It’s been pointed out before that the captains of the Gotei 13 rely heavily on their bankai’s for fighting any sort of above-average opponents. Overuse of their supposedly “ultimate power” over the course of the series has watered down the impressiveness of a lot of the bankai’s however, and now they just seem like mediocre, spammable abilities. Now that Sternritter added the caveat of effectively blocking the captains from using their bankai’s, they are forced to improvise. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who thought that despite the shinigami’s wide arsenal of techniques, they have shown themselves to be pretty useless without bankai. Of course now the captains are eager to prove otherwise, as Hitsugaya and Matsumoto have demonstrated with their new ice and ash technique.

Now, Soifon too is eager to demonstrate her newly mastered Shunko against BG9, Sternritter “K”, who seems more robot than human, in both form and mannerisms. I didn’t know that non-biological (or cyborg) quincies existed, but it seems that Kubo is taking a variety-over-rule approach. BG9 also uses a large gatling gun along with several very long tentacles, though I think very few of the quincies are actually still using bows and arrows now. Soifon successfully makes the first attack, cutting the barrel of BG9s gun and punching him back with great force. Of course, their celebration is bit premature, as the quincies didn’t prepare a thousand years for this invasion just to get outplayed by a few new tricks. Bleach has a very predictable, formulaic approach to these fights with each side one-upping the other with different powers multiple times in attempt to take their opponent by surprise. It’s a nice try compensating for the lack of bankai, but there is little doubt that now Sternritter will give these captains quite some trouble with their “true powers” – that is, until Kenpachi bursts out of the ground slaughtering quincies left and right with ease. There are also a lot of other characters that haven’t been shown in battle yet, so we have quite a few things to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.


  1. It continues to be really frustrating that Kubo has forgotten how to show fights that are in any way balanced. It’s always one side wildly overpowering the other followed by a twist in which they are COMPLETELY unaffected and then reverse. Repeat as often as required.

    Remember the Kenpachi vs Ichigo fight where they both took loads of damage and the victor was Ichigo (just) but even that was a little uncertain. That’s what satisfying battles look like. Bleach lost that a very long time ago…

    1. What are you talking about? Kenpachi VS Ichigo had at least two rounds: Round 1 Kenpachi effortlessly kills Ichigo and Round 2 Ichigo gets a twist in which he is COMPLETELY unaffected and then reverse. It always been that way, and it only applies to Ichigo’s fights(because the protagonist) Name any other character that goes through that.

      1. Aside from the fact that we are watching that happen in every fight currently running? Both of the enemies are walking away from being apparently overpowered in this very chapter.

        Also – while elements of the pattern are in the Kenpachi-Ichigo fight it turns into two monsters battling each other in a war of attrition that leaves them both incapacitated. Byakuya vs. Ichigo does the same – they both take loads of punishment as they duke it out.

  2. Tbh, it’s much like Dragonball Z — They should’ve stopped at the Frieza Saga (Or Cell Sage, SSj2 Gohan as a kid was a saving grace, not the disgrace that came in the Buu Saga of course).

    Just like that – Bleach should’ve stopped after the Soul Society Arc or something. Or at least after Aizen was beaten.

      1. Eh, I’d say the final fight with Baby in GT was serviceable. After that it just got into bad excuses for fanservice, like the Super 17 and Shadow Dragon fights. Shadow Dragons COULD have been good if they had focused more on how the Dragon Balls were misused and overused and hadn’t made most of them just random mook fights.

  3. I think there’s still a good chance these Vandereich are really Fullbringers using Yhwach’s blood to masquerade as Quincy. It would explain so much about them.

    • The lack of bows and arrows
    • Why Uryuu is called the last Quincy
    • Kirge’s dialogue about ‘requesting’ better Blut (Chapter 492)

    1. I support this theory, nice idea!

      About this chapter, I actually liked it :P. Soifon finally finished her Shunko and now it is awesome! I also liked Omaeda’s resistance against that robot dude, and I thought it was pretty funny when he busted his gattling gun out… The Quincies are pulling the big guns now :o.

