This is by far the most brutal fight we’ve seen in this arc yet. Kensei, Rose, and Mask are going all out against other and both sides take a serious beating. Kensei and Mask both pummel each other, but the Superstar gains the upper hand with his massively increased star power and KO’s his opponent. In the meantime however, Rose has not been idling around, and he takes the chance to attack James, cutting him completely in half. If I recall correctly, this would be the first time Rose shows such a deadly side of himself. He also immediately releases his bankai, Kinshara Butoudan, a troupe of horrifying bandaged figures that engulf Mask in a symphony of death. Unfortunately, his detailed explanation of his power is his downfall (again) as Mask nullifies it by destroying his own eardrums then counterattacks with a blast from his forehead that disintegrates Rose’s midsection. Honestly, I did not think Mask had it in him to pull off something like this, and I underestimated him due to his appearances.

However, he has had his time to shine, and all signs are pointing to that time coming to an end soon. Renji’s arrival prevents him from finishing off Rose, so he will probably survive; getting cut in half or holes blown through the chest was never lethal in Bleach anyway. It’s a pretty disappointing performance for both the vizards though, and neither of the Vizards even used their hollow abilities yet, although since the masks grant increased regeneration, they might not be out of the fight completely. However, Renji does seem to have gained a significant power increase, just by the fact he blocked an attack that destroyed Rose in one hit. With the results of his Zero Squad training, he will hopefully be able to stand a chance against Mask, which would still be impressive given that this is someone who just defeated 3 vice-captains and 2 captains in the matter of seconds. Without his eardrums though, Mask won’t be able to hear what Renji is saying (or anybody else for that matter), and it’s not clear whether this will affect his ability to be a hero.


      1. Anyway, as a side note is Ichigo. I am more surprised that he hasn’t come yet. You would think for sure that Ichigo has gotten much stronger, as compared to Renji and Rukia. But that just simply shows how Rukia and Renji has now caught up to Ichigo in terms of speed. I do like bleach, but I hate the way they make it in complete suspense, what will Ichigo do once he gets back. I would like to see improvement in how Ichigo has in term of power. The other part is dialogue. I will be curious if Ichigo will pull something out of Princess Bride film- “Hello, my name is Ichigo Kurosaki, you killed my mother, prepare to die.”

        I am more curious about Bambi-chan. If she is going to be executed, I feel someone will save her.

  1. I never understood why everyone in Bleach MUST explain their abilities to their opponent. Its like asking them to beat you. Im sure theres better ways to explain to the readers the nature of their power.

    1. The last one to not explain their ability was Unohana, and nobody understood shit about what her Bankai does before she bit the dust. It’s a thing for the audience and I find it humorous that it was countered this fast.

    2. It’s because because of birth of manga and subsequently shounen started with all the main characters screaming their awesome attack names. So rather than the sensibility of the fight or the quality of the fight based on realistic decisions, shounen is actually rooted in how awesome your attack SOUNDS and LOOKS, but not necessarily IS.

      It’s tradition.

      …although Kubo has watered it down by a lot. It’s still “true” to shounen, which is probably why it can be popular, but it pales in comparison to authentic shounens written in years past.

  2. Never have been a manga chapter that is so stupid that it made me smacked my own head twelve times! Never! But, whaddaya know, Kubo breaks that record…

    Well now, if you can excuse me, I am going to scream “THIS IS SO STUPID!!” a couple hundred times while jumping around like a maniac…

    1. Sadly, Bleach is the type of manga that has a record of keeping people in suspense. Until Ichigo comes in will all the fans jump and say “GO ALL OUT ICHIGO.”

      I do hate how we don’t know a lot of other things. First is Kenpachi. NAME OF HIS BLADE?

      Next is the Fullbringers. Time tell No Lies has yet to show it’s actual worth. And Book of End will “now be used for good.”

      Finally is Espada number 3. What is going to happen to her? And will Ichigo come to the rescue?

      My biggest surprise is how we fail to see any Arrancar, or at least an explanation on how they got their quincy powers. Since Arrancar would be foot soldiers, of the lowest possible class, then Juha Bach should have sent an entire fleet of them; but, I guess from the looks of it, Juha Bach has gotten very little arrancar. Not only that, he is even kill his own men. It makes Aizen look more sane, while Aizen did slash his number 3, something tells me he just purposely immobilized her, never intending to kill her, since she would’ve seen her grave.

