While it was pretty clear that a few new tricks would not defeat the Sternritter, Kubo does go a bit overboard with Bazz-B, who claims that his flames could stop the Captain Commander himself. This supposedly explains how the Sternritter survived after taking the full brunt of Yamamoto’s fires, but this game of power levels has gone way beyond ridiculous levels. It’s difficult to believe that Bazz-B could have countered the most powerful attack in Soul Society with just his own flames. The fights seem to be quickly devolving into a back and forth card battle with each side pulling out even bigger aces one after the other. Each time one side gains an advantage, the other will reveal their “true power” that is several times more powerful than the previous “true power”.

Right now, its Bazz-B’s fingers of fire and BG9’s fingers of steel that are giving Hitsugaya and Soifon a run for their money. There’s no doubt they are outclassed here (unless they have even more secret techniques), but I think we can look forward to the other characters coming to the rescue with even stronger abilities and stomping a couple of the Sternritter like worthless minions. Then of course, the stronger Sternritter will be forced to “fight for real” as they charge up yet another ultimate attack. If these lower ranking Sternritter officers have such high base strength (they haven’t really used any special quincy abilities or stolen bankai yet), then future fights will be even crazier as the other captains, sternritter, vizards, arrancar show up. How powerful will Kenpachi, Ichigo, Aizen or Yhwach be if we know that they could easily destroy all the characters that are currently fighting?

It’s nice to see a showcase of all the different techniques, but as the power creep gets worse and worse the characters become increasing unbalanced. It’s cool when bad-ass characters pull crap like defeating opponents with one finger, but when everyone is doing it to each other the excitement factor decays significantly. While some of the shinigami like Kyouraku or Kurotsuchi can probably hold their own for a while and maybe even pull off a few victories, we are still likely to see a lot of ass-pull abilities and one-up powers all the way until the final battle, where Ichigo will have to reveals his Final Ultimate Mega-powerful quincy-hollow-shinigami attack that requires sacrificing an entire dimension in order to defeat whoever the true villain is in this series.


    1. Perhaps this ability to one-up their opponents is something we’ve seen Quincy do before?

      Hitsugaya and Soifon’s reiatsu is being used against them. The harder they hit, the harder they are hit back. That’s what Quincies have always done on some level. These Sternritter are just really good at it.

  1. And the captains’ continue to underwhelm at every opportunity; right up until the end.

    Remember when you saw these characters on screen and there was that razor’s edge of tension? *sigh*

  2. It seems that well-trained Quincy can just match the level of any opponent they face.

    To win, the Shinigami need to stop with the “My rock beats your rock” game and move on to “My rock beats your scissors”.

    Ice vs. fire is definitely the former.

  3. I feel the opposite. The powerlevels were already healy leaning to the Shinigami side for the entirety of this manga. They are literally the Saiyans. It’s good to see an enemy that they cannot beat. Period. Not “struggle against”, bot “beat by a hair trigger”, no. “Cannot beat”. As in, they die. And remain dead. Like Sasakibe. And Yamamoto. That’s what this arc is about. That’s why Urahara is in Hueco Mundo, bringing the Arrancar help. Because they will be needed. The Vizards werent needed in the Karakura war. They jot came to look awesome, then jobbed just as hard as the Gotei. Let’s not have that again. This arc is perfect as it is now. I don’t even expect Hitsugaya and Soifon to win. It would heavily discourage me from reading if they would.

    1. I don’t expect the Shinigami simply to lose or be very wounded. I expect most of them to die. I want their deaths to be as majestic and dramatical as Byakuya’s loss to that Quincy was.

      But I’m afraid we’re gonna be seeing ton loads of bullshit scenarios like when Hiyori was cut in half and recovered later on simply because Kubo can’t kill off any of the “good guys.”

  4. Well, it is not really a “power” creep, just a skill/trick creep. Reiatsu power levels of the captains is still very much the same. You could say even lower, without their bankai. But as it seems, new tricks simply wont work against the raw power of these modern quincies.

