OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「ambiguous」 by GARNiDELiA

「女はそれを我慢できない」 (Onna wa Sore o Haman Deki Nai)
“The Girl Can’t Help It”

Kill la Kill’s highly anticipated episode 16 is here, and it’s not without a boatload of story line revelations—all amid a new OP/ED and a “recap episode” that was thankfully cut into only a minute’s duration. Needless to say, every one of these story line bombshells are vital to the overall story, and some of these will be listed below for reference’s sake:

  • Satsuki’s having a lot more trouble controlling her Junketsu than we previously expected.
  • Life fibers are actually extraterrestrial organisms that artificially guided human evolution.
  • Ragyo, using Revocs (< --> Covers) has already spread life fibers around the world in daily clothing made by the company.
  • Matoi Isshin founded Nudist Beach in order to combat her.
  • Senketsu was made for that sole purpose.
  • With those revelations in mind, it’s easy to see why many had this episode pegged as the series’ game-changing episode. After all, the “ultimate enemy” has been finally revealed, and it’s likely that there aren’t any huge revelations left to give out from this point. The cards are all on the table and it’s an interesting spread that could lead to some interesting developments—including the ever appealing possibility of having Satsuki and Ryuuko fighting on the same side. Because if one considers the fact that Satsuki seems to have been gunning for Ragyo for a while now, the fact that the latter’s essentially turned the family into a spokesperson of an alien being just adds more wood to the fire, and both of our MC’s are ultimately on the same side in this respect. Indeed, it can be said that many of Satsuki’s actions regarding Ryuuko—she did make sure not to kill her when she had the chance—have been done with the intention of priming her for the upcoming Culture and Sports Festival, and it’ll be interesting to see how her inevitable involvement changes the Satsuki vs. Ragyo equation. Because while it’s entirely possible they end up on the same side, it’s also possible that Ryuuko decides to go through both of them instead, which would be a sight to behold.

    That said, the show’s really taking the whole evolution and clothing thing pretty far, which ends up fitting right in with how the series has been up until now. It might be causing a few select biologists to roll in their graves, but it’s a generally interesting twist on what’s been a rather grounded series so far. And by that, I mean grounded in the sense that the series has been playing within a certain set, formulaic boundary—one that did not suggest the involvement of extraterrestrials. But now that they are involved, well, let’s see where it takes us. I’d hesitate to say this is a game-changer episode without seeing the rest of the episodes, but it could very well be one.

    Author’s Note: I’ll be taking a significant exam next week so I will be unavailable to cover episode 17. As of now, it looks like Stilts should be able to cover episode 17 in my stead, but this is not a guarantee. If anything, the episode will be made up with a double post the following week.

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    ED2 Sequence

    ED2: 「新世界交響楽」 (Shinsekai Koukyougaku) by よならポニーテール (Sayonara Ponytail)



    1. New OP, and interesting plot developments. I rather like it 😀
      Also, good luck on your exams Zephyr. Though we might not know you personally, we are cheering for you from all around the globe!

      1. This is a game-changing episode indeed. I love Satsuki-sama so much and after this episode, I love her even more. As of now, she is my most favorite villain girl. A great and powerful leader who knows the balance between formality and sexiness.

        This episode shows that even Satsuki-sama is no different from Ryuko and the others. Are we going to see a face turn in the near future?

        As a yuri fanatic, I should know my shipping limits. However, after watching their “bonding time together”, I cannot help but ship Satsuki-sama with her own mom Ragyo. If I love Satsuki-sama, I love Ragyo just as much. Ragyo is such a hot mom!

        John Hayabusa
    2. I think Kill la Kill has proven by now that it’s capable of telling a story when it wants to. The misplaced expectation that a series of this nature needs to be plot heavy with every single episode is its only poison. Yes, I’m referring to previous reviews on this site and the elitist attitude that a lot of naysayers have held towards this anime.

      1. It’s interesting that you word it this way, because if a series is capable of telling a story when it wants to, but chooses not to do it, isn’t… that actually worse? It’s one thing to be unable to tell a story, but something else completely not to do it despite knowing how to. Seems like a recipe for falling short of potential.

