I’m going to attempt to overlook some things for the sake of analysis. Some things such as the following:

  • Heavily armored robots can easily be taken down in one shot by majestic arrow or a gun. Common armor apparently has no protective gear against this. Armies are essentially useless.
  • Jeanne’s voice isn’t convincing anyone. It doesn’t even sound modestly tomboyish from how her seiyuu delivers the lines. Despite this, she earns a man-to-man confidence and a dogeza from Nobukatsu (though admittedly, he’s pretty gentle himself).
  • A number of in-between animations are fairly inconsistent, especially for scenes unrelated to the action.

Instead, let’s focus on the story development so far. Most recently, we have been introduced to Himiko, queen of Yamatai, whose historical counterpart was a shaman queen of Yamatai-koku (whose location is debatable) in early 3rd century Japan. She just got a marriage with Nobunaga by possessing a “regalia,” of which its importance is yet to be explained. However, this regalia could very well be similar to one of the real Imperial Regalia of Japan, the jewel Yasakani no Magatama. With this union of both regalia and marriage to a queen, Nobunaga is clearly poising himself to claim legitimacy as a ruler, far beyond succeeding what his father Nobuhide presides over now.

Meanwhile, we have developments with Jeanne experiencing more visions and premonitions, which often get her into dangerous situations. Her connection with our world’s Joan of Arc seems to be triggered by fire, which is an interesting point of development. If one looks similarly to Oda Nobunaga’s end, his own death involved fire surrounding him, but in the end he refused to be engulfed by them and instead took his own life (see Incident at Honnou-ji). Thus, one can make a connection that Nobunaga does not fear the flame due to this historical reference, and as such is able to console Jeanne, even as she fears the flames engulfing her as a consequence of her sacrifice. This might not have been an intentional development on the writer’s end, but it’s an interesting connection I thought would be worth sharing. Either way, Jeanne is beginning to see the potential that Nobunaga has in being a king, which leads both to increased respect and growing feelings.

However, there will be many a problem that keep Jeanne from advancing her connection with the future lord of the Oda. First threat comes from Himiko, whose legitimate bond will most likely produce distance if Jeanne’s gender is revealed. Second is the watchful gaze of Ichihime, whose closeness to Nobunaga–to the point where she knows exactly what weaponry her brother needs at what moment–can place additional distance. Though it’s not a love triangle in the slightest, the dynamic between these three women will play an important part in Nobunaga’s perceptions of the world. Whereas Jeanne hails the future tales of what is to come and what must be stopped, Himiko reveals the traditions of the past and how they come to strengthen his legitimacy in the present. Though it’s a stretch, Ichihime resides in the present for Nobunaga, keeping him tethered to the reality that he lives in now. How Nobunaga interacts with each character will reflect Nobunaga’s overall attitudes of his future, present, and past, and overall shape how he will approach the incoming menace that is the crusading West Star.




      1. I’m not sure … judging from her demeanor, I don’t think her plothole has been exposed yet.

        Based on her attitude, it’s definitely still a small plot hole right now. Yet if the anime keeps up its current trajectory, it might get widened a bit more over the course of the show?

  1. Himiko has semi-legendary status in Japan, given no proper archeological evidence exists of her or her kingdom.
    Detailed historical records of Himiko and her nation mostly originate from Chinese classical texts, which state that the Wei Kingdom(of 3 Kingdoms era China)kept close diplomatic relations with Yamatai, and that Yamatai sent tribute to them often.

    Japanese historical texts, however, do not expressly mention Himiko, causing a dissonance between the 2 sources.


  2. In tarot, the Chariot represents victory and assertiveness, overcoming opposition through self-confidence and control.

    However, a reversed tarot (today’s ep) represents a loss of (self)-control, and the advent of chaos.
    Thus the ‘mindless violence’of today’s battle, the sudden appearance of Himiko in Nobunaga’s relationships, and the possible chaos that Caesar and his minions will bring to the Eastern Star.

  3. Hmmm, my guess turned out to be true. She really is Himiko. Though I can’t really say much bout her somewhat tricking Nobunaga into a marriage. These sorta things don’t really end up well. Besides, i don’t think Nobunaga can take her seriously at all.

