「ケモノなスパイ」 (Kemonona Supai)
“Furry Spy”

Kanou Shinichi does it for the tail. The furry, furry tail.

You Are What You Believe Yourself To Be

Shinichi’s question about whether he’s an invader or not is an interesting one, as was Jinzaburou’s reply. Personally I think Jinzaburou was right: we are what we believe ourselves to be, so if Shinichi thinks he’s an invader then for all intents and purposes he is. Even so, it’s not something he need worry too much about, because philosophical pondering aside, he’s there with the consent of the Eldant government. Not that that’s always enough, but since Japan didn’t put a puppet government in place (I assume) he should be on fairly safe moral ground.

Great Teacher Shinichi (& Minori)

Shinichi my hero, my king, my liiiiege! Shinichi was already ranking among my top few favorite main characters of the year before this episode, but when he opened with zettai ryouiki (trope!) I totally lost it. Mandatory zettai ryouiki? YES! Then he goes on to talk about no panties? Shinichi, I’ll follow you to the ends of the eart–whatever planet you’re on!

But what this show is doing really well on the comedic front is going a step further to get a joke out of characters or situations you normally wouldn’t expect. Case in point: the usually serious Minori, who was freaking out about Shinichi’s teaching a second prior, goes on to teach the class about hardcore BL! Not that this hasn’t been foreshadowed, but watching it happen was still hilarious, especially when you remember that this is a class of ten-year-olds. Yes, even the ones with the beards. Related: Hah!

Shinichi Does It For the Furries

I knew as soon as we saw Hanaiman Erubia (Uesaka Sumire) drawing what her role in the story would be, but what fun getting her there. Shinichi’s pure totally not pure at all reasons for wanting to save her were hilarious, as was how quickly Petrarca saw through his bullshit. But once again it was from the unexpected angle that the biggest laugh game, when, after Minori ships Shinichi x Garius out loud (and with both of them there!), Garius blushes and lays on the tsun!! I totally lost it again when Shinichi noticed the flag Minori just shoved him into. There’s nothing better than a straight man (trope!) getting a good laugh, though perhaps straight man isn’t the best way to put it in this case.

It’s Because It’s You

The crowning moment of heartwarming (trope!) came when Shinichi mistook Petrarca’s angst for lingering anti-human sentiment. Of course Petrarca only saw another rival, so once she said she didn’t care about that (that Erubia isn’t human), Myuseru couldn’t take it. In an episode primarily filled with comedy, they still wrapped in some character development and a heartwarming moment to boot. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Looking Ahead – Double Agent Erubia

I don’t know if the Holy Eldant Empire has never heard of double agents before, but that was a good gambit on Shinichi’s part. I look forward to Erubia completely coming over to the Eldant – or really, Shinichi’s side, once she gets a taste of that patented Shinichi kindness that has all the girls falling for him.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Shinichi makes zettai ryouiki mandatory for all women <18 & scores himself a busty furry double agent artist. My hero, my liege!! #ob_c 04

Random thoughts:

  • That troll with the dead goldfish at the beginning was terrible, and I’m just going to leave it at that. At least Shinichi’s reaction was reliably amusing.
  • Female dwarves are really…well, they actually look sort of feminine. What, no beard on her too?
  • “Listen to me, girls! I’m your mother!”, hah! Plus Takanashi Aozora? Gotta love them seiyuu jokes.
  • Speaking of, so Garius likes Code Geass, and his favorite character is Suzaku? Better watch out, Shinichi. If Garius tries to pierce you, run!

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  1. “First day of school! I’m so excited, I can’t wait!”

    *steps into classroom* “*pant* *pant* sorry teacher I was la..”





    I’m outta here.

    1. If I accidentally showed up late for this class, I would apologize from the bottom of my heart, sit down in the nearest empty seat, and begin to take the most detailed notes ever taken in the history of note-taking.

      Every new episode of Outbreak Company makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :3

      Unlucky Star
  2. Oh my I LOL’ed so hard when the lessons started with zettai ryouiki, only to completely lose it when Minori started her BL 101… Speaking of Minori, pushing Shinichi into BL flag with Garius, great job!
    It’s nice to see Petrarca cured of fantastical racism (T)… she is still envious of any female near Shinichi. And for a good reason!
    What is that soft and fluffy feeling? Ah, Elbia… lets just say that her obvious attributes aside, I think she just might become Eldant’s first mangaka. Plus, there is another kingdom out there to spread word of moe to!

  3. I would like to state this first about the last episode PV spoiling things about Myusel’s death. True that it did spoil us that she is alive but I think this series did the right thing. If they didn’t then it would change the perspective view of the viewers that this anime is dark and will be kinda like Madoka or whatever the viewers would like to think. That would ruin the expectation of the anime viewers that the fact that she was still alive would make people spout “Well I kinda knew she was still alive because of etc. reasons“.
    Episode 3 PV spoiling did the right thing(for me). That it made me think that this series is still funny as it is right now.
    But honestly, I would love to see how people react if they didn’t see the episode 3 PV.

