「フェブリ」 (Fe Buri)

Have I ever mentioned how much this series makes me want to get some Gekota of my own? No? Well, now you know. But really, considering how popular Railgun’s been throughout its run, it’s quite surprising how little there is in terms of Gekota related merchandise. I mean, it’d reason that it’d be a best seller no? Plenty of colors to work with, kids and fans of the series would love em,’ and it just makes no sens—okay, I digress.

Ahem* Strange marketing/product release decisions aside, the big thing for me these past two weeks is the slightly conflicted feelings I’ve been getting watching this arc. See, on one hand the slice of life elements have been a typical hallmark of the Railgun series in general, and this week’s whole mention of Febri as yet another little sister of sorts (albeit, a non-human version) is a nice throw back to the previous arc, but I can’t help but feel like there’s been something slightly off with the recent episodes. Granted, it’s nothing that really impacts my overall enjoyment in any significant way, but I felt like it was worth at least mentioning to see if anyone else felt at least somewhat similarly.

Because as much as I appreciate the shower scenes they’ve put in the last two weeks and the inclusion of Kongou within a lot of the events here, they’re things that feel somewhat out of place for one reason or another. Of course, it’s highly possible that this is something that merely results from the basic fact that the Febri Arc’s been quite a different animal from the Sisters’ Arc, and part of this might just be because we haven’t exactly had much of a chance to see the slice of life elements (and Kongou) through the first 18 or so episodes… but it just feels strange to suddenly see the latter appear nearly a dozen separate occasions during each of the last two episodes (for example).

Again, it’s nothing too big, but just something I felt worth noting at least. Either way, it does look like the arc is starting to ramp up the ante a little bit though, as our mad scientist group continues tinkering with their “mysterious malfunctions.” At this point, it’s still somewhat up in the air just exactly what’s going on there (Shinobu’s strange involvement especially)… but at the very least, the thing that seemingly looks like Febri’s hair here (combined with how she stopped the mech) seems to hint at Febri being at least some kind of vital control component (or the basis of) their system in some way. And really, now you know why I didn’t continue on being a scientist after I graduated, because it’s all good till you turn into a mad scientist and start doing a bunch of crazy stuff like the guys in Railgun S! That is of course, unless you’re Rintarou Okabe, in which you may feel free to continue doing… whatever it is you do.

Terrible jokes and references aside, it’s generally a pretty straight forward episode for the most part, serving more so as a setup for the things to come. Sadly, there’s only four episodes left though… but alas, all good things must come to an end at some point, and it looks like that time’s nearly upon us in regards to Railgun (at least, for now). With that said though, SOMEONE GET ME THOSE GEKOTA PLEASE. Thanks.




      1. Shinobu’s specialty is biopsychology so she wouldn’t have been the one to create Febri, but she may have had a hand in her development. But this also is a bit suspect since not a lot of time has passed since the Sisters arc unless she was working on the Febri project before the Sisters arc started.

        I’m guessing that she planted Misaka’s name into Febri hoping that the two would meet and Misaka would protect her.

    1. Or She is doing this to catch the Culprits Persons, that are Responsible for the “Sisters”. Or She is trying to crash these ones, to prevent a similar path

      I was Hoping that we will see the one with the Gold Teeth that Accelerator saw

  1. Oh look, another episode of them eating, again.

    Raildex thrives in coincidences, but the way they figured out that Haruki is a bad guy was painfully contrived. And with that plot twist that could be seen a mile away (Febri), lack of cameos, those run of mill smug ass scientist holy shit what the fuck JC STAFF, and boring slice of life make this episode really not good, which means its shit. Even blushing Kongou and Shinobu reveal couldn’t save this episode. Good thing it’ll be over soon.

    I can’t wait for what delicious delicacies and marvelous morsels the girls will jettison through their apertures known as mouths next episode.

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    Gaze of Providence
    1. What were you expecting? Long before the Sisters Arc ended the director had already explicitly said they were making an original arc.

      8 episodes is simply too short to cover any post-Sisters manga arcs or crossover Index-arcs.

      They could try to squeeze two manga arcs in one season, each occupying half of the episodes, but that would mean squeezing footage out of the Sisters arc in order to accommodate the second arc, which might also be compromised in quality.

      Director Nagai made the right call in not sacrificing quality for the Sisters Arc. Besides, this coincidence of slice-of-life meets foreshadowing stuff you’re complaining about is present in both the Level Upper and Sisters arc. So I don’t see how this “filler” deviates from the spirit of the Railgun character-driven plot formula.

      1. I expected it not to be shit, can I not complain of it? What did you expect?

        Also cameos, one cannot fault a man for looking for those things when the last two episodes showed characters that are from the outside of the usual characters in the Railgun anime.

        Gaze of Providence
      2. Fair enough. Though this begs the question, why are you still here? You a masochist or something enduring something you dislike? I would have discarded the filler arc and moved on watching something meaningful.

  2. It’s filler material so I don’t expect to be as good as “original”, but as far as this arc goes, it’s been OK overall IMO. I’ve watched worse.

    One thing I dislike is all the consistent, heavy foreshadowing/plot give-aways. The “big surprise” that Febri was artificially created wasn’t anything really that surprising. Also, I’m pretty sure those weird tasting lollipops have something to do with maintaining Febri’s health and thus ability control (or others control through her) machinery.

