「萌黄の灯」 (Moegi no Akari)
“Chartreuse Light”

The aftermath is always a little slow… but that just means more time for character development – for Mitsuki!
My favorite character thus far finally gets a bit more screen time and it’s nothing short of being a little depressing, yet hopeful. I can’t describe my feelings for Mitsuki very well, but I find her rather complicated and intriguing even though she’s a girl with few words. She’s the type to bottle up a lot of feelings and she goes along with the rules that are set for her… probably because she feels obligated by her heritage and clan. There are no signs of her parents either which leaves the impression that she’s been raised by her sister and brother. It makes me feel empathetic towards Mitsuki because I understand what it’s like to feel alone (but I’m sure everyone does). We’re born alone and we die alone right? That’s a rather pessimistic view on life though and that slight change in attitude from Mitsuki really shines through at the end with the help of Mirai. I don’t think anyone can really shake the feeling of isolated and deserted sometimes. Despite having a lot of friends or no friends, no one really knows what you’re going through because your experiences are your own. The best that we can hope for is someone that listens and helps you understand that you’re not the only one that feels this way. This episode sums up very well that both Mitsuki and Akihito feel alone due to their situations, but no one should ever feel like they have to carry that burden on their own. I think Mirai implies that very well in the end when everyone comes together for fireworks. It’s a nice touch of hope that signifies that they have each other and that’s something to be grateful for.

Mitsuki and Akihito actually parallel each other very well this episode. They both have issues that they’re struggling with internally that they don’t want to talk about because other people depend on them. In both cases, Mirai is involved – Akihito wants Mirai to join their club at school and Mitsuki is trying to help her find a job. It’s ironic because in the end, I think Mirai acts as a catalyst that helps both of them come to terms with themselves. This is seen more in Mirai’s interactions with Mitsuki (especially with the lantern festival) this episode, but no doubt Mirai and Akihito will also help each other come to appreciate what they are. It’s a shame because while I think Mitsuki and Akihito make a great couple (and I always cheer for the underdogs), it’s obvious that Mirai and Akihito are meant to be. Mitsuki and Akihito are like the childhood friends that watch over one another but will never truly be together because they can’t help better each other. I think Mirai is that better half for Akihito.

Hiroomi is also that “other guy” who I think deserves more attention. He’s pretty unique (and perverted) in his own way and he screams for an individual episode just to dive into his history and character thoughts. As strong as he is, it doesn’t mean much for me right now because he still feels like a secondary character compared to a primary one. If it were up to me, I’d like to see more of his relationship with his sister (possibly why he has a sister complex?) and where he sits in his books with Izumi. While Mitsuki and Hiroomi seem to be more on the same page, Izumi looks like she has her own agenda. She’s also apparently the figurehead of the Nase clan so whatever goes on within the boundaries of the city are within her control. That doesn’t explain all the plot-scheming and secrets though… I don’t make her out as an antagonist yet, but she’s not doing Mirai any favors.

In the end, every character gets a little bit more unveiled as we come closer to the half-season mark. Sakura gets a split second, indicating that she’s still alone and killing youmu. She doesn’t get it evaluated for money though, but it looks like her weapon grows with every youmu that she kills? Interesting approach. Shizuku is also not quite who she appears to be… I always imagined her as this strong female character, but to see her eager to finally date someone is a twist – unfortunately that guy never shows up! Psh… men. But this also ties in to the theme that everyone is alone one way or another. Mirai also finds a job to help her pay for rent and food – but for some extra dough, she’s dressing up for photos to be sold to Akihito! Oh dear, that’s terribly awkward. It’s all about supply and demand though, if there’s a demand for it, you know someone’s going to be selling it.

TL;DR – @RCCherrie: The aftermath is always slow… But glad it focuses on character development instead ^^ gotta love the canon latern festivals #kyo_kai




      1. The position of the legs are wrong: just before Mirai pulls the photo out we see Ai’s feet together. In the speculation drawing, it would be impossible to see their feet in that position.

        But at least the artist got the breast right(yay melons!).

  1. We’re born alone and we die alone right?

    It may be pessimistic but it’s true. What counts is what happens in between.

    After this episode, I wish that Mitsuki was the main character. It would be an interesting story but without some of the “blood curse” baggage that Mirai has.

    Two things bothered me about this episode. The first was Shizuku basically “stealing” the gem from Mirai and only giving her a meal (even if it was meat). She or Mitsuki could have taken credit for it and given Mirai the money. She certainly needs it. The second was the abrupt transition to the girls at the festival (in yukatas no less). Wasn’t Mitsuki forbidden from going? They could have done that better instead of “I’m glad you changed your mind”.

    1. Personally I didn’t have a problem with Shizuku keeping the money. Mirai choose to give her the stone as a gift despite not knowing the value of it – that it ended up being a pricey one doesn’t mean she can suddenly expect it back or to have it cashed for her. Certainly, it would have been a nice gesture for Shizuku to have done so, but it can’t really be expected. Besides, they are all rather wound up in managing the Spirit World Warrior system in the area, so finding ways to sneak around the restrictions that Mitsuki’s own sister enforced would be in my opinion a stranger occurrence.

