It looks like Hitsugaya and Matsumoto will take the honors of the first round of fights shown as they face off against Bazz-B, Sternritter “H”. Bazz-B’s flames counter Hyourinmaru quite well, especially with the lack of ice produced without bankai. Luckily, like the other shinigami, Hitsugaya and his vice-captain have not been sitting idle during the interlude between the battles, and have developed some new tricks by combining their shikai abilities. Matsumoto interlaces the ash from Haineko into the ice of Hyourinmaru, creating a wall of “multi-layer vacuum ice” that successfully blocks the fire from harming them. The lattice of ice is apparently many times stronger than before, and can also be used offensively. I’m not entirely sure the science behind this tactic is sound; then again, discussing physics in a shounen manga is perhaps a lost cause.

Realism aside, it is a clever idea, but the time Hitsugaya spent explaining the mechanics behind the strategy to his opponent was really unnecessary and counterproductive. Talking too much during battle and getting baited for it is one of Hitsugaya’s flaws, and one of the reasons he’s one of the less impressive captains. It makes zero sense to reveal one’s strategies to opponents and reeks of either arrogance on the character’s part or a convenient way to explain tactics to the audience on the author’s part. Regardless, the 10th squad has demonstrated a strong start to the battle, and Bazz-B is now on the back foot. I don’t think he’s out of the fight yet, but he doesn’t seem particularly strong and Hitsugaya is probably not going down just yet. The chapter overall was quite short on content due to the fact that the battles are still setting up. Understandably, there needs to be some build-up before the more highly anticipated fights are shown, but I’m honestly hoping that Omaeda will get as little screen time as possible. He has had his moments to shine in the past, and has generally ended up blowing it.


  1. I think Kubo read something about vakuum insulation and though *cool I want to add that*
    Not entierely sure it would work with ice. I just hope we wont have too many of those short fight scenes with too much talk and too few action.

  2. i don’t get the vacuum part. Is it the lack of oxygen that makes the fire impossible to burn? But if that’s the case, a fire blast has enough heat that even a temporary vacuum was instantly created between the layers of ice, a continous blast like the ones drawn would still melt through with sheer temperature. Not to mention oxygen still exist in the atmosphere in the non-vacuum area, thus the fire wouldn’t be filled out but instead having air fill the previously vacuum space.

    so in the end, how does this thin ice wall thing work? I don’t get it. Can someone explain it to me?

    1. I don’t think Kubo is scientifically accurate for two reasons:

      Heat does not require contact, i.e. conduction, to be transferred. Heat is just infrared radiation, which can travel through a vacuum.

      Also, the fire’s heat increases the kinetic energy of all molecules, i.e. temperature, so heat would still be transferred through the ice matrix irregardless of the vacuum pockets because the small walls of each vacuum pocket would conduct the heat.

      I actually think the ice would melt faster than usual simply because there is less ice there.

  3. Yay, science wins. When water is in a vacuum, it first begins to boil by itself, using energy in the form of heat. Then, because it “used up” the energy, the temperature drops and the water becomes ice. The idea is that because hitsugaya was able to create a vacuum space in between ice layers, the ice will continuously melt and then freeze back up, resulting in a ice layer that keeps regenerating itself.

    1. I like that explanation so I gave u a thumb up. However, there are 2 points that I still feel somewhat confused about.

      1. It’s constantly “regenerating”, but it’s not “invulnerable”. Couldn’t one large continuously going blast in the manga cut through the ice without giving it much chance of regeneration?

      2. This is Kubo Tite we’re talking about here. I like your explanation but that gives Kubo too much credits that he doesn’t deserve. This is pretty biased, but I somehow doubt that Kubo knows about this to this extent of detail when he come up with this. He probably had simpler fake-science prepared in advance.

      1. What I do know is that in a vacuum, water freezes extremely fast. On top of this, hitsugaya’s ice is lowering the temperature inside the vacuum, making the freezing even faster. So what I don’t know is at what point will the melting overcome the freezing. Another thing to consider is the size of the ice. If you hold a torch to an iceberg, the iceberg isn’t exactly going to melt a whole lot in terms of mass.

        If hitsugaya was smart enough, he’d create a dome and trap the quincy in it. If the quincy was stupid and tried to burn the ice, he would use up all the air inside and suffocate to death. But I guess this wouldn’t make the fight very exciting lol.

    2. I may be a bit rusty with my physics, but water doesn’t use any energy to boil in a vacuum. In that scenario, the fact that the water is in a liquid state means that its molecules have enough kinetic energy to keep themselves fluid relative to one another. And rather than say that it “boils” by itself in a vacuum, which suggests that it’s getting energy from somewhere, it would be more accurate to say that it simply evaporates more quickly because there is no air pressure on the water (after all, water evaporate slowly by itself even in air at atmospheric pressure). Throughout this process, all of the water molecules retain the same average kinetic energy, i.e. temperature, while simply changing phases, so I can’t think of any reason for it to freeze again. For it to freeze again, that energy in the water would have to be transferred somewhere else, and even if the surrounding air takes any of it, the water wouldn’t be cooled enough to become ice again. Honestly, I don’t think there’s any real scientific basis for Kubo’s idea.

      1. You’re right, it would undergo sublimation and the states of water would change because of the lowered ppm. But to a layman, it would be easier to understand if you saw it as boiling and freezing rather than a change in the state of matter.

  4. Yet another Captain trying the tired “intimidate with information” strategy.

    It didn’t work for Gin or Tousen. It certainly didn’t work for ol’ Yama. At least the current captain-commander Shunsui Kyouraku knew how to do it properly.

    Kyouraku: “I’ll tell you what’s going on, just in time to distract you from the finishing blow.”
    Starrk: “Oh, I get i-”
    Kyouraku: “Hax attack!” *swish*
    Starrk: “So lame…” *dies*

  5. To be quite honest, I feel the inherent need to point out Bazz-B hasn’t exhibited any trademark Quincy abilities (i.e. Heilig Pfiel, Blut Vene, Vollstandig). Also, considering this is the guy who survived being incinerated by Yamamoto with only a couple of burns and scratches, I think Kubo is just trolling us into believing Toshiro scored first blood in one chapter. Personally, I think there’ll be a lot more to expect from Bazz-B, and the fight is certainly far from over.

  6. Well that was a waste of a chapter, then again looking back on chapters involving hitsugaya most are.

    See: vs yammy, vs shawlong, vs aizen, the list goes on. The only claim to fame fight was halibel, so I doubt he’ll do much against this opponent.

  7. Curious about the title “Frozen Heart.” It sounds like a pun for cold-heartedness or a super cool move like freezing some guy’s heart.
    And this chapter shows promise of possible team-combo attacks to be anticipated.

    random viewer

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