    絶対領域(Zettai Ryouiki, Absolute Territory)
    – The word actually originated from Neon Genesis Evangelion A.T. Field. But it wasn’t still called Zettai Ryouiki at that time.
    – The more high the socking the more curios the people would think if they girl didn’t have socking.
    – Girls who have higher ZETTAI RYOUIKI! are actually self-conscious of themselves that they are actually beautiful and sexy.
    – Just imagine a girl with a Zettai Ryouiki then suddenly shows you with no socking on a special occasion. SeishunOtoko would probably say “+100 seishun points!”.

    はいてない(Hai tenai, Not wearing anything) also know as Nopan
    – Originated and used by Art Illustrator, Komatsu Eji.
    – This thing actually made a stir on some topic whether they were really wearing a panties or not. Like Shiroyasha(Mondaiji) said Nopan = True Art.

    男の娘(おとこのこ,Otokonoko, Male Trap)
    – The original word is actually 男の子(おとこのこ,Otoko no ko, Boy) but word (ko) can also mean child and child can also be a girl or a boy. Thus replacing (ko) with (musume, young girl/daughter/) to make the meaning girl and still pronounce it as Otoko no ko.
    – The first person who actually thought of it was Eroi! Erai! and it became his trademark(I’m not sure about this info so correct me if I am wrong).
    ADVANCE WARNING!: If you guys are going to search for the meaning of this, you guys have to be mentally be prepared cause it will TOTALLY DESTROY YOUR LOGIC.

    総受け(Sō uke, Bottom)
    – they guy that gets leaded by the male known as “Top”.
    – also known as receive totally.
    – Usually a straight guy would be come a bottom after receiving totally everything from the TOP.

    You can correct me if I am wrong. I’m not 100 proficient with my Japanese and english anyway ^_^

    1. @CrooS: Like Shiroyasha(Mondaiji) said Nopan = True Art.

      While the statement as written is an intriguing topic (XD), Shiroyasha was actually saying something different.

      As the video you linked shows (nice job on the link BTW), Shiroyasha is saying by not actually being able to see what’s underneath the mini-skirt (panties or not), you are forced to use your imagination which = endless possibilities = “true art”.

      Hmmm… Stilts, I think we might have a solid topic for your next My Way or the Anime post: “True Art – Is Shiroyasha right or just a big tease?” I look forward to your thorough and in-depth analysis of the issue. ^^

      1. Nopan => being able to see what is INSIDE the pantsu but not confirming if she actually has a pantsu or not
        While Shiroyasha’s Mini-skirt => unable to see whats underneath the Mini-skirt as a WHOLE(if you know what I mean).

        Ok. Thanks for making me realize that.
        But it really is interesting that they fall in the same category as not being able see the TRUTH!

      2. Ah yes. Could not help but think of Shiroyasha’s line from Mondaiji. Kurousagi is probably the master at that mystery of just “nearly being able to see but not actually seeing” XD

      3. Both have to do with imagination, and the fact that imagination is far more powerful (and frequently, lewd) than reality could ever be.

        And Shiroyasha is a visionary, but a flawed one. Her magic actually ruins the effect because you know there’s no way to see up Kurousagi’s mini-skirt, thereby removing the possibility and sabotaging the imagination with strong thoughts of “It doesn’t matter, I can’t see it anyway.” Though actually, it works perfectly up until the point that Shiroyasha told us about the magic. Before that it truly was true art, because hope was maintained without ever straying into disappointing reality.

      4. Excellent work, Croos.

        Admittedly, I haven’t watched any of the three anime (characters) being parodied in that shot, but I can definitely recognize Yayoi Kise’s character design…as odd as that seems. XD

  4. What a great episode! One of the funniest I’ve watched in awhile. So many LOL moments – from the classroom topics (Minori-san, BL is an advanced course!) to the entire discussion about Erubia in the throne room. I laughed so hard I shed tears when Minori shipped her BL fantasy of Shinichi x Garius…and Garius just blushes. If Shinichi was worried about assassination attempts or noble class insurrection, he just discovered arguably the greatest danger to his well being. LOL

    I posted last week about the show improving each week, and IMO, that still holds true. The pacing/comedic timing has been spot on so far, and it does a great job of smoothly changing from comedy to serious moments such as Shinichi wondering what his real role in of of this is – otaku ambassador or surreptitious invader? JMO, but damn this show is good! I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

  5. great episode!
    this show continues to go deeper in philosophical questions, step by step. but the way it’s executed is so graceful and funny, you just fall for it.
    Shinichi is so pervert!

