Cang Du, “The Iron”, is perhaps the coolest Sternritter we’ve seen thus far. He’s a very stoic character that reminds me somewhat of Hibari Kyouya from KHR. Cang Du shows up at Bazz-B’s in order to execute Hitsugaya and Matsumoto with Hitsugaya’s own bankai because “things that live together should die together”. Luckily for the genius captain, he narrowly escapes death for the tenth time thanks to Urahara’s research into the quincies’ bankai stealing ability and coming up with a clutch move to counter it. While in Hueco Mundo, he figures out the reason that the Sternritter did not take the arrancar’s resurreccion – hollows are like a poison to the quincies (and I’m assuming to other humans as well). Supposedly this is also the reason they are trying to eradicate the hollows.

Urahara’s solution is to simply insert a bit of hollow essence into the shinigami’s souls, which has the dual effect of preventing further bankai steals and sabotaging the ones already taken. Thanks to him, this will likely result in a few setbacks for the quincy and may give some of the captains their edge back until the Sternritter pull off another one of their game changing moves. It might not make much of a difference for the vizards as they are probably immune already (thank Aizen for that #justasplanned), but the trick could be considered a very mild form of hollowfication. Bankai alone isn’t going to turn the tide of the battle, but this doesn’t change that fact that nearly everything Urahara does is very significant, easily making him one of the top players in the series. I’m looking forward to see what he will do cooperating with Kurotsuchi, especially with the friendly rivalry thrown in the mix. The two of them have some good potential to outplay the quincies for a while at least and make it look hilarious while doing so.


    1. This was discussed on a another thread one of the theories was:
      Opie abosrbed Ayon because Sklaverei subjugates Reishi. Opie enslaved Ayon’s Reishi with it. I think that’s why he wasn’t affected as badly by it.

    2. That and Opie himself stated that he didn’t want to use Sklaverei. Therefore it can be assumed that while it granted him power it did so at the cost of damaging his soul. As his power was growing it was simultaneously killing him.

    1. It would be so ironic if aizen studied hollowification and made the vaizards cause he knew about the quincies rising power and thus tried to save soul society in his own twisted way

    1. That’s because he’s literally the answer to every slow thing in this series
      Ichigo’s bankai
      One up’ing yammy
      Going to hueco mundo
      Fixing hollowification

      The damn list goes on.

    2. It is his right. at last Kubo is the “Creator” aka God of the Manga. Deal with it. If we love it, it other question. But we should not hinder Kubo, doing his Manga in HIS way. not OUR

      At last, hold this Respect peoples

  1. Will Bazz-B get what’s coming to him, or will he finish Hitsugaya off?

    On second thought, I think we’ll see the Vizards deploying without fear to bust some heads, including B-B’s.

  2. Gotta hand it to Urahara, this was a really clever way to get the Shinigami’s Bankai back. If you look back a few chapters you can tell that Kubo foreshadowed this happening. In chapter 493 when Opie absorbed Allon using Sklaverei, he stated that he didn’t want to use this ability “because my holy wings become tarnished by those who are wicked”. It was subtle, but it implied that while Quincies can absorb a Hollow’s power, it happens at the cost of corroding their soul and inevitably killing them. Notice how even though Opie gained a huge boost of power it felt like he was gradually getting weaker to the point of dying as he was fighting Ichigo? How he still seemed weakened after using his Jailer technique on him? How about when Masaki was dying due to her soul being corroded when White entered her soul?

    Note for all the level 1 Bleach readers calling this an asspull: Try to pay more attention and actually read on the fourth level for a change.

    1. Also as for Ichigo and the Visoreds, it can be interpreted that since their reiatsu is so heavily saturated with Hollow powers, the Quincy medallion immediately recognizes how harmful stealing their Bankais would be (thanks to the data provided by Yhwach’s daten) and immediately rejects it. Notice how none of the Visoreds had their bankai stolen? The Quincies have done a lot of homework on their enemies after all.

