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「サムライフラメンコ、デビュー!」 (Semurai Furamenko, Debyuu!)
“Samurai Flamenco, Debut!”

Model by day, superhero by night! Welcome Barnaby Masayoshi!

As a young child, Hazama Masayoshi (Masuda Toshiki) always dreamed of becoming a superhero when he grew up… I mean, don’t we all? Unlike most children though, Masayoshi never gave up on this dream – even when he knew that superheroes don’t actually exist. As he grew up, he didn’t have very many talents, but luckily ended up being spotted by his manager and became a model. This didn’t extinguish his hopes of becoming a hero though and instead, he creates a suit to hide his identity and prowls the streets looking for crime to stop. On his first night, Masayoshi tries to stop a drunk man from smoking in a nonsmoking zone, he gets beat up and meets an actual cop, Goto Hidenori (Sugita Tomokazu). Hidenori lets him off the hook, but he also ends up befriending Masayoshi and even saves him from a gang of loitering teenagers. The episode ends there, but not before Masayoshi makes debuts on “Nutube”.

My first initial impression how much Samurai Flamenco resembles TIGER & BUNNY. Masayoshi and Hidenori remind me of Tiger and Barnaby… except in reverse roles. Masayoshi is the model that wants to be a hero and help others, whereas Tiger was the father that always seemed a little naïve. Not to mention that Masayoshi and Barnaby are both family-less and models… living the upscale life. Unlike Tiger and Barnaby though, Masayoshi and Hidenori have a connection that sparks up in the first episode. The duo has great chemistry – with the basis being the value system that they both share. They both want to protect and help people. Whereas Masayoshi pretends to be a superhero fighting crime, Hidenori is an actual cop – who isn’t seen as a crazy person lecturing children. I don’t know how interesting they are as individual characters yet, but together they’re quite comedic and lively. Even when they trail off topic and make the most obscure metaphors to curry, it’s entertaining to watch (and not awkward at all when one of them is forced to wear a garbage bag for pants).

As an introductory episode for an original anime, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. First of all, the episode is simply just a very small introduction to a huge cast. The opening and ending showcase at least 3 guys and 3 girls we haven’t met yet. I can appreciate the attention that it puts on Masayoshi and Hidenori though – they’re clearly the two protagonists which the story is going to revolve around. The premiere doesn’t overwhelm the audience with too much info or names at once. On the other hand, it doesn’t explain what this show is about. Yes, it’s about superheroes and crime fighting and average people that don’t have superpowers… but what else? We have no true antagonist (yet?) or perhaps this will end up being an episodic anime about Masayoshi doing stuff every week. I highly doubt the latter though because this is a two-cour show and I’m hoping it builds up to an overarching story. Perhaps something with organized crime or a villain that wants to take over the city… it’s too early to tell to be honest. The morale of the story is… Masayoshi has a dream to become a superhero and he’s going to make that happen.

Everything else about the episode was rather plain Jane and I’m not going to try and spice it up in any way. The animation is rather simplistic and the characters don’t look as distinguished as I’d hoped (perhaps that will change when Masayoshi gets a new suit). There’s not a lot of action in this episode either so beyond that, the episode is strictly about two guys talking to each other. The ED and OP don’t wow me, although the ED is quite catchy – featuring the three girls (likely an idol group in the anime) and their seiyuu’s singing. I liked the aftermath scenes post credits and it actually gives off a “and life goes on…” type of epilogue feel. It feels much more fitting for a finale, but it does allude to more mischief that Masayoshi is getting himself into. As a starting point, I do think this anime has a high potential to be a standout for the season (or next two seasons). I’ve noticed a trend in the amount of one-cour shows (and their cliffhanger endings!) that I do not love so I’m relieved to finally blog a two-cour original show. These are the shows that I tend to find more character depth and development in, but it takes a while before it takes off; plus, I don’t have to worry about potential spoilers! I’m taking a gamble with Samurai Flamenco so it better pay off!

TL;DR – @RCCherrie: Totally not what I was expecting. I think everyone wished they could be a superhero when they were younger. Now I want some curry udon… Or just curry. #samumenco

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ED Sequence

ED: 「デートTIME」 (Date TIME) by ミネラル☆ミラクル☆ミューズ (Mineral Miracle Muse)


  1. Manglobe’s better work in years.
    Pulling for Manglobe to make a comeback. We need more animes series like Samurai Champloo, Michiko to Hatchin, and House of Five Leaves

    I can only imagine how many Yaoi Doujinshis this one will get

  2. First off, I thought this was going to be like Tiger and Bunny where there were actual superheroes with powers, but then as I watched the OP we have Hazama going Tony Stark and being the Japanese Iron Man.

