OP4 Sequence

OP4: 「木枯らしセンティメント」 (Kogarashi Sentimento) by 歌 – 戦場ヶ原ひたぎ (斎藤千和)、貝木泥舟 (三木眞一郎) (Senjougahara Hitagi CV: Saito Chiwa and Kaiki Denshu CV: Miki Shinichiro)

「ひたぎエンド其ノ參」 (Hitagi Endo So no San)
“Hitagi End Part Three”

Let it be known that I want to formally retract any negative things I may have said or thought about Kaiki. Because after this week’s episode and watching his rather blunt way of traversing whatever obstacles he encounters I can say that the once lackluster con-artist who never shows any emotions has somehow deceived his way into my heart.

Kaiki’s amazingly interesting escapades aside, there were a couple other things that this episode just did right. And one of those things was giving Senjougahara the attention she’s deserved since the season began. Seeing how she’s the main character’s girlfriend, you’d expect she’d be given a larger role than just a girlfriend we rarely saw or heard from. And after so many depressing arcs which focused on different girls that could have easily replace her, I wasn’t sure what to Senjougahara could do with her sudden return. Amazingly, in spite of all the other things I’ve already seen, barely a quarter into this week’s episode I was hit with a wave of emotions that I never saw coming. I mean, who would have thought that inside a crappy doughnut place is where Senjougahara would release a wave of emotion we haven’t seen since her introduction? And in front of Kaiki no less! Maybe I’m making a big deal out of a tiny situation but to see such a strong person breakdown and then swallow their pride to thank someone who once ruined their life is something that cannot be described with words but actions and SHAFT beautifully brought that situation to life. Something that I too am deeply grateful for.

The other thing that this week brought to my attention is that Ononoki can be awfully cute when there aren’t other girls that try to outshine her. Those yellow rainboots and googly-eye hat really accentuate her deadpan humor are nice and all but when she drops the deadpan is when things get real interesting. Be it because she’s impersonating someone or trying to be a little more hip, I can’t believe I never noticed just how awesome of a character she is.

All in all, another great episode narrated by the ever so enthusiastic Kaiki. With his awfully descriptive style of storytelling that sometimes tricks us into thinking he would completely abandon a Senjougahara that actually cried in front of him for the right around of money, he’s doing a great job of keeping us on our toes. Throw in that horrible cliffhanger he gave us just as the camera was going to show us what was in Nadeko’s closet and you can bet I’ll be eagerly waiting for next week’s episode. Now, where’d I put my doughnuts…


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    1. Is just me who is hating the “new” senjougahara hitagi-san? She was scary and awesome once but now i feel like even her kouhai could put her on her place. As kaiki said she is a boring woman now. God, how i miss senjougahara from bakemonogatari, she could put me own my place whenever she wanted to.

      1. Not sure whether you forgot that this time it’s actually from Kaiki’s (an overly intelligent adult) perspective and not Araragi’s (a quite stupid, perverted highschool boy) or if you’re just stupid. So you really think that Hitagi, a simple schoolgirl, can put everyone on their places, even some genius-conman like Kaiki, who is older than her and thus has way more life experience? Obviously not. And I would really hate it if Hitagi actually had the upper hand against Kaiki because that would be totally unrealistic and she would also appear like an unnatural and perfect Mary Sue character. But her actually being stretched to her limits and being more vulnerable gives her character even more depth and variety and makes her more likeable in my eyes.

    2. Let me put this way. There are two possibilities: One is that kaiki is changing the facts plus as you said telling on his perspective (thats why shes so whiny and boring now, which make sense) and the other possibility is that really happened and if she acted like she was, i would expect she being really abusive EVEN THO SHE NEED HIS HELP, thats the true senjougaha hitagi i know.

  1. I feel bad for Araragi…
    Not because of Senjougahara secretly meeting with Kaiki without his knowledge,
    but because I’m starting to prefer Kaiki as the main character of any Monogatari arc now. :/

    Now I’m starting to wonder about the backstories of the rest of the Occult Club gang: Kagenui, Oshino and Gaen.

