We’ve gone through two months of this ridiculous Mask de Masculine hero already, and he’s finally going down this week. Mask has actually not once gained the upper hand against Renji in this fight, despite coming back and powering up again and again. I’m sure that the fact Renji kept his cool and his mouth shut helped his performance a lot, but a lot of this confidence probably also came from his experience at the Soul Palace. He (along with Rukia and Ichigo) basically received the best of the best training possible for a shinigami. The Royal Guard is essentially the elite five, with the best healer, the creator of all the zanpakutou, the namer of the zanpakutou (and everything else), the master of reiatsu, and Shutara, who’s abilities aren’t clear yet, though it’s implied to have something to do with clothing and armor. Soul Society on a whole sure would be a hell lot stronger if the Royal Guard gave the same level of help to all of the captains and lieutenants, but I guess they just can’t be bothered with the affairs of the lowly incompetent Gotei 13.

Renji however, is lucky enough to be chosen for upgrades. After training against the Asauchi, he is deemed worthy enough to be told the “real” name of his sword, because apparently he sucked too much before and was only told half of it by his zanpakutou. His complete bankai Souou Zabimaru is now a lot stronger, and also has a bunch of new forms and abilities now. On his right hand he holds a toothed blade and gauntlet similar to his shikai, and on his left he wields a giant skeleton arm, with a long tail trailing behind him. Despite his bravado, Mask never stands a chance, and is finally disintegrated with a huge energy blast and a zinger from Renji at the end of the chapter. It was an interesting battle, but I’m looking forward to something new, and hopefully the next fight will feature some of the more highly anticipated characters.


    1. Now the question is, is Tenza Zangetsu the true name of Ichigo’s bankai, or does Kubo have a cooler name in store for us?
      To be frank, I get the feeling that chain, on Ichigo’s bankai, is more than just a decor.

  1. Just give Rukia a damn bankai already. She’s been needing one for awhile now, if only to keep up the the other insane leveling-up by other characters.

    It supposedly takes 10 years of training to master a bankai, but this is Bleach so Kubo can show her breaking it out at the end of a chapter, then we’ll get half of the next chapter dedicated to the story of how she got it through some Bleach-logic and we’ll move on.

  2. Renji’s left arm is a baboon’s arm, and his right arm has a snake’s tail, basically his bankai’s 2 animals. Its an interesting design.

    Now if Kubo would kindly show us what happened to Bambietta so we can confirm her for the harem or the likes :3

  3. Can’t say I’ve been keeping up but I thought it was announced a long time ago Bleach was entering it’s final arc. I sure see these posts quite often so I’m guessing that never happened?

  4. I had suspicions about everyone having a true bankai, after seeing Komamura’s real form. With Renji, those suspicions were confirmed. Haing seen Yumichika’s true zanpakuto, Byakuya’s true bankai and Yamamoto’s four bankai forms, we really should have expected this, yet why did we not?

    1. Because there is a thing called kubo-logic, where you would try to apply logic to a situation in bleach, only for it to pull a 180. at this point, Ive stopped jumping to conclusions and assuming things a long time ago in this series cause it seems like everything was done at the last minute to build up shock value.

      I honestly wouldnt be surprised if kubo pulled some shit and made a level higher than bankai, but that’s assuming in which case read the paragraph above

  5. Renji upgraded from Bankai and gained an O.S. (Oversoul) Armor mode!

    While I’m glad Renji is finally out of Krillinland, it’s kind of underwhelming and doesn’t nearly make up for the utter atrociousness of the last few chapters.

  6. Rukia better HAVE a BANKAI since she trained with Squad 0, and doesn’t snubbed like Kubo does to women characters he don’t like. Thank Jesus Renji went back to being a badass. You better not humiliate him again like you did in the past KUBO!!! Renji sucked ass cause he didn’t know his Zanpakuto’s true name, so there is no excuse for him to be beaten easily now.

    Corey Lucas

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