Washington chopping down cherry tree references aside, what we get this week are the Kages finally showing off what they’re capable of, and it’s pretty darn awesome. I mean gosh darn, we got the Second and Fourth Hokages making it so that any gravely injured Shinobi can be instantly teleported to safety, Tsunade and Sakura combining their Byakugou to ensure that any minor injuries are healed immediately, Naruto and the Nine Tails supplying extra chakra to counter Obito’s drain, and it’s just an epic combination that makes for a nearly peerless offensive onslaught. Heck, we even got Orochimaru joining hands with the Third Hokage again with their epic summons.

With that said though, it’s looking more and more likely that Obito’s going to end up just being overpowered by Naruto and Sasuke at this point—or at least, some kind of hesitation due to his obvious denial of what he’s seeing will lead him to his doom. Towards that end, I suspect Kakashi might actually end up jumping in and playing some part there, but the question remains as to what exactly Madara’s doing at the moment. Because if there’s one thing that’s certain, he definitely ain’t gonna let them chop down the Tsukuyomi tree. At the same time though, I don’t see how he’s just going to magically get away from his fight with the First Hokage either… so there’s a potentially interesting development to come from that end. And I suppose that’s about it. It’s just Naruto’s ninja way from this point forward—it has been for a while now—and you better believe that he and the rest of the army ain’t goin’ down without a fight. They’re just throwin’ all their power-ups in the ring now and it’s quite entertaining to say the least.


  1. still waiting for that eternal mangekyo sharingan ability from sasuke. I was under the impression that you’ll unlock some new abilities with the EMS. But then again, Madara never really displayed a certain ability unique to EMS, apart from the fact that EMS means spammable mangekyo.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if BOTH get it; Sasuke, in a way like Madara, possibly due to having Hashirama’s cells implanted in him by Orochimaru or Obito (during the transplant of Itachi’s eyes possibly), and Naruto due to being related to Hashirama (at least the Senju Clan) and having a bit of each Biju’s chakra, essentially almost a pseudo-Jubi power boost or something.

    1. That’s pretty much all the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan is, a “Mangekyo Sharingan without consequence”, yeah, basically a spammable Mangekyo Sharingan without worry of going blind from using it or the Mangekyo Sharingan techniques. The only thing that seems like it’d still affect it is Izanagi, which seems to literally sacrifice the use of the eye itself (with the eyelid closing like we saw with Danzo and Obito, thus requiring transplants or, in Danzo’s case, multiple eyes to use it again). Not sure on Izanami as it seems to be merely normal blindness if the way Itachi’s eye looked is any indication, so the EMS may be able to use it without problems.

  2. I don’t think Obito’s done just yet. After all, he does mention an “Attack Form” that he has yet to use, which would imply that all he’s been doing is using a defensive form with his absorbing chakra and attacks while not doing a whole lot otherwise, besides a few counterattacks, which is probably going to start being overtaken by everyone all at once, forcing him to actually fight back.

    And we also have Madara implying that whatever his “trump card” is, it’s going to be time to use it soon.

    Though, I also question just how long Kurama’s chakra is going to be able to last. He may be the strongest of the nine individual Biju, but even he still has his limits (as we saw with him having to “borrow” power from his other half) at less than nine tails (a portion was still absorbed into the Jubi along with a portion of Gyuki’s chakra) compared to the Jubi’s combined 30 or so tails worth, and he’s not only just constantly supplying power to Naruto to keep up his uber-cloak, but also having to constantly supply EVERYONE else there, and that HAS to be very taxing.

  3. So now the Kyuubi and Susanoo are doing a fusion dance… Kishimoto isn’t even trying anymore. It’s so obvious that he just wants to end this shit as soon as possible. With his latest one shots its obvious that he still has some talent as a mangaka, yet he’s become so jaded with Naruto that it’s diminished the quality of his work on a weekly basis. Naruto is dogshit, yet Kishimoto can do a hell of a lot better than what he’s been pulling out of his ass on a weekly basis for this series.


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