「ダークヒーロー・ライジング」 (Daaku Hiiroo Raijingu)
“Dark Hero Rising”

A lot of people didn’t seem to realize that this was going to be the last episode of Blood Lad and I hate to break it to you folks, but it is. This series was only scheduled to be 10 episodes long and I’m not sure if that’s because there was a lack of material (doubt it… there’s 49 chapters of manga written and we’ve only reached 30 so far) or if it’s just to generate overall interest in the series to boost sales. Either way, we’re left with a mild cliffhanger and although I’m not dying to see more of it, it’s sad to see the series end so abruptly. Like I said, the entire series feels almost like it’s been a long trailer for what’s to come and there’s a ton of potential in the show that’s still unseen.

As a finale, I thought a lot of questions that I could’ve potentially had were all answered and then some. A lot of viewers always contemplated on the family history of Fuyumi and that was all clarified – her mom is in fact a half-demon and her father is a normal human (who very much loves and cares for her). On the other hand, Bell’s father is a full-blown demon who has two children (and even explains the differences between Bell and Knell’s abilities) who also cares deeply for Fuyumi for a different reason. Hydra Heads ( Fujiwara Keiji) acts like Fuyumi’s father-figure in the demon world by questioning Staz’s motives and even goes so far as to feed him deadly dumplings (Robotics;Notes anyone?). I can really feel a sense of responsibility and obligation from Heads’ perspective (to protect Fuyumi) because of how Fuyumi’s father gave up Neyn in the past. Neyn doesn’t strike as me someone worth fighting over, but you can’t argue with love right? I thought Heads had all the right intentions in mind and as little screen time as he had, he’s quickly become a strong force behind Fuyumi and Staz.

The eventual couple that is Staz and Fuyumi still feels so unnatural to me. Perhaps it’s because the two don’t have enough chemistry… or maybe it’s because I just don’t like Fuyumi but it’s almost like Staz’s effort is wasted on restoring Fuyumi to life. In fact, there’s no reason why Staz is so attracted to her blood in the first place. That’s one question that I wish was answered during this finale. It feels forced onto the audience that these two are meant to be together “just because” and not to say that it will never work, but they are just one couple that I cannot ship for the time being. I can see why the ending sequence shows Bell and Fuyumi being counterparts now. Not only are they half-sisters, but they actually have a lot in common (Staz being the main topic). They also get along very well which I’m surprised to see – Bell doesn’t seem like the type to go down without a fight so I’d like to see her actually make an attempt for Staz’s affections once in a while.

There’s very little time dedicated to the rest of the characters due to time constraints. For instance, the fight over Staz’s territory is kind of random and unnecessary. It goes to show that Staz has good right-hand men and demons are noticing his signs of weakness but not much else that adds value. Liz and Braz also manage to disappear (for the time being) and the biggest reveal was left until the last 30 seconds… they’re reviving their dead father! Bum bum bum~ What is this madness that requires a second season?! Great cliffhanger that doesn’t leave me dying for more, but enough to interest me in a second season (if there is one or maybe I can just read the manga). Wolf also is getting summoned (by his father?) so that’s probably going to lead somewhere. In all honesty, all these side stories left hanging makes the finale feel weaker and less conclusive which might be what they’re going for – but leaves me quite incomplete and unsatisfied.

Full-length images: I think this is the most full-length images I’ve taken for a single episode for this series.

Final Impressions

Blood Lad has been another one of those action/supernatural shows that you really don’t need much background knowledge or attention span to love and appreciate. It’s fun and fast-paced because the characters are all quite unique and comedic in their own ways. The episodes are all consistently enjoyable so if the first episode draws you in, the rest of them won’t let you down. I found the initial hump of character introductions to be quite average, but the crazy goose chase afterwards makes it worth watching. Unfortunately there’s an underlying story that is just hinted at and with only 10 episodes, there’s a lot left to be desired. This anime would’ve benefited from being at least 12 episodes (given the amount of manga material left) but this adaptation has been quite faithful to its original source so no complaints there.

