Episode 08:

「ふたりはトレジャー」 (Futari wa Torejaa)
“Two is a Treasure”

If there’s one thing that I noticed while watching Blood Lad, it’s that everyone seems to be interconnected. It used to bother me that everyone just seemed to know everyone else and one thing led to another… but somehow it really works for this show. As more characters are revealed overtime, it’s almost like a guessing game to see who they’re going to introduce next. The next episode really dives into that and it no longer makes me feel like the author is just pulling random plot strings to tie everything together. It feels much more like a story that’s very intertwined and I like complex story plots like that. The only unfortunate part of that is… the finale is on Sunday!

I also liked the abundance of screen time dedicated to Bell and Staz, even if they were mainly arguing and bickering. I had my doubts that Bell even liked Staz, but not after this episode. It’s crystal clear that it’s a unrequited love – that feeling is oh so familiar.. I feel rather bad for Bell because she’s crushing on someone who is so wrapped around someone else and Staz is never going to look at her “that way”(I shouldn’t say never, but very unlikely). It would be nice, but I don’t see it as a possibility given the direction of the show and the emphasis that it puts on Staz and Fuyumi. Breaks my heart to say it, but it looks like the ending won’t be very romantic anyway.

The story also takes a bit of a tangent and starts focusing on Braz. I wrote him off as a side character but I shouldn’t be so quick to judge (Liz on the other hand doesn’t get any more screen time which makes me sad). He really has plans up his sleeves… but nothing to prevent him from being arrested by Constable Beros (Asano Masumi). The mysterious blonde also ends up being none other than Bell’s brother, Hydra Knell (Kaji Yuuki). Whowouldathunk? He’s no longer as hot and cunning as I initially gave him credit for. He’s also quite thoughtful to his hostages so my impression of him feels almost like a mama’s boy. What interested me the most though was seeing the family dynamics between Bell and her family, but more on that next episode.

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Episode 09:

「メガネの罪」 (Megane no Tsumi)
“Sins of the Eye Glasses”

If the story wasn’t complicated enough, we open up with the murder of Braz/Staz’s father with the new King of Acropolis ( Wakamoto Norio) holding his heart. I guess there are very few ways you can kill an overpowered vampire these days and ripping out his heart seems to be the key. The King of the Demon World, named Wolf Daddy is a werewolf and (although not directly mentioned) Wolf’s father. Wolf did mention that he was not a “purebreed” though, so it is likely that his mother was just a weaker demon or one of them wh*res (ouch! That hurt… =X). For a grand villain like that, I would have expected him to be introduced much later or earlier, but seeing as the finale is next week, I’m not sure how big of an impact he can have (unless it’s cliffhanger…).

Speaking of further introductions, there’s also Chief Goyle (Kishio Daisuke) who was entertaining to watch, but didn’t add any value to the show in my opinion. I feel as though all these newly added predicaments and issues are coming up just to tease the audience for a second season. This includes the side stories featuring Braz and Franken (and their newly built monster). I wasn’t too surprised to find out the origins of Akim, but it just further confirms that Braz is challenging Wolf Daddy to the throne.

The biggest cliffhanger this series is likely to leave unresolved is – what is going to happen to Fuyumi? Her “mother”, Nyen (Mitsuishi Kotono) doesn’t want Staz to turn her back into a human, so does that mean she’s expecting Fuyumi to stay dead in the demon world? The use of doppelgangers is also a new twist that I don’t see often in vampire stories (the only one that comes to mind is Vampire Diaries and Buffy). The unique spin about Nyen was something I wasn’t predicting because I initially thought that Bell was Fuyumi’s mother instead or they were somehow related, but I wouldn’t have guessed half-sisters. Her mother is definitely not one to take lightly and seeing as she is a “demon” (more so than human), I’d like to see her powers and why she holds so much authority.

Next week is our finale and to be honest, this whole season feels almost like a long teaser trailer to what Blood Lad is about. There’s a rich cast of characters that all have their own motives and stories and it’s hard to condense that all into one season (let alone, only 10 eps). I thought the speed of the episodes was consistent though and nothing was sped up just to jump to certain events. I’m anxious how they’re going to end this season given that there’s so much more to tell… let’s hope the finale isn’t too much of a cliffhanger.

TL;DR – @RCCherrie: Finale coming up this Sunday but there’s so much left unsaid. Hope it’s not a cliffhanger! #BellxStaz

Note: I’ve been extremely busy and off the radar recently, sorry folks! Summer does that to people. I’ve also made my twitter public for those that didn’t know – I post a lot of photos and talk about random shows.

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  1. It’s a shame the show is going to end early. The next episode is last or so I read? But hey maybe it really was meant as a teaser so it may … work? I don’t know. An interesting anime that’s what Blood Lad is for certain.


  2. I know the finally is just around the corner, but am I the only one who wants to know what Staz’s birth privilege power? Braz is the controlling of his blood, but what’s staz’s? Did I somehow miss it while watching this show? I know staz has some weird compression ability, but is that his own special power? Still, I feel like StazxBell should be the final couple of the show. I think more people would be happier with that outcome, and the definitely would have a higher respect I think for not going for the normal route where Staz and Fuyumi get together or something similar. Actually, I’m thinking too much into this. They may just leave the couple thing open ended, and I’m going to weep.

    1. /)_- I didn’t double check my typing when I was doing it on my ipod.
      I meant finale not finally in the first sentence, and I forgot the words show and would when I was saying that the show would have more respect if they made the end couple Bell and Staz instead of Staz and Fuyumi. I wish you could delete or edit posts.

      1. I don’t know about their Blu-Ray sales, but I don’t think they’ve adapted the entire manga yet. The next episode should start on chapter 28 and there’s currently 49 chapters out (not all scanlated unfortunately). Doubt they’ll run through 20+ chapters in a single episode, but sad to say that they’ll probably not adapt the rest of it either if sales are bad T_T

  3. This show’s continued to get better & better with each passing episode and even thought they could’ve done so much more with more time here,I think I’ll trust it to give a satisfying ending with it’s remaining episode,it hasn’t disappointed so far.

    I really don’t get why this isn’t more popular though,the characters are awesome,the comedy’s good & the story’s pretty damn impressing for a 10-ep series.There’s also a good amount of fanservice.

  4. I really hope there’s a season two…. Though for something with only 10 episodes…. It Is really good!It had me laughing my butt off and there were a few unexpected incidents which i love! Show Spoiler ▼

    I love Blood Labs!


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