「それがダチ」 (Sore ga Dachi)
“That’s Friendship”

Have you ever wondered why Dragon Ball Z spends like 5 episodes showing a character powering up for a massive attack while the villain stands by idling and watching? First of all, if you haven’t spent a good chunk of your anime-watching years (yes, I spent years! watching this show) then you’re missing out. Second of all, boy does Blood Lad make me reminiscent of it. I remember watching “new” episodes of DBZ every week, but each week probably spent more time dedicated to powering up or transforming than it did fighting. What might take an average anime one episode to get done, takes DBZ ten times longer. Nonetheless, it is still enjoyable and funny and I highly recommend it! Especially with all these references that Blood Lad spits out. I love the spoofs that they put in and it does make you think…” That could’ve never happened IRL (even in an anime).” I’m also not sure if it’s intentional, but it goes to show that Staz is actually reading/watching very old anime/manga. This makes sense since Staz did mention that demons don’t wander in and out of the human world often anymore (and it’s expensive).

Papladon Akimu (Yusa Kouji) proved to be… a not so interesting adversary. I thought he was more annoying and resembled a bug that you keep stepping on but can never kill. Poor Wolf, I thought he’d have more screen time than that. Staz on the other hand had no issues using his unlocked magic. He was already overpowered before, but now he’s indestructible! Obviously not without a cost and Braz probably has something up his sleeve for helping Staz. The fight was fun to watch and I loved seeing Staz’s attempt to mimic other anime characters (DBZ and FMA references here).

Although it was short, I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Akimu. He’s given a name and a preservation tank (courtesy of Bell), so maybe we’ll get to hear where he came from. The fact that his attacks are so similar to Bell’s either means one of two things to me: (a) he can mimic attacks and Akimu picked it up somewhere (probably from the person who sent a package to Franken and that same person stole it from Bell) or (b) there’s another demon out there that holds spatial abilities like Bell. Either way, Bell is off to find this person. Throughout this whole time, did anyone else wonder why Franken even started “making his own demon”? What was the point? He’s the real mastermind that should be punished if you ask me so I’m glad that Liz has him in custody.

The morale of the story is really about friendship and keeping those long-term relationships. I thought the title of the episode was very fitting for all of Wolf and Staz’s moments. Their first meeting was unexpected and confirms that Staz did run away from home when he was young; all because he wanted to go to Japan. While Wolf’s attitude has remained unchanged throughout the years, I think Staz has gradually opened up to embrace his otaku-ness. His childhood was filled with gloom and doom and even his expressions were deadpan. Nowadays, he’s much livelier and especially with Fuyumi as his motivation, I can’t see how anyone can stop him. I think seeing glimpses into everyone’s past is quite interesting and leaves a little bit to be desired each week. The more interesting characters (especially the females) have yet to reveal much about themselves. Seeing as Fuyumi is such a “unique” case, I’d be hoping to see more of her family and life as a human (if she is all human).

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  1. Man when Staz started going “Ka-me…!” I died of laughter, I really didn’t expect him to do that, nor for him to get offended when Akim insulted Goku’s move. Man this show is too awesome. Next episode seems like the middle brother’s girl will get to have fuwa fuwa time with the imouto. Since Liz started being less Yandere she kinda reminds me of Flandre Scarlet.

  2. That dragonball reference really surprised me. But this isn’t the first time blood lad has made a referance to really popular anime/games in japan. Like in the first episode [or the second] Staz is talking to ghost girl [horrible at names] and staz says “What?!??! theres that many games? theres nothing final about it then!” this was referencing final fantasy. i thought it was cool how he called Goku like the “strongest warrior ever” and how he got angry when Akimu called it a bad move. Definitely going to go down in my top ten comedy moments.

    The anime believer
  3. Good lord the DBZ parody scene had me with such a large smile on my face. I don’t know why but Staz as a child amuses me to no end.

    I also expect a Sankaku article next week about TEH LOLI TITZ BAFF SCENE WE FUNNIEZ.

    P Ko
  4. I am really loving this series. This is one of the anime that I look most forward to in the week!

    Is it just me or do I sort of want BellxStaz to be a thing? I know that it’ll probably be Fuyumi and Staz, but a guy can hope. How hard do you guys think Bell is falling for our leading man? I mean, she looked pretty flustered when Staz had entered the fight. Bell may be my favorite female in the show, but I’ll decide once or if Fuyumi’s character starts to be fleshed out more. She hasn’t been getting that much attention or screen time even though the main point of all of this is for her to be human again.

      1. I didn’t realize until you said that that this show was only going to have ten episodes. I am genuinely sad upon discovering this. I had assumed that this show was going to have 12. Is there enough material from the manga to have more seasons come out if they do come out at all?

    1. Definitely liking Bell more than Fuyumi… I used to think she was annoying but recently she’s been more entertaining. Fuyumi has been rather… on the side lines and hasn’t done anything but be fanservice >_> lol not that it’s a bad thing.

  5. The Kamehameha, LMAO!XD But even better the parody afterwards – Akimu not giving him the time to charge up, because its just a really f*** retarded move XD

    But I somehow missed the FMA-reference…

    1. Ye, only after that Kamehameha reference did I think, oh hey, there must have been more references. And then I noticed the FMA reference straight away, I had a good laugh at both xD

  6. staz’s brother let staz have full power & be free give beat-up the experiment demon for in exchange to translate book for revive a human.

    wolf having fight the experiment demon give during which bell want answers from dr.fraknen cause she find out many things & want answers.

    staz go like fly in to area while wolf in beast mode go all in give experiment demon can re-stick back together then staz arrive cause wolf’s beast mode timing was going quicker so let staz handle it.

    staz vs experiment demon give going for a kame which fuyumi going no way til got interrupt & taunted cue staz’s over 9000 so powerful bell don’t want show it to fuyumi.

    cause staz total win give even asking what does strength feel for staz is just a burden so cue heart grab splat to finish & oh wolf want rematch with staz.

    while bell give reveal she put experiment demon in pieces jars to get answer cause it mixed with same power that did bell moves then staz’s brother & sister to give guilty fist of experiment & dr.franken.

    & staz vs wolf still staz got it give wolf got hmm back in youth days when they 1st met give there still ok want to improve to day when finally beat staz.

    oh now all done time for staz’s brother & sister to meet with fuyumi.

  7. I couldn’t help but get overexcited when Staz pulled the FMA transmutation pose! Then he goes and attempts his own Kamehameha XD I can’t deny the attractiveness that is an otaku vampire lol. And just when I thought I couldn’t love him any more than I already do, he pulls this: “I want to meet Hayao Miyazaki.” Whoops, looks like I just found my soulmate.

  8. All hail the King Of Weaboos, Staz-sama. Not saying he’s not amusing: hell that’s exactly why he is amusing. To me at least.

    And I agree that he and Bell has “item” potential.

    Aww Liz in the prev.

  9. The expressions, I love the expressions.
    I didn’t really watch DBZ but even I got the reference, hahaha Staz
    Am I the only one who kept replaying Bell’s expression when she was kind of threatening Franken? Because that was awesome (methinks)
    And I do hope Fuyumi gets more screentime =\ I kinda like her, but she pales in comparison to the rest of the characters.


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