「しのぶタイム其ノ參」 (Shinobu Taimu So no San)
“Shinobu Time Part Three”

After two weeks of spectacular storytelling, this third episode really kicked everything up a notch. And by everything, I mean everything from the ridiculous amount of fan-service that we got during the first half to the really upset and depressing mood that filled the second. But before we dive into the whole black ball of death issue at hand, I need to ask — if you were in Araragi’s situation where three cute girls (using the term girl loosely) were asking who you liked the most, what would you do? Because if it were me, I don’t know how I’d be able to contain myself in such a heavenly situation.

I mean you have a ghost, a corpse, and a vampire who are all in the form of cute girls — all of whom have some sort of repressed feeling for our main protagonist. Put them together in the same room with an awkward question lingering in the air and you almost forget that there’s a rather odd oddity lurking right around the corner. You know, it makes me wonder how well a spinoff of this series would do if it solely focused on the humor/fan-service. Kind of like what the Fate series does with all those crazy shows they’ve spawned — can you imagine a Magical Girl Shinobu?

On a more serious note though, I’m still not sure what to make of the current situation that the story has thrown us in. While I’m sure we’ll get a lot of answers from the mystical Gaen-senpai next week, it really bothers me to think about how Shinobu might be suffering out there. Unlike any other heroine and their corresponding arc thus far, this one seems to really be taking the cake in terms of how sympathetic it’s made me feel in general. And while I may not be able to exactly describe what’s doing it, there’s just something about the mood that Araragi has set by beating himself up combined with knowing that he’s not able to do the crazy things he was once able to that really drives the point home.

So we have Araragi and Shinobu completely separated from each other. With both of their strength slowly succumbing because of their missing link and a completely broken ball of darkness that’s constantly on the prowl and the whole thing is starting to feel rather hopeless. Luckily there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the all-knowing Gaen. But just like in real life, there’s probably not going to be a clear and simple answer for this problem. Hopefully though, this’ll mean that something amazing will happen to close out this arc!

P.S. I totally agree with Araragi about the whole “fondling” notion. If it’s not 1 on 1, it’s just not worth it!


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  1. We know from episode 3 that Shinobu isn’t suffering, she has simply been separated from Araragi, but this has caused them both to weaken a lot. But we also know from episode 15 that things will return to ‘normal’ once the darkness has been dealt with.

    The darkness seems to target anyone who knows of Shinobu’s existence, it’ll be interesting to learn why.

    1. One fansubber translates Yotsugi’s term as “old hag” while another translates it as “senior citizen”. Honestly, I think the 2nd translation fits Yotsugi’s deadpan sarcasm better. Can anybody pick out the actual term in Japanese?

      1. Kouki Koureisha. I’m assuming the Kouki is 後期 and not some other Kouki, so 後期 高齢者.

        後期 ~= Late Period
        高齢者 = Old Person

        It appears to be an official Japanese government term for people over the age of 75.
        People between 65-74 are termed Zenki Koureisha (前期 高齢者), or Early Period Old Person.

    1. Why, why, Takaii, did you mention that?
      Now I’ll be browsing the internet every now & then in hopes of discovering Magical Girl Shinobu fanart :p
      Wait, scratch that..There’s one Shinobu Tsukimura of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha?
      I’ll hope for a magical girl version of adult Hachikuji then :3

  2. This guy, this lolicon. Wow shinobu’s child form is the youngest. I guess I can comfortbly say that judging by araragi’s actions we have an idea who he likes the most among the three lolis.

  3. i never expected a completely no hitagi and hanekawa arc can be this entertaining!

    after i watch season 1, i was a araragi x hitagi supporter, but after reading kizu and watching this arc, i changed my religion. im now a SHINOBU worshipper! :3

  4. I cannot wait to see how it all unfold. *keeps mouth shut over what happens next*

    Overall this episode was so entertaining and it reminds me why I love monogatari so much just because of the way they manage to balance everything out and keep those gags up without it losing meaning or impact. I feel for Araragi-kun with 3 girls breathing down his neck over who he’d choose in that what if situation lol but I love shinobu being so protective and putting him on the spot.