      As to Mitsuki, was she actually forbidden from going? My understanding was that she felt she couldn’t go, as being of the Nase clan and a Spirit World Warrior, she will be ‘always alone’ and thus not part of a couple. I thus saw it as Mirai’s enthusiasm and earlier protestations that perhaps she doesn’t need to be alone as convincing Mitsuki to go despite not being part of a couple.

    2. I also would prefer Mitsuki as the FL. The “cursed” blood as concept doesn’t bother me, but I’d rather it not be used in such a somewhat formalistic way. It IS a powerful ability so put a different spin on it than the generic “outcast because of your family/inherent trait in which you had no control over” ploy.

      I have to agree with Monks in that I don’t have a problem with with Shizuku keeping the money. First, if it wasn’t for Mitsuki’s barrier, the youmu (youma? – how do you spell this?) would have gotten away so it’s really a joint effort. Second, Mirai is on probation so she couldn’t collect anyway (a fact Mirai acknowledged which is why she freely gave it to Shizuku).

      It DOES suck that it was 50k yen (of course it couldn’t have been worth 500 or 1000 yen >_>). The best solution is probably split the money equally. Shizuku gets a share for taking the risk of skirting the SW rules. If the scene bothers you, IMO it’s more how Mirai’s literal poverty is so prevalently displayed throughout story so far. I’m really glad that Mirai got a job because honestly, having her perpetually so poor as a plot line is getting a bit old for me. I’m not saying I’d prefer her being rich, just not destitute.

      OT, but I’m amazed at the SW response to the whole Hollow Shadow deal. That thing has been plaguing mankind for who knows how long and the SW Society wasn’t able to do crap. Yet neither Izumi nor the “national/regional representative” even acknowledge Mirai’s and Akihito’s accomplishment. Given Akihito’s potential for creating disaster if he loses control (plus, he’s not an SW), it’s easy to see why there’s big problem with what he did. However, while Mirai broke the rules that still doesn’t diminish the resulting benefit to humans AND peaceful youmu. To put it another way, would the SW Society rather have Mirai and Akito stay at home and the HS still exist? The end may not justify the means completely, but that doesn’t mean that the end has no value. Given how they portrayed the HS, getting rid of it’s a big deal.

      I do agree with you about how they handled the girls attending the festival. Abrupt is an apt description. Frankly, I have the same type of questions regarding Mituski being “alone”. Rather than Izumi give some philosophical “we’re born/die alone” statement, can we get more clearly stated explanation instead? Why – even how is Mitsuki “alone”? Her brother might obsessed with imoutos, but they still have some sort of relationship. Same goes for Izumi, though the relationship between the two is even more murky. Shizuku (another SW) certainly doesn’t feel like she must be alone (*sigh* can we do away with the attractive girl/woman can’t get a date trope please). Rather than “fate” (i.e. “born/die alone”), seems to me that if Mitsuki is “alone”, it’s at least in part self-imposed like Mirai’s was. Why does Izumi tell a young Mitsuki that? IMO, the show needed to do a better job of introducing and exploring this issue.

    3. Agree, that stealing is too strong a word, but couldn’t she just have taken a broker’s fee? At least she could have split it with her. For that matter, it belongs as much to Mitsuki. Mitsuki could have sold it without suspicion and split it with Mirai. What did they need party sensei for? Fear that she’s “rat” on them? Alternatively, they could have held on to it and sold it after the time limit was up, claiming it was a fresh kill at that time.

    4. You are what you think you are. I don’t think you are truly alone even in birth or death. Even when they are no longer in this world, if we choose to treasured their memories – I don’t think the people we love truly left us.


  2. yes, the aftermate is always slow. it’s true things are a bit slower after such huge fight. and it’s good. we need time to digest after this mega-battle. besides, I don’t want to be “bombarded” of such huge fights every episode. and it’s not that easy to disrupt the flow so quickly. that’s exactly why the EP only seems “slower” (which partly true) because there were also interesting things in terms of plot.
    like when that agent and Akihito kinda exchanged looks. or the meeting between Mirai and the big-sister, which is interesting ’cause the old-sister is indeed behind something there after she stole the true hollow shadow.
    so it let us enjoy character development as KyoAni know to do so well. besides, it good to have a short relief..but there were also reminded us that there are interesting things behind the scenes (adding poor Shizuku crying out loud due to love problems…).

    so…..we’ve finally gotten more deep into the characters. and this time (somehow along with the previous one which trigerred it) it felt much more genuine. much more like KyoAni’s charater develop.
    for the first time I could really feel the characters talking in “my language”, and not following any events or scripts.

    Akihito feels down because his bad action (not quite his fault but he definitel bears responsibility that way or another). he felt much clearer this time, though still he lacks something if he wanna be the true MC. but..it’s start (late one..but something).

