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OP2: 「happy bite」 by 加藤英美里 (Katou Emiri)

「まよいキョンシー 其ノ貳」 (Mayoi Kyonshi/Jiangshi – So no Ni)
“Mayoi Jiangshi – Part Two”

After spending last week belittling the concept of time travel by turning it into a cute magic incantation I was a little floored after our genius protagonist broke the golden rule of time travel — don’t change anything! Because after a generation of cartoons, anime, and movies that all try to explain the nuances behind time travel and its implications, it should be painfully obvious that nothing ever goes well when you try to change the past.

And even though I just commented on the ill effects that usually accompany time travel, if I was placed in the same situation as Araragi I probably would have done the exact same thing. To hell with the repercussions of changing the past — between trying to save Mayoi’s life and messing with a loli version of Hanekawa I can’t fathom how anyone would be able to stop themselves.

Getting back on topic though, I was a little disappointed with how little Mayoi’s arc progressed this week. Besides Araragi preventing her from dying to an unfortunately timed accident and then helping her actually reach her mom’s house, not much else happened! That said, I suppose you could say that SHAFT took this opportunity instead to really develop Shinbou’s character. Just like how she got her donut episode during Nisemonogatari, I was surprised with how much focus she got. This time we got some much needed fan-service instead of donuts and a stark reminder that as cute as Shinobu is, she’s still an aberration that could revert to her previous way of thinking should she regain too much of her powers. Which begs the question — does Shinbou want to revert to her old vampire self? Because from the looks of things, it feels like she’s pretty content with her life with Araragi so long as she gets the occasional donut and piggyback ride.

With the framework for a great arc all ready to go and a giant cliffhanger to propel us into next week’s episode, you can bet that I’m super excited for next week. Not only is there the chance that we’re going to see a matured Mayoi but after hearing the words “the world was destroyed” I really want to find out how much of Araragi’s phrase was hyperbole.

To everyone who starts their semester today (myself included) or have already started, Good Luck with your studies!

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    1. Seriously wish there was a edit button -_-, but anywho, Loved how Shinobu turned into a loli lover when she saw little Araragi, really didnt think she was like her master to that degree.

    1. I second this… I normally abhor any sort of loli pandering, but it was god awfully cute. It helps that despite Araragi being “creepy”, we know it wasn’t from a perverse place.

      The question is, was the world destroyed by saving Mayoi? Or by playing airplane with an unwilling Hanekawa?

  1. lolis, lolis everywhere!
    (travelling 11 years back in time does that to your classmates… and yourself too!)
    other than that, I wonder how much the world was destroyed (apocalypse how?), and why?
    Mayoi lives, grows up, starts a doomsday cult, steals a nuke and starts WW3? Or what?

  2. This may be Mayoi’s arc, but for me Shinobu is stealing the show at this point. So cute!

    Am I the only one who thinks “middle-school” Shinobu looks a lot like Hanekawa (except for hair color of course)? Subliminal mental suggestion from Araragi, or is Shinobu trying to entice him on her own? She has shown signs of jealously/wanting more attention lately.

    Takaii is entirely correct about the “golden rule of time travel”. Reminds me of a classic Simpsons episode (Homer,after traveling back in time (like to the Jurassic Period), accidentally steps on a bug and says “What could possibly happen?” Return to the present and of course ridiculously massive changes LOL). Still, is there a bigger cliff hanger than “The world was destroyed”?

    I expected this to be a great arc, and so far, Monogatari has fully met my expectations. Can’t wait for the next episode.

    1. Araragi explicitly says that Shinobu dresses up as Hanekawa. He doesn’t say why, though I imagine it’s because when you think of a upstanding, honest student, you’re thinking of Hanekawa.

    2. i think is a common occurrence with most the monogatari novels: the character is it supposed to be about is not really the one the story will center on. (supporting protagonist)

      This arc will focus a lot on Shinobu and Araragi .. and the effect they have in each other (specially Araragi on Shinobu) even if all this comes from Mayoi’s story.

      PS: lol knowing what i know about the things to come.. i found ironic the comment Shinobu did about it being good she didnt have most her powers.. or she “could betray you” … heh dont remember that bit from the novels.

  3. Little Araragi and Hanekawa were so cute!! I thought that scene with Araragi’s freak out was hilarious. Guess that’s what happens when you see the younger version of someone you lust for.

    Just want to add to the “golden rule” of timetraveling- merely going to the past will change things. The existence of a high school Araragi was not present 11 years ago so it was changed the moment he landed on the ground there.

    1. Not sure why you’re receiving a downvote for simply asking an innocent inquiry.

      Anyway, the lady officer sounded a bit different, but as she’s not credited in the cast credits, it’s difficult to ascertain whether it’s the same VA, Orikasa Fumiko, as Mamaragi.

      After rewatching episode 4, Mamaragi there sounded a bit more mature, maybe Orikasa was using a younger-sounding voice in this episode?

      (And surely Araragi would have recognized his mom, no matter the time period. Maybe the hat concealed her features? )

  4. Oh Araragi, you are a hopelessly irredeemable lolicon. :3

    It’s so bad that:

    – you’ve even infected Shinobu with your pervertedness, causing your past shota self to be nearly molested by her as a result.

    – cried tears of blood at being forced to refrain from harassing loli Hanekawa any further. LMAO

    – unable to resist doing a Saten-san on Mayoi, nearly causing her eventual untimely demise.

    Good thing loli Hanekawa is smart enough to direct you to the nearest police outpost. LOL (But is that his mom working there, her VA sounded different from before)

    Loli Hanekawa <33
    Middle school uniform Shinobu <333

  5. I can’t help but think of Flash Point Paradox when I watched this episode then again as you mentioned too many animes/movies/cartoons have touched on the subject of messing around with the past. In this case I would like to paraphrase the Reverse Flash! “TIME BOOM!”

  6. Changing stuff that happened in the past – brings about positive results if you’re as mad as Hououin Kyouma (did I spell it wrong?). Sonuvabetch.

    With regards to the episode, loved every bit of Shinobu here, loved the glimpse of her mature self. Also, Araragi blaming fate after flipping up Mayoi’s skirt was epic.

    Senjougahara Hitagi
  7. Man why didn’t Middle school Shinobu actually stick around for more than just 5 seconds….

    And as for what is going to happen next I am at the point where I really really wanna know damnit.

  8. You know what would be really funny? After that time traveling and dealing with whatever destroyed the world, Araragi never finish his summer homework like he originally planned XD.


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