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OP: 「ViViD」 by May’n


「骨でした」 (Hone Deshita)
“She’s a Skeleton Now”

I won’t even lie, I am one of those crazy fan girls that have an obsession with vampires. There’s just something sexy about them and the way that the media portrays them. From books to movies to TV shows and anime, I’ve seen my fair share and yes, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. Blood Lad brings in a new refreshing perspective of vampires that I’ve been looking forward to for a while (its release has been pushed back so many times too!). And like all modern day vampire stories, Blood Lad starts off with a damsel in distress…

The damsel in distress in question happens to be our main herione, Yanagi Fuyumi (Nomizu Iori) and she finds herself in the middle of “the demon world” one day. Staz (Ohsaka Ryota) is a vampire that happens to be the “boss” of a block of territory in the demon world when Fuyumi lands in his area. Luckily for Fuyumi though, Staz has no interest in drinking her blood, but he has a rather unique taste in indulging in human hobbies (such as manga, games and women). Staz lets her live, but their time together is short as a stranger enters Staz’s area and creates some havoc with his man-eating plants.

Now we see why Staz is boss though (no pun intended!)… He’s able to crush a man’s heart with his bare hands from afar! I was pretty amazed because that’s some overpowered vampire. When Staz and his man, Deku (Taichi Komesu) return back to Staz’s apartment though, there sits a naked Fuyumi! How did that happen anyway? Well unfortunately for her, one of the man-eating plants escaped into Staz’s apartment, ate her and spat her bones (and clothes) out. All that’s left of Fuyumi now, is her soul which is in the form of a ghost inhabiting the demon world. Talk about a bad way to die. However Staz has promised to help her become human again and he’s already started plotting ideas how. By the end of the episode, we see that Staz and Fuyumi find a portal to the human world and are prepared to go inside. In Staz’s absense though, there needs to be a boss in the demon world territory and he finds himself a shapeshifter by the name of Mimic (Yamamoto Kazutomi).

All in all, I’d have to say that this premiere was pretty entertaining and exactly what I expected from Blood Lad. There were a ton of comedic scenes and although not laugh-out-loud funny, they were refreshing. The plot so far is also very atypical from a vampire series, since it doesn’t really focus on vampires but rather demons and humans in general. I think we’re going to see a lot more overlap in the future and possibly other characters from both sides. It wouldn’t be fun without some conflict for our main couple so I’m sure there’s going to be someone out to chase them or find them too. Staz seems like quite an important individual to just disappear and play hooky.

For the time being, I’m going to reserve my judgement on this series. All I can say is – it’s fun and it’s easy to watch and definitely not to be taken too seriously (which is what I need right now). It reminds me of Soul Eater in the sense that it’s a comedic supernatural show with a background storyline that ties together each episode. Since Blood Lad is one of the more anticipated shows of the season, I’m hoping that the story develops into something more memorable. It has potential to be a stand out comedy seinen series so I think it’s worth watching. Unlike Soul Eater though, this series doesn’t have a full year to prove it’s awesomeness so I’m hoping that it can use its one-cour airtime effectively.

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ED: 「BLOODY HOLIC」 by 南里侑香 (Yuuka Nanri)



  1. I’d just like to point out that fiction has been sexualising vampires way before they started to sparkle, right from the original Dracula.

    …but I don’t think that’s what this show is about. Maybe.

    1. isn’t it the opposite in this case? Staz, a vampire, is overly attracted and consumed with humans and their culture. i just found this a little humorous, along with the entire show.

      the first episode was hilarious, i’m looking forward to see what the whole female-lead-sucking-staz’-blood thing, as well as why fuyumi is being associated with the delivery girl so much in the ED is all about too. i was so overwhelmed by staz’ gungho attitude towards protecting fuyumi and his stalwart declaration in resisting his urge to feast upon her that i was a little let down after we see staz’ demeanor towards fuyumi turn a full 180 as soon as he failed to rescue her from dying a horrible death. it was a little funny, but the direction there heading in in regards to their relationship is a also typical; though, you could probably say the same for the other case in context with other vampire fiction.

      on a side note, shows that are sympathetic towards otaku culture (on a basic level) like lucky star, for instance, as well as sasami-san and others i can’t seem to remember (maybe i should just make an anime list already…) are always fun to watch. blood lad doesn’t seem like any exception. going by baccano! and durarara! (huh? why is there no ! for blood lad?), i believe this show something to be worth following.

  2. what a good start for first episode, way to go staz….
    but the main problem that bothered me so much is the seiyuu, I still don’t get used to staz’ voice, maou always popped up in my head when I heard him 😛

    1. really? i love his voice, he really fits the role.
      now my problem lies with Fuyumi’s seiyuu, she sounds so tense, and at first i cant even recognize her voice until i heard that Kurousagi(Mondaiji)screaming voice.
      i guess she’s used to playing hyper type character that a shy type is a bit hard for her.
      maybe she’ll get better after a few episodes in

  3. It really doesn’t get much better than an Otaku Vampire. And now I find myself fighting the urge to just go ahead and start reading the manga as I wait for next week to come around.

