It looks like the Sternritter aren’t the only ones confused by Yhwach’s sudden announcement. Ishida also questions why he would be named as the successor to the throne, but Yhwach’s quickly makes it clear that Ishida has hidden strength that far surpasses even his own. In addition, it was no accident that Ishida is a mixed-blood quincy: he was actually the sole survivor of the “selection”, the purge a decade ago that killed all the mixed quincies, including his mother. For whatever reason, this difference was enough to draw his attention and convince him of Ishida’s latent potential. It looks like it’s finally his time to shine. Of course, Yhwach’s cares little of the internal dissent that his announcement as stirred up, and as Haschwalth deduced, he was actually being intentionally vague and using the distrust to ensure Ishida’s loyalty. He cares little for his subordinates, and this attitude seems to have trickled down to some of the Sternritter, such as with Bambietta, who vents her frustration at the situation by cutting a subordinate in half after luring him with promises of sexy times. Given that it’s not the first time she’s done something like that, these guys don’t seem too bright.

On a side note, I found it amusing how most of the female Sternritter have upgraded versions of the Vandenreich uniform (very form-fitting trench coat, short skirts, tights, etc.). Sadly, I really don’t think a lot of them will amount to much more than eye candy and cannon fodder, with a few exceptions. This is only reinforced by the progressively more ridiculous names and liberal use of alliteration in many of the quincies (Candice Catnipp? Mask De Masculine? NaNaNa Najahkoop??). However, I do find it impressive that Kubo can come up with so many character designs even after ten years. Just the 26 members of the Sternritter, not including Yhwach, makes for a huge cast of villains, though the large majority of them will probably not be too significant, as was the case with the Arrancar.


    1. You can imagine, since Ichigo has been labled “handsome” in the manga, that Bambieta may choose to be the first to attack Ichigo when he makes his first invasion on the quincies.

  1. While the story has picked up I find these quincy villains very annoying. Aizen and his Espada were cooler man…well for the most part anyway. And think of one thing; Uryuu has been useless almost the entire series and now he would get an upgrade that would apparently let him fight Ichigo on equal footing? Don’t wanna buy it…

    With the story back to Hueco Mundo however I hope we finally get to see Grimmjow’s new look if he has changed like Halibel’s sidekicks. I had almost forgotten the ‘mystery’ rescuer who killed nazi guy back then.

    1. Have you ever seen Naruto? Sakura turned from one of the weakest characters to one of the strongest characters of Naruto, she was a low-ranked soldier that turned into a she-Hulk that could kill an army of Gilllians. Now that Uryu has been given master, I am sure that he will be able to get a major upgrade as well. Note that the only person that had ever trained him after the Soul Soceity Arc was his father, who barely even wanted to make Uryu stronger, yet Uryu shifted to fire just one spirit arrow to 1200 spirit arrows.

      1. one of the strongest characters is an overstatement. Women with she hulk strength are a dime in dozen in Naruto and despite the recent seal upgrade she got I just noticed that she was quickly pushed to the sidelines in the span of two chapters. I would also like to place a reminder that Sakura’s superhuman strength was prominent since the earlier part of the series.

        I admit that Uryuu had that shining moment of power upgrade where he nearly killed Mayuri Kurotsuchi but that was mentioned not as a hidden power but as a one time thing like Ichigo’s Final Getsuga which he could only recover from by having a near death experience courtesy of his dad.

    2. I agree with gawrshness it really hard to believe, what Ishida have some sort of hidden power, but it not unseen for heroes in bleach get uber powerful in training, like Ichigo or just suddenly like Inoe and Chad first acquired their power. For most part I believe what Ichigo vs Ishida setting is just because readers wanna see it. Remember they started almost as enemies and for most of story they have love-hate relationship. They not what you call “close friends”, more like allies, they care for each other and help each other in time of need, but I can’t remember them interact outside battlefield, in normal lives. I also agree what Ishida was almost useless in most of story, but so is others like Chad and Inoe, but they Ichigos friends and as such have their place in story. Unlike others I’m not really dissapointed with Ichigo vs Ishida setting and look forward to it (and I hate narutos Sasuke vs Naruto setting) not only from battle action, but also from emotion side. Sure Ichigo may understand him, but I’m more interesting if Inoe and Chad meet Ishida on battlefield, that will be spectacular. As for Vandenreichs psychos I look forfard to theirs painful deaths.

