OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「Fight 4 Real」 by ALTIMA

「蒼き魔女の迷宮篇II」 (Aoki Majo no Meikyu Hen II)
“Labyrinth of the Blue Witch II”

Oh boy. That was episode was every bit as priceless as I expected it would be. We get Kojou casually being invited into Himeragi’s room and stumbling upon this, Kojou getting trolled by the distortion in style, Sayaka getting stripped in her sleep, and it’s like: “YEAHHHHHHHHHHH”.

Keeping true to the Strike the Blood formula though, it’s not all fun and games, and we get quite a bit of development this week too. For one, it looks like the Meyer Sisters are indeed behind the distortions around Itogami City—seemingly using Natsuki’s powers no less. Not only that, but they seem to be doing this for Yuuma, whose revealed to be the Witch of Notaria and intends to use this event to free her mother from prison. The problem? This’ll also free countless legendary criminals too.

But true to Vatler’s personality—yes, he makes his triumphant return here too—what is a problem to normal society is merely another venue for his entertainment, and it’s quite hilarious how easily he’s persuaded to overlook the Witch of Notaria’s scheme. It’s a fitting result to say the least and you can’t pin anything up on this guy. He’s completely unpredictable and does things on a whim just for fun. To top things off, he’s ridiculously overpowered too. So you can’t tell him to stop screwing around either, and if you’re planning to do something in Itogami City, you’re going to either have to provide some entertainment for him or pray that he doesn’t want to stop your plans on a whim. Talk about a true X Factor.

Ultimately, this week’s episode continues what’s been a pretty good start to the second half for Strike the Blood. They’re starting to hint at things beyond the normal scope of villains we had in the first half, there’s a rocking new OP (and ED), and they’re executing their great mixture of serious moments + comedic relief better than ever before. That said though… La Folia’s really starting to distance herself from most of the pack in terms of pure #winning value. I mean come on. She’s not even directly involved in things right now and still manages to give us some priceless faces at the expense of Sayaka while she’s at it. The picture of her and Kanase at the end of the new OP is just fabulous too, and it’s like: “ALL HAIL THE PRINCESS!”

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ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「signal」 by 分島 花音 (Kanon Wakeshima)



  1. That said though… La Folia’s really starting to distance herself from most of the pack in terms of pure #winning value.

    Seriously. I could barely concentrate on what was happening in the few minutes after her scene.

    Damn, La Folia, just damn…

    1. Well, yes and no.

      fripSIDE did most of the OP/ED’s for Index and Railgun and their composer is doing the music for ALTIMA. The actual vocals are done by the rapper from m.o.v.e. and Maon Kurosaki for the female vocals.

    1. Assuming her stated age of 26 is true, it seems unlikely that Yuuma is her daughter, if that’s what you’re thinking.

      Although this is the same series where La Folia’s aunt is younger than she is, so I suppose nonstandard family-forming events can happen here…

      1. having a aunt or uncle younger then you is rare but not THAT rare, for example say the grandparents had their first child when they where 20 to make things simple, and then their 2nd child when they where 30.

        the first child is quite quick and get a child at 20 (This will be called Child A)

        Child A is also quick and get a child at 20 This is you,

        however the 2nd child don’t get his/her child untill 31, so you’re older then your uncle/aunt

    2. well, it’s a little more complicated to say her age. the OP offers a bit of hint on that one. Since Salleus already used spoiler tag on that, I will just say there is a reason why Natsuki appears as loli and still legal (this reason may well be revealed next week haha)

  2. So the dimensional distortions are a side effect of the 2 witches and Yuuma trying to break this prison barrier, correct? And Yuuma is allied together with the 2 witches?

    But how does Natsuki factor into all this?

    1. the dimension distortion is caused by the magic book No.539 or whatever its name was (its power is to manipulate space), and I believe the reason they are doing it should be revealed next week.

      Binnie answered the next question, so I will just say that OP has a pretty good bit of hint on this one 🙂

  3. So now that I’ve watched the episode… that OP had better not be foreshadowing anything. City in ruins, Nagisa in prison, Natsuki in a chair looking lifeless, Astarte holding Natsuki’s umbrella as if it were a memento…

    1. well, from an LN reader’s perspective, I wouldn’t really call those spoilers to be honest… some of them are sure potential hints for the events in this arc, but don’t read too much into it yet since it doesn’t reveal anything beyond this arc or any major story elements (maybe aside from one significant one)

      1. well, as I said, don’t read too much into what was shown in the OP… I guess the best way to describe it is this is what might happen if things didn’t go right (of course we all know the hero will win in the end since the series is far from over haha)

  4. I disagree with your assessment of the unpredictability of Vatler. It’s blatantly obvious what he’s going to do: absolutely nothing good. He won’t help defeat baddies. He will needlessly hinder the good guys. He is a side character that simply adds entropy to already complicated situations.

    Continuing my “Campione” comparison from before, he is the equivalent of Doni Salvatore, the Sword Idiot Devil King.