  6. Here I was waiting for your Log Horizon review, and instead you posted Outbreak Company. You’re running behind, Stilts! :p

    Anyway, the new girl (whose name, yet again, no one can apparently figure out how to spell, just like most of the others in this show) is rather unsettlingly cute, honest, and innocent for a spy. The fact that she probably would have been executed if Shinichi hadn’t intervened is somewhat unsettling. Moreso because they apparently weren’t going to bother actually finding out if she really was a spy: the mere possibility of it was enough to count as guilt.

    Of course, the fact that she actually was guilty negates some of that, but still. She is sufficiently moe that she must be protected anyway.

    1. None of your sass, you. I was abandoned in the woods with a bunch of drunks and degenerates all of Friday night + most of Saturday (don’t ask), so I barely had the energy to write Outbreak when I broke free. Still posted within the allowed window too!

      As far as Erubia goes, they are in a time period where just getting executed might have been a kindness – I’m sure there are other countries who would have gotten on with the torture first of all. (I’m assuming Petrarca wouldn’t be down with that.) They definitely aren’t in Japan anymore though, that’s for sure. Modern day Japan, that is. Glorious Nippon had its days of doing that kind of thing, and worse.

  7. Jinzaburou doesn’t seem to be a “good” guy, but a “my interests’ type of person. I think it won’t be long until he says or does something to hinder Shinichi in some way because it goes against his interests.

    Just can’t seem to trust him at all.

    1. I find it’s helpful to not think of anyone as a good guy or a bad guy. I mentioned this in my latest Infinite Stratos post, but almost no one in reality actually thinks of themselves as bad guys – we all think of ourselves as good, even if we sometimes convince ourselves to do something unkind in the service of our goals (ends justify the means, etc). In this case no one is really good or bad, they’re all just on different sides, with the rightness and wrongness of those sides – not to mention who belongs to which ones – changing from issue to issue.

      Eventually Jinzaburou will probably get in the way of something Shinichi wants to do, though. Or more correctly, Shinichi will try to do something that isn’t in Japan’s best interests, and then there’ll be trouble.

      1. It’s just like Armin’s speech in Shingeki no Kyojin; whether someone is good or bad depends on the person asked, and often boils down to whether the person in question is good or bad FOR the person asked rather than inherently good or bad. Shinichi being the main character (and the guy who seems to have the more relatable moral compass), we’re more likely to label Jinzaburou as “good” or “bad” depending on whether he’s “good” or “bad” for Shinichi, whether or not his actions could be considered “evil.”

  8. not sure i agree with your sentiments regarding the invader question… from many standpoints this is an invasion of sorts, though one of ideology and economics rather than force. if anything, the fact that many people from the empire consider it an invasion is an answer in and of itself. he’s attacking their way of life (in fact, jinzaburou sort of renigs on his answer when he tells him to stop making waves). to me, this is pretty much am imperialistic move from japan towards the empire.

    1. I agree with the idea it is a cultural invasion of ideas, and Japan’s is acting with imperialism. The man in the suit gave our mc a business/political spin non answer to evade confrontation because he can manipulate our mc. He prefers being more conservative about it, but he’s not denying outright because it is true.

      If this were a serious situation, and the anime is not, our mc is effectively a political agent courting & subverting the country’s leadership to our side and institutionalizing our way of life via propaganda and indoctrination from a young age with ten year old children. He is an effective agent.

      However this show is not so serious as that an only touches on the situation to setup comic gold most of the time.

    2. Of course I could argue you on semantics (an invasion is defined as invading a country with an armed force), but in this case I prefer the more simple truth – they are there by the leave of the government of the Holy Eldant Empire, so they’re not invaders. Yes they’re spreading this culture of theirs, but it is by request of the government, even if they (of course) have their own ulterior motives for doing so. They’re using their soft power to gain favor rather than their hard power to take resources, and that’s an important distinction. I prefer not to dilute the brutal power of the term “invasion” by using it in an instances like this.

      Not that I don’t see the other side’s point. They see someone coming in and trying to sway people to their own culture…but while they do it with those people’s permission, it’s not an invasion. It’s no different from Japan promoting its anime or India promoting its Bollywood movies in other countries, something I’m fairly certain both nations have done.

      At worst (and best) its a battle of ideas, which can be very powerful but does not deserve to be conflated with a violent, armed conflict, especially when Shinichi comes out of honest love and with permission.

  9. Four for four episodes that have made me literally LMAO. While it was a bit slower than the first three, there was some solid plot development, though it lacked Myuseru. The class was hilarious (degree in Moe anyone?), as was the “trial.” I half expected Shinichi to argue that there was no way a spy would be that stupid. Petrarca’s starting to grow on me as a character, I really liked how she saw through all of Shinichi’s BS this episode. As for Garius… well Shinichi, you’ve gotta take the good with the bad lol.


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