    Now will onimonogatari have one episode left or two? that is the question.

  5. this ep has started with a change in course. from storytelling it moved toward monogatari’s fan-service style.
    it was ridiculous and fun at the same time.
    we have the new trinity – snail loli, vamp-demon and the corpse (walking dead). I am telling you Araragi, Hachkiji as a your loli, shinobu as mistress..and ononoki..the walking dead XD you don’t need anything else 😛
    Araragi, oni-no oniichan, you really are something without Hitagi and Tsubasa.

    yet, of course the darkness surprised us all I believe, popping out of nowhere. and things have become being interesting again, and we are on the road! especially with shinobu’s disappearance

    I wonder what’s waiting ahead of us in that darkness..black screen of death?:P maybe it’s what waiting for Araragi after his perverted actions so far in this arc.
    but for sure, one of the most mysterious phenomenon in monogatari so far

    random thoughts:
    1. shinobu is old-hag?watch yourself ononoki
    2. shinobu is cooperating with Araragi’s perverted behavior? no! we want vampire punch!
    3. the new holy trinity
    4. it was funny to see shinobu and hachkuji in “avatar state” but ononoki couldnt. LOL
    5. Gaen – welcome back. we missed you (:
    6. surprisingly, I don’t miss Nadeko so far ’cause I enjoy shinobu arc. though I am still intrigued to know what happened next with her and the rest. I guess there no choice but to wait for the final bombarding arc of Hitagi – koimonogatari!really can’t wait!we are almost, almost there. a bit more!

  6. First, a question…
    Why do Shinobu and Mayoi both wear the same type of green bracelet? (on Shinobu’s left wrist, on Mayoi’s right wrist) Was it a gift from Araragi that we never witnessed in the show?

    If Araragi had to decide between Shinobu, Mayoi, and Ononoki… isn’t it obvious it has to be Shinobu.

    Reason 1: Shinobu is technically the only one with a pulse. Both Mayoi and Ononoki are dead.
    Reason 2: Love with Mayoi or Ononoki = necrophilia.
    Reason 3: You know, I just can’t let go of the whole necrophilia thing. Shinobu is a living being… an immortal apparition, sure… but she is still alive.
    Reason 4: Shinobu can change form from jailbait to legal (in appearance) if she sucks on Araragi’s…. blood.
    Reason 5: DONUTS!
    Reason 6: Shinobu’s swallowing skills are well established… we have seen her throat an entire sword.
    Reason 7: They already bathe together.
    Reason 8: NECROPHILIA = BAD!

    Junko Tamiya
    1. Well, theoretically, with Araragi’s impulses, love is blind.
      He’d go for anyone given the proper opportunity or mood.

      He was attracted to Hanekawa originally because of her large boobs.
      He was also attracted to loli / pettanko Hanekawa.
      He grabbed Tsukihi’s boobs and kissed her without regret. (separate scenes in Nisemonogatari)
      If Tsukihi hadn’t interfered, his toothbrush moment with Karen would have gone much further.
      Always lolicon mode around Hachikuji.
      Though I don’t recall him having a perverted attitude with Nadeko, Kanbaru, Hitagi, Ononoki or the violent exorcist (what’s her name again?)

      Now that you mention Shinobu’s swallowing skills though…..
      Having seen a Monogatari doujinshi, that’s very plausible :p

  7. A bit different (more fun) than the usual Monogatari, but great ep nonetheless IMO. Have to LOL a bit as Mayoi is taking back some of the screen time Shinobu took from her during Mayoi’s own “arc”. Turn about is fair play :D.

    Really though, Ononoki is stole this EP for me. I’m liking her character more and more. Have to respect anyone/anything willing to butt heads with Shinobu. She’s been a great comic straight-man throughout all of this. LOL when Araragi said he “must” kiss her. Denied!