    Hiromi was kinda a lot more open. where did it came from so suddenly?because of what happen?because of festival?it was kinda weird to see him more open, but it contributed the atmosphere. I am glad he wasn’t gloomy.

    Mitsuki best girl. her story was established well in that episode. her past and present were integrated so well together. it really got into me.

    Mirai was…simply Mirai. though I found it bizarre she suddenly has resolve to fight so easily. I mean..I wanted to know more about the implications of that decision on her.

    anyway, the feels starting to gather-up and seems like they are getting closer to the “surface”. that’s exactly KyoAni’s scent.

    random thoughts:
    1. Mitsuki best girl! damn she is soooo cute with the candy, and even more cute when she was dressed with Kimono with the fireworks background.
    best girl indeed.
    2.why Mitsuki can’t be with Akihito?they fits so perfectly! go Mistuki X Akihito team!!
    3. now with the fight behind us, the characters were developed partly, and we are almost at the half of the series, it is time to get into a bit higher pace. I hope they can do that. we’ll see.

  3. Lol to discuss a girl’s looks in front of the girl 😉

    XD a grown man drinking a juice box.

    I really liked the music while they were waiting on their food.

    Doesn’t her blood get dirty? It just seems gross to put it back in just like that.

    50,000 yen poor girl, she always gets ripped off.

    “Gulp” 🙂

    The appraiser lady is a perv 😛

    That reaction “Hidden melons!”

    Great episode.

  4. Shizuku, you can count on me, anytime. Just call me!
    Also, keeping their clients names secret my ass. It’s not like it was hard to guess that Akihito would be the one ordering meganekko shoots!

  5. So I went around the net(MAL, 4chan, reddit…) to see what are the people’s reactions to this episode I can agree with:

    >People tracing Ai’s naked pics from the blur. Yay, we love melons too! Ai doujin and fanarts when? She gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “A cat is fine too”.

    >Mirai is so poor she’s tempted to whore herself to that glasses fetishist with the initials A.K.(naked meganes are great, just look around Gelbooru)

    Annnnd basically, that’s it.

  6. “Shizuku is also not quite who she appears to be… I always imagined her as this strong female character, but to see her eager to finally date someone is a twist – unfortunately that guy never shows up!”

    I’m not sure that “strong, female character” is/should be synonymous with “doesn’t want a love life”. As long as her part in the story doesn’t entirely revolve around her interaction with men (on either side of the fourth wall) and she isn’t always being bailed out by somebody else, I’d count that as being fairly strong; But that’s just me.

      1. I think it depends on the men too… some guys might be intimidated by women who are “powerful”. Shizuku might be considered a strong female so a lot of guys might feel like they don’t deserve her or feel that she’s taking care of them rather than the other way around. I’ve never had this problem (unfortunately?) but I have had other gfs that feel that a lot of the guys around them won’t date them because they’re intimidated.

  7. Mirai’s “It’s unpleasant” gets a little annoying when she says it almost five times in one episodes. Her other antics where quite funny though.

    The episode was great, especially on the animation side. That depth of field during the festival scene is not something I see often in anime.

  8. Does Hiro’omi have some condition that requires him to always wear a scarf and stick his hands into Akihito’s ‘pits?
    Or is it because he’s just a big freak?

    PS. Glasses freak, sister freak,
    Go together like a horse and carriage.

    1. not really anything major but to answer your questionShow Spoiler ▼

  9. Just caught up with this anime—I’m liking the action parts of this show, and can’t wait for more character development in the slice of life moments.

    “Akkey” is a great male lead, and I think that’s part of the reason I like this anime! I like that he’s a generally behaviorally normal dude…not too whiny, not to manly, just nice, matter-of-fact guy who is friendly!

    Thanks for the review, Cherrie. Looking forward to your thoughts in the upcoming episodes.

  10. so akihito almost killed hiroomi, well hiroomi is a pretty cool guy for cheering akihito up and understanding how he must feel, this makes up for his eww sister complex
    this episode made me feel sad for mitsuki

  11. This is one of the few shows where I wish for a Harem Ending (not sure if you call 2 girls a harem) to happen. Both girls are very interesting and likeable, it’s hard not to root for the other. If he has to make a choice it’s pretty obvious that it’ll be Mirai, it’ll all sum up on who needs Akihito better, but I’ll be rooting for the underdog Mitsuki.

    The Story You Don't Know
  12. I would say I didn’t really like Mitsuki and Hiroomi that much at first, as I felt everyone had their own ulterior motives and aren’t really who they seem. Now though, I feel like I can finally understand them a little more (or at least, now I really want to understand them more!)
    I would like to know more about Shizuku as well 😀
    Izumi on the other hand makes me uncomfortable, whereas I don’t really have an opinion of Sakura… maybe I just feel she doesn’t belong, though I’ll have to see what part she plays later on.
    Sigh, 5 episodes is so not enough to satisfy me. New episodes, where are you? 🙁


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