「ただいまは言わない」 (Tadaima wa Iwanai)
“Back Home, But Not Really”

Why yes, I would love a pair of demon panties from Uniqlo Oniqlo. Come to me ~

I love the references in this show to pop culture these days. I usually have a hard time picking up on references to other shows (because I haven’t seen everything) or even to Japanese culture (which I probably wouldn’t understand), but not in Blood Lad. It makes the show that much more enjoyable to watch when you understand the spoofs they’re trying to make, although it definitely doesn’t deter you from watching if you don’t. This definitely widens the audience that the anime appeals to and I can start to see why so many people like it (one of the reasons anyway).

Jumping back into the human world, it looks like nothing has changed in Fuyumi’s room except that it fails to live up to Staz’s expectations of what a student is like. Not everyone can have figurines, manga and posters everywhere (and plus, that stuff is expensive)! Vampire spit as a form of control? That’s also new… I’ve never seen that played out before, although it seems like vampires in fiction all have strange supernatural powers over humans. It must be all that charm. Not to mention that he can walk out in daylight (that was explained in the last episode), but being so pale, doesn’t he burn easily? I must be thinking of True Blood‘s version of sizzling vampires. I love how they take the image of what everything thinks of a vampire and basically just trashed it in the garbage. Staz is like a regular human – except with fangs, a spit-spray and the power to control other demons with his eyes.

I’ve seen a lot of blood-sucking scenes in the past 5 (give or take) years of my life but I’d have to say that this one was a little lackluster. They’re supposed to be sensual and/or romantic, maybe even a little awkward but this one just didn’t cut it for me. I was half expecting it to end up as a spoof too, but all we saw was a knocked out Fuyumi. Poor girl. Staz on the other hand, is quite a good guy. All things considering, he doesn’t give off the typical bad-ass vampire vibes that I would expect out of a male protagonist so I’m glad that he doesn’t fit that stereotype. It didn’t come off as a surprise to me when he didn’t feel any attachments to all the teenage girls running around him. One would expect that he would be in heaven having so many humans surround him, but it just goes to show that he’s not a typical vampire and Fuyumi isn’t just another “human”. I hope it’s not because of some pre-destined reason that Staz is only attracted to Fuyumi. As romantic as that is, I don’t think it really suits the tone of this show.

Hydra Bell (Sarah Emi Bridcut) is another interesting character that makes her debut. She’s seemingly the owner of the portal that transports demons and humans to each other’s worlds, but she has no power to move it now. She reveals that it’s because a stronger demon has set it up and she’s on the hunt to find out whom so that she can marry him… which is very unexpected. I can’t say that she fits into any stereotypical character role because I’m not even sure what role she’s supposed to play… although the ED seems to reflect her as a counterpart to Fuyumi. She has no real motives other than being a teleporter who likes to seek “treasures” and albeit, annoying, she holds a lot of information that I’m sure is valuable to Staz. I hope we get to see more of Bell later on, but hopefully not as a permanent member to the duo because her personality pretty much overshadows everyone else’s. It’s hard to gauge whether or not she’s a “good” or “bad” character since she’s still a wildcard in my mind and does everything to her own accord.

So far, Blood Lad has proved to be quite enjoyable and entertaining. For the most part, everything is fairly predictable but in a refreshing way that isn’t too cliché or boring. It’s not surprising to me that there’s a werewolf somewhere in the equation, and if I had to venture a guess, he has to be the third wheel right? I never heard of a vampire and werewolf fighting over a ghost though so I’m sure that’ll bring about some new drama.




    1. a lot of producers actually do that to reel people into the series but then take animation budget cuts along the way and then blow out the rest of their budget on the last 2 eps…really only some series don’t do that, which is sad.

  1. im really starting to like Sarah Emi Birdcut as a VA; I know she just started but she has been doing some pretty solid work so far; she can really own her characters

  2. In regards to vampires and sunlight, Dracula could travel in sunlight. He wad just severely weakened in it. So I completely support Statz being able to endure sunlight. It’s going back to roots.

  3. What you were talking about with vampire tropes and them throwing it away here, is not quite true. They just show them in another light. Like the sun thing has already been done before in vamp lore. A vampire’s stare is known to be hypnotizing and very controlling, and as for his saliva thing? That was simply a little more in depth explanation as to why a vampire can control whomever he bites. This show explains that it’s because, like an insect or a snake, a vampire secrets a substance through their teeth that affect their prey and causes them to be able to manipulate their minds. Staz just managed to package the stuff.

    1. I don’t mean to throw out tropes and stereotypes to say that they’re right or wrong. I just used them for a comparison basis for how vampires are normally portrayed in the media today. Obviously there’s a lot of exceptions to cases and a lot of authors have their own way of explaining different supernatural phenomena. I agree with you though, the saliva thing isn’t that unusual in the grand scheme of things and it’s just the author’s way of depicting control.

  4. staz & fuyumi well full check on black curtain enter the human world which lead to fuyumi’s room where other side of black portal is stuck in.

    then fuyumi bit worry give now a ghost wonder to explain yet staz spray bottle everyone to keep it all quiet so go places in human world lead to fuyumi’s school more spray to everyone.

    fuyumi bit worry yet maybe she should explain how she is a ghost yet staz better not cause it cause lots of probs yet fuyumi going like vanish til staz give blood keep her going cause after seeing other human still see fuyumi as the type.

    so went back home & oh meet bell the treasure hunter/dimension traveler/persno who do black curtain then make staz doing a project to have fight ogre shop owner who guarded undies & cue staz beat owner.

    cause bell search for someone strong who can beat person who stole bell’s curtain & place it on fuyumi’s room.

    oh turned out bell also know a book bring human back to life but sold it wesr demon area lead by wolf person.

  5. I’m really starting to love this series.
    I’m going to be very very sad and there’s going to be a hole left once it ends. I’m still trying to fill the hole Beelzebub left.

    P Ko
  6. One would expect that he would be in heaven having so many humans surround him, but it just goes to show that he’s not a typical vampire and Fuyumi isn’t just another “human”. I hope it’s not because of some pre-destined reason that Staz is only attracted to Fuyumi

    It’s been briefly mentioned that the whereabouts of Fuyumi’s mother is currently unknown, and I’ll bet my 7 bucks that the mother is not a human.

    Sarah Emi Bridcut also got my attention for parodying seiyuu “modes” – it’s not as powerful as say Chiwa Saito’s but her range is good. Also surprised she voiced Asuka – my favorite Mondaiji girl!


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