    1. I don’t know about that.

      He’s stepped in a points with the threat to take down baddies, the problem is his taking down of them would probably trash the city too, which was why Kojou had to jump in two arcs back. He also got involved here before he was persuaded otherwise, and he’s clearly playing a role behind the scenes to try and get Kojou to improve his control over his familiars.

      The general thing I feel is that he will step in to defeat the baddies if he needs to and the situation suits him, but he’ll also step back if he doesn’t feel a need to. With that said, if you think about it, he never does actually hinder the good guys directly, but rather just sits there and goes “hey, all yours, but if you screw up you know what’ll happen right?” He’s neither good nor bad, in terms of his actions, and I’d say that inability to predict which side he’ll hinder/poke around/support behind the scenes makes him unpredictable.

      But yeah, either way, he’s still an X-factor. Someone who “simply adds entropy to already complicated situations” is essentially a big part of the definition of the term so eh. I guess we do agree on that front.

    2. Vatler is no side character at all. Zephyr is right, Vatler does play a big part as as far as making Kojo stronger (the reason to do so is a big spoiler at the moment). Of course, he wouldn’t mind have some fun (by fighting strong people and sending out homo energy lol) I don’t know if the anime will get to that point, so I will just say that Vatler is more involved in the story than most of us think.

  5. another great episode, and thanks for the coverage as always, Zephyr!

    The new OP is awesome, though I am a little disappointed that no major plot spoilers was shown in it (I was so ready to see how far they would go with the LN material they got on hand), so now all I know is that they will for sure finish this arc in a big way haha.

    can’t wait for the actions next week!

  6. Entering the second half of the season, the service shows no signs of abating and remains strong as ever. 😀

    We have Yukina and Kanon in their undies, and La Folia trolling poor Sayaka. But did Yase just unbuttoned Asagi’s blouse in order to troll Kojou (while assisting him in beating the teleport maze) without looking the least aroused himself as a guy? o_O|||

    If Yuma’s mother had planned for this day since long ago, arranging for her daughter to befriend Kojou when they were kids, that would mean Kojou was destined/arranged to succeed the powers of the 4th Progenitor, with his sister being possessed by a related being as well.

  7. Yuuma is one of those characters you know is going to be forgiven and becomeanother love interest by the end of the arc despite all the awful things she’s done or help done. I can only think of the faceless soldiers in those helicopters. They all had families and futures of their own but they all died because of her. Retribution? None. She’ll cry and say she misses her mom and the fact that she betrayed Kojou, made him a criminal, killed innocents and caused millions in damages will all be forgiven.

    1. you mean the meyer sisters, right? its not like yuuma ordered them to do it, though I do wonder how she’s barely affected even just a bit with the carnage, she’d save up some points if she at least “tried” to prevent needless killings.

  8. Thank you Sirius for remembering us lowly side characters. I was one of those people who died last episode, and I must say, being remembered for our sacrifice is truly heart warming

    Mustached Soldier F
    1. Hey, someone has to. Once you get older you start to empathize with the faceless bystanders that die doing their job just because of some teenagers and their bullshit. I look forward to seeing how they’re going to justify all the damage she has done just because Kojou’s harem needs a tomboy.

  9. Hm, I prefer the first ED, since it features all major characters.
    You know, this episode showed me that it could also work with a (manly) female lead! Might as well stay like that, Kojou! 😀

  10. Here is one thing that´s been bothering me for a while now: Why does Forgotten War Lord gives so much freedom to Batler?. The incident with the Nalakuvera was obviosly a test set up by the First Progenitor to judge the power of his new brother (Kojou, the Bride of Chaos and the Observer of Destruction must have been watching the show as well, but why leave craziest vampire of all The Domain in an island that´s a gigantic nitroglicerine box even without the Fourth Progenitor. The War Lord must have given Batler a mission important enough to let his number two man be away from the Empire for so long.

    1. I don’t think the focus is on Vatler, but rather on Kojo. Being the oldest and one of the most powerful being in the world makes you less involved in matters that are small mischief to you. Vatler’s intention is to fight strong opponents so he could find enjoyment (maybe he is a big M aside from being a little homo, lol), so as long as Vatler doesn’t accidentally cause the end of the world, forgotten warlord probably wouldn’t care. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vatler would fight foul gazer (the 2nd) or chaos bride (the 3rd) if given the chance, since he is that insane

      1. Thanks, I imagine it would be something of the sort, when Kojou meets the guy in person He´ll have to control the urge to choke him for unleashing Vatler into the world. By the way, I heard a rumor that it´s highly possible that this sick puppy Vatler is the son of the Forgotten War Lord.

      2. haha, I don’t know about Kojo doing that, unless Forgotten warlord tries to harm any of the Kojo harem members lol… As to the last point, I don’t think so. Vampires in this universe has the concept of blood relatives in a more strict sense. The more similar your blood is to another vampire, the closer you are to him. The LN mentioned Vatler devoured some of the oldest and most powerful vampire, who presumably acquired blood directly from the Forgotten Warlord himself, thus he has such high title, freedom, and more apparently strong power. This is similar to how Kojo devoured Avorora to become the 4th progenitor.


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