「持ってんじゃん」 (Motten Jan)
“You Had It All Along”

Well the title certainly gives it away, but it doesn’t take away from all the fanservice this episode – for girls and boys alike! There’s no shortage of fanservice this season, from all the topless action to all the cute girls, I’m quite satisfied with all the shows that I’ve picked up. Blood Lad has been at the top of that list. And it’s not simply because I get to see a ton of girls in tight outfits… but it’s also because I think the story has the right amount of giggles and plot points that blend well together.

This episode was all about visiting Wolf (Terashima Takuma) inside his territory. I wasn’t expecting to see the friendly relationship between Wolf and Staz, but that didn’t last long anyway given the fact that Wolf refused to help Staz search for a book. Instead, they decided to battle it out by boxing! (Bowling would’ve been a lot funnier to watch.) I thought the boxing match was a little anticlimactic because the events that took place were pretty predictable. Staz openly admitted that he used his magic in competitions against Wolf and thus his trick with his tooth wasn’t surprising. It makes me wonder why he doesn’t grow his territory though. Staz seems much overpowered with his abilities to crush someone’s heart and his stare/spit/teeth, so why can’t he take Wolf down if he wanted to? Perhaps he’s content with the area that he occupies already. I also haven’t seen a lot of Wolf yet so his werewolf form isn’t too intimidating for the time being.

It was amusing to watch their battle, but I have to give it to Bell for her entrance. I mentioned before that I’m not a big fan of Bell… she’s annoying in some ways, but she also seems to have a private agenda up her sleeves. She’s keeping a close watch on Staz, and in the meantime, sending him on a wild goose chase for something that she has. What’s the purpose of that? Well it’s clear that she thinks Staz is holding a lot of magic up his sleeves that he doesn’t want to reveal. Whether or not that is true, I’m willing to guess that he probably holds a lot of power he’s not even aware of. Clearly one of these powers is not the ability to translate languages and read cryptic messages though. In fact, neither can anyone else for that matter. Even Bell (who I would’ve thought could read it) doesn’t know where to begin but I bet she’s going to tag along to see how Staz resolves this one.

So far Blood Lad has done a good job incorporating character introductions with plot advancement. Nothing feels forced or out of place and I think the characters as a whole are very likeable with their own personalities. We’ll see how Staz’s brother plays a role next week, although it doesn’t surprise me that they’d probably have a rocky relationship as well – we’ll even get to see Staz as a toddler! His brother is exactly what I would envision a vampire to look like too so I wonder where that leaves Staz. As a side story, the antics of Mimic and Deku were also amusing. We haven’t seen much of them yet so I’m glad there’s bits and pieces of them in every episode. The irony of Mimic’s dependency on that boxing match was pretty funny. I don’t think a substitute is going to cut it for Staz, but we’ll see if that comes back to bite Mimic in the butt.

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    1. Pigeon people, lol. When I first stumbled upon this as a manga several years ago what drew me into it was how insane its world was- every element of mythology conceivable thrust together into a single universe which doesn’t take itself too seriously. All in all I found the manga to be manga a good, fun, light read and brought to life in animation I’ve gotta admit, it’s twice as fun and charming…

  1. >It makes me wonder why he doesn’t grow his territory though

    Have you noticed in the previous episode how willing was Staz to give up what little territory he had for a chance to travel to the human world? It speaks volumes about his desire to have territory. It is a *chore* to him that he tolerates to help his underlings – he himself is perfectly fine with being a NEET…

    1. Well I understand that he might have other interests or priorities, but why does he have a territory at all then? Wouldn’t he have been satisfied just living as a demon under someone else’s order? Or was this job “handed down” to him? O_o He seems really powerful enough – even for a vampire, maybe this responsibility was given to him rather than a path he chose.

  2. meet wolf the boss of demon area of west so staz on wonder how get book til bell going tricky saying cue staz attack.

    but got punching yourself staz got so GRR grab the 3-eye ferret. drink whole beer, etc give while bell just such a troll master.

    so staz, fuyumi, & 3-eye ferret take ride to west demon area til ride move too fast well here wolf make break by chop the carrage in half with a pipe give after all good now to biz but with turned into a challenge with winner get fuyumi.

    give staz want bowling due he got range magic but got boxing due wolf close range magic with fuyumi as ring girl.

    & match is on wolf with punching attack & look staz cooked til it wolf who got exhaust cause staz pulled a mike tyson’s attack bite to drain & be more powerful.

    yet wolf ask why staz is doing this going wolf power-up cause it for fuyumi yet she find bit not like to due cause staz & wolf are pals.

    then bell-troll appear to call this a draw make everyone lose, riot, etc but oh well give staz the book he want yet words too confuse to say & it was written by staz’s brother.

  3. Even Bell (who I would’ve thought could read it) doesn’t know where to begin but I bet she’s going to tag along to see how Staz resolves this one.

    You know what, I think she actually knows how to read it, but in true Bell-fashion, she just wants to tag along to play around with Staz and of course, to check out another powerful being that could’ve stolen her magic portal.

    And then the episode title would be: “You knew it all along”.

  4. I’m starting to really like Bell & her trolling antics.Her & Staz are probably my favorite characters so far and that’s among a pretty good supporting cast as well where everyone has something to bring to the table.I might even ship them…


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