If you’ve ever been to New York, chances are you’ve seen one of our lottery commercials before. If you haven’t, well, it goes like this:

All you need is a dollar and a dream.

Going through this chapter, that was the phrase that kept repeating itself over and over in my head, and it’s just because the biggest things can come from the smallest steps—the first of which was made many generations ago in the Naruto universe. Sure, it would’ve been better if they didn’t wait until the entire world is nearly destroyed to band together—and it could potentially fall apart afterwards even if they do succeed in defeating Obito—but hey, they’re united at the moment, and that’s all that counts.

Indeed, what this chapter ends up doing is emphasizing just once more how everything here is effectively coming full circle. Naruto following in the footsteps of the first Hokage in possessing the same characteristics and playing a big part in getting these guys together… Sasuke following somewhat in the footsteps of Madara in regards to his abilities and personality… the five current Kage reappearing at this key moment… all of it. And when you combine all of that with the things we’ve witnessed already—such as the whole fact that Obito’s here in the first place, the whole father and son thing with Naruto and Minato—I’m actually quite impressed at how Kishimoto’s wrapping things up together here at this point.

Yes, I won’t deny that it was a bit rocky getting here, or the fact that a few developments and revelations could’ve been handled better along the way, but things are arguably coming together for a great “conclusion” (at least to this battle), and I just find myself really getting back into Naruto after a little bit of hit/miss through the initial parts of this arc. And ultimately, that’s really all I want here now that we’re nearly 650 chapters in and the end is finally in sight: a satisfying overall conclusion to the main story plot line. After all, there are few worse things than following something for years to see a terrible ending, and for me, this chapter at least demonstrates that we won’t be getting such an ending. Maybe it’ll end up being a bit cheesy, maybe it won’t be exactly what we want, maybe we won’t get answers to all the other subplots and questions that’ve been bought up… but yeah, I get the feeling the major things will end up just fine—so here’s to looking forward to the next chapter.


  1. I like the development of things seeing the past connect with the present hoping that there unfulfilled dreams would come true in the near future. Though I could only hope that Sasuke wont truly follow Madara foot step cause it will another tragedy

  2. Alright now that almost all of the important characters are here I wonder how things will progress from this point on. I can’t help but wonder what’s next if they managed to somehow take Obito down. For instance,

    1. Will Madara be revived with the Rinne Tensei jutsu, since Obito has fallen to deep I’m guessing that if He is defeated by Naruto and Sasuke that He might use that jutsu for Madara’s sake.

    2. What happens to all the revived Hokages unless they fade away into the afterlife I honestly don’t see how they would stick around to enjoy world peace that is, if the end of this war will grant the five nations an opportunity to create true peace(which I doubt will happen any time soon).

    3. Will the Raikage still want to kick Sasuke’s ass, I don’t think He’s the kind of guy that will ley bygones be bygones but my guess is that since His brother is still alive He’ll have to let it go.

    4. What happens to the MIA Shinobis and Kunoichis VIZ, Kakashi, Yamato, Anko, Kabuto, Samui and Her brother not to mention the seven tailed beasts, at some point they would all have to make a return.

    5. I believe that at some point Madara Uchiha would infact apply the infinite tsukuyomi and for the sake of high tension I hope that it happens and I would love to see how our heroes fight counter attack maybe Kakashi and the others being in a limbo might be useful for such a predicament.

    6. What really happens to Shikamaru, is He dead for real or what. It would really be a drag if we lose another of Naruto’s friends it was hard enough to lose Neji but Shikamaru too come on. I wouldn’t mind if they take Ino I mean one of the Sasuke loving freaks have to go and Karen can easily replace Her as Sakura’s rival.

    7. I know that if this war is over that world peace is not close to being reached not with the likes of Orochimaru around and as for Sasuke’s hidden intentions I know that it is going to be as twisted as Madara’s if not more twisted at all and I think that this fourth shinobi world war is just the beginning of the future chaos that will shake up the Shinobi maybe there will be a fifth Shinobi world war I don’t know who will wage it( maybe Sasuke or Orochimaru or both of them )but I know that this war is just ababy step to how the Ninja world will come together for the greater good.

    K C M
    1. Well, it was implied that they were more “old fashioned” back in the founding era. While Kishi’s definitely not the best with women Chiyo, Tsunade, and IMO Hinata are all well written.

  3. Okay now that Hashirama’s true dream is stated, I want to know Madara’s next chapter.
    I still feel it’s too soon for the wrap-up, and this post review just reinforced that feeling.
    Cheers to what may come.

    random viewer
  4. The flashback was nice, but the timing was not.

    On another note, I can’t help but wonder if Orochimaru gave Sasuke the cursed seal in order to evolve his Mangekyo Sharingan into something better. Nature energy seems to be the key to evolving it, and Juugo’s cells may be a viable alternative to Hashirama’s. Pretty heavy hinting that Sasuke will get Rinnegan or something along those lines.

  5. Unfortunately for Hashirama while all his efforts created nothing but a “peace” that had multiple wars, Madara has now succeeded in uniting everyone against him. And despite seeing how stupid it is to think that this will continue into the future, this is shounen so I’m pretty sure they will act like all the villages are best friends now that they’ve fought side by side if they have an epilogue or another arc.

    1. “Madara has now succeeded in uniting everyone against him”

      mild Code Geass spoiler
      Show Spoiler ▼

    1. This isn’t the “power of friendship” .. you clearly have no freaking idea how important morale is in real wars or any war for the matter be it fictional or not.. Obito has been trying over and over to chip way at the morale of all shinobis and make them give up their fighting spirit and just surrender to his Genjutsu, what the first Hokage did here is that he motivated everyone to fight again and snapped them out of despair with his memories and plea .. basically he resorted their morale and fighting spirit.

      Getting a fucking clue before complaining about something .. and again .. if you think the show/manga is dumb why the heck are you reading it and bother commenting on a blog unless you have some serious “i’m holier than thou you dumb sheep” issues and need to get off your high horse or you are just plain dumb.

  6. Since Shippuden started i told my little brother here everything that would happen on the story and I hit all my presuppositions correctly.As i am a Tensai Otaku ( a genius ) I even knew sasuke would turn into a bad guy, that orochimaru would never die, and that TOBI was OBITO since the first dasy i saw him….a real anime oracle i am , you ask ? No!!
    This mangaka doesnt even know where it started or where its was going to finish from the start…not always a great universe with potential character can make on my top list with a rediculous crap story putting together all those filers ( OMG )P_P..Don´t wanna even remember that shit…

    Tensai Otaku

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