I have to admit, despite not being a huge fan of Hitsugaya, he looks pretty damn epic with the partial hollowfication and bankai. Urahara’s trick seems to have been successful as the bankais’ completely return to their captains and Cang Du and BG9 are caught off guard; however, I was under the impression that the bankai took significant effort and reiatsu to use – not something that could easily be done while heavily injured. For example, Soifon has mentioned before about how taxing it is to fire her nuke, so it’s difficult to believe she could do it while on the verge of death and being penetrated multiple times. Generally in Bleach, attempting to use high level powers in a weakened state also weakens those abilities and the strength boost they provide. While Hitsugaya seems to have mastered Hyourinmaru to a higher degree since the last time we saw it, it’s still pretty impressive that he was able to just get up and blast away Cang Du at full power. In addition, it’s a little strange how surprised the quincies were at the sabotage and how little they understand of the true nature of the bankai; given that they developed the bankai-stealing medallion and were able to use it so effectively, the Sternritter really should have a stronger understanding of whatever mechanism it uses. This wasn’t the first time their medallion has failed either: Kiruge’s incident with Ichigo should have alerted already them to potential issues if they weren’t already aware before.

This development was clearly meant to show how the tables have turned on the Sternritter, and while they both did get pretty badass lines in, I also find it hard to believe the quincies will go down like that after losing the bankai’s they stole, and especially not in just one shot. They’ve been shown to be so powerful time after time and able to decimate their opponents with just a few strikes (bankai-stealing or not), that they certainly have more secret forms in store for the shinigami. I’m expecting something around the lines of “You thought you could beat me with just a bankai? That didn’t hurt me at all!”, before pulling out another overpowered ability and stomping the captains. This is made even more likely by the fact that none of the other characters’ battles have been shown yet, so there are still a lot of major power-ups to be revealed.


  1. “…so it’s difficult to believe she could do it while on the verge of death and being penetrated multiple times.”

    For some reason, my mind stopped there for a while.

    Careful with those gutter-mind friendly sentences. XD

      1. The Bankai has their own Soul… So the Cap. Commander has a change to reappear. Only his Sword was found, is this not the Soul of his Bankai? Well, perhaps Kubo wanted a New Generation take responsibility and gave cap. commander a fight that is worth it. But i a curious why the Zero Squad recovered the Sword piece to their City, even to the Spirit King? I bet there can be a Deus Ex Machina out there. I just have a feeling. or perhaps some Captain will take in the Bankai Soul as 2nd Weapon, or replacement for his lost Bankai…like Ichigo right now with Dual Swords. Some kind of “Commander Sword”

  2. All the glory and pride of the captains from the start of Bleach was thrown away in a single chapter. I mean using a kind of Hollowfication to win a battle… Capt Yama must be wallowing in his grave…

    1. That’s the entire point. The beings that the Gotei 13 have shunned in the past are now coming to help them (Hollows, Arrancars, Fulbringers, etc). It is meant to show how much Soul Society has changed from the past, from cold-blooded murderers to knights who fight for peace (or something like that).

      “Soifon has mentioned before about how taxing it is to fire her nuke, so it’s difficult to believe she could do it while on the verge of death and being penetrated multiple times.”

      This is a good thing. It means that the Captains are getting stronger and surpassing their limits. It means Bleach is getting stronger as a whole :).

    1. At this point im just waiting for Ichigo to rush in and go super sayian. Why a sayian? I say WHY NOT! He’s already pretty much everything else, soul reaper, quincy, fullbringer, Hollow, Vizard, etc.

  3. men, i am curios. How they will explain or Draw, when Rukia’s Brother Captain, will get his Bankai back.. He is in this Zero Squad City, are he not? Or will it happen Off screen?

  4. My god Kubo, just start killing off some of the good guys finally, please. This series is starting to turn into utter crap, if people continue to win fights whilst being on the verge of death, it makes no sense whatsoever.

  5. I’m really starting to get tired of kubo keeping shit characters alive just for the fanbase to be happy.

    Hitsugaya has literally been destroyed by EVERY enemy he faced in the series! save shawlong which he achieved an asspull, and that one reject fullbringer. Not to mention he’s the cockiest character in the series….yet every single time we think this little prick is dead, kubo is just like Ice illusion! Ice shield! Random powerup! Hollow bankai!

    Meanwhile characters like unohana just get snuffed to the side like fodder -_-

    Its the same crap with byakuya too, gets shredded to pulp yet still alive. meanwhile poor ol uno gets stabbed in the gut and dies instantly. Stop letting the damn fans control you kubo.

    1. yeah, so many lose ends is out there. Example? the Female friend of Inoe. Why she can see them? a normal Human could not see them, and that is known since the Beginning.. She saw Ichigo in shinigami form left the House and so on…

      Perhaps the “Zero squad” of the Hollows? Because Inoe’s brother was a Hollow, too.
      dont say, that she is the “hollow” queen or Princes…

  6. At this point, all that’s left for the Quincies to use as a power-up is Vollstandig. That should even the score just enough to bring an end to the “power-up” battles and move on to the “new abilities counter opponent’s” battles.

    1. Dont forget Ishida (Ichigos Quincy Friend). He sure will play an Important Part, if “Vollständig”(Complete/entire) appears. I bet this Quincy Vice-Captain has this Skill, too (in Secret?)

    1. Dunno, but Kenpachi’s Voice Blade could be heard again. And perhaps he share the same Skills. Healing abilities to enjoy a Long Fight…

      Well, Kenpachi True Heart, want a Fight. And i think a Bankai similar to his Heart Wish should be Possible

      1. Its been rumored for years that Yachiro is his blade’s soul. He says the soul has never talked to him in all these years and sometimes Zanpactou (sp) are similar to the user and saometimes they are the opposites so its very possible she is his blade’s soul, he just never realized it.

  7. Bleach these days are a repeat of Shingami looks like they are going to win -> Quincy looks like they are going to win -> Shingami looks like they are going to win -> Quincy looks like they are going to win.

    I bet in the end the black beard dude will come and wipe all the shinigamis or something until Ichigo or someone else comes to rescue soul society.

    It’s amazing how many times Hitsugaya got stabbed but he comes out as if none of thise injuries happened to him. And I bet Matsumoto will be alive as well after this battle.

  8. I love there come back attack with the hollofication of the bankais its so cool, not only do they get it back but also increase there power at the same time & the enemy is hit without knowing it!

    1. Does she dont have one?

      i remember that she “repair” their Blade with some Ice Shape Blade, and then there is a Ice Pillar, similar to the Ice Cross Coffin. If i remember it was Drawn in the Hueco Mundo Arc…

      1. She has a spirit that inhabits her blade but has never mastered Bankai (up to this point in the series). Many others don’t have Bankai yet or at least it has not been revealed (Matsumoto for one).


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