Komamura turns out to be somewhat stronger than I gave him credit for. Not only does he now have massive amounts of raw power, he literally cannot die for the duration of his human form. This immortality also extends to his bankai, which is also invulnerable despite being pure reiatsu. It’s a sort of sacrifice play – giving up his heart (and his life) in exchange for unlimited strength. You can’t kill what’s already dead. Komamura claims that he’s not throwing his life away, though it’s not clear what will happen to him once the effects wear off. For such an overpowered ability, there had better be downsides.

Right now he is able to tank all of Bambietta’s bombs with ease, and his very sinister-looking bankai lands a pretty big hit as well. Its effectiveness is unknown as she disappears into a ball of flame at the end of the chapter, but I stick by my previous assertion that she won’t be defeated so easily. I really disliked her long and confused rant and felt that it pretty poorly written dialogue, but then again, characters in shounen manga often pretend to be confused before revealing an even stronger power. It would be very unusual for Bleach if Bambietta died this soon, so I expect her to stay alive and kicking for a few more weeks at least. Bambietta doesn’t seem like the low-level filler villain used to rack up body counts, and after Komamura’s bad-ass show, she had better have something outrageous herself to reveal next week.


  1. Even though Komamura is immortal if he were to be hit directly by Bambietta’s reiatsu bomb his body still would explode, right?? his bankai can regenerates does not mean his body could do the same. or if he does that would be totally BADASS

  2. Prooof, I am a little worried/surprised. On the forums I go to, almost everyone enjoys the chapters, but you seem to be, well… Every chapter you talk about how “Bleach follows the same one-upping-each-other cycle”, and it sounds like you dislike Bleach o.O. I am not trying to tell you to stop blogging, just pointing some things out; I read your comments about Bleach every week, and it seemed like you are getting tired of it :/.

    On the side note, I have really enjoyed this chapter. Anyone else have Komamura sky-rocket on their “favourite Captains” list? Because I sure have, and seeing Bambietta starting to look desperate was a little satisfying :D. I do think that Bambietta might possibly be unconcious after a hit like that, and her friends will help her (the other female Sternritters who were tagging along with her).

    1. I completely agree with you. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Prooof is a fantastic writer and everything, but it seems to me as if he’s grown weary of Bleach. His musings leave me slightly discouraged about continuing to read Bleach with each passing week. Why write about something you obviously don’t like? Obviously the readers aren’t here to be disheartened and discouraged, but of course to be enthused and encouraged. Yes, Bleach has it’s shortcomings and yes I encourage objectivity but there has to be a line somewhere or else what’s the point of it all.

    2. It’s no secret that I’m a little weary of seeing some of the same things over and over in Bleach, but I’ll admit I sound a little too cynical at times. I’ll try to be more objective in the future and dial back on the negativity.

      1. No no, I like the negativity. You tell it how it is. Bleach has gone way down hill and it’s a bit depressing since Bleach was once really good. Keep on sharing your opinion and definitely don’t dial what you feel back.

      2. If you are weary of it, then why not stop covering it? You are the writer, so you get the final say. There is no obligation to continue if you find it tedious.

        Seishun also stopped covering One Piece and Fairy Tail, so it would not be unusual if you stopped covering Bleach.

      3. There is nothing wrong with negativity if its honestly how you feel. Forcing yourself to sound positive doesn’t help anyone, I like seeing the opinion of the writer and not just a glowing review.

      4. Keep it up, your writing is not that bad actually. What should be covered are covered. It’s just that the negativity is probably just because of the overused routine that were used and we are too used to and tired to seeing them…

      5. Your reviews are absolutely fine as long as they are your genuine impressions, Proof. For those who are disappointed at the weariness I say: Why would anybody want to read their exact thoughts on a chapter? Surely you would read the impressions of others to gain a new insight into a work?

        I remember reading Guardian Enzo’s thoughts on Kiritsugu (one of my favourite characters) from Fate/Zero, and they were always negative. That was the exact reason I’d read his reviews! He offered a refreshing take on a character I loved, and that is what makes for interesting reading.

      6. Repeating Shonen manga trope is fine actually, but the manga suffers more on the pacing issue. One of the reason is the characters always tries too hard to explain their skill logic to their opponents.

        Another reason the chapters feels repetitive and dull might be due to the author only focuses on drawing the characters… Most panels are made up of mainly the character plus either skill effect or smoke. The background were almost always omitted so it kinda gives a feeling of something is lacking.

      7. The “explain their skill logic” is for us. Would you even know Shinji zanpakuto does if he didn’t explain. And don’t say its the obvious ones because Toshiro never told anyone his zanpakuto freezes.

        I don’t get what you’re saying. In most panels Kubo draws the character’s head to fill half of the panel. That’s his style, that’s what he do.

      8. Let me tell you something, Bleach is not the only one at sits in this corner. One Piece and Naruto does it too.

        One Piece,on every new island its the same: fight your way through enemies til you reach the boss, but during that, you reading 2-3 chapters of flashbacks.

        On Naruto, Naruto always wins.

        And unlike Bleach, these two are very obvious. But Bleach when is repetitive on few recent chapters everybody exaggerate on some tropes.

      9. Regarding the skill explanation, it is true that it is required so that us readers could understand it. But when it is couple up with the continuous introduction of skills in almost chapter, thats what I’m trying to say it is getting repetitive. Explaining is fine but sometimes I rather prefer that it could be done in more variety of methods such as the user’s inner monologue, opponent discover how it works, reveal much later, etc… instead of just revealing it directly upon using them.