        And by the way, let’s not throw around accusations of elitism. Just because you disagree with an opposite opinion does not make the other side elitist (actually it makes you seem elitist instead). I won’t speak for the other naysayers when I say this, but I know at least personally that I’ve reasoned out exactly the reasons I felt like the series may be under developing in some respects. But not once have I said that this is something everyone should believe in. Rather, I’ve explicitly stated this is something I personally feel, and I’ve stated my arguments accordingly and with my reasons, and I’ve explicitly stated that it’s okay that not everyone feels the same way.

        You have your views, and that’s fine, but let’s stay away from the accusations of elitism, and let’s also not say that any kind of expectation of additional plot is automatically misplaced. That’s bordering on elitism more than anything, because it seems like there’s no other views other than your own.

        1. We should all know Kill la Kill is a battle anime by Studio Trigger who is known for their flashy animation and over-the-top premises. By my first statement I wasn’t implying that “since they can they don’t have to” but that it doesn’t need to happen every single episode for this show to excel; as long as there is enough underlying plot to the tie the series together and keep it interesting. Because as with any battle anime, there are going to be episodes that primarily focus on action and in this case that’s exactly where Trigger shines. The expectation that every single episode needs to be plot heavy, is in fact misplaced. That’s not just my opinion, that’s the genre we are dealing with. Not every episode is going to follow – or should follow – the same structure.

          I didn’t intend to leap you in with all the naysayers and brand you as elitist. I meant to separate the two and I didn’t really clarify that. So I apologize if I offended you. While I disagree with many of your doubts about Kill la Kill, they are much more reasonable than a lot of the negative bias floating around the net; suggesting that it’s merely eye candy for “lesser minds.” Although one thing that did bother me which was said on this site, albeit not from you, was when Guardian Enzo went as far as calling the series “unambitious.” There a lot of things that you could call Kill la Kill, but unambitious isn’t one of them.

          As for my own status on elitism, I don’t think that simply enjoying a series for what it’s intended to be and defending it so is at all elitist.

        2. Personally my biggest problem with your reviews is mentioned earlier this tiny those little misinterpretations, and it wouldn’t be anything wrong time to time, but you tend to built long paragraphs around them.
          It just appears like watching KLK was some kind of forced nuisance to you. Those are just my impressions.

          I’m not saying Kirakiri is saving anime, greatest or anything, (nah It’s not), and hell I wouldn’t like to read crazy fanboyish opinions, but for me It’s way more enjoyable to read just comments below, especially since they are written in less serious tone (that just doesn’t stand well with serious-not kirakiri), and often just correct your review.

      2. Once you remove personal bias towards this show it’s easy to see criticism has not been levelled at the lack of plot, but rather how the plot has been unfolding; there’s no denying KLK bogged down around the middle, largely due to skirting around the edges of what was presented here. There’s suspense, and then there’s suspense, what we have been seeing until now has been the former, a path with an apparently shallow end. If greater hints had been dropped the problems around episode 12 likely could have been avoided.

        An elitist is someone who ignores any critiques AND looks down on others opinions, that is not what many of us including Zephyr have been doing. We all have our own opinions regarding this show, and whether they are right or wrong doesn’t matter as long as we can freely discuss them. Part of successful debate is respecting others views and allowing them to voice them, even if you disagree (and certainly some of us have disagreed with one another). Appealing to ad hominin attacks like accusations of elitism are superficial, disingenuous, and ultimately takes away from an objective discussion on the success or failure of a show.

      3. Witch Craft Works is going through this right now, its an action anime but a lot of people are complaining about lack of plot, when really just like KLK, it reveals some plot devices each ep but will reveal all in a circumstantial ep, but its just focusing on the action aspect at the moment (WCW).

    3. Now this is what has been missing story-wise: all powerful alien life fibres that parasitically caused humanity to evolve! Planet of the Apes vibes aside it does lay out Ragyo as the main antagonist with Satsuki nothing more than her pawn; whether she sides with Ryuuko against her is still up in the air at this point.