  4. Yeah, somehow this “Ping pong” fights is getting Boring. You think you kill your Enemys? They came with Power up. And more Power Ups, could kill them. Heck even the Quincy Captain in Huenco Mundo was way to Powerful

  5. Yoruichi will save Soi Fon. Isshin will save Hitsugaya once their respective Quincy opponents overpower them in the next few chapters.

    Since Urahara is still in HM, it makes sense IMO that these two characters will appear in SS finally to help.

    Can’t wait for the Show Spoiler ▼

    . 😀

  6. Where is something what very confusing to me, mainly story of this so-called 1000-years war, it’s full of blank pages, what I don’t understand.
    1) 1000-years ago Yamato fought Bach (we don’t know why) and failed to completely (?) kill him. Like with Aizen we don’t know anything about his motives, his history almost completely unknown. He is the first quincy, but what his character before that, why he want destroy soul society (I doubt to sit on the throne like are king)?
    2) Sternraiters said they hided in shadow of soul society, but bigger question is who is sternaiter? Assuming they humans, how they lived for almost millennium? From they speech its sounded almost like they participated in battle 1000 years ago. It can’t attributed to them being quincy, grandfather of Ishida aged. Is they descendand of quicy who survived extermination 300 years prior to start of series.
    3) 10 years ago (or 9 can’t remember) Bach steals power from quincy, who consider “impure”. Impure in what? Bloodline? Doubt it, Misaki was pure-blooded quincy, yet her power were stolen.
    4) Why Ryuuhan is the last quincy and by whom right this title was given him? It was given him by his father, but what if it represent something more then being last quincy and why he is last if there is his son (disregarding sterraiter)? Ishida can use quincy technique and his grandfather and Ryuuhan “trained” him, but it didn’t make him quincy? Then what make someone are quincy?

    1. Yeah, Kubo’s not very good at explaining main villain motivations. Another example besides Bach and Aizen would be Ginjo. His arc was short and yet we still don’t have any idea what turned him to being a villain, especially since we get more information on HIS past than the other two main villains.

    2. All in Order

      Yamato fought Bach because Yamato was on a mission to kill all Quincies and he didn’t failed Yamato killed him. Aizen did had a motive, he wants to become the new Soul King. He wants to become the new Soul King because he was displease about the fact that the Soul King is a thing that rules everybody.

      The Stern Ritter are senior members of the Wandenreich. They were humans until they were killed in the 1000-year. Being souls now they able in enter the Soul Society and regan their Quincy powers by hiding in the shadows. the war lasted about a 1000 years, so the Shinigami killed generations of Quincy.

      Misaki was tainted by a hollow.

      Ryuken is the last Quincy because he is a full-fledged Quincy. His son wasn’t until Ryuken trained him.(Like for example: Humans are soldiers but real soldiers unless trained.)

      1. I doubt, what Yamato was one mission to exterminate quincy, they fought 1000 years ago, extermination of quincy happened 300 years ago, but my point, like Da5id said, Kubo is very bad in explaining motives of main villain. Yes, Aizen wanted kill soul king because he despised him, but beyond that we don’t know anything, saying it like that is like saying he wanted destroying world just for sake process itself. And with Ginjo and Bach almost nothing know about them, remove what we know about them and they become just like some stereotype villaine from old cartoon. What drived them to want destroy soul king, despite it dooming rest of world, living or dead?
        I know, what sterraiter is senior member of vanderreich, I mean, who they really are? Humans, who become quincy after Bach awake, quincy, who lived for 1000 years? You said, what they were humans 1000 years ago, when killed, enter soul society and regained they power? Now then I think about it, Ishida grandfather was killed and when was experimented as are soul by Maryu in soul society. That sounds logical, thanks.
        Again, thanks, forgot about that, but I mean it really blood impurity, what was they doom or something else? We don’t know 100% for sure. Ishida not pure quincy, yet he lived because he something “special”, but I still not convinced about that.
        About his training, it sound logical, but if Ishida full-fledged quincy Ryuuhan renounced his title to him? My point is, titles given by someone with authority (like king) to someone and what authority Ryuuhan father represented when he given this title and its represent something more, then being last quincy?
        My main point is story of bleach full of blank pages, what didn’t explained or explained half-completely. There is many thing I hope Kubo explain fully in future, like true motive and past of villain, who is soul king and mainly who on which side.

