Episode 04

「しあわせの在処」 (Shiawase no Arika)
“Where Happiness Lies”

Episode 05

「境界線」 (Kyoukaisen)

For the sake of keeping it short, I’m going to condense my impressions into a single summary post rather than two distinctive ones.

Noragami proves every week why the audience should stick around and keep watching. It may not seem like the most unique thing on the surface, but Yato has a lot up his sleeve and he’s not just your ordinary God (or your ordinary wannabe God). I generally like anime that build up the plot early on and then slowly reveal the character histories bit by bit (if anyone’s seen Monster, it was very good example of that), but Noragami is the exact opposite. It has awesome characters that it uses to draw the audience into staying around to see what’s going to happen later. As of now, it’s about who Yato really is. What are his intentions of becoming a God and will he really do just about anything to stay “alive”?

I would like to believe that Yato isn’t as dangerous or evil as Kofuku (Toyosaki Aki) makes him out to be. It’s a given that he’s probably done a few evil things in the past – whether it be killing people or his own weapon. The better question is, why? The bad boy image does well for Yato and similar to Hiyori, I find myself very drawn to him. I think every girl imagines that she can crack through the tough exterior of “bad boys” and Yato gives off that vibe for me. He’s mysterious, kind of nonchalant about many things and doesn’t seem to grasp what it takes to become a real God. But despite all that, he still cares about many people and seeing as he is responsible for Yuki now, I don’t think Yato mistreats him at all by any means. In fact, he’s taught Yuki little by little about what it means to be a shinki and how to defend himself. Yato definitely doesn’t get enough credit with all the effort that he puts into helping others. That’s probably because he helps so little people though… Regardless, it feels like you can’t completely blame Yato for some of the actions he’s taken.

Speaking of helping others, did anyone else find that fall incredibly longggg? It actually made me laugh when Yuki pointed it out. The mystery aspect of the show is definitely not particularly surprising. Come on, they literally introduced Kofuku and Daikoku (Ono Daisuke) that same episode! But who’s Nora (Kugimiya Rie); the girl is covered in markings and from the way that Yato avoids her, perhaps she’s a bit of a wh*re? I don’t mean it that way! But perhaps she’s been marked and used by so many Gods (Oh dear, that doesn’t sound any better…). She’s someone that I have my eye on and I’d like to see what kind of connection she has with Yato. What’s up with the creepy girls in this show anyway? BONES can set the mood so well when it comes to eerie scenes.

A lot of people seem to have a bad impression of Yuki and I wanted to make it clear that it’s not necessarily what he does that might tick you off, but it’s more like what he doesn’t do. He doesn’t seem to have many passions or interests for being a shinki and other than a slight hint of interest in Hiyori, he’s kind of just there. The thing that bothers me is that I’m not sure if it’s intentional because he’s a damaged teenager (who had his life end early) or if that’s just actually who he is and he’ll only change much later on. Hiyori even has the impression that Yuki is this neglected child because she takes him home… but I don’t think Yato is a negligent God at all. Yes, he has his own agenda, but Yuki doesn’t seem to care to help him, so whose fault is that? That’s just a relationship that I hope will develop sooner rather than later. It’d be great to see how Yuki’s past is slowly reveled at the same time that Hiyori finds out more about Yato because Yuki on his own isn’t the one that I’m watching for.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: #ノラガミ has such an interesting underlying story about Yato that I hope this season is going to take the time to flesh that out.

Note: So incredibly sorry that I couldn’t post Noragami in the past 2 weeks. I’ve been busy on vacation and my schedule will continue to be hectic for a while. Going forward though, I “should” be timelier and I’ll warn you if anything else comes up. Thanks for being patient as always =) My twitter-like impressions at the end will also be renamed. It’s now “Bottom Line” rather than “TL;DR”. Div (my boss) didn’t like the implications of a “TL;DR” abbreviation =P Also – Happy New Year for everyone that celebrates Chinese New Year!