    IMO, there’s a noticeable lack of tension compared to the Sisters’ Arc (even for those “spoiled” via the LN/manga). Directly following the Sisters’ arc doesn’t help one’s impression by comparison either. Too bad they couldn’t somehow fit the next LN/manga arc this season instead of being “forced” to use a filler. Something to look forward to in Season 3 I guess.

    On the plus side, I agree with Zephyr about the extra screen time for Kongou. She’s an entertaining character to have around. Never thought about Kongou much, but after watching this I now hope she takes a little bigger role in the LN.

  3. Not sure why my initial comment is not appearing after clicking Submit, so here it is again. Apologies if this ends up as a double post.

    Poor Kuroko, just when the golden opportunity to bathe with her onee-sama presents itself, this had to happen. LOL

    Heaven Canceller is increasingly becoming my favourite badass doctor character – there’s simply no illness he can’t cure, as long as patient is alive and human.

    If Nunotaba is with the ranks of those mad scientists, then she must have used knowledge in manufacturing the Sisters in creating Febri, and would explain Febri’s unconscious knowledge of Misaka Mikoto.

    1. The problem I have with Nunotaba among the “mad scientist” group is that we just saw her have this big epiphany about seeing the Sisters (artificial clones) as “human”. So much so that she went through all the trouble of planting cash cards in an attempt to disrupt the project. Yet, almost immediately, her she is again involved in another artificial human project. Ehh?

      That’s too inconsistent for me unless she (a) was already long involved with this, and (b) plans to do the same thing as with the Sisters project (i.e. disrupt the “mad scientists evil plans” from within).

      1. @echykr: That certainly is possible – sort of a “you can never leave the dark side” kind of thing though I never thought she was that deep into Academy City’s dark side. Maybe she volunteered and is waiting a chance to sabotage the project. Just seemed to me like her participation is a bit formalistic given she just did something like this in the Sisters Arc.

        @Chaos2Frozen: See above though I’m not sure form your comment whether you mean she was captured and coerced by ITEM or someone else. IIRC, Meltdowner was supposed to be the original “guinea pig”, and her personality is such I doubt she would look kindly upon that idea. Given that, I think ITEM’s participation in this (if any) most likely ended with Nunotaba’s capture. Only a few episodes left so we’ll find out soon enough.

      2. @daikama

        Sorry I was unclear because I was typing it on my phone- Essentially I’m suggesting the same thing as echykr; that after she was captured by ITEM, she was put to work by some other organization again. Personally, I’m disappointed that her treatment seem rather tame… Unless of course there’s some behind the scene physical/mental ‘coercion’ being performed on her, in which case carry on!

    1. I think you’re on the right track. Something to the effect of being able to counter-act a level 5’s power. FWIW, I’m not so sure how that works with what we saw. Even if there’s no “battery” Misaka should have been able to control the power suit since it uses circuitry and electricity to operate. I guess somehow Febri chan’s power can block Misaka’s.

      IIRC, wasn’t the original “test target” #4 – Meltdowner? If that’s right, curious to see how the “mad scientist” planned to offset that. There’s got to be more than just “control” over machinery to Febri-chan’s abilities.

    2. I suppose they just want their ultimate science project to win during that academic event?
      Maybe the ‘Study’ group is not truly malicious?

      Febri is she another class of the Sisters clones?
      Full-Tuning? Maybe not.
      Well, at least it seems like they (or someone else? some Kihara?) made her for her hair?

      And Shinobu’s part of the ‘Study’ group?

  4. Dont worry Zephyr im right there wit ya on that strange feeling you have. Railgun S was the first raildex season that i actually considered great in terms of storytelling, animation, and subtlety; it was great all around. Even though i am still enjoying this current arc, it was never going to be able to follow the sister’s arc; but then again we already knew that. It is as you said, this arc is still enjoyable and i definitely appreciate the extra screen time with Kongo; she’s a sweet girl who only wants to make friends and she’s very loyal to the friends she makes, going out of her way for them.

  5. Todays comments courtesy of HK-47 killer droid:
    Speculation: Febri is artificial ESP-er made for the purpose of controlling droids. Her genetic samples (hairs) are placed to provide the (mad) science club with a some sort of remote control.
    Observation: (mad) science club seems to be interested with retrieval of Febri, or even “disposal”. First option suggests her use for further experimentation, second suggests they dont want her abilities to interfere with their usage of non-electronically controlled droids.
    Suspicion: Shinobu is either brainwashed into serving (mad) science club, or she has decided to find a means to keep monsters like Accelerator under control. By Whatever Means Necessary.
    Addendum: Kongou getting some screentime and Kuroko missing the bath scene are nice touches, but we need more action!

  6. I think those lolipops with Febri may sustain her body somehow. Hope they analyze that point. I also hope those scientists with that smug look on their faces gets their smiles wiped clean off when they inevitably find out that life does not always work out according to calculations.
    They may all come from Nagatenjouki Academy.

  7. Episode 21 is out

    If there is another little Girl, then they use her Anger against Febri to power the Machines. How else would you explain the Attack on Febri?

    ok, enough. Just Enjoy the Episode. And this time there is an Animated ED. They really use the Time to tell their Story. Me Likes. Feel like an OVA


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