Ichigo finally arrives at the moment of truth and draws out his new zanpakuto’s; it’s a pair of dual-wielded swords for extra awesomeness. The larger one in his right hand is an oversized cleaver that’s pretty similar to his previous shikai form but with a hollowed out portion in the middle, and the smaller one is more like a butcher knife with the handle built into the blade. It’s clear that design was intended to up Ichigo’s cool factor by a couple degrees (as if it wasn’t enough already), but there seems to be some parallels between his power as well. Based on the panels, I’m guessing that the right-hand blade (the “true” Zangetsu) represents Whitey, the manisfestation of Ichigo’s hollow/shinigami powers; and the smaller one is old man Zangetsu, Ichigo’s quincy powers. My interpretation is that he has accepted both sides as part of who he is, and thus both are bonded to him and manifested in his zanpakutou. There’s no information as to whether Ichigo will gain any additional abilities with these new swords, nor to what his bankai form will be like, but he’s certainly going to be significantly stronger now with his true abilities now in play. Apparently, drawing out his zanpakutou from the forge with his bare hands emanated enough power and heat to evaporate the ocean surrounding them.

Content-wise, this was a pretty short chapter with little more shown than the revelation of Zangetsu. At the end, the scene switches to Yhwach and his Stenreitter as he prepares to make an announcement, and I assume, to begin preparing the next stage of his plans.


  1. The small sword is called a “dussack”. It seems to be a German word. So, I’m guessing that your assumption is most likely correct.

    BTW, is it only me who thinks that, Ichigo’s new powers might be related to fire.

    Anyway, I’ll welcome anything new other than good ol’ Getsuga Tenshou. 🙂

    1. Fire? Maybe that’s why Kubo killed off old man Yamamoto: to make room for Ichigo’s own latent fire abilities.

      Also, with all these German words, I think Kubo’s changing the original meaning behind Ichigo’s Buddhist swastika into the… German one. Then again, Kubo might be playing it safe by swapping out the old swastika-katana because it might be a touchy subject on Japanese TV (since the German connection is all the more obvious now).

      We all know how much Kubo liked going overboard with the heavy Spanish motif until recently and is now switching to German. Coincidentally, Shingeki also has a heavy German motif. :3

      1. It’s not a “Japanese Swastika” however, It’s a Manji, a very holy symbol in the Buddhist/Shinto religion, and it’s existed hundreds if not thousands of years longer than Hitlers perversion has. Hitler simply saw the symbol, liked the way it looked, and reversed it (yes, look at a Manji vs. a Swastika, they face opposite directions) to use as the symbol for his armies.

        So, long story short, they aren’t “playing it safe” by removing the Manji, because there are no negative connotations attached to it, in fact, in Japan, a primarily Shinto/Buddhist nation, it was actually a GOOD symbol, not a bad one.

  2. Ooooh mai, kudos to the guys who expected him to become a dual wielder. Though I think he’ll need dual wield training now…most likely from either or both of the dual wielding captains. I hope his new zanpakuto isn’t going to be limited to various forms of getsuga like Naruto’s bazillion types of Rasengan.

      1. Both the sword and the dagger are a bit too straight to combine into a decent bow, unless they change first, or the sword may change into a bow and the dagger into an arrow. However, that would make it a one-shot bow. The dagger may be for parrying.

  3. High fives to anyone who called it.

    I’m glad to be seeing the last of Nimaiya’s helpers. Only a few chapters and they’ve already outstayed their welcome. 🙂

    I have to wonder at what Ichigo’s new fighting style will be, given the lengths of the blades are so mismatched. Are they supposed to fit together, somehow?

    1. Ever seen Buso Renkin, I have a feeling that Ichigo’s short sword may have the same power as the version 2 Sunlight Heart, or it can be have the same effect as Asuma’s (naruto) special blades. At the very least, it obviously has Ichigo’s quincy powers, so we can imagine Ichigo can fire quincy arrows.

  4. The end of bleach can’t come any sooner? The mystery behind his mothers death and his own powers was tiny compared to the filler arcs Bleach gets.
    Was hoping this ordeal would make Bleach interesting again, but what we’ve now got is a main character that REQUIRES countless training arcs, now receiving his powers and suddenly plot wise a dual wielding master (cause this is end game, noobs get out.) Yeah, great work Kudo.

