be monumentally bad.

    Gaze of Providence
  12. I’m amused at the dialogues of some of our characters. Kinuhata’s “Super”, Frenda’s “In the end”, and Shinobi’s sporadic english. Mikoto even caught Frenda’s “In the end” habit in the previous episode. 🙂

  13. Looks like the ending of next week’s episode will be Misaka meeting Touma in front of the vending machine! (I predict)
    Also, if they animate Index season 3, I hope they include the parts where Kinuhata and Shiage watch B movies together in the cinema. They are really cute together!

  14. If you look closely at the error pop up menus of the windows of the computers it says “Error.Break_code_No19090” which means that the Misaka clone Nunotaba tried to install emotion was Misaka 19090.

    Misaka 19090 is the Misaka clone that showed a tad more emotions than the other clones from the Toaru Index II Ep. 17; she’s the one that lost a bit more weight than others and showed signs of timidness, embarassment and a bit of fear compared to 10032, 10039 and 13577.

    What can be gathered from this is that Nunotaba was at least partially successful in installing emotions to at least one Misaka clone.

  15. After watching the episode a few more times, I realized Mugino really is THE Level 5 in charge of sex appeal. That outfit, that raep face, sends pleasant shivers up, down, and across my spine. =)

  16. this episode really goes on to show how ridiculously op accelerator is…misaka, despite being sleep deprived and fairly worn out after the initial showdown with frenda is still somewhat capable of keeping up with mugino and aim stalker(awesome name for an ability btw)…but still couldn’t do jack-diddly to accelerator with all dat rage-induced spark…

    shinobu is still the best…her voice coupled with her character…sooo goood


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