    As for Bazz-B..he and the others was still burned heavily…his flames only reduced the damage from the CC to non-lethal proportions. Seems Bazz-B (and other quincies) can focus their abilities better (i.e. a single point/finger/body) unlike the Captain’s bankais which are all grand and expansive.

  5. I don’t think its power creep, I would like to point out something Uryu once said, “Quincies make use of ambient reishi when they fight, the higher the density the stronger they are”. The soul society is made up of reishi so they are stronger there and when the captains try to overpower them they use that very same power they unleash against them. At least that is my theory.

    1. Just to add a bit more a lot of Uryu’s fights have involved absorbing energy from the surroundings or his enemy and using it to cancel the enemies abilities or overpower them. The sternritter seem to have taken the ability to the next couple of levels by stealing the enemies abilities and using them against their owners (stealing all the Bankai comes to mind but I mean more Quilge Opie who absorbed Ayon)

  6. Above all else I look forward to seeing Kenpachi in action rather than our resident multi hybrid main hero. Kenpachi has no hollow powers, no quincy blood and no hidden trump card, he’s just been returned to his prime and will probably be quite grumpy if Unohana is really dead. pre-prime Kenpachi mauled three Quincies off screen, I’d like to see what he can do now. And Aizen, I wonder what he’s up to if he’s been released, hope he’ll truly be the final boss of this manga cause I don’t want it to end with the defeat of a villain who was just pulled out of nowhere in the last arc with no prior allusion while Aizen has been established as the ultimate villain for the past decade of this manga’s running. It’d be hilarious if he’s defeated with something like Genki Dama since he’s immortal…obliteration!

  7. Those sternritters could just as good be bluffing a lot with how strong they are, just by using some basic principles of martial arts. Judo comes to mind with that for example, where you basically learn to use the strength of your opponent against themselves. Combine in the fact that they are probably able to absorb the reishi in an attack to weaken it, and you got weak characters that appear to be overpowered with the right amount of bluffing and confidence.

  8. I have a feeling that Bazz-B may just be grossly overestimating his powers. He seems to come off as a very smug villain, so while his flames may be strong to counter Yamamoto’s flames and prevent him from getting completely killed, it didn’t stop him from getting his ass handed to him on a silver platter. And he wasn’t even trying to kill him! Also regarding Histugaya, I’m pretty sure he still has the ice clone up his sleeve.

    1. Ice clone ability is one of his Bankai’s abilities. He doesn’t have one. But Kubo probably pulls something like that Hitsugaya learned to use it in Shikai as well or something along the lines.

    1. There’s a theory I read that those “Quincy” are using Yhwach’s blood/power to pretend to be Quincy’s. That’s why Ishida is so important. I believe Yhwach can truly unlock his full potential for being a “Pure-Blooded” Quincy. Just a theory of course. 🙂

  9. I call shenanigans on this guy being able take down Captain Commander Dickstomp Yammamoto. Yammamoto’s bankai would have destroyed the world if he ever forgot to turn it off. I know Yama wasn’t everyone’s favorite character but come on, there was a lot more to the old man than just his flames.

  10. Bazz-B’s claim of power may not be as over-stated as first seems. Perhaps his power managed to absorb 30% of the damage of Ryujin Jakka, and the Sternritter were tough enough to handle the rest.

    That being said, I’m not sure “power-creep” is the right word to use. It happens so fast and in such large increments it’s really more like a constant state of out-of-control evolution. That being said, for some reason I still don’t think anyone’s reached Ichigo and Aizen’s levels (including new Ichigo), where every move they made destroyed their surroundings.

  11. This manga and anime should be dead in soul society´s first arc when he saved Rukia!
    This has become a real Pierro Circus Manga and anime.
    A real shame and waste for its original story P_P…~_~

    Tensai Otaku

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