    1. Is this because, unlike how Twilight where Edward has the cliche plot of saving his girl, we see our vampire “failed” to save his girl , she then dies in a dramatic death, and then we see her ghost.

  4. “I won’t even lie, I am one of those crazy fan girls that have an obsession with vampires.”

    There was Free! now this, please try not to die from an asphyxiation or nosebleed or something similar, at least until you finish blogging this show.

  5. The dragonball references are strong with this show 😀 I’m already hooked. Epic vampire protag, cute ghost, epic comedy and action, and great parodies of previous anime. That alone makes me hooked on anime, the parodies. xD

  6. I read the manga a little so I was looking forward to how it was gonna be adapted, and so far it’s pretty faithful. The first thing I thought of when I saw Hydra Belle (the girl with goggles) was Hellsing’s Seras Victoria. It’s also interesting how Staz lost all sense of attraction to Yanagi when she became a ghost(despite being THAT cute). I’m guessing it’s either she lost her uniqueness as a human since she’s like everybody else now in the demon world or because Staz no longer has any blood to feed on(no matter how much Staz denied it, for me that’s what it looked it) . Show Spoiler ▼

  7. staz is vampire but unlike those drink blood vampire he more into anime, manga, games, etc aka vampire otaku & happen be boss one of area in demon world.

    then he got called from his crew that a human female enter demon so bring her to staz give wonder & say to female yet his crew being attack by killer plants so after hearing girl advice so save his crew & easily beat plant guy by grab his heart & splat it.

    hurrah but back to his room one plant monster left & it ate the female & spit out her bones with clothes cue plant splat attack yer female is sorta ok but now she a ghost.

    then staz going like i will bring this female back to life yet going idea get 7 balls to wish but female give named is fuyumi give better idea yet recall how she got into demon world.

    cause enter a black curtain that is let anyone go human world to demon world so then co cafe had talk with 3rd eyes cafe owners & then some thought staz i’m going to human world til panic cause no staz there so screwed.

    oh wait a person want to join staz’s crew have power to disguise as anything so like copy pretend to be staz all set have feast & now staz with fuyumi go to human world.

  8. I remember it being a little more bloody than that :/ but a good episode overall. Totally looking forward to seeing the Keikkakku Dori character of the series.

  9. Pop culture references. Pop culture references everywhere. All surrounding a vampire who looks like the result of Maou and Lucifer’s DBZ Fusion Dance(hey, blame the casting peeps who chose the seiyuu!) and a girl who sucks blood in an all-too-provocative way.

    This looks like one interesting ride, though. And a HEE-larious one. Will keep tabs.

  10. Watched the first episode before work today, and had read the first chapter or two of the manga in B&N in anticipation for the anime. Seems to be a fun show; will watch more.

  11. It funny that I watched this episode a few hours after I finished that awesome anime about a working demon overlord. A demon boss, a busty high school girl getting involved with said demon boss – this episode is like watching an expansion of said show. Except that there’s no tsundere heroine.

    But I digress. I’m giving this the three-episode litmus test like other new shows this season, but the pilot of this show was interesting enough.

  12. This show is epic, this one episode has convinced me! I like all the references, the obvious one being Dragonball and DBZ, I lol’d when I saw Staz had a SS1 Goku phone strap/keychain.

    This anime shall be my replacement for Maou-sama!

  13. This show is pretty awesome so far and am i the only one who was mesmerized by Fuyumi’s bouncing breasts in the opening right when the singer is going ‘bi bi bi bi bi bi” in the background. It’s like the ultimate hypnotizing technique. I swear somebody make that into a gif or better yet a youtube video with sound that repeats for 100 hours and I will praise you.

  14. I really don’t know what to think of this show: it went from cool, to pervy, to funny, to awesome, to HIGHLY MORBID, to douchebaggery, to funny and back to cool.

    I suppose this is what a “Stilts style-trainwreck” feels like. Well that’s to be expected when you bring demons and conquered territories in a modern setting. Also an otaku vampire feels very original. A nice mix of two things that you don’t usually pair.

    I’d give this a 9/10 for first impressions. But since I have too much already on my plate, not to mention I’m busy playing DR, I’ll give this the 3-episode rule. If it can’t impress me further, I’ll be dropping it.

  15. I thought Fuyumi came off as a bit bland. Kind of like a card board cut out of any other female lead with a big chest. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen much of her personality yet.
    I also didn’t think she was all that cute…

    That’s not to say that i dislike this show or anything 🙂


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