    2. …No I’m pretty sure this is an asspull. Urahara (or Kubo) Not only found how to get their Bankai back, but he brought up that every Shinigami’s clothes were bugged (They use to use butterflies or Hado 79) Made a piece of chocolate candy for EVERY Shinigami, was able to teleport it to EVERY Shinigami, and in the process hurt the Quincies that stole the Bankai…all in one chapter. Essentially Kubo made this whole “Stolen Bankai” thing a complete waste of time except for Yamamoto’s Bankai, but even so I’m going to say it again: Why doesn’t Juha Bach use the stupid thing to kill everyone now?! Nine day rule doesn’t make sense.

      There’s levels of readers? If level 1 are readers that sometimes question inconsistencies of the story then guilty as charged!

      1. Those “candies” you’re referring to weren’t made for EVERY Shinigami. Just the ones who have Bankai, which is a whopping sum total of… [drum roll] only 11 of the 13 Captains (Kenpachi never achieved Bankai and Yamamoto is dead) and the two Lieutenants Renji and Ikkaku. That’s only 13 people. Remember when Isane was able to use that Kido to mass-communicate Aizen’s betrayal in the Soul Society arc? How the R&D division was able to scatter all those radios throughout Soul Society (the voices of all those Shinigami dying that Ichigo heard over the Soul communicator)? How is it so inconceivable that they don’t have the ability to supply 13 of these “candies” when they were able to do all that a long time ago? Hell, we don’t even know if Zero division has them yet, but it’s not like it wouldn’t make sense that they get the “candies” either.

        Even now that the Captains and Lieutenants are able to use Bankai, the Quincies still have plenty of reishi from Soul Society to use at their disposal. Yhwach has been planning this attack for a long time, so it’s not implausible to think that he has a plan B.

        In short, pay more attention next time you run your mouth you fucking idiot.

      2. Ok now that I’ve read your explanation it makes more sense. I guess maybe I just didn’t like how fast it was done in the chapter or that he made the candies off screen, but yes you’re right they didn’t need them for everyone. I forgot about the communicators and I didn’t remember that they could teleport things to them. You’ll have to forgive me because I’m old and grumpy.

  3. Loved the banter between Urahara and Mayuri, hope we see more of those two attempting to work together. I’m not sure how I feel about Quincies being allergic to hollows. Part of their early appeal to me was as a group of ordinary humans learning to fight back; Ishida winning fights through his smarts, skills and gadgets. Now Kubo’s portraying them as practically an entirely separate race, apart from humanity.

    1. My interpretation of the story thus far, all quincies we’ve seen so far part of the sternritters, are all dead spiritual manifestations. the last and only survivor is uryu ishida. One of my biggest confusions with bleach is the After life interpretation.

      We are told that shinigami’s are the gods of death. They purify a soul granting it access to soul society and rukongai, but what we are not told is what happens when a spirit dies in soul society.

      There must be some sort of cycle of life and death between the spirit world and the human world. e.g. you die in the human world, you go to soul society, if you die in SS you go to the human world? But there has to also be an inbalance. For example the aging factor in SS and in the human world.

      Spiritual pressure determines the aging with spiritual beings, but not with humans. Spiritual beings age much slower according to they’re riatsu, such as Isshin loosing all powers and becoming half human, then aging naturally 20 years into the story. Or Urahara always being a spiritual entity and never aging due to his incredible power we have yet to see. Even some like Geryusai Yamamoto the former captain commander of the 1st division, he was wicked old, and older than 1000+.

      Thats my deduction, and very off topic too.. lol, even though i can find many holes, its the best i can come up with in sense of “logic” and plausibility.

  4. Problem here, The “Ice Captain” near death, has Lost his Bankai already. And these Black Pills, only work for the Captain that has not Lost their ones… So, i am curious how this turn out…

    1. You were probably reading Mangapanda’s shitty translation. Mangastream’s translation indicates that it works for those who have already lost their bankai. Mangastream may use a shitton of retarded idioms and jive in their translations, but at least they don’t mistranslate important plot points or have shitty scanning quality with a fuckton of watermarks like Mangapanda.

      Still, the best scans and translations are the ones from Viz Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump.


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