Ichigo has completed the forging of his new dual zanpakuto’s – and not a moment too soon as Soul Society comes under attack immediately again. The quincies reveal that they have actually been hiding within Sereitei all this time and had used their reishi manipulation abilities to construct an entire dimension concealed in the shadows. For a thousand years they have sat right under the noses of the Gotei 13 undetected, and at the same time proving the utter incompetence of the shinigami yet again. Now that Yhwach has ordered the strike, the shinigami are completely caught by surprise as their world is completely enveloped in light and fades away into the quincies world, fitting in pretty well with the themes behind the quincies’ powers. Although their intentions seems to be to end the battle quickly within a few days using the element of surprise, there’s little doubt that Kubo also intends to drag out the battles for a good amount of time, showing many different fights consecutively. Although the shinigami will probably suffer heavy losses initially especially among the grunts, they also have several aces to pull.

There is just one captain not caught off guard by the surprise attack: Kurotsuchi (and Nemu), who have apparently figured out the quincies secret after the first attack. Of course, the sensible thing to do is to keep their discovery hidden from any of the other captains and shinigami, instead locking themselves in a special shadow-free laboratory in order to design the most hideous costumes they can think of. It remains to be seen what sort of counter-abilities they have developed, but a few quincy casualties can probably be expected. In addition, Kenpachi and Komamura will arrive to the battle buffed up significantly, though from them we can expect more brute power than fancy gear. Urahara, Orihime, and Sado are also due to arrive from Hueco Mundo with the surviving arrancar in tow (Grimmjow we are looking at you).

Finally, those who went to the Soul King’s palace will likely come back as important assets, including Ichigo, the undisputed hero of Soul Society with his quadruple hybrid abilities. While there’s no doubt that he will be extremely powerful in the upcoming fights, Kyouraku has revealed to his friends and family that there is an off-chance that Ichigo’s new form will render him unable to return to the real world – all for the sake of cleaning up Soul Society’s mess again, as Keigo aptly put it. As of now there are too many possibilities to list, and still a large amount of unknown factors and information to be revealed on both sides, so readers can look forward to more crazy twists in this final Bleach arc.


  1. Oh guys btw, if you think about it a little, Aizen is free now.
    SS is switched places with the Quincy city, but all the shinigami stayed in place. Guess who is no longer strapped to a chair then?

    I will let you chew on that for a minute.

      1. And the best thing is, he wants to destroy SS, and dislikes the Quincy just as much.
        This is gonna be good.

        (inb4 everybody is a bad guy, and ichigo and aizen team up to take on the spirit king)

      1. I don’t suppose Aizen will say “my defeat was all according to plan. I lost on purpose. Do you think I was suicidal enough to go in alone to kill the Soul King. I was waiting for someone else to come in so I can get a distraction for the Soul Society to allow me to secretly kill the Soul King.”

        Ryuk, the Lover of Apples
  2. Oh yeah here is another good one:
    Why does Ichigo have two swords now? Well one for the Quincy powers and one for the Shinigami powers.
    Who else has two swords? Shinsui and Ukitake…

      1. Actually we can assume that. The big sword was the one zangetsu was hiding. So that is most likely whitey. But, old man quincy zangetsu still agreed to help ichigo despite him embracing his soul reaper powers. So that is most likely tbe smaller blade.

      2. Ah no. Fake Zangetsu disappears from Ichigo’s soul, taking the Quincy powers with him. And when Hollow Ichigo and Fake Zangetsu standing above Ichigo’s head, that is just mental memorial not a materialization. Even Ichigo said that he will do without him.

        Like I said before, we shouldn’t go ahead of ourselves. Let the chapters tells us what is going to happen.

      1. No, that was a mental memorial not a materialization. How was it not materialization?

        First, Ichigo’s hands disappears along with his blades. It’s not materialization if a body part is missing too.

        Second, Ichigo doesn’t know how to materialize. He just gotten stronger, he don’t know all the tricks.

        Fake Zangetsu disappears for two reason: one, to give Ichigo the Real Zangetsu and two, to protect Ichigo from Yhwach’s ability to kill mix blood Quincy(still don’t know how Ichigo and Uryu dodge his first raid, haven’t been explain yet).

        The whole point of Ichigo being train by the Royal Guard is to become a True Shinigami. How was Ichigo was to become a True Shinigami if he still has Quincy power?

      2. 1. When did I ever say that they both materialized? It’s just Ichigo clearly sensing both of their presences within his blades.
        2. If Bachgetsu REALLY left then Kubo would’ve made it pretty damn clear. If he left then why is he right there standing next to Hollow Ichigo (True Zangetsu)? He gave Ichigo access to his true powers, but he never left because True Zangetsu and Bachgetsu are the same being, just two sides of the same coin.

  3. It’s weird but I’m just not as excited about bleach coming back as some people. The dialogue wasn’t really engaging, hasn’t been for a while. The reason I still follow it is pretty much just to see it through to the end since I’ve been following it since the soul society arc.hopefully it’ll get better and it won’t seem as boring

    1. I understand how you feel. For what was supposed to be a kick-start to the arc, it felt very lacking, even though a lot happened in the chapter. The big reveal wasn’t impactful in my opinion. I mean most of the characters brushed it off casually. I dont know maybe I was hoping for too much. BTW, Mayuri looks like a pimp in that outfit.

  4. With so many combatant on both sides I wonder how many mouths will this go on. My guess for about 8-10, not what it bad thing. But I concern, what is going to happen after all this. My guess is what regardless who will win this fight (shinigami or quincy) Bahch is somehow make his way to the spirit king and this is there I expect Kubo drops biggest bombshell on us. We still don’t have are clue WHO or WHAT Spirit Kink is. Granted we know where he is and what he is “linchpin” what bind soul society together, but beyond that he is complete mystery. Kubo not once showed us, what in Bleach thing rarely what we think they are and I have been long bothered by phrase there Aizen called Spirit King “thing”. I don’t think it was just his contempt for Spirit King, but he know something about him, what doesn’t let him see Spirit King as person. Maybe I read too much intro it anyway. But there is something else, what bothering me: why Kyouraku personally go to Tatsuki and friends to tell them about possibility of Ichigo not returning? Aside from zero division there is 3 persons on who know (or we think they know), what Spirit King is: Aizen, Urhara and Kyouraku and if someone else know what there is possibility of Ichigo not returning to real world they can begin asking question WHY EXACTLY Ichigo can’t return, not about his power interfering with real world, but how and why they interfere with with real world. What I am trying to say is what perhaps Ichigo’s new power is somehow similar to Spirit King’s power? If so I can’t even begin to imagine, what it can bring to Ichigo himself.

  5. Mayuri the fashion king. The final showdown. We haven’t seen the entire crew just yet. Most likely, when things are looking dire, Ichigo would step in, along with the surviving Arancar of Hueco Mundo, the Fullbringers trained by Ganju, the Vizards in the world of the living and there is still Ishida’s dad.

  6. oh, that means all the captains that haven’t used bankai will finally start using bankai in this supposedly final fight I presume. I am definitely looking forward to that. I’ve been waiting for soooo long now. It’s finally time.

  7. From the previous chapter he said: “The world will end in 9 days.” Even though Juah Bach has Yamamoto’s Bankai and could have burned all of Soul Society in 5 minutes. I don’t know how these battles will play out if they’re already attacking and there’s 9 days to go, and Juha Bach has a time limit to how long he can stay there. 900 years, 90 years, and 9 years. Juah Bach’s favorite number is…!

    Kurotsuchi…I think- never mind.

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