    Also wonder if Kaiki triggered a potential long-term red flag or death flag for himself by cheating on Gaen’s 3 million yen to him to back off on Nadeko’s case.

    On another note, omgggggggggggg love that blend of 90’s style with modern style anime for the OP..and Shaft even threw in a duet as part of an OP! I think this it the first time I came across such an OP. 🙂 Personally after checking out anime since January this year, I’d vote for it as best OP sequence of 2013.

    1. I know right?It doesn’t that Kaiki deals with problems using his own wits while Araragi usually just lets himself get beat up & regenerates with this vamp powers.

      I like Araragi as a character but I really find Kaiki more interesting.

  2. The OP was amazing.

    Also Hitagi’s wavering voice after she went to cry was amazing. Major props to Chiwa Saitō for being able to pull that off. That was a very good bit of voice acting.

  3. lol that opening , for a sec even i fancied Kaiki x Hitagi! (i forgot the name.. but that OPening is an “homage” to other one.. anyone remembers which one? im pretty sure i have seen that opening before!)

    About Senjougahara’s reaction… it may surprise some people and some may even think it came out of nowhere.. but is understandable since shes been on edge for days on end.

    PS: meh so sad is gonna end x,x… hope season 3 comes soon

  4. Kaiki is indeed much more awesome than we might have previously thought back there in Nisemono. moreover, it seems like this season kinda fix the impression of some characters such as Kaiki and Nadeko. definitely both are presented in a different light than before.

    we also have Senjougahara. I’ve never imagined to see her in this stat. and in front of Kaiki??yeah – WOW. we saw her in the first arc this season with Hanekawa (Nekomono Shiro) and there was an interesting type there stating “her character is changing” and she was actually crying in front of Hanekawa that very ep (the first episode this season when Hanekawa went to sleep outside alone). so it’s very interesting to see how much it is still relevant and what changes Senjougahara has been through since bakemono (how much of Tsundere she was HaHa).

    I knew all along that this season gonna end with Senjougahara arc. yet, with more episodes passed by, I was upset not seeing her around. that’s probably the only thing was a bit missing this season. I wanted monogatari 2nd season to have the most – more of our beloved Hitagi Senjougahara. well, all those exciting arcs kinda make up for this.

    things gotten a bit complicated with Ononoki(every arc she is different HaHa) on behalf of Gaen getting into the equation. is the great con-master gonna try to deceive or make enemies with Gaen for sure? I was quite relieved he wasn’t going to leave Senjou with that. well, maybe he has a soft side XD but in that case..maybe it’s better to keep allies with Nadeko. or not if Gaen is so afraid of the consequences. it’s always funny how monogatari complicate a situation (Nadeko’s case), making it easy (Kaiki can deceive her) and then complicate it again. god, monogatari knows to do this so well.
    but that was an interesting thing back there. saying they wanted to have Shinobu as a god (wonder what they planned to do with Ougi..but whatever).

    in the last moments, our detective Conan con-artist, found something interesting?I am still amazed how he jumped like that into the house. I didn’t think he is the kind of stunning guy HaHa Kaiki is surprisingly every time

  5. This is probably my favourite arc from the whole of Monogatari series yet, and ironically it’s the one missing its protagonist Araragi, one of the most awesome anime characters ever…
    Kaiki, of all people, being surprised from whatever is hidden in the closet made for one hell of a cliffhanger.

  6. So now I feel like saying again that this series is a masterpiece. Anyway, Kaiki has the great advantage of being played by Miki Shinichirou (also Gintarou in Gingitsune). And I’m glad that Shinbou (and Nisio?) agree that Hitagi is the main girl here. I wish she still looked like Hitagi, but hey, I know it’s her. Yes, her weeping thanks was a great anime moment. And the OP sung by Chiwa and Miki was amazing. Carry on, Shinbou.