I have my love and hate for some characters (Fuyumi vs. Bell) and that’s changed a lot since I first started watching. Whereas Fuyumi felt very flat and used to develop plot throughout the entire series, Bell has grown from annoying to awesome in my eyes. Staz was a refreshing face to watch as a protagonist since his personalities quirks were neither overused or forgotten (his references was amusing) and his family is even more crazy than he is. The other faces that were met along the way were kind of used as side characters and then randomly mentioned here and there. Wolf was one that I wish had more plot involvement as well as Liz. That’s definitely not a fault in the show though because it’s obviously hard to squeeze all that in 10 episodes. Overall, I thought the pace and use of characters was well done since nothing in the anime felt out of place or mentioned without purpose. The finale does feel a little lackluster since there are a lot of side stories left open-ended. It’s not a huge cliffhanger, but the story feels incomplete and hints strongly at a second season. This series has felt like a great ride upwards on a roller coaster, only to let you kind of sit and dangle at the top – great build up, but no climax yet.

TL;DR – @RCCherrie: Well at least it wasn’t a cliffhanger… Worthwhile watch but deserves to be 12 eps at least. OVA in December! No more of this “first-girl-wins” business please. I like seeing unpredictable couples in my vampire shows.


  1. Oh look a cliffhanger. THAT surely isn’t totally and utterly unsatisfying in any way, and will surely never ever be adapted further for television again ever ever! Hahahahahahyeahthisblows.

  2. I hate “first girl/first guy wins” relationships too. The whole doppleganger situation is bullshit too, why does the demon side get to override the human side?! The way they were talking in this episode, it was like Yanagi is basically dead and has none of her personality left because of the merger. Dude had to give up his wife, he couldn’t have fought back at all because he’s just a human, NTR’d for life.

    I want more episodes, all of this loli moe moe bullshit could’ve been tossed into the trash in order for better shows to get more content. That basketball loli crap is dogshit and that tarot card loli crap is dogshit too.

  3. Cliff hangers always mean ‘to be continued’ of course. You say there’s 49 chapters and we’re already at 30 so they kinda had to stop to let material build up unless Blood Lad intended to go on an elongated filler arc trip which is usually a bad thing.
    My question for Braz’s motives is the following; the daddy vampire had his butt kicked and heart ripped out in round one with Big daddy wolf guy there, what makes him think a second round would be different? Then again as someone who hasn’t followed the manga I guess I wouldn’t know.
    If they’re planning to wait for material to build up to continue this series then we’re in for a LONG wait…
    Great job blogging this series though Cherrie as always it’s been a fun ride watching and reading it along with you.

    1. Unfortunately I think that’s the only solution – waiting I mean. If the audience doesn’t want to see fillers, we’ll have to wait until there’s more manga material to build another 12-13 episode season T_T sad.
      Thanks for reading too! ^^

  4. I’ve never had much to say about this show. It’s good, it just doesn’t inspire nor require a great deal of dialogue. Now, though, it does.

    Fuyumi’s father is the real hero of this show, hands down. Staz, Hydra Heads, all of them…none of them are as heroic as Yanagi.

  5. I wanted more of the fanservice…

    Definitely a short fun-filled ride. I just don’t know why they adapted this now when there’s not much material to cover from the manga yet.

  6. It was fun to see “Blood Lad” being animated, but the pace was too fast in my opinion, a lot of information in a single episode without pausing. I do not mean just because I read the manga, comparing to other anime this is moving very fast in most episodes. 30 chapters of manga (and a small preview) spent in these 10 episodes of anime, 3 chapters per episode (each episode is very large). But that did not prevented me to have fun, I just care how end.

    Fuyumi’s mother is a very peculiar character. After the fusion of the two mothers, the result was very different from the two. I would argue that his demonic side was stronger.

