「萩村スズを見守っていました / 桜才・英稜学園交流会おかわり! / アリアのこれなーに?? / 症状チェック常備はポケティッシュ」 / スルメとタカトシまっぱ! その2
(Hagimura Suzu wo Mimamotteimashita / Ousai-Eiryou Gakuen Kouryuukai Okawari! / Aria no Korenaani?? / Shoujyou Chekku Jyouubi wa Poketissyu / Surume to Takatoshi Mappa! So no Ni)
“I Was Watching Over Hagimura Suzu / Ousai-Eiryou Inter-school Exchange Round 2! / Aria’s WTF is this?? / Always Have Tissues Ready For Your Check-up / Dried Squid and Takatoshi Naked! Part 2”

Not as Dirty as I hoped for!

After last week’s modest start, I was ready for our crazy cast of characters to throw their best material at us. Be it the standard fare of dirty sex jokes or oddly specific comments about Tsuda and his man parts, this week’s offering still felt a bit tame. Which sure, may be funny the first one or two times but after witnessing just how far this show will go, you can bet that I have higher expectations than one or two kiddy jokes! However, I did think that the running tissue joke was freaking hilarious. Growing boys need a way to wipe themselves off don’t they?!

Uomi, the Other Student Body President

From the moment I saw her during last week’s episode, I was hoping that Uomi would’ve been another straight-man to help Tsuda and Suzu retort all the incoming jokes I thought we’d be hearing. And you know, in some ways she’s kind of like the dirty straight-man that Aria could have been if she weren’t so air-headed. Instead of trying to leapfrog off a joke and take it to whole new level, I really enjoyed how Uomi was able to take whatever was thrown at her and just compliment it instead of escalating things.

But honestly, it seems like she’s a carbon copy of the not-so-well endowed Shino. Sharing the same title, body type, and mindset it’s hard to say what makes her unique compared to the crazy cast of characters we already have — which is what I would have said until I saw the last few minutes of the show.

Unlike the four members who populates the student council and apparently can’t recognize the growing bond between themselves, it seems that Uomi can easily see “what’s up” or at least “what should be up”. If you remember last week when I brought up the romance aspect in a comedy show, I think her appearance in the show might be an answer to my prayers! While we’ll have to wait and see whether or not she has her eyes on our Vice President, it seems that she might be x-factor we need to get the theoretical ball rolling!

Two episodes in, what do we have?

I’m hoping that the series is just having a slight case of sequel-flu. With the production levels still through the roof and a whole new element just waiting to be explored, there are so many ways for Seitokai’s second season to be a hit that I’m sure GoHands will eventually hit it out of the park. While things still feel a bit stiff at the moment, I’m hoping it’s the writers’ way of easing us into things. On that note, let’s all hope that the production values stay high and the jokes get raunchier!

Random Thoughts

  • Suzu is just too cute for this show at times. If only they’d stop SHAFT-ing her with those horrible camera angles!
  • Dat Butt Vase in comparison to the original vase is just too much.
  • I don’t think Tsuda will ever escape the dried squid.

P.S. I just watched Seitokai Yakuindomo OVA 3 after writing the post and all of Uomi’s scenes are so much funnier knowing that she might have actually been that normal girl I was looking for when she was first introduced. While it doesn’t change anything, I would recommend taking a peek at the OVAs if you already haven’t! Anyways, 1-9-1-9-1-9-6-9 everyone!

P.P.S. Shout out to Zanibas for taking the time to cap this episode while I was in Los Angeles for Anime Los Angeles. Expect a post with a review and lots of pictures soon!


ED Sequence

ED: 「ミライナイト」 (Mirai Naito) by 佐藤聡美 (Satou Satomi)


End Card


  1. Man that dried squid sketch is still going strong since its debut in the OVA episodes. No matter what Tsuda does, he just finds himself in even deeper waters. LOL

    When Shino introduced the school to Uomi, a small box replays the exact similar scene from season 1 with her introducing the school to Tsuda, and almost the same dialogue verbatim. It would have been perfect had the VA director arranged for Hikasa Youko to time her lines at the exact moment to achieve perfect synchronisation.

    And then there’s Uomi (with help from Ranko) trolling Kaede, while showing off Saito Chiwa’s diverse voice skillz. When was the last time she did a boy’s voice anyway?

    Uomi is most certainly digging for Tsuda. This would create some interesting rivalry with Shino as a result, though Shino is of course still at the stage of figuring out whether she’s actually into Tsuda or not.

