This week’s chapter was more hype than action, as both sides are revving up their superpowers. For the quincies, the Vollstandig of several of the Sternritter has been released. I mentioned this last week, but Bambietta’s three cohorts confirm my guess about her power level; her strength is indeed a few steps above the rest, and combined with her psychotic personality, she’s definitely expected to wreck some serious havoc. Shinji and Komamura will certainly have to pull out everything they have immediately, and even then they probably won’t be able to hold her off for too long. As for the three more laid-back Sternritter, their strength should not be underestimated either, but they may end up as cannon fodder for the next hero to arrive.

Speaking of heroes for Soul Society, the Gotei 13’s superweapon and savior, Kurosaki Ichigo, has finally completed his training in the Soul King’s Palace and is making the long journey back. He’s armed with new swords and a new outfit, and feels to have matured considerably as well. I believe that he has a lot of additional powers and skills that hasn’t been shown yet, and Kubo is probably waiting to reveal them once he begins fighting. While everything is building up for Ichigo to start kicking some quincy butt, there’s no doubt that it won’t be so easy for him to win the war. The Sternritter already have a plan to deal with him, and the fact that a younger version of Yhwach was essentially living inside his spirit world implies that they probably know Ichigo better than he knows himself. Even though the fake Getsuga Tenshou was allied with Ichigo and not the Sternritter, there’s still the possibility he will be playing right into the hand of Yhwach.


    1. I don’t know what terminal velocity is in Soul Society/Palace, but I think we’ve just been told Ichigo will outpace it on foot for half a day. I’m feeling airsick already.

      It’s still no forbidden teleport spell Tessai used in that 100-yr flashback, but that’s apples and oranges.

      Ichigo will spend the next 2 months running down Snake Way. :/

      You mean in real time? Having him arrive in under 9 chapters would be a relief.

    2. You can go down a whole list of shonen manga that alludes to Dragon Ball in some way, be it minimally or blatantly. Trying to say that a shonen manga is ripping off DBZ these days is meaningless since DBZ had such a massive on the medium for such a long time. Of course, there are some more blatant ripoffs such as in Naruto when Naruto and Sasuke fused the Kyuubi an Susano’o a few weeks ago.

  1. Ah, silly Shinji. How much of you got exploded this time?

    (I really hope at least some of the Vizard now have hollow high-speed regeneration.)

    Even though the fake Getsuga Tenshou was allied with Ichigo

    Not ‘fake Zangetsu’?

      1. What? He killed Sasakibe too. I think he rather only doesn’t kill popular characters like Byakuya or Hitsugaya. Even though in the former case it really seemed like he wanted to, from the volume poem and all.

        So as long as a character is below the top 10, he should be fine. I mean, to die.

  2. I love the fact that Bambietta wasn’t just a comic relief villain. She is stronger than most with a serious attitude as well and now I love her even more. Ichigo is always in some new getup after intensive training. Damn. I have to admit though, he looks kinda badass in this one.

  3. It takes a week to get from the Holy Palace to Soul Society? When did Zero Squad depart for Soul Society the first time? A week before the attack? Is this a plot device for Ichigo to make an entrance once Soul Society is in ashes? Am I asking too many questions?

  4. If my memory serves me right, Ichigo, Aizen, Zaraki had been confirmed as one of the five special war potentials. So,there are still 2 more guys that havent been revealed right?

  5. The chap was not enough for me I wanted more, Ichi going to be a bit late but he is coming its nice to see him grow more reminds me of him when he fought with Aizen he was cool & compose looking then.

    The Quincy power is being release & they are now going all out hope fully the guys can hold them off until Ichi returns & I know he we will make a huge change in battle I so want to see him fight with his new sword!^^

  6. Reading Bleach is like weekly checking in on the final invasion saga of Gantz – but regardless of thin plot, I’m always a sucker for dat 1 cute character Kubo makes (in this case Bambietta) her character traits are a lot like Esdese from Akame Ga Kill! and that can never be a bad thing.


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