      1. There’s no point sending in foot soldiers if the point of the war is to kill everyone ASAP, plus bach knows that arrancar can be easily dealt with. No point sending in soldiers that can be taken out in bulk

      1. That actually made me laugh, so true though.

        Thinking about it, Aizen was one of the few who did NOT explain his ability in full details. First he made something up about mists and mirrors. Then He explained some “parts” of it, but never its weakness. That took Gin many years to find out.

  3. Izuru, Chosakibe, Unohana and Yamamoto dead. Komamora now useless. Soi Fon and Hitsuguya down. Byakuya, Shinji, Kensei, Rose, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Rangiku and Hisagi defeated. I may have forgotten a person or two but 15 of the supposedly more powerful soul reaper are dead or probably out for the count and only 6 Stern Ritter have been defeated (3 by Kenpachi alone). Now I’m actually a fan of Bleach but how can Kubo expect us to believe that the Soul Reapers can beat the more powerful Stern Ritter if Mask can beat two captains and three lieutenant level soul reapers. Not to mention the very real possibility that Aizen is loose to do whatever he pleases.

    Red Alchemist
    1. Kubo-Twist: Aizen is a good guy, driven to do what he did because he knew about Juha Bach and the Stern Ritter but no one believed him and was just driven crazy because he was really really scared.

      Turns out Juha Bach is a good guy, the hollows are good guys, Ulquiorra gets revived, everyone is redeemed and lives happily ever after…and Orihime does the cooking.

      1. A plot twist isn’t necessary. Like many other Shinigami, Aizen despises Quincies. He won’t be there to help Soul Society, he’ll simply be there to complete unfinished work of exterminating Quincies.

  4. Honestly, who the fuck explains each and every detail of their ultimate move while NOT killing their opponent?! I no I shouldn’t, but I expected more from Bleach. -__- Sigh……

    1. I think the problem is that Kubo tries to keep the readers informed so that they aren’t confused about the powers, but at the same time, the timing for the explanation was at the worse moment, especially since Rose didn’t even kill his oppoenent yet and he lowered his guard too easily. (These guys should probably do their explaining after the battle, or just think up the explanation in their minds.

    2. The Good Guys explain their Powers, the Bad Guys dont give a Shit… I just say his Star Light-beam. There where no explanation, he just Shoot his Ray…

      Thats how it should be

  5. …so what’s the point of having your current set of Captains if most of their lieutenants are stronger?

    If you’re going to have your elite bite dust hard, at least give them the decency of a good battle.

  6. I think Bleach’s main problem was summarized in this chapter. Rose explaining his bankai. He had a perfect opportunity to finish off the wrestler, then he blew it. Kensei also didn’t hollowfy, which would have given him some edge, but no. I really wanted the Vizards to stand out during this arc. They didn’t really do much in the last arc. Shinji never actually defeated anyone during the last arc. Kensei was apparently defeated by Wonderweiss. And Rose was technically defeated by Stark and Aizen. You’d think after what had happened, they would be given better time to show their skills. However, this begs the question. Is the manga rushing towards its climax, or does it just want to show off certain characters? Battles against Stark, Ulquiorra, Halibel and Baragan took several chapters, yet the ones against the Quincy only takes like about two to three.

    1. That’s the formula for shounen combat. Explain in length to your victim your attack, powers, motives, plans, and or grievances before continuing the battle or delivering the final blow. Then become startled when it all unravels before you as if unexpected.

      They should all take a lesson from Indiana Jones in the Lost Ark movie where he faces against that big brute wielding dual swords. After putting on an elaborate display of skill with his swords, Indiana Jones calmly unholsters his gun and shoots the @%*!@$# dead with a single shot then turns around to go on with his business. Simple, effective and classy.

  7. ….Me? im a bit of a self sadist…therefore I’ll ride out on this TRASH…..there are no surprises left for this garbage……..unless it just goes total GAY aizen x ichigo x ishida…..i wouldn’t see that coming…oh wait, i just called it, heh

    BROOKLYN otaku
  8. Haven’t read Bleach in a while but that “villainous” entrance was so badass. Rose was pretty cool, but I think props should go to Renji. He deserves some time to look cool. Also, why no Hollow masks, Vizards? Holding back is all well and good when it doesn’t get you killed.

    1. I have two theories for that:

      1) Mayuri cured the Vizards of their Hollowfication, earning them acceptance back into Soul Society as a Captain.

      2) A Shinigami using Hollow powers is frowned upon even during dire situations :). I guess the Vizards want to keep their pride and not rely on Aizen’s “gift” any longer! 😀

  9. It seems that everyone’s power levels can just change based on whatever whim Kubo seems to have, its like he thinks to himself “let’s make two or three soul reapers complete monsters and everyone else can just be meh”


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