    Staz is a good guy. He cares about Fuyumi and wants to fulfill his promise. Staz believed at first that Fuyumi loved, but because he never met another human. Never felt thirsty for blood. Knowing Fuyumi’s mother (half human) he already understood that feeling. But still he cares Fuyumi.

    In the manga Fuyumi has not had much development because progress has been rapid. And I think it’s also because Fuyumi is a simple girl. She is a victim. A tool to attract Staz to Braz, and hold to him with her parents. And still do not know which else has planned Braz, but he’s at the level of Aizen or more lol XD

    It was fun and it was great to read you Cherrie-sama. I’m sorry for not having commented on your other post, but I read all with lots of fun. I hope to read you soon.

    1. No problem! Thanks for reading =)
      I didn’t really have a problem with the pacing, but if they did slow it down a little, they might have enough material to stretch for another 2-3 episodes. The past few weeks have been really rushed and an overload of info X_X

  7. staz meet bell’s dad to see if staz is worthy for fuyumi cause years ago meeting had with fuyumi’s dad cause give whole mother combine into one person yet concern if happen fuyumi meet her demon version so keep them safe have them stay in their own worlds.

    so then seeing & testing staz’s loyalty to fuyumi well bell’s dad seeing something that staz is worthy material gave swear duty for fuyumi.

    braz give reasons for his doing against wolf daddy give goyle said can’t change past yet future is open yet freeze braz til liz arrive to cue their escape.

    staz’s crew got invaded by other demon crew by fish face so go blaze of glory even a t-rex to defend the area.

    wolf had another fight give doing not in werewolf cause still want be staz got an invite.

    bell ask how fuyumi feel about staz give might yet to wonder on it then after quick change clothes found herself in staz in the stairs.

    staz & fuyumi well give all happen yet which wonder why staz is bad guy but now want be dark hero for fuyumi so now doing it for fuyumi which bell’s dad is certain for staz while fuyumi/bell’s mom well let see how it goes.

    & oh yea braz is bringing his dad back to life.

  8. it grew on me…really did..first couple eps sucked..but it grew on me. THIS is what FAIRY TALE should have been…the animation at least…why mention FAiRY TAIL?? I dont know..they seemed similar…..cant wait for them to give one punch man a shot…and you know they will, being that they gave this thing a shot….thanks fo covering this

    BROOKLYN otaku
  9. -Staz and Hydra Heads would be such game buddies under other circumstances.
    -“Cool-decision” move one time use…won’t see that again. https://randomc.net/image/Blood%20Lad/Blood%20Lad%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2027.jpg
    -Shape shift into a dinosaur…T-rex with clothes on…intimidating :O
    -Bird man is back!
    -A second before Braz said “Father” I thought that shadow looked like it could be his father…(eyes widened).
    -Good thing there’s an OVA. But I want season 2 for this https://randomc.net/image/Blood%20Lad/Blood%20Lad%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2043.jpg

    random viewer
  10. Yeah, the Ending feel rushed. As even the Writers was surprised about it. Staz acting really out of his Skin… they tried to explain that with this dumpling. But not worked for me

  11. Yep…. the ending is really weak..

    Just asking is the ending far from the manga’s current issue?

    Wish it will continue on the future episodes since I think that’s where the action-packed part will begin. *huge sigh*

  12. I mentioned this on the last post of Blood Lad, but I honestly think the ending would’ve been better if they went with an anime original ending and had BellxStaz be a thing. Sales for the show are not doing too hot, and there won’t probably be a second season. That’s just my honest opinion. It would’ve been better than the awkward couple that is Fuyumi and Staz. I almost wanted to cringe when Staz was questioning Fuyumi if she wanted to go with him and whatnot. Well, it was a good ride nonetheless.

    1. We’ll get an OVA in December but that’s about it! Ya, I didn’t think sales would be that great >_> if anything, it’d probably boost sales for the manga. I think the story’s also too large to condense into 10 episodes. If they were going to go for an anime-original ending, they should’ve cut out a large chunk of the story to avoid any plot holes… but who knows!