  5. I’m not too crazy about the new sword designs really, but hopefully this is just Shikai and his Bankai will look better.

    Also, what happened to his Zanpakuto being white? I guess he could of been speaking philosophically about the inner hollow, but meh, was expecting a white Zanpakuto and a costume change.

    Zero Hour 17
    1. It’s funny because way back in bleach when ichigo got his shikai after urahara busts ichigo’s soul chain, I didn’t like ichigo’s large butcher knife sword. It took me a while to like it and now history’s repeating itelf with Ichigo’s dual swords. The swords are okay– one is slick (whitey’s sword) while the other looks like an abnormally large pocketknife. I like Kubo’s interpretation though, and proof is right about the sizes of ichigo’s swords are based on his hollow and quincy powers.
      I’m still confused though who the heck is tensa zangetsu? Was he an even younger version of Juda Bach?

  6. Now he’ll start firing ceros with the eyes and Getsuga Tensho with a swing of his tongue. In my opinion, that was Ichigo’s most easily aquired power-up, though it took quite a blow drama-wise. But knowing that this is probably the last (not-hollow) form that we will see makes me kind of sad. I know that Bleach is coming to an end, i just hope that it leaves a good impression…

  7. I don’t mind him getting a new sword, or two, but this entire chapter was pretty much those guys just staring at awe at Ichigo’s new weapon. In context, Bleach chapter is actually pretty short if you combine certain chapters together.

  8. Totally joked about Ichigo getting 2 Zanpakutos and becoming a dual wielder a few chapters back. Lo and behold.

    This chapter had Persona 4 written all over it.

    “You are me”
    *Ichigo accepts his inner shadow, Ichigo gains the Zangetsu Persona*

  9. It reminds me of what Unohana said about utilizing both hands in combat, hopefully by doing this Ichigo will be able to do some damage to the Quincies. So, now that Ichigo has these new swords does that mean he retains the powers from before? I can’t wait to see his new Bankai but then, as Zangetsu was a lie, does that mean he no longer has Bankai and needs to master it anew? Whatever the case, look forward to see it in the future and I can easily imagine these dual blades being used in clever ways, such as to form a Getsuga bow and arrow of some sort.

    Also, I’m interested to see how Renji has developed after going on ahead with the training/trials, and what part Uryu has to play in Juha’s plans.

  10. I’m surprised that no one has said anything about how the new Zangetsus 1.) Look a lot like Cloud Strife’s Fusion Swords. Just look at Advent Children when he separates the swords and dual wields. 2) Like Cloud’s sword, I am going to say that Ichigo will combine both Zangetsus when he does Bankai. I like to think that my brain is already in-tuned with Kubo predictability ^_^

  11. Ichigo, you are a true samurai 😛 It looks like a katana-wakizashi pair so he’ll be fighting in Niten Ichi-ryū style more than dual-wielding 😀 I guess every sword will have a different power, for more awesomeness.

  12. Don’t know if anyone has already suggested this theory or not, but I’m gonna throw it out there anyway… I have a strange feeling that Yachiru (little pink-haired girl always riding on his back) has been Zaraki’s zanpakto the whole time, and he just didn’t know it. I mean, what do we really know about her other than that he found her alone in the forest, and her name isn’t even really Yachiru, Zaraki named her that…

  13. If you wanna see some action
    Gotta be the center of attraction
    Make sure that they got their eyes on you, like the face that you see on every magazine

    Be the focus of attention
    Be the name that every one must mention
    Come out from the shadows, it’s your time, ’cause tonight is the night for everyone to see

    It’s natural
    You know that this is where you gotta be, it must be your destiny
    And you believe that, this is what you’ve waited for and it’s you that they all adore, so baby

    Now you feel like number one
    Shining bright for everyone
    Living out your fantasy, the
    Brightest star for all to see


    Anyway, my wild guess of the day is that these soul cutters will actually have a sealed form, and while the bigger will seal into a katana, the bigger will seal into quincy’s cross. I know that doesn’t make sense, but would be awesome.

  14. I’m sad little Tensa Zangetsu didn’t get a mention in this joining of all Ichigo’s pointy brethren. Unless I’m severely misremembering events, that absence makes no sense to me.

    Anyway, based on the spelling of his name, I keep wanting to call Yhwach “Ewok” and just be done with it.

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