  4. Ichi, give me my bow I’m going to own a lot of people on some robots xD that was cool and Jennea was cute even as Ranmaru 😀 but Himiko fooled Nobu into marriage awsome, since the’re 5 jewels show on the OP maybe “The Fool” has 5 transformation and if they require a bow, could he have 5 girls to make a harem?? hahaha I like this serie it would be nice to see the act

  5. that laughter……Rikiya Koyama & Mamoru Miyano are awesome. Mutsuhide is pretty good himself though, using a sniper rifle to take down the pilots(aren’t sniper rifles a recent invention though, only created during the Crimean War?)

    1. They have mechas and spaceships in a setting based on feudal Japan and whatever mix of European history they’re going for, and you’re wondering about sniper rifles? Ok xD

    2. Yeah the first sniper rifle (high velocity rifle really) was made during the Crimea War, but it wasn’t until around the 1870s that the optical technology developed enough to give these rifles the capacity to become very dangerous (ie hit things nearly 2 km away).

  6. I’m not sure which is more ridiculous: those mech designs for grunts that don’t offer proper protection against small arms or Nobunaga’s almost super-human bow skills where he managed to hit the “performers” of the mechs in a succession while moving at reasonably high speed.

    That aside though,I’m enjoying this show a lot and if this is how the action in Nobunaga the Fool will be,I’ll probably get used to it soon although in a different way – toss logic aside and enjoy it’s over-the-topness of it.

  7. I have no knowledge about Nobunaga in Japanese History but I know he had concubines and stuff. Will this eventually turn into a harem or something? It also seems like Mitsuhide has a thing going on for Nobu’s sister. Oh well, I’ll root for Jeanne. I don’t even know how Nobu can resist those melons.

    The Story You Don't Know
  8. Heavily armored robots can easily be taken down in one shot by majestic arrow or a gun. Common armor apparently has no protective gear against this.
    This was pretty much my biggest issue with the episode. Even if it’s fairly minor (unless it keeps happening), I had urges to facepalm almost until the end…

    Another interesting choice was Nobunaga’s “okay Ranmaru, follow me like a man while I ride closer to those mecha to shoot arrows at them, just the way I was doing from a better location until now”. I guess that can be excused as something done by the Fool though.

    1. Yeah, to be frank this part is a serious black mark against the show for me. It was too ridiculous. He was actually MORE effective with the freaking bow than we’ve seen anyone be with one of the big magic robots so far. He was full on Kira Jesus Yamato level with the damn bow. It made it hard to take any fight seriously after that. And it’s going to continue to make it hard for me.

      Whenever there’s a hard fight and people look desperate I’m just going to be wondering ‘well where the hell is Nobunaga’s bow?’

      Also, they mention the cockpit is relatively unarmored so they need a regalia, but the cockpit is the one place on the fool that doesn’t get any armor when they DO get a regalia.

      This episode was not good. It moves this show even further into Aquarion EVOL territory as opposed to Macross territory in terms of quality. I’ll keep up for a bit because I want to like this, but it has some damage to repair in my mind.

      1. I think you’re taking this too seriously. I’m enjoying his series like Sengoku Basara. They’re both crazy in overpowered characters, although probably more so Sengoku Basara.

        Basically, similar to the Fate series, any named historical figure you can assume will have extraordinary and exaggerated skills/powers to distinguish them from non historical figures.

      2. I agree with KaleRylan here. The use of the bow here was very much in the vein of a deus ex machina. Nobunaga needed to be more “involved” in the fight rather than all “herp derp watch every single one of my shots perfectly hit their targets.”

        This isn’t a matter of abilities as much as choreography. If the fight had been better laid out per say then this sticking point wouldn’t be so pronounced as some of us have noticed.

      3. I’m not annoyed by a lack of realism, I like the lack of realism with space travel, robots, the shipping of random historical figures, etc.

        I’m annoyed because what he was doing with the bow was so mind-blowingly overpowered as to be completely and utterly ridiculous, EVEN in a show with magic robots and Jeanne d’arc and Oda Nobunaga being romantic.

        And it wasn’t even that well done. It wasn’t dramatic after the first shot, he took out so many robots without even trying like some kind of head-shot machine gun that it literally got old in the space of one scene. He also single-handedly ruined the mini-mechs as any kind of an actual threat from this point on.

        I WANT to like this show, but I need more macross and less EVOL. I enjoyed 1 and 2, this one did not do it for me.

  9. He. Just. Doesn’t. Care.

    Whether it’s shooting down mechas with an itty bitty bow and arrow or Jeanne’s increasingly two-fold role in this story (Ahahahahahaha), Nobunaga. Just. Doesn’t. Care.

