Kyouraku’s lieutenant Nanao is able to use her kidou skills to construct a “quincy-proof” barrier that temporarily repels Haschwalth, but while they are trying to fend him off, he observes that the other captains are getting slaughtered because she did not teach her technique to them. However, she did an admirable job of explaining her ability to Haschwalth, so I expect her to go down pretty soon. Soifon and Hitsugaya are pretty much done for, and despite their best attempts to fight back, it ends up being a pretty one-sided stomp. Hitsugaya is forced to flee, and even after catching Bazz-B off-guard in an ice trap he is unable to do more than slightly scratch up his clothes. The power difference is pretty ridiculous. Cang Du “the Wolverine” arrives on the scene to execute him, but as Hitsugaya’s death wasn’t actually shown, I don’t think he’s actually dead (his ice clone is a possibility).

Of course, the next step in the one-up cycle has also arrived, as Urahara finally contacts Kurotsuchi claiming that he has a way to get their stolen bankai’s back. To be honest, it’s not likely that having bankai will make a huge difference in the fight besides for a few of the top-tier captains. They might gain an upper hand and swing the power pendulum back temporarily, but the quincy certainly have their share of unrevealed trump cards and final forms still, and Urahara was probably factored into their equations already. As long as they can draw strength from the reishi in Soul Society they will remain quite overpowered, and Kubo will continue to drive that point home to the point of absurdity. At this point I think it would be more interesting to just wait for the god-level cavalry to arrive – the Zero squad, Ichigo, Kenpachi and some others.


  1. It sounds stupid that apparently the entire Gotei, even with the extra training, aren’t gonna be able to do a damn thing until Ichigo the Canon Sue, Royal Guard, and Zaraki the killer of a much more interesting character shows up and wins everything.

    It’s gonna seem that Komamura’s training will be a waste of time because Kubo won’t let anyone but Ichigo do anything.

    I really hope it doesn’t go like that

      1. I don’t see the term “Mary Sue” being casually used in anon’s comment.

        I think the term “Canon Sue” is my new term for the main chara of every long-running fighting shounen series, ever. Thanks anon!

        Danny the dog
    1. Ichigo doesn’t ammount to anything. Yhwach will engage him the moment he arrives, effectively removing him from the battlfield. His arrival will not save/affect anyone. He’ll be stuck in a null-plot battle. Yhwach isn’t even fighting now. The Sternriter is wrecking SS without his help. He’s just waiting for Ichigo to arrive so he could occupy him.

  2. I wonder if the stolen bankai disappear if the final blow isn’t dealt by the Sternritter that stole it in the first place?

    I can’t imagine them calling “kill-stealing!” for any other reasons.

    1. I´ve been thinking about how they managed to steal the bankai and the only answer I can deduce is that since quincies are masters of manipulation of spiritual energy so that disc must be sme sort of device that allows them to hack into the energy particules of each Zampaktou and seal them away for their own use.

  3. hat’s the problem with this part of the manga – the Nazi Quincies are so much more powerful than Soul Society that you might as well be fighting an earthquake or a tornado. There’s just no plausible way the good guys can win – whatever SS tries, the Nazi Quincies shrug it off, smile and keep on coming.

    Waiting for Deus Ex Machina any minute now.

      1. That and the quincy’s did their goddamn homework. They studied, learned, adapted, and found out a way to use their enemies powers against them, all the while the shinigami just stood around thinking that they were the shit because no one for god knows how long could top them. Zommari was right…they’re arrogant in thinking that whatever they do is absolute.

    1. Is that any surprise? Seriously, look at everything related to Aizen. It’s been a very long time since fights didn’t boil down to “This guy’s overpowered! Now that guy’s overpowered! Oh wait! The first guy planned for the second guy to be overpowered! But wait! Now the second guy’s even MORE overpowered!”

    1. Ice is based on Water, and Water is the Symbol of Life. Lets hope his Enemy dont go there an instant combustion him with a Big Enough Heat-flame, that turn his Ice instant to Smoke

    2. You have to take into acount that we haven´t see the entire extend of his bankai yet, we always saw the incomplete time-limit form but no the one he says he has master now, there is no way Kubo is going to kill one fo hi most popular chararcters without having him go all out.

      1. Yeah. Aizen, vice-Captain. She nearly was on the Brink to Death. But she is back in Action. But lack extremely on Screen Time. So either that, or she is not fully recovered since the Beginning. And btw, Is she not a “childhood” friend of the Ice Captain? Why Kubo not playing this Card? Matsumoto just helped him in the Past, since the Peoples thread him badly. But She, knows him Longer. She is Family… (Remember the Roots, Dear Creator!)