  13. That ending when you just know this won’t get a 2nd season is such a tease…did they really have to do that?

    But still,I personally loved Blood Lad.I admit I was pretty hooked the moment I saw it’s gonna be something like the Hataraku!Maou-Sama of summer(and got even more hooked when I saw Ohsaka Ryouta as Staz) and although it didn’t start exactly that strong,it got better & better with each episode.Having a great cast is awesome(especially when even the side characters do their part no matter how small)as one can find even their most mundane activities entertaining.It’s a shame Fuyumi felt pretty flat(her best moments were only in the Liz-centered episode I believe) and that it’s like they just HAVE to go for the Staz x Fuyumi couple…They should’ve done something more(okay,much more) with her character in that case instead of making Bell much more entertaining & likeable(seriously,it’s hard not to like Bell <3).Besides the awesome Staz & Bell,I believe Braz also deserves mentioning for being so much more than some of us initially expected and if we are to be showered with imouto characters in our animes anyway,I hope they'll be more like Liz.I also liked were the plot was going but this lack of 2-3 more episodes only made trying to do so much look bad.A 2nd season would definitely fix all that and give us even more but alas,that's unlikely to happen…

    Nevertheless,a fine little series of summer that I'll definitely remember.Also,Looking forward to seeing Ohsaka Ryouta in more comedic main roles,the dude really knows his stuff.

  14. Well Fuyumi’s mother is frankly a person that makes me wonder why people would want to be with her. Sure she shows some affection to Fuyumi during their scene together, but that was just one time and she makes it clear that she doesn’t want Fuyumi to come back to life (regardless of Fuyumi’s opinion) and at no point is it suggested that she cares at all about what Yanagi might think. No nights when she cried herself to sleep thinking about the man who threw away his own happiness to settle things and keep their daughter safe? No unhappiness about this sense of feeling unfaithful to her current husband because one part of her still loves a human?
    Even that doppleganger was brought in by Hydra, not Neyn. Hydra is thinking more of Yanagi and Fuyumi than Neyn is.

    And Bell seems to be nicer now, but she still was fully willing to throw her promise to Fuyumi aside the moment she found out it was her mother that wanted Fuyumi kidnapped.

    As for Staz, I don’t remember him acting like a villain. Careless, arrogant and selfish but I don’t remember him ever being malicious to someone who wasn’t trying to kill him. He might not be a hero, but the writing doesn’t support him being a villain. The worst he did was use his powers to alter people’s minds to prevent them from learning about something they couldn’t handle. That’s what an anti-hero does, not a villain.

    Lastly there’s the pacing. This might be faithful to the manga (no idea since I haven’t read it yet) but if it is then it was adapted too faithfully and with a vague outline of a plot when a ten episode TV show needed a tighter one.

    I will say that this wasn’t bad. Early on there were a few episodes I felt weren’t good, but the show itself is not bad. It simply isn’t living up to what it could be and it isn’t helped when the people being called out on their actions are probably better than the people who seem generally unsympathetic and only doing what they want.

  15. Well, How was that? in the beginning Bell was Hunting the Person that stole her the gate or so. In the Last Episode, it was her herself that create this Gate. And she could not move it along in her entire Life? Loophole deluxe

  16. Honestly, I was shocked it ended at Ep 10! I had a feeling it was the case but I was still hopeful since one season is usually 12-13 episodes and I still want to see more of Fuyumi and Staz animated. I really thought they could still squeeze in at least two more episodes. Guess I’ll have to rely on the manga version instead.

  17. Very late to the party, but thanks for blogging the show, Cherrie. Despite the cliffhanger end, it was a fun series. I’m even tempted to pick up the manga.

    Also, Bell is best girl.

  18. I really like the anime, and I’ve been hoping they’d do a lot more than 10 episodes since I feel like that they haven’t even broken the tip of the ice berg. So I’m sad it just stops at 10.


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