  2. I don’t know why every villain has to have a posse of cannon fodder and minor characters. Why can’t we just have some lone wolf wrecking everything for once?

    Kurisu Vi Britannia
    1. Obviously Bleach does not have enough side characters yet, sadly the author ran out of female character designs so all these broads look like other minor characters. . .

    1. And I thought that Mayuri was the sick sadist, I can’t help but wonder if our female quincy will teach the good doctor some manners.

      On the side note is how the Bleach manga section is now more popular than the Naruto manga section, must be the female ladies introduced.

    1. I’ve also been wondering about that xD Well, there are two options, either he got sliced after ‘everything’ was done or the Quincy woman’s boobs have power to split guys in half as she was clearly seen zipping her uniform back after the poor guy’s demise…

      1. The real question is did she bang him first with wild sex and then just when they were about to put their clothes back on she decided to slice him in half, what a psycho slut.

        K C M
    2. I think Kubo made that vague on purpose. Either way, if she had sex with him or if she just tricked him with her boobs, doesn’t change the fact that she’s nuts.

      1. She just wanted to see what kind of stupid expression he would make. IF this was Keigo or Sanji (one piece), he would be killed without a doubt. If this was Ichigo or Zoro (one piece) they may not be killed. I have a feeling Ichigo is her type.

    3. It doesn’t really matter because they said that this is something bambi and her friends do all the time,so bambi probably didn’t bang this one but she sure had sex before with other dudes.

  3. Another chapter setting ground for future. Kubo showed us what almost all other character do in past 10 chapter or so. Sado and Inoe “train” in some ruin (who is person standing behind chad?), Urahara make something what look like some sort of bakery with quincy cross on top. Oh, and we seen another crazy girl acting (+4 more new unstable eye candy). Does half of Vandenreich is some sort of eccentric half-psycho? It’s makes really hard to like this type are villians, you want nothing more than to see them die in most painful way you can imagine. Aizen, Tousen, Gin, arracans all those character have something unique to them, some sort “charisma” if you ask, but Vandenreich is either as I said eccentric (or) half-psycho or stone-faced thing what I can’t to sympathize. I can’t even bother to remember they names, despite how ridiculous they sound. I understand it difficult to create and give personality to 26 or so characters in span of 20+ chapters, but I still can’t bring myself to like them. Most of theme just annoy me and that is not feeling what villain must stir. I just wish they won’t die too quickly in cannon fodder way. Hopefully next chapter finally show us something more interesting, like Ichigo training or prelude to battle, I can’t bear to watch any more Vandenreich backstage “politics”. Is there any characters what left unnoticed on shinigami side? If not whats left to show, beside moving forward?

    1. .. Can you please proofread your post? You’re either extremely drunk or tired Given that your vocab isn’t terrible, your English can’t be that bad.. but the lack of spelling/grammar makes your wall of text hard to read.

  4. The lack of references to Ryuken makes me wonder if he actually gave up his Quincy powers before the selection, and regained them after Katagiri’s death. I think it’s possible that he used the Sanrei Glove sometime after the Masaki incident and before Uryu’s birth, and that’s why he also survived Yhwach’s selection, and it would also explain why Yhwach doesn’t consider him a survivor: he was powerless back then. Witnessing the annihilation of the Quincy probably forced Ryuken to regain his powers in preparation for a future war, and that would also explain why Ryuken was able to help Uryu regain his own powers: because he had been through the same situation.

      1. True, but Yhwach insists on the fact that Uryu is the sole Quincy survivor, and I think that’s a hint on something. Masaki was pure too, even though she was “infected”.

    1. Actually, I think it’s a lot more simple than that. Ryuken was also originally knows as “The Last Quincy” even though Souken and Uryuu were alive. I think it’s because he was an active Quincy.

      After Souken died, Ryuken stopped associating himself with the Quincy name and Uryuu inherited the mantle.