  4. Ywah, as Long the Quincy can “collect” fuel from the World Spirits, there is no “exhausted” Problem. They even can go in Overdrive with this in Background

    We all remember when Ichida wanted to finish off Kurotsuchi in the Ichigo first Arc? He used the World Spirit to “overdrive” his Arrow. And somehow he regain his Powers back, perhaps here is the Secret of their Power. They found a Way to stay in Overdrive without Harm of losing their Powers

    As long there is the Spirit World, as long they have “Fuel” to Burn. Only someone with the Power to change the World (Spirit King?) components, to break this supply line. Then there are just Big Flames that will die out, or forced to in “save” mode

  5. Hitsugaya has a hole in his chest and probably his esophagus. Sword breaks and gets injured worse and he’ll still find a way to survive. That’s the old saying kids, when you kill a man by shooting him through the chest, burning him alive, cutting off his head, rolling him up in a carpet, off a cliff, and burning it…… better make sure they’re dead!

  6. The pacing in this chapter wasn’t very good as usual, although I’m definitely curious as to what sort of way the Captains can reclaim their Bankai. Although Urahara seems confident that his method will work, there has to be some sort of catch. Only time will tell though I guess.

    Even if they get them back, what good will they do against an enemy that can absorb every last bit of reishi from a society built around it? Gotta admit, Kubo did a great job constructing a group of enemies that actually feel unstoppable.

    1. And that’s what annoys me about the whole thing. Kubo made his villains such a credible threat that, right now, there is no way they can plausibly be defeated. This destroys tension just as much as the heroes being unstoppable, because at a certain point you find yourself wondering what’s the point of anyone standing up against the Nazi Quincies, since the Vandenreich are just going to squash everyone like bugs.

      Lily Nadesico
      1. It’s really a matter of how intelligent of a way Kubo can come up with for the Shinigami to defeat the Quincies. Keep in mind that Urahara has the highest intellect of any character in the series (Aizen and potentially Yhwach being the only ones who can rival his intellect) so he must have planned something really big. Kubo has two options for how this can go, the smart way where the characters develop a ballsy strategy and turn the enemy’s overconfidence of their powers against them (i.e. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) or the sleazy way where the characters rely on an asspull “power of friendship” Deus ex Machina (i.e. Naruto).

        Also, yes in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hirohiko Araki can basically pit an ant against a god and write an intelligent way in which the ant can win. I’m not saying that Kubo is surely gonna find a way to write anything that extraordinary. We’re just gonna have to wait and see what he comes up with before we pass judgement.

    1. “You can get it back by beating the guy who stole it”
      “The Emperor can give you back your bankai”
      “You don’t need to do anything… it automatically comes back in a week”
      “You all need to change your family name to Kurosaki and dye your hair”
      “You can get it back by –kkuh!–“

    2. Easier, you just need a Hole around 2mm right 30mm right from your heart….

      Aehm…. Just remember how Ischida regain his Quincy Powers from his Training with Dad… Near Dead Experience to regain Powers back.. i think he is just using the Base idea

  7. Captains that were “killed” are barely alive and will reclaim their bankai at the end, is my guess. Captains and their lieutenants typically get showy deaths IF they die. One-off explosions and what-not where it cuts out before death lends to illusion of death to the reader who should expect some badass return and vengeance.

    Hate to admit but I’m not enjoying Bleach too much with all this development of how the strong are pretty ridiculously weak.

    Whatever, just bring back Halibel and Nel with some badass hollow reinforcements. Kenpachi comes in the picture with Unohana surviving too and both go kill spree.

    And of course, the hot Quincy chicks fight get beaten up but survive and switch over or just shrug the whole thing off and live their lives.

  8. Wait I take back the ‘ichigo comes to save the day when everything looks bleak’ statement for the following reasons:
    1. Kenpachi will be the one who’s going to push the enemy back; surely Kubo didn’t kill off Unohana just so he could hype Kenpachi for the fans and then troll him off screen.
    2. Mayuri isn’t getting stomped and with Urahara’s help things will change.
    3. AIZEN!

    Side note: With the way the quicies are acting I can see why Soul Society decided to eradicate them 1000 years ago.

    1. They decided to put an end to them because they were selfish bastards that didn´t care if the world fell apart as long they could get their revenge on the hollows. Also, with the reveletation that old Juha Back is the origin of old quincies I have the feeling that they are not a natural existence in the world but some sort of human experiment.

    2. Right! I’m sure he wouldn’t have years of Unohana doing nada, only to die to power up Kenpachi only for Kenpachi to be usel… bwahahahaha! Oh god, I can’t keep a straight face.

  9. There have been rumors that the Quincy are seeing Aizen’s zanpakuto ability. Due to the fact that Bach lost track of time, due to Aizen, there is a chance that it’s true.

  10. I don’t know whos the worst Deus Ex Machina, Ichigo or Touma? They have no character development but to save the weak characters that can’t support themselves in a fight. Well Touma isn’t that much of a character like Ichigo.

    Corey Lucas

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