I can’t believe that James is still alive after taking all that, and has infact duplicated himself from each piece of his original body. This guy may in fact be invincible and will probably only die when Mr. Macho also dies as he is almost certainly a built-in part of Mask’s power. With the renewed cheers, Mask pushes forward yet again with pure man mode, and even manages to close a large wound to his stomach with sheer force. He puts on quite an idiotic show and finally releases his ultimate form (complete with star nipples and underwear), blasting Renji with a barrage of powerful attacks and finishing with his ultimate-ultimate attack “Star Supernova”. This guy is just a complete parody of shounen heroes who just refuse to die no matter the odds, and always manage to come back with yet another power boost to defeat increasingly powerful opponents. Unfortunately for him, in the end he is still the bad guy, and Renji will not be going down this time. It’s not completely clear what happens in the cliffhanger, but I’m guessing that he has released his own ultimate form (probably an upgraded bankai, as the outline of Zabimaru’s head is visable). Although the chapter was incredibly light on actual material, all the trash talk and ridiculousness going back and forth made this fight more entertaining than the others in this arc, despite the same predictable formula. Hopefully though Renji will finish things off soon so we can move on to other things.


    1. Perhaps this is a “Holiday filler” for the Mangakas. I dunno, if in Nippon they have some kind of Golden Week around Christmas. But for my Taste even this Chapter was very thin

      1. Dude everything since Ichigo started running down Snake Way has been filler. I am half shocked that they did not spend 5 weeks showing Yamcha and Krillin (Renji and Rukia,) training with Mr. Popo.

    2. Despicable Me’s El Macho “escapes” to the bleach world to make things rather unpleasant. One of Gru’s minion obviously became James. And now Renji’s bankai may finally remedy our little “Lucha Libre” problem.

      Anyway, Aizen help us, we need a better villain.

  1. Self-parody of fights that go on too long, also goes on too long. As much as it would be great to see Kubo break the habit of a lifetime I know this would mean less money in his pocket at the end of it all. 🙂

    The replicating “James” construct was creepy though. Eugh.

  2. I can’t wait to see how badass Renji’s Bankai is going to look now! :O

    I have a feeling that after all this is over, Renji and Rukia will go over to As Nodt and get wrecked (turns out As Nodt is above Mask in power and skill), and Byakuya comes to save the day. 🙂

  3. Kubo suffers from some absurd OCD. He thinks up these crazy characters that he thinks are f-ing awesome. So, by god or BY WEEKLY FILLERS, he will explore and reveal every aspect of these unique characters before he will allow their wringed out corpses to die…

  4. Honestly there has to be another faction to fight these quincies
    The gotei has lost too many top soldiers
    We have 13 captains
    2 are dead
    1 was promoted so therefore might as well be 3 captains dead
    1 became a wolf and unable to fight at all
    5 are too damaged to continue fighting
    1 is training in heaven
    2 are roaming around in god knows where, and
    1 is in his lab

  5. I honestly think this whole thing has been hilarious with “superstar”. It reminds me of being a kid and a fan of wrestling. They were like real-life comic book heros. This guy is like Hulk Hogan…but retarded. It’s hilarious!

  6. Oh god this needs to end.. this whole superstar villain is just strange. It hurts to read this chapter without having to go through a page of him talking about his super-duper ultimate power up with stars on his head, fists, and crotch.


  7. I think Superstar is falling between being a total comic idiot, awesome Quincy and a horrible character, and that’s exactly what makes him excellent. Tho it is time to finish him off now.

  8. I honestly can’t understand why you guys haven’t liked these past few chapters. This fight has been very well illustrated with some interesting powers and Mask de Masculine is probably one of Kubo’s most entertaining characters in a long time. I’m not saying that it’s the best thing to come out of Bleach ever, but what’s not to love about this?

    1. My personal problem with this is the mood whiplash. I’m still reeling from the “Nope, the Visored have always really sucked and always will” bitch-slap when Shinji, Rose and Kensei got onto the page.

      This enemy has no obvious personality underneath his ridiculous affected persona, and it seems like he’s written so one-dimensionally to hide the fact he’s nothing more than a mobile plot device to wipe out Gotei 13’s weenies and tiring out Renji so he can’t be the one to ‘save the day’.

      (we’re not allowed to be ‘meta-‘ around here, judging by all the down-votes)

      Choo-choo! All aboard the game master rail-road.
      Next stop: Another contrived plot point to clear the way for Ichigo.

      I won’t speak for anyone else, of course.
      Oh, and I’ve never been into any country’s version of wrestling. That might be important.

  9. When I first read this I had alot of Eggnog…I mean ALOT of Eggnog. I shouldn’t have had alot of Eggnog before reading this chapter. Joking aside I think Mask has won me over, I really love this guy, but now I want him to stay for the rest of the series. I hope Renji doesn’t kill him, turn him into a good guy.

    P.S. James is weird.

    1. still having a hard time wondering if those are pillar moobs coming out of his chest, but been been reading the manga back and forth and seeing that it might be a scar or a symbol that shapes like a scar, more like an optical illusion since its not colored…

    And don’t tell me that you already knew it because you didn’t until you heard it from me 1st.

    K C M

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