      I think Quincy blood by itself does not a Quincy make. You have to run around killing Hollows and practicing your Quincy beliefs, I suppose.

  5. Meninas McCallon, Litotto Lamperd, Gisselle Gewelle, Candice Catnipp etc. Where does TK(the author) come up with such names not even Charles Dickens or Fyodor Dostoyevsky can come up with such names, there’s nothing wrong with the names but I find it odd.

    K C M
  6. I was hoping to see Hell arc after Aizen but hell , bleach is just so bad , i pity the author right now, It’s go from super rescue mission,Espada action, lots of cool stuff, and it end with lol wut mini circle , with so much german language(btw i love Ubermench Girl und panzer)
    and …… i just don’t what is this shit! Naruto and one piece is good , this is just so bad that I faint.

  7. Strangely enough, I do find myself liking the character designs for a majority of the Sternritter. Shame though, it’ll probably be just as Prooof said with a number of them being nothing but cannon fodder.

    On another note, it’d be cool if Uryuu could be that final boss, what with Yhwach “securing” his loyalties as he’s apparently done. Being the magical half-Quincy to survive a genocide makes you sort of wonder just what could be in store for his character.

  8. I don’t understand why Kubo decided to use the alphabet as the Sternritter’s theme. IMO the Attack on Karakura Town Arc was a jumbled mess because it tried to introduce all the remaining Espada and their million Fraccion in one go- so why the hell is he introducing 26 new villains that will be all the more forgettable because of their numbers? I understand he wants to up the scale of this final conflict, and I think he’s on the right track by having the remaining Espada join in (just confirm Grimmjow already pls) as well as the Fullbringers (how r u alive), but… he retconned the whole Quincy thing and expects us to consider this an important battle based on the sheer size of the cast. Hopefully he’ll do something to make these new Quincies worthwhile.

    I’m going to make the cliche comparison and bring up Naruto. Naruto has had its ups and downs, but as a whole it’s a nice story because it’s villains are interesting and intimately entwined with the story canon: Show Spoiler ▼

    Yet in Bleach we get a new race/faction introduced every story arc and these super-Quincies are the worst offenders of the series. Just because we knew there was an intense conflict of ideals in the past between Quincies and Shinigami (which was great and made things like the Ishida vs Mayuri battle awesome), that doesn’t mean bringing them in now for the first time as a formidable force will make us care. Where have they been this whole time? An elite army of Quincies that can slaughter the Shinigami? Were they training to be this strong throughout the whole series in the background? It just seems a bit nonsensical to me for them to show up now.

    tl;dr: I complain a lot about Bleach because deep down in my heart I want it to be great and end on a great note.

  9. *This is only my opinion*

    Well Kubo has said he was a huge fan of Dragon Ball and that he drew a lot of inspiration from the series. I have a feeling its going down the same route.

    Dragon Ball could’ve ended really well with Cell’s death and Goku being dead, but Toriyama or his studio bosses or whoever wanted to milk more out of the series.

    For me, a really good series would end leaving the audience with a slight craving for a tiny bit more.

    Right now Bleach gives me the same feeling as when you eat at a Buffet and you just over eat and become so full you’re close to vomiting. Sure the meal was good but its left you really uncomfortable.

  10. Seems that quincy guy got to experience nirvana one last time or he got the worst case of blueballs ever…either way, OUCH!!!

    Anyway, I wonder how the spirit king is going to play in all this.

  11. Bleach definitely is maturing up it’s audience.

    I’ve noticed this ever since around late half of HM arc. Character injuries are becoming more gruesome, people are getting chopping up in half here and there, and there is definitely this subtle (well not in this chapter) sex theme going on.

    Ahh poor guy. His dick split into 2…

  12. 40 bucks says Bambietta will be apart of Ichigo’s harem. Calling it now! Seriously, Kubo….Bambietta… I don’t think you are trying anymore.

  13. The guy still has his pants on when he was sliced in half.

    What I concurred happened was she zipped down her uniform to show him some cleavage to get his boner raging then slice him up when he was getting naked for sexy time.

    Conclusion: No sexy time was had 🙁


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