      Greatly surprised too at the mother-daughter incest in the pool, it’s as though there is a tug of war this season over which series can have the most provocative yuri scene. Also Alien reference for those who caught it 😛

        1. Perhaps her Skin, is Bio Cloth Armor. Special made for her

          And slowly i begin to speculate.. but it is not loved to see here…

          Someone MC could be a Clon of someone other MC, that would explain the same Hair color and Eyes. but 1 of these MC has special Eyes….

          This all Reek of suspicious. And perhaps the Assistant of the Mother, is all the Culprit.. It always was.. Not the President is the bad guy, his Prime minister…

        2. To explain my conclusion:


          Do you see her Neck? This is not an Collar. Her Dauther has it only on their GodArmor. So i assume, that She is a Freak and give the Life fiber, her Skin. Perhaps She was Burned in a Fire and lost her Skin, and someone created this Life Fiber Bio Cloth… Or she done it herself. She is sadist of it

          Then Ryuko should have one, too.. Her Eyes…

        1. They feed on skin electricity, while bringing in numerous super abilities to the wearer. If not for the berserk transformation, it is a symbiosis that is advantageous to both parties.

      1. as soon as i heard Senkestu say “recap episode!” i bowed my head and just sighed. Then it was over before i knew it and i literally shouted “YES!”. Scared my dog out of my bed. hahaha.

    4. I’m calling it right now; Ryuko is really Ragyo’s daughter; Satsuki is just a replacement, with all the subtle hints thrown about this episode, most notably the lack of synchronicity between her(Satsuki’s) Kamui and herself, especially compared to Ryuko(hearing the Kamui’s talk, for example).

      1. I think it’s more because their Kamui are different. Junketsu doesn’t talk, interact and only seeks to feed in exchange of giving power. It’s also likely that for all her machismo Satsuki doesn’t actually fully accept Junketsu. Maybe deep down she has a slight fear of her uniform, probably because she already had some suspicions about the nature of Life Fibers.

        Senketsu on the other hand is a character of his own. He interacts, shows concern, has his own thoughts and opinions and is capable of making his own decisions. He is less of a tool and more of a partner. Moreover Ryuko doesn’t fear Senketsu and treats him less like a tool and more like a person.

        Perhaps being made by human hands and human methods without direct influence from the mother Life Fiber might had affected Senketsu’s personality.

      2. I like that theory, but what if Satsuki is also Ragyo’s daughter and she and Ryuko are sisters? Talk about ‘gmae-changing’ revelations… (Satsuki’s and Ruko’s faces would be priceless if that comes to happen).

        1. I was thinking the same this episode (Ryuko and Satsuki being sisters from the same father and mother ), when the NB dude said Matoi Ishinn and Ragyo were investigating Life Fiber together in the past. I mean, we dont know shit about Ryuko’s mother or Satsuki’s father… so they are probably sisters.

      3. Same Eye color, same Hair color and nearly the same Willpower. (Even if one has to learn it).. What more do you need? The “These are Anime Sisters” Rule is fully active and Ringing from the Biggest Mountain 🙂

      1. THAT is exactly what I think her school army is being set up for—I think Satsuki is looking exceed her mother, not succeed. We’ll see how that turns out, but I have no doubt that she’s relying on Ryuko to bail her out if all her plans fail.

        1. I disagree with those who think Satsuki has been priming Ryuko to use it as a weapon. I think Ryuko was an unexpected spanner in the works, and Satsuki tried many ways of neutralizing her, without success, even if she had to bend her own rules.

          (I mean, according to Satsuki’s own rules, shouldn’t Ryuko be granted a position above Gamagori, Inumuta and Jakuzure since she crushed them in the so called Naturals Election? Or survival of the fittest is only applicable if “her” henchmen win? ).

          BUT episode 15 has shown that Satsuki has learned to respect Ryuko, at least she now considers her a worthy opponent. So a possible future alliance wouldn’t be a master plan, but character development.

    5. May or may not be relevant (probably not given my prediction success rate) but there was something interesting:

      Ragyo has lined that Life Fiber room entirely with suits that resemble what Satsuki’s father wore in episode 3.
      Satsuki stares at the suits, not sure if out of suspicion/disturbance/what have you.
      Aikuro wears the exact same suit in character reference art, he’s gonna put it on at some point in the show.

