Haschwald and Shunsui are both shrewd men. While there’s still no real action between them, they’ve been sizing each other up for a couple chapters now. Haschwald manages to thin out the reishi wall dividing them, only to find that Nanao has outplayed him by creating yet another, differently formed wall. Just before he tries to brute force his way through, he abruptly leaves and returns to the Silbern, the Sternritter headquarters, presumably after receiving summons from Yhwach. As it turns out, Yhwach is punishing Cang Du and BG9 for losing their battles, and wants Haschwald to carry out the executions. I’m not sure why this was considered significant enough to recall him out of his own fight, but Haschwald obeys all orders without question, so here we are. Surprisingly, BG9, who was previously an emotionless android, now begs for his life and seems to feel actual fear, while Cang Du retains his cool self. Although the two condemned had survived their defeats thanks to their Vollstandig, it doesn’t matter now as the “scales” have now turned against them. I’m not sure whether the name of Haschwald’s power relates to balancing luck or if it’s just idealistic rhetoric. Possibly, his power makes him stronger to “balance” out his opponent’s power. Either way, it’s effective enough to cut Cang Du in half.

It looks like Kubo wants to make it clear that the Sternritter don’t give a crap about their subordinates, but there’s no good reason to execute the two before they even had a chance to fight seriously or even use their actual abilities. They are only throwing away resources, unless Yhwach has another reason for killing them. On the other hand, this does conclude the fights of these characters much more quickly than I expected, so we will be seeing new ones soon enough – namely, Rukia and Renji. They have touched down in Soul Society in their new snowboarding gear, and it looks like they might be facing off the masked wrestler quincy, who has managed to take out Ikaku, Yumichika, and Hisagi all at once (at least that’s what it seems like). That’s certainly a bit disappointing for the three of them, but Rukia and Renji will hopefully have a better chance to show off what they’ve got.


      1. Maybe those quincies believe in ‘if they can’t have it, no one else can’ kind of mentality.
        Either that or Kubo completely forgot what he wrote about 500 chapters ago. I’m leaning towards the 2nd option though.

        Unless Yhwach’s idea of peace is ‘no one exists at all, including him’.

    1. Juah Bach said that the world will end in 9 days because of the 999 years, 9 months, and 9 weeks thing. He clearly has some plan and his subordinates are just there to waste time. He also has Yamamoto’s Bankai that could end everything in 5 minutes but he doesn’t want to do that yet because…I don’t know. This is still day 1 I think. Ikaku mentioned that it’s night now so the first day’s over.

  1. Notice how Shunsui’s missing eye is back despite having an eyepatch as far as chapter 551? This can’t simply be Kubo’s error (not to mention fan speculation on whether or not this isn’t the real Shunsui since he’d be more likely to treat you to sake instead of tea).

    1. I wouldn’t say that. Go back to when Ichigo was trapped in the garganta. IIRC his bankai was drawn entirely wrong. Not X crosses on his coat. No glove. Bankai hilt in its old form. Not spikes / hollow bit on his sword. Likewise Aizen once opened with “Because you’re the offspring of a shinigami and a …” before they had to correct it to “Because you’re the offspring of a human and a …”

      In the last chapter to feature them he definitely still had that patch on his right (our left) eye. And they’ve been standing there since. Just a rather large visual blunder.

    2. The chapter is also called “The Night [b]Right[/b]”… all the errors on the “Right” got fixed, including Shunsui’s ear.

      BG9’s broken mask got moved to the left, etc.

      Someone speculated that it might be Aizen doing something for the lols :P.

    1. I think its probably Yhwach wants everyone to accompany him down to hell since technically everything will be wiped out if the quincies get their way.
      Or unless hell doesn’t exist anymore after the hollows get wiped out by the quincies, altering the balance between the human world and soul society.

  2. Regarding Rukia and Renji as they arrive to save the day. Lets see how long that will last until someone has to save them which is gonna happen knowing Kubo.

    I hope that Rukia will have come up with new tricks, maybe a beautiful snow bankai.

  3. Prediction:

    1. Renji/Rukia will seem beaten at first
    2. Renji will show off how powerful he became after training
    3. Enemy shows some special power that easily beats Renji
    4. Rukia steps up, showing off new power, possibly a bankai
    5. Enemy gets defeated / seems defeated.
    6. New enemy arrives / enemy reveals trump card and beats Rukia
    7. Ichigo arrives and saves the day.

  4. Well, he may have to get rid of a lot off these Quincy. It took several chapters for Kubo to wrap up the Espada, I don’t think he’d be too interested in making like 20+ back-stories.

    1. I think Kubo’s greatest passion is making long boring backstories for the dozens of pointless characters introduced and then abandoned each arc. Do you remember the Fullbringers?

  5. C’mon the quincies has the advantages and then they decided to kill their own subordinates just to maintain the balance…….
    I’ve never seen such as stupidest idea.
    Great Kubo just ruined the fun factor……

  6. My best guess is that the surviving Quincy grow stronger as their numbers get lower, due to the Quincy’s ability to absorb energy. So they have a iron clad policy of finishing off whoever loses, cut off the weak link, strengthen the rest of the chain.

    1. Given how Yhwach was reborn – by draining the powers from/killing all but a few of the most powerful Quincy – I suspect that’s the case as well. It would also explain why Bambi wasn’t thrilled to see her friends last chapter.

  7. I think it’s a shame really. BG9 and Cang Du being alive takes away from Soi Fong and Hitsugaya because they really tried to kill both of them and they didn’t. This is probably their last battles and when it counted they were not able to get the “kill” even though both attacks were huge and the most powerful attacks they’ve ever unleashed.

  8. This all but certainly proves crazy Bambi is still alive. If she had been taken back she would have ended up like them. Instead, her “friends” took her for whatever reasons and most likely saved her.

  9. Am I the only one who hopes Renji actually ends up fighting As Nodt. Think about it, Nodt should still have Byakuya’s bankai since he wasn’t there to receive Urahara’s pill. So if Renji could beat him while he has Byakuya’s bankai, in a sense it would be like him finally overcoming Byakuya as well. (Even though I doubt Renji could beat Byakuya if they both fought seriously using bankai)

    Red Alchemist
  10. It really shouldn’t be surprising that the Quincy treat their own people so horrible. Remember that right before Juha Bach killed the Captain Commander he reminded him that what had made allowed him to beat the Quincy so long ago was his commitment to do anything to win, even if it meant letting his own people die to get an opening. The Soul Reapers arn’t exactly good guys either, just the lesser of most evils we see.

      1. When BG9 was defeated, his right side was blasted. In that execution scene, his left side is blasted. Kyoraku’s eyepatch is suddenly missing from his right eye and is acting all weird and it clearly isn’t an art mistake as Kubo focuses on that eye in several panels. The chapter is called “The Night Right”.

        It’s Aizen messing with them.

  11. Seriously kubo -_- you have 3 decent characters get taken out without a fight and off screen? Just to show off rukia and renji? Its official, if you havent had direct contact with ichigo multiple times then you’re doomed as fodder. nice job kubo


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