    1. Not sure where you got that she’s in love with Kaiki. They both clearly dislike eachother. Just because a girl thanks a guy doesn’t mean she’s in love with him. I mean hell, Kaiki observes properly that she didn’t care enough about herself to cry, but as soon as she knew Araragi was safe, her emotions overflowed.

      1. diego, are you utterly incapable of comprehension?

        Whoever said being tsundere has to apply to romantic relationships. Have you heard of tsundere dads, who act tough but secretly dote on their kids?

        Why should Senjougahara being tsundere towards Kaiki be interpreted as her having romantic feelings for him?

        Second, after she said she’s his “dog”, Kaiki decided to make fun of her by which she quickly responded by telling him to go screw himself. Surely one could deduce the “dog” reference to mean simply her cooperation in helping him swindle Nadeko and nothing else.

        Your stupidity is breathtaking.

      1. I suppose that makes you a dog as well, since you like to bark the same shit despite being shot down in style.

        By your logic, I suppose you like it a lot if we shove a rod up your arse? We’d definitely be glad to oblige.

      2. Nice try, but the Japanese name for that position isn’t doggy-style, so you’re wrong.

        Ever watch FMA, how people refer to state alchemists as dogs? Just like they owe the government and must do as they’re told, Hitagi owes Kaiki for (the pending) rescue of Koyomi (and herself, but mostly him), so she’ll do as he says until graduation.

      3. Is sex the only thing that ever comes out of your mind, you sick fuck?

        As SK has put it, are you suggesting every time Edward or his friends in the military gets referred to as “Dogs of the Military”, they’re suggesting they’ve got their arses penetrated by King Bradley?

      4. I used FMA because:
        1. The context of the word “dog” is the same.
        2. It’s a well-known show, so odds are people will understand the reference.
        You seem to be implying that watching FMA is for those without brains. I’m not a “it’s popular, so it sucks” guy, so if the example is appropriate, I have no problem using more mainstream shows. If you really want to be that guy, kindly turn off your computer/tablet/phone/whatever. This “internet” thing seems to be really popular, so it must suck, and I’m not really sure why you’re here.
        3. It’s an EXAMPLE, not the only show that has ever used the word “dog” in the same way.

        I know this might be too much logic for a troll to comprehend, but I like to afford them the opportunity to see if they can raise their response to a higher level.

  7. I sure hope they bring back Araragi and show people again why he is Gahara’s boyfriend and is the MC of this series. Kaiki is awesome but Araragi has to be more awesome lol. He should really stop flirting with other girls and should be given more screentime with Gahara.

    I think the reason why everybody’s loving Kaiki is that aside from he’s awesome, he’s been given almost all the screen time with everybody’s favorite girl, Gahara, for this whole season. They better give Araragi a chance to redeem himself unless they want him to be cast aside as a second rate MC compared to Kaiki.

    The Story You Don't Know
  8. Boring

    It was like the first episode of this arc .. REPETITIVE too much gahara and kaiki is boring.always the same and nothing happens.

    ononki was great and of course the end was fine

      1. Oh come on guys, yes, this Luna troll deserves all the downvotes he gets.

        But “Name”, and “Anonymous” below for that matter, who were calling him out for what he is, surely don’t deserve to be downvoted like that, even though they were equally ruthless in their condescending language.

    1. Boring post.

      It was like every other Senjougahara-hating troll… REPETITIVE Too much moaning about why Senjougahara is boring. Always the same old bullshit and nothing new to offer in terms of argument.

      Do us a favour and fuck off.

  9. Screw it. I don’t care what the detractors say but I’m going to say it anyway.

    Hitagi’s the perfect girl in the entire series and despite her “cheating (as forcefully postulated by detractors) ways”.

    I don’t really see the other Monogatari girls as protective and proactive as her. Sorry but Neko-Shiro made Hanekawa a girl who is akin to Dr Jekyl – Mr Hyde. No doubt that Mayoi has her charming banter with Koyomi and Nadeko is the diabetes inducing airhead of a snake God.