    I guess next EP will finally get down to the serious business of what the “darkness” really is and how to defeat it. Not going to be easy, that’s for sure. As always with this series, eagerly looking forward to the next ep.

  8. How events this episode intersects with Nekomonogatari (White) (Episode 1-5)

    Episode 1 – August 21st night – Senjougahara (and Hanekawa) receives the text from Araragi, telling them to “Don’t vorry.”

    What to expect:

    Episode 3 – August 22nd morning – Hanekawa meets Kanbaru at school. Kanbaru tells her Araragi had summoned her to the old cram school later that night for some errand.

    August 22nd Night – Black Hanekawa meets Shinobu in Araragi’s room, who has somehow been transported by the “darkness” over here after it cut off her link with Araragi.

    When Shinobu hears about Kanbaru’s errand, she makes references to Kanbaru’s “lineage” for the reason why Kanbaru was chosen for the task, no doubt referring to Gaen Izuko, Kanbaru’s aunt. Later that night, the cram school gets burned down by the tiger.

    1. So according to the chaptering in the 3 episodes of Onimonogatari so far,
      and comparing with the full amount of chapters stated at Baka-Tsuki,
      that would mean 27 out of 33 chapters have been covered.

      Meaning the next episode would most likely wrap up the Onimonogatari arc,
      but seems like there’ll be a lot of scenes for next episode?
      To be expected: Some chit-chat with Gaen & reuniting with Shinobu.
      Like you mentioned; Araragi calling / meeting Kanbaru.

      Though I still remember the supposed skipping of 25 chapters back in Tsubasa’s Tiger arc..
      Would those missing scenes be explained in this arc?

  9. While Mayoi is unsurprisingly spotted with white panties, if you are observant in some of the shots of Shinobu, it does seems to reinforce the general hentai doujinshi view that Shinobu prefers going commando. 😀

  10. Really really loved this episode! It was very very entertaining to see the three lolis in the show interact and fight over who is the best among the lolis for Koyomi. It was a surprise for me that he admitted he would prefer Shinobu the best, but it doesnt come as a surprise for me that he didnt want to admit who he prefers between Shinobu, Hanekawa, and Gahara.

    Still this show really kept on surprising me especially with how it further shows his deep and very complex relationship with Shinobu, showing how he truly cares for her and his bond with her is quite deep. I would say deeper than lovers or even married couples, as their bond together is what even Ononoki mentions that is quite deep that they can easily talk using telepathy and even their emotions are mentally linked, while Ononoki and Kagenui isnt.

    Also as I usually do with each and every monogatari episode, I paused to look at what each “colored” scene says that usually dives into more of Koyomi’s inner thoughts or emotions OR simply witty banters, and you can see it here in this episode, that he is very concerned about Shinobu’s well being, so much so that he mentions he wants to make up with her and apologize to her. He cant even think straight anymore and started rushing into things, wanting to meet with her right away, despite just separating in less than a day. There’s also his inner monologues that showed he was really pissed off at the darkness thing telling he wont forgive it and goes even further of how he wants to see her again.

    For me this changes a lot of things, I was always a supporter of Hitagi, and even now I do, but I now question his “love” towards her. I do think that he does love her as a lover would, but further their relationship to the extent that he would marry her and live his whole life with her, is something I’m beginning to doubt. Afterall, he was fine separating a few days with her, but just separating with Shinobu for less than a day, and he’s already going crazy. Still I would prefer he spend a lot of his time with Hitagi and his human friends till they die, after all, since he intends to live and die with Shinobu would mean he will outlive them all. It’s quite a tragedy, but I admire his decision that he wants to accompany Shinobu and live together till they die. I would have to say that after that trauma Shinobu went through with her first minion, I’m glad that after she sworn never to make one, that she was able to find the right one, that is Koyomi.


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