「殿堂魔界へ」 (Dendou Makai e)
“To Demon World Acropolis”

Up until this point, Staz has always appeared as an overpowered demon in my opinion but this episode puts him in his place. In fact, he’s quite literally put behind bars and he’s treated as a prisoner by none other than his own sister. Liz T. Vlad (Nanri Yuuka) is Staz’s younger sister with Braz D. Vlad (Kimura Ryouhei) being the eldest brother. Being stuck in the middle, Staz is the outsider in his family and he’s treated as such by both his siblings. Little is revealed about his parents, but it must suck knowing that you’re so unwelcome home and actually thrown in jail for it. Either Staz did something very wrong and he’s been exiled or he ran away and isn’t allowed back. Regardless, he’s been treated poorly by Braz even early on while he was growing up. Where were their parents? And what makes Staz such a threat to Braz? I can only imagine it’s because Staz probably possesses stronger magical abilities than his family members and it’s now locked up (Bell and I pretty much guessed that last episode). What was truly unexpected was that gun. Woo… since when did this flashback turn so grime and horrifying? I’m glad that Bell was there to comfort Staz, but it doesn’t make the situation any less traumatizing. I know this series is meant to be a comedy, but I couldn’t appreciate the humor in these scenes because even though Staz didn’t die – his brother still had every intention to kill him. Not to mention that his little sister gives me the creeps with her red eyes

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been the type of shipper to cheer for the unlikely couples and the underdogs. This includes sport teams, trashy reality TV shows and couples of all sorts. Bell and Staz are no exception even though they seem oddly incompatible at times. There’s a lot of bantering and more times than not, Bell trolls Staz big time. But…! Those are the couples that I find entertaining and even though they have a lot of hurdles in front of them, getting past them is that makes the unlikely couple into a likely couple. Staz and Fuyumi are cute together, but I feel that Staz and Bell are at the same intellectual level which makes them a more interesting couple to ship. As annoying and crazy as Bell is, she’s actually quite smart in her own way and she’s only looking for an even more powerful demon to marry. I think Staz would be an ideal partner for her because they challenge each other and isn’t that what a relationship is about? Bringing the best (or worst) out of one another? =P I wouldn’t be surprised if the next episode shows Bell rescuing Staz in some shape or form. She probably ditched him on the road because she thought it’d be funny to watch but I’m sure she can get closer to the castle if she wanted to. I can’t say that she’s done nothing for him either – she introduced Staz to sushi! My favorite food in the world indeed.

This leaves Wolf and Fuyumi… and I’m definitely a fan of Wolf! I cannot deny a character with the “abandoned at birth and trying to gain acceptance from his parentstragedy. These are the stereotypical types of characters that may be overplayed and repetitive, but d*mn… I will still fall and swoon over it every time. This applies to Staz too, but in a different way (as I stated above). On the other hand, Fuyumi doesn’t have a lot of substance yet which leaves her feeling very empty to me. She doesn’t have much of a distinctive personality and although she looks cute in different outfits, her character hasn’t done much else. We’ll get to see Frankenstein (Inada Tetsu) investigate why she’s disappearing next week and although I’m not attached to her character, it still makes me so envious! Piggy-back me, Wolf!

Full-length images: There are quite a few full-length fanservice shots this week for y’all.




    1. Since this is a demonworld I assume pologamy is perfectly a-ok. So i always ship FuyumixStazxBell but im always routing for StazxBell she’s way to damn sexy. Plus pretty much all female characters so far have over shadowed Fuyumi.

  1. Man that is one spoiled brat of a sister to have…I sure hope her anger at Staz is not the “I wish you had taken me with you!” type. 2. Wild guess but seems like Oldest brother there might have sealed Staz’s power because he is so narcissistic that he cannot accept anyone growing more powerful than him. 3. Liz will probably surrender to talk no jutsu cause from the looks of it Staz never really tried fighting her for real and from the preview I’d say those two idiots probably just messed him up cause he’s not fighting back.

  2. If Bell switches to crushing on Braz after she meets him because he has so much power and wealth, I’ll be disappointed. As shallow as she plays herself to be, I’d like to think her thoughts this time around were the real her, and for her to just flip from one brother to the other would really negate all her development this episode, even if Braz(for whatever reason) was the one who stole her magical gate. I want to like Bell, even if she isn’t giving us many opportunities.

    Also, as far as Braz trying to kill Staz, he was either insanely jealous of Staz’s potential, or we have a prophecy in play that no one is telling us about…

    1. Don’t worry I read the manga you won’t be disappointed dude. I just wish the anime was a detailed as the manga was. I see they cute a few corners here and there to fit in more stuff.

  3. so now they visit staz’s brother to translate the book with either by conquer demon area or have staz go in due being brother issue yet staz going no way til wolf tell staz do it.

    well then ok give oops wolf send staz to bell’s place give bell trying to get staz’s magic while wolf got fuyumi to keep watch on.

    during with bell wonder about staz’s magic due to his brother had him being a crash test dummies to point a bullet to the heart to keep staz’s magic lock in & some bell-troll & sushi time bring staz to his family area.

    while wolf & fuyumi seem get fine til uh-oh fuyumi legs are vanish cue wolf bring her to dr.frank.

    & for staz trying sneak in til meet his sister warden aka liz to put in a jail til push the button to get the challenge room to escape from warden liz.

    1. Yes, I figured pretty much that it was a joke but it still makes for a better story than “I just want to take over more land muhaha ~” lol =P And I think there must be some form of truth to it because Wolf did admit that he wasn’t born as a pure blood werewolf.

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