    Hitagi still takes the cake for being the best girl.

    I have to admit that this episode had tonnes of HHNNGGGG moments. I’ve never seein Hitagi showing so much emotions nor her cute side. And that scene where she teared…. Possibly the best Hitagi scene ever. Heck… WAtching it again for a second time, it felt that throughout the scene at Mr Donut, she was about to cry anyways.

    Now that’s out of the way…. I kinda like how Ononoki is… Her change in character realy took me by surprise and seriously SHAFT… Y U DO DIS TO US????? Ending the episode like that.

    I almost flipped my cupboard!

      1. Shinobu best girl??
        lolnope. She isn’t even the best loli. Hachikuji is miles better and I even Ononoki is more entertaining than Shinobu. And not liking Senjougahara because she is “crazy” doesn’t make sense since the whole harem is basically a bunch of crazy girls.

      2. lol most crazy?
        what about hanekawa, the girl who suppressed a lot of her feelings that they manifested?
        what about nadeko, the girl who became deluded enough to believe in another voice and kill the cast?

        hitagi is actually the most normal character. clearly someone who just ignored the series and only watched this ep just to hate her.

    1. Yeesh people. Don’t become like the trolls and bash all the other characters because a few idiots got on Hitagi’s case.

      And FYI Hanekawa is overseas (not comfortably snug with a warm family and a boyfriend) sacrificing her holiday trying to find Oshino and a solution to this problem with Nadeko, you’ll see next episode that she is plenty “proactive”. Man people who saw the anime really got things wrong about Hanekawa, or did you forget who was giving all that advice in Bakemonogatari?

  10. Epic retro OP is EPIC. Brings back all the old memories of those anime I’ve watched in the 1990s. (I just revealed my age group, didn’t I?)

    I think I lost it when Miki Shinichirou started singing in his crappy Kaiki voice. Miki can and has sung decent anime songs before, so this came as an absolutely hilarious surprise, making a stark contrast to Saito Chiwa’s beautiful singing.

  11. Kaiki, pat yourself on the back, for you have achieved what Araragi has not been able to (not yet anyway): Make Senjougahara look so adorably cute.

    In front of Araragi, Senjougahara would always act as a mature and menacing femme fatale.

    But that facade would not work on Kaiki, as he is first an adult and second a master conman. After all, he has swindled her family before.

    Even now, much to Senjougahara’s annoyance, he has made full advantage of this fact and treated her like a kid, forcing her to abandon that facade altogether in order to get his cooperation. (First was Kaiki saying how as an adult, he wouldn’t be too bothered about the mischieves of a child throwing drinks at his face. Second was him saying as Senjougahara wasn’t a “lady”, he felt no obligation to find a restaurant for her. lol )

    And when Kaiki did the unexpected and agreed to save her and Araragi, she could no longer contain her tears.

  12. So wait. Is Gaen actually working on the Nadeko problem or what? It actually almost sounded like she could care less if Araragi and the others got killed. Hmmm. Was that snake body charm thing supposed to go to Shinobu instead of Nadeko?

  13. Ononoki-chan seems to be getting a lot of screentime this season. Perhaps putting her trauma of getting her ass whooped by Shinobu behind at last, she’s finally found the will to adopt a new silly persona: Yeah! Yeah! Peace! Peace! LOL

    (Though that didn’t last long after an annoyed Kaiki threatened to kill her if she does that again. XD )

  14. Gotta love the fact that Kaiki decides to ignore Gaen’s warning to back off from the Nadeko case… but still take her offer money anyway.

    The most awesome “Have Your Cake and Eat It” moment of the series. lol

  15. Ok I’m starting to feel bad for ararararagi with that OP and another meeting.. and the calls..

    Yes I know she needs his help and It’s fine… but doing all this without koyomi knowing is just not right…

    I feel bad for him.. he shoud be there too.

    araragi and gahara didn’t talk to each other this season… the author must hate them..T.T

    Kashiwazaki sena

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