    And maybe that actually helps this show rather than hurts it; an ambiguous mix of advanced technology coupled with ancient elements to exploit for whatever purpose is needed. All I know is that we’re finally starting to see some real momentum here, and I’m loving it. XD

    Ryan Ashlight
  10. This week, painfully lame CG fights. MJP come back please.

    And Jeanne still can’t get anything done without turning into a damsel in distress in need of a princess carry. Never change Kawamori.

  11. I wait a little bit longer, to see if i hook with this Anime. Right now, this Anime mix many European Heroes and Nippon Heroes. The “Fire guns” Time in Nippon History and Mechas…

    Right now, it still fl around inside my head. So this Pieces still no fit in there Places

  12. Lets not forget.. Jean was a Leader typ Woman.. And she heard the voice of God. And in the end she was….

    Well Interested? A good Point to learn a bit European History. But in this case, it will not end pretty

  13. Cannot say I’m not surprised the first cracks are appearing in the visage (shooting arrows takes down mechas now?), but it’s still a fun ride so far. Since we are in store for 20 episodes or so the true test will be how the plot is going to unfold (not Jeanne’s, that’s *sunglasses* under wraps for now).

    Personally I want to see more of the West Star. I thought it was already united, yet apparently King Arthur is still trying to clench complete control. The way it looks is the first half is going to be both sides (Arthur, Nobunaga) establishing control of their respective stars and gearing up for a final showdown. Thus we may just get that space opera in the latter half with King Arthur’s space fleet versus Nobunaga’s space fleet in, wait for it, space.

  14. Heavily armored robots can easily be taken down in one shot by majestic arrow or a gun. Common armor apparently has no protective gear against this.

    In the medieval Europe, the easiest way to kill a full armored knight was to hit his eye, as there was no way for it to be protected. They knew the technology to produce glass, but they were still unable to use it as a transparent protection.

  15. While Himiko may be the official wife of Nobunaga in place of Nohime it does not mean “Ranmaru” can’t be his lover. Jeanne becoming Nobunaga’s mistress living in the same roof as the wife.

  16. Given all the things I’ve seen people chop up with swords in anime, the reaction some people are having to the battle this episode is a little puzzling to me. Maybe it’s just because I was a huge fan of Samurai 7 and got a strong Samurai 7 vibe from the previews to this show, but I had absolutely no problem here. Taste varies of course, so your mileage may vary.

    The website for the multidimensional project (the uber project from which the anime and other related things spring) actually spoils the engagement to Himiko in the character descriptions (for those who read Japanese http://the-fool-project.jp/characters/ ) but indicates that Himiko feels threatened by the way Jean is always with Nobunaga so I don’t think any possibilities have been closed off yet (and whether it’s because she’s not a halfwit or because she’s a sorceress (just spying on Nobunaga with her crystal ball could catch them breaking character – Hideyoshi appears to have missed the memo as he still reliably calls her Jeanne), it’s likely she sees through “Ranmaru”).

    Looking forward to Caesar getting more airtime – the website description of Julius Caesar mentions that he’s such a womanizer that even in battle he never forgets to check out the women on the opposing side – a reference to Jeanne or Ichihime, I wonder? Completely in character of course, according to Suetonius when his soldiers were marching in one of his victory parades they sang “Home we bring our bald whoremonger, Romans lock your wives away!”

    Speaking of Ichihime, Mitsuhide seemed awfully attentive when she was reciting poems after the war council – is this the crack in his loyalty to Nobunaga?

    I also want to know the story behind the kaiju skull on Shingen’s castle…it had better not be “dunno, it was there when I bought the place”

  17. People, don’t take the ridiculous abilities of any named historical character too seriously. This series is playing like Sengoku Basara. Assume any historical figure has extraordinary abilities. They’re intentionally exaggerated to distinguish them from normal characters. Takers in this series even looks like Takeda from Sengoku Basara, albeit the ridiculous Takeda from Sengoku Basara could probably solo Takeda’s mech with his battle axe.

    1. Takeda looks similar in most depictions of the Sengoku period. He’s one of those characters that has a famous enough look that except for minor details and his age it doesn’t tend to get messed with that much. Sengoku Basara is actually one of the more far out depictions, as it is with most of its characters.

  18. The fact that Jeanne seems to have a regalia too, but hasn’t done anything with it yet, indicates she isn’t sure that it is a regalia or that she doesn’t trust him fully yet. I guess it will be most OP one or one he needs to be unbeatable.

    I figured Jeanne not trying to sound male was due to Japanese having male and female ways of speaking, although that wasn’t evidenced either.


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