  2. Suzu’s reaction to being carried – priceless!
    Uomi definitely is a “flag spotter”. I think she might try to mess with Tsuda only to have Shino become jealous and therefore aware of her feelings…
    Ah and the humor highlights were the butt-vase and tissues assumption (Tsuda is a 1.teenage 2.boy, ergo he MUST have tissues with him! QED, in girl’s logic). Building a special video room for boys/Tsuda was golden too. (Sadly that was beyond my influence as council president… LOL)

  3. @Takaii: Glad to see you’re blogging this!

    Still keeping my fingers crossed on the visual quality. So far so good which is a very nice added bonus. This week wasn’t quite as funny as others, but that’s kind of how it goes with the series so focused on comedy (really just one looooong string of jokes). Some chapters/jokes are simply better than others.

    One thing I did notice. At least for the Horrible subs version, either the anime changed the joke (possible, but I doubt it) or the translation was off. Either way, the joke got screwed up. The joke starts around 4:10 with Suzu complaining about her natto rolls. Aria says (paraphrase) “You won’t grow up big if you don’t eat” which sets up Shino for the punch line at about 4:22. H-Subs has “You’re not going to be able to eat if you don’t grow up bigger”. Huh? That’s not right at all. The punch line from Shino (per manga) is supposed to be “If you don’t grow up big, you won’t get eaten.” Pretty sure I don’t need to explain that XD. Again, not sure what happened, but the H-Sub version TL kills the joke entirely.

    As for Uomi, she is very similar to Shino… in a lot of ways. Frankly, the fact she’s not another straight man works just fine for me – especially when she’s paired up with Shino. The two just feed off each other which results in some pretty funny dialog.

    FYI, next episode is supposed to be primarily based off of manga vol 05, chapter 93 which is a good one IMO.

  4. I’m such a bad person telling my friend that there’s romance (<_<?) in Seitokai's content just to get him to watch this. Well, technically, there is. I mean, THAT kind of romance.

    ps. Thank you, student council! I'll never get to eat dried squid like a normal person anymore.

  5. Wow, they’re going all out with the sex jokes. I can’t remember how pervy S1 was but is a bit too much.

    I never met a girl who would shout pussy, sex toy, all kinds of sex play in public so please forgive me.

    I want t see Uomi in the future again.

  6. I think the series has increasingly emphasized the romance part and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this developed further.

    The amount of actual non-joke dialog the characters have had has increased dramatically. Affections by Shino and Suzu are made obvious in the first few episodes, increase towards the later half of S1, and are really standing out now in S2.

    I don’t really see Uomi becoming a romantic interest so much as being a catalyst to further romantic development.

    To increase the comedy they may have a hidden relationship, which is made plausible by the school’s strictness as a pretext. This is sort of foreshadowed by their discussion of couples. Shino and Suzu are the only real options based on what we have so far.

    The show is really struggling with its balance of comedy to seriousness ratio. In Season 1 the ratio was much more skewed towards comedy and it worked. In Season 2 romance has received a slight bump, the comedy segments are way more spaced out, and there seems to be some filler/fluff wasted on meaningless dialog or failed gags. I think some of this is being used to re-establish Shino as a “serious” character. It was getting really hard for the audience to take her seriously towards the middle and end of Season 1 where she basically became just another Aria (who is basically not even in the running due to being too far off in comedy land). So giving her non-sexual dialog allows her to become a character the audience can take seriously and have actual “common ground” conversations with Tsuda.

    So they should really cut out the wasted time and either up the romance or up the comedy. But currently the quality is suffering for it.

    One Comment Wonder
    1. So they should really cut out the wasted time and either up the romance or up the comedy. But currently the quality is suffering for it.

      So much this.

      One one hand,I’d rather they stick to what makes this anime fun to watch: the comedy. Leave the romance to shows better suited for it.

      On the other hand,providing some sort of closure to the series through romantic means might be a good choice but unless it’s done right,I’d rather have it skip out on the romance and remain the entertaining gag-based show until the very end.

  7. i don’t think they’ll run out of sex jokes but it is becoming very predictable maybe they should tone it a bit down focus more on the funny skits (Dried squid and Tsuda XD).

    (let’s say that Shino and Aira had matured)Maybe they would focus more on parodying other harems out there and making more funny skits.
    it is kinda like a harem, Tsuda has 3 women interested in him (Shino, suzu, and Mutsumi)and he doesn’t know … but technically this is not a harem… Tsuda would be too decent to even think of that 😛

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    Season is Over

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