      2. Aizen wanted to kill the Soul King and there is nothing beyond that, how doesn’t that make sense to you? I find that an extremely good villainous motive to become a new God/Soul King, you can’t draw parallels here to destroying the world.

        And we’ll very likely find out why Ishida is special. For now, as earlier mentioned by Psithief, a marvelous theory, all other “Quincies” are merely Fullbringers utilizing Bach’s blood to seem Quincy (read his comment for more) making Uryuu the Last Quincy.

        Every manga is full of holes, more or less. A big number of blank pages that Bleach is said to have, can actually be filled, most of them aren’t even said out loud but can be concluded logically (yes) from numerous events.

        This sort of whining has become an epidemic to Bleach fanbase.

      3. Karma, I understand what every manga have and must have blank pages, but then manga run for too long and there is many of this blank most people begun tire from that. Bleach is great manga, but sometimes I wish it was more broad, not so focused on fighting. I you said black pages can be filled, but that is the point it “can” not “filled”. In my opinion blank and mysteries must be solved as story progress, not at the end. Imagine rest of the bleach is almost non-stop fighting and then last 20-30 chapters explain EVERYTHING, all mysteries, all motives, how would you feel? Or they won’t explain it? I don’t know, what worse and hope Kubo find are way from both evils.

      4. What does 200 years ago(by the way it was 200 years ago) and 1000-year war means to you? Here what it means: 200 years ago there was a war that lasted for a 1000 years. The war didn’t happen 1000 years ago it lasted for a 1000 years and it happen 200 years ago from now.

        Aizen want to over throne the Soul King so that he can be the Soul King. Ginjo and Yhwach wanted revenge on the Soul Society.

        Seriously, all of this is in the manga! I’m starting to think that the reason you all are hate or confused about bleach because you don’t really understand English all that well.

  7. I’m eagerly waiting Kyoroku’s fight. I’m dying to see more of his abilities than just what we saw from the fight with Stark. Despite the whole bankai stealing thing, I hope he gets to use his. From how twisted his shikai is and how Ukitake had to stop him from using it against Stark because “too many people could see it”, I would imagine its pretty terrifying.

  8. formula: Good guys, bad guys start to fight > Bad guys seem superior > additional good guys come in > good guys gain upper hand > hope shattered moments after victory > despair spreads in good guys > just as everything is about to go to hell Ichigo shows up with new power.

    over the course of all bleach arcs: rinse and repeat the above. For the first quincy invasion this happen and now in the second invasion it’s about to happen again.

    1. I swear to god, there’s always somebody saying that in the comments of every Bleach chapter, and literally, for a past year or 2, it hasn’t really come as a surprise to anyone. Rinse and repeat eh?

  9. I know explaining the powers is obligatory in shounen manga, but can’t Kubo picked a better way?
    I could think a few better ways to explain those powers like
    – inner monologue by the character
    – flashback on the training
    – another character explains it while not in the hearing range of enemy
    – the enemy analyze the powers and explains it

    I mean for how long does Kubo want to make the Captains a band of idiotic and incompetent douchebags? It works in the Soul Society arc since the ones charging at them are a bunch of teenagers, but here? With all the odds stacking against them, they still boast their powers by explaining it? I just can’t stand it anymore.

    1. What are you taking about? First off, since when did the they Captains are idiotic and incompetent douchebags by “boast their powers by explaining it”? Never! Remember when Byakuya, Kenpachi, and Mayuri went to Hueco Mundo to rescue Ichigo and friends? They were badass, and not one of them boast their powers by explaining it.

      And you know what? They don’t boast their powers by explaining it. The explanation is for us. I mean, would you know that Suì-Fēng completed her shunko if she close her mouth and would you know anything about the vacuum ice from Toshiro and Rangiku’s teamwork if they didn’t say anything? You know feel that all this coming clouded memories. So how about you read the manga again starting from chapter 1 and onward then come back ranting.

      1. To be fair, Shinji would of easily killed Aizen if he hadn’t explained his Shikai to him and stall after that long, enough for Aizen to actually get used to it.

        Indeed, flashbacks or another character describing the ability from afar sound really good, yet Kubo hardly uses them.


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