        I know that is Kubo’s style and his main intention is to build up the mood and atmosphere through the detail drawing of the characters and conversations. I’m not gonna say he is being lazy but I kinda felt that this restricts the manga. The other manga has their pros and cons like you have stated but in my opinion Bleach’s problem is bigger because these repeating problems are much more frequent…

      10. It sounds like your talking about the chapters that involve Toshiro and Soi Fong and their “Turn Your Back On The You Think You Defeated The Enemy” trope. Ok I get it enduring those 4 chapters of cliché, but that’s no reason to judge the series. What about the chapters before or the chapters after, did you even predicted that Sajin was going to become immortal?

      11. “The other manga has their pros and cons like you have stated but in my opinion Bleach’s problem is bigger because these repeating problems are much more frequent”

        Really, 4 chapters of bleach is bigger then most of the series of Naruto and One Piece?

        And don’t point out Hueco Mundo arc that don’t count. Hueco Mundo arc format may has minor similarities to Soul Society Arc, but the new characters, details, events, the mini arc, and sneak peak of the next arc are major differences that made reading it fun. Why is it that when Bleach do it, its wrong , but when One Piece is doing the same thing its ok?

      12. I don’t get what you are trying to say with that trope. Maybe you think I’m saying that those characters are over-confident or arrogant that their skills will surely work and thus they don’t mind sharing the info on how their skills work. What I mean is there should be many other ways to explain them rather than just telling them especially right after using them. For many battles that already happened, most of the characters just did the same except that the Sternritters steal the Bankais.

        Also, as I have stated the problem is bigger because currently all battles in this second invasion is following the same format. I know currently it is only 3 battles (Toshiro,Soifon,Komamura) so it is still too early to say, but thats what I’m fearing…

      13. Sorry about my comment I didn’t understand what you meant. About these “explanation of skills”. There are a lot characters in Bleach that doesn’t say anything about their skills because they are that obvious, as well as the enemy explaining the skill for it’s user. And there are skills that are to be explain by the user because they are not that obvious and no one knows how such skills work but the user.

        I understand your feelings and I feel the same way, but you do know the point to the format of Toshiro and Soi Fong. Now know that this format was inevitable. As for Sajin’s case, his is a lot different. I betcha that Bami will not get up from that, but as you it still too early.

      14. Glad that we got over this. On a side note, I’ll bet that Bambietta is not fully downed yet. (injured, but still able to fight). Whether her ally would come to help her or not is other case 😛

    3. I agree with Prooof. For the past year or so, Bleach has gone basically like this:

      Bad Guy effortlessly crushes good guy.

      Good Guy reveals he was holding back. Hits bad guy with big attack and chapter ends on cliff hanger.

      Chapter resumes. Bad Guy reveals he was also holding back. Good guy get’s wounded.

      Repeat the above until the Good Guy eventually wins or someone shows up and saves him.

      IMO, Bleach hasn’t been consistently good since the Soul Society Arc(Ryoka Invasion).

    4. I’ve been a fan of Bleach since the very first chapter I read, but let’s be objective and realistic here. Bleach has fallen into the same trap that many shounen manga sink into, and it’s just not the same quality as it used to be. He talks about it every chapter because that’s what it is every chapter. Just because you love something does not make it any better than it actually is.

      Do I love Bleach? Yes. Does it make me roll my eyes sometimes? Absolutely.

      1. took the words right from my mouth.
        I loved bleach when I was in middle school but as I started watching other stuff that wasn’t shounen I soon found out how….mundane/predictable Bleach and other Shounen stuff was. It essentially the same with every chapter/arc. We may get different characters, but the story dynamic is still the same. Now I still like bleach, but I do look at it objectively…I’m guessing (not saying there’s anything wrng with that) those who still hold bleach on a high pedestal while seeing no faults in it are those who only read Shouen-stuff.

  3. I can see how this bankai upgrade can go bad really quickly. While Kokujou Tengen Myou turning into pure reiatsu works well against Bambietta’s ability, couldn’t another quincy come along and just subjugate that reiatsu like Quilge did to Ayon?

  4. “Bambietta doesn’t seem like the low-level filler villain used to rack up body counts, and after Komamura’s bad-ass show, she had better have something outrageous herself to reveal next week.”

    After Komamura’s bad-ass show, Bambietta falls in love with Komamura and the 2 lives happily ever after.

  5. Lol @ the people complaining about ‘negative writing’ about Bleach. Let’s face it, Bleach isn’t what it used to be, so it’s no surprise that he isn’t as optimistic about writing as he was in the past. The manga is just dragged out, and Kubo needs to finish it. Tbh, it would’ve been perfect if it ended with Aizen’s demise, but they decided to drag it out further for w/e reason.

    It’s the same for Dragon Ball Z, which was originally intended to be ended after Frieza was defeated, but Akira Toriyama decided to continue the series for a lil bit longer. Granted the Android and Cell Saga were really awesome, Buu Saga was a fail.

    It’s the same here, but who knows, maybe Bleach will become awesome once again.

  6. Komamura ripped out his heart which makes him immortal so it makes him and his giant dead…even though he was a Shinigami and he was already dead…now he’s immortal and can’t die even though he was already dead. So he’s the deadest alive person there is.

    You get all that?

  7. If anyone could explain me why the heck would people continue to read and comment on something they’ve hated for weeks, months and years? Why would anyone act in such a way? What’s the point? What?

  8. For me, ever since Bleach started to look like DBZ in every chapter, it kinda cheapens the quality. But somehow there’s a part of me that still hopes that the story will be good again.

  9. @Proof. I have a suggestion, how about wait 3 weeks before writing an article about bleach? That way, you’ll have more to write/discuss/critque about and it’ll feel less like a chore.


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