      Thanks John
    6. During her conversation with her butler and Shiro, I think it is probably the first time Satsuki has shown any sign of vulnerability in front of anyone.

      Sometimes I wonder if Satsuki herself is a bit tired of appearing inviolable to the world.

      Random Comment
    7. The bath scene was incredibly uncomfortable, probably because I didn’t want to see someone as domineering as Satsuki in such a submissive position. Also, when her mom mentioned about her skin, I suddenly got a Snow White vibe.

    8. Ok, so Kill La Kill has become the X-Files. I’m cool with that. Ragyo wants humanity to serve aliens, Satsuki probably wants the aliens to serve her, Ryuko thinks aliens and humans can be friends, and Nudist Beach wants to kill all aliens. And then there’s Mako. Fight!

      (By the way, good luck with your exams!).

    9. This show is like a Beautiful but SHALLOW girl/guy.

      Because of its beauty and your own denial you end up trying to see things that aren’t really there (still speaking in general here).

      It’s a fun show. But it isn’t as deep as so many people have made it out to be. Countless references to other anime or not (people liken it to Utena a lot…the guy who created Utena and after that Penguindrum is another dude who fans have made out his work to be more than it actually is…I respect your rights to interpret as you see fit, though, so no elitism).

      And unless something “wow” or “deep” happens in the remaining episodes it’ll remain a forgettable series at best, remembered only for how cool it was.

      Kinda like how the only things people seem to bring up when talking about “Gurren Lagann” are Kamina, Yoko, GAR, drills piercing heavens and anti-spirals (27 episodes and that’s all you can talk about?! Really?!).

      What about the character’s relationships?


      Crazy plot developments?!


      (Kill la Kill is better in this respect but not by much).

      Besides the fights between Ryuko and Satsuki in episode 3 and 15 all other fight scenes have been dull (the Sanageyama ones the most grating). Which is bad for a battle series.

      Besides Ryuko finding out who killed her father and this whole alien reveal, nothing mind blowing has actually happened.

      Which is bad for a “character drama” (yeah, the writer lied to hype the show…Both reveals were weak by the way, simply because of a lack of foreshadowing. Nui just appeared out of random to the point where some people still think she’s lying and isn’t actually the one who killed Dr Matoi. Imagine that. The life fibers on the other hand haven’t been central enough to the plot besides giving super powers).

      When people talk about this show a year from now they won’t talk about plot developments, series altering twists or strong characterization.

      They’ll talk about…I really can’t say. Because there really isn’t that much to talk about.

      Besides what people actually think is there.

      It’s a beautiful show, great to look at.

      But it is shallow.

      Akizaki Ranho
      1. Well, perhaps what Nudist Beach tell her, is not the Truth? Perhaps it is the “Nudist Beach” bended Truth to get her on their side?

        Well, the Last minutes where she began to ask the “Holes” of their Truth. It display me, that She is Smarter then She looks.. Even if she needs sometime 🙂 (Btw, someone of the Team played “Vindictus”? The Doze Animation :))

    10. uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~ Satsuki is indeed turning me on during the bath scene! I dunno how many times i rewind that part…Satsuki is totally soooooooo damnnn orgy!!! XDDDD i just sooo love herr!

      that aside, damn i hate Nui! if it werent for her intrusion, we might gonna watch longer length of Satsuki’s soft side with her Butler and Shirou…

      onion warrior
    11. Not gonna repeat myself with my reactions I already talked about elsewhere. …. or how LATE the subs came out. A-GAIN. >: All I will say, is that I love how the writers take the idea of clothing and turn it into an entire sci-fi epic!

    12. You know the show’s awesome when they make fun of recap episodes and make a new OP that gives you chills. Want some epic Satsuki vs Ryouko action? Watch the opening. Also dat bath scene tho!

      Jason Isenberg
    13. “I can’t fight my own mother even if she is horrible, so Ryuko please help me!” Satsuki should have said that to Ryuko with sad puppy eyes. I can see those two go love love with each other. I LOVE THIS ANIME. 1:15 min for a recap you are GOD ……robe senketsu!


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