    It doesn’t stop there because we get into the real world and Hazama is basically the Japanese Kickass who can’t fight lol. Goto is more of a plain kind of good guy so far.

    I like where this anime is going and I’ll be watching the next episode for sure.

      1. He’s “super” rich, you know. Thus able to afford getting “all those wonderful toys”. Similar to the Iron man -although he has that and his “super” brain power.

    1. Iron Man and Batman are normal folks. But you could say that Iron Man has a super brain and Batman is super stupid, with that stupid costume, super stupid voice and super stupid attitude.

  3. the debut wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good enough either.
    as you said – too much focus on the 2 main guys who ended doing basically..nothing(?) during the episode. secondary cast was lacking indeed.
    clearly they need to be more sharp. I don’t need antagonist yet.
    I think the next 1-2 episodes should and will maintain the beginning with secondary cast and help building the story and characters, they must establish a much more strong connection between the characters and audience (aka us) because the foundations had been setup this episode, so they must keep that.
    also, they have to do something with those main 2 characters who should decide what they should next (fight evil I guess?).
    then maybe a few middle episode with the bastard-of-the-week until it emerging to something more interesting with real antagonist. at least that would be guess..
    but from the debut..it’s still unclear to where SF aim to?what’s wanna be like?what’s the main issue it’s gonna discuss behind the story? I did like the concept with “I wanna be hero” but he grew up and become pretty much normal adult with a job, yet he has sorta Chuunibyou complex(?) one way or another…S: but where do they want to take us with that?they must decide right now when it’s still floating in the air.

    having said that, I think still it can turn the tables and bring something good. there is potential and good raw material. hope it’ll succeed meeting up my expectation because I haven’t given up on SF yet!

  4. So… there is nothing suspicious or strange about a grown-up man finding a naked male stranger claiming to a superhero in the dark alley in the middle of the night, following him to his apartment, chilling out and having dinner there, generally bonding. Nothing! And the next day, he leaves his work abruptly to save his newly formed acquaintance, cradles the fallen man’s head gently after doing so, etc. It’s just another normal human activities, folks. Move along~~.

    It doesn’t matter the cop guy has a “long distance girlfriend” from all the “texting” -like Manti Te’o’s! No wonder some folks will think this as something else, ah ha ha! There is no use of saying things like “grow-up!” to haters, though. Either you accept this implied innuendo as what it is and don’t get let it get in the way of watching this or move along if you really don’t like it -but puleeze, don’t pretend that all this is some cotton candy and snow cone PG stuff going around here.

    In any case, here comes another trend -the wanna-be superheroes: not just in the state-side, but in Japan as well!! Or was it Japan started this and then it spread to the US with the Kick-Ass franchise and now back again? Oh, it’s a global phenomenon now, that’s for sure. This wanna-be superheroes AND actual comic book super hero live action movies.

  5. I loved it. As some might have already mentioned, this is old NoitaminA returned, with a very atypical, down-to-earth type story chasing after some really interesting themes. BL notions and Tiger & Bunny vibes be damned, the chemistry between Goto and Masayoshi is brilliant, and I want to see more of it.

  6. I love this! This is exactly why I liked that hero-loving kid from Tari Tari. I truly hope this guy is going to improve life in his community and inspire the youth by embodying the ideals he believes in. Now if only he could get some proper combat training so he doesn’t get hurt too badly…

  7. Man, this kid sure loves his tokusatsu that he wants to be one of them heroes. Especially Kamen Rider where Samurai Flamenco takes a lot of cues from. Ishinomori Shoutarou would be proud.

    Not to forget Sugita-bro is in this one.

  8. I liked this episode! It was pretty funny and gets a peak into how the characters think. I was worried that it might be a little generic and that everyone would just listen to Samurai Flamenco but thankfully the studio took the more realistic route and people don’t take him seriously.

    Also, was I the only one that thought there might have been a shout-out to Kyon from the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise when Masayoshi said that bit about Santa Claus existing? That bit also reminded me of how Kyon wants all those types of things to exist (well, superheroes in this case). I might just be reading too much into it since they’re both voiced by Tomokazu Sugita and that they’re both crack jokes frequently.

  9. Not a show for everyone apparently, but I loved it. Culturally, I grew up watching Kamen Rider and Super Sentai…And this series really speaks to us Tokusatsu kids on a personal level.
    Them Feels. So Feels.
    I don’t think it was the action packed start a lot of people were expecting, but I enjoyed the atmosphere of the show to no end. Favorite start this season alongside Kill la Kill.

  10. With all the anime featuring a gaggle of giggling school girls (not that they aren’t fun), it’s very refreshing sometimes to see a show with male characters who can have a close bond without being an outright yaoi. I’m for sure adding this to my list of shows to watch.


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