  1. I liked your review, thanks a lot! I laughed so hard at the scene where Yato just copied her parents, the way he stood outside the door was just too creepy I laughed so hard!

    I don’t think Yuki is an insignificant character though, I think he was really finding it sweet how Yato is commending him. But as a child to both of those parents, he seems to pick the side that spoils him the most, which in this case was Hiyori. He is starting to get “connected” to Yato, thinking what if he “doesn’t need him anymore” and “goes to his other shinki”, it was nice to see those feelings. I like Yukine’s charecter a lot.

    I think Yato’s “mysterious” talks of really “dark notions” in the way he speaks or others speak about him could be misunderstood, but for now I like the mystery. I wonder if it’s because Yukine was not intending to kill the girl phantom had its toll on Yato? sicne he was holding the back of his neck, but I am over thinking, possibly because I also watched the scene in the preview xD..

    Nora probably would be a “calamity” that Yato contained by making her his shinki, that is what I think. She had “killed” many gods, and maybe she couldn’t kill him, I don’t know about that, but it is just a guess!

    Thanks for your review again. This show is definately amongst my “Top 4” this season, with Magi, Nagi no Asukara, and Tauro. Cheers. M.

    1. I had starting and stopping fits where I thought two or three times “yeah they’re going to stop falling now…” and then get slapped with a big NOPE! Laughed ridiculously hard at it, especially when they broke down guy’s back story.

      Oh how I like the warm fuzzy Eden of the East feels I get from this show 😛

    1. I only say “slight” because I think boys would make a much larger effort if they had a HUGE crush on a girl =) or they should anyway. Otherwise, how does she know? Or maybe Yuki’s just a growing teenage boy >_> he seems to stare at her chest a lot…

  2. Very entertaining episodes; I was a little bothered at how they brushed past some important actions that Yukine was supposed to do that was prior to understanding Yato’s relation with Yukine, however I think the show has maintained a good interpretation to how Yato is scary but empathetic of others. Now I wonder how they are going to develop Yukine further in the show.

    1. In regards to Yukine’s actions, i see why manga readers feel a little bit bothered but i understand why the staff is taking this approach with Yukine. Instead of going the Manga route, they are showing Yukine slowly give in to temptation and insecurity. I think that’s a subtle and interesting way to tackle his arc. If anything, the preview for the next ep shows that things arent going to be so toned down as manga readers are assuming.

  3. The way Yato’s character is handled (his goofy exterior, his imperfections, and that dangerous aura about him just itching to come to the surface) is what hooks me in the most when it comes to Noragami

  4. Noragami keeps deliver the goods. nonstop.

    little by little it’s becoming more and more intense and interesting. it seems Yato and Yukine’s relationship is more and more on the verge of explosion. not to mention the latter still doesn’t know about Yato’s past (killing a Regalia).
    Hiyori’s action comes a bit as a surprise, but not really because she is more and more concerned about Yato’s nature. eventually her action of taking Yukine doesn’t seem like the right solution. it’s more like taking care of symptoms rather then dealing with the main issue. first Yukine is still a kid at the age of 13-14. he might be a ghost/Regalia/Shinki/whatever, but you can’t deny his nature is of someone at that age. and it’s a tough age as Yato once said. easily influenced, confused and all. we see it in this very episode as Yukine doesn’t see right and wrong of shoplifting if you’re a Shinki. and the case with the little ghost girl (he definitely felt some sort of similar feeling).
    and Yato isn’t really helping. he isn’t a bad person, but he is kinda bizarre and eccentric. “gods can do whatever they want”. even if this is correct, there are other ways.
    this dissonance in between characters is heading toward climax little by little.

    in the meanwhile, a new character has appeared. one that is seen a lot in OP. she seems a badass and also some kind of god, and she has some interest in Yato.
    there is also that Nora who popped out of nowhere right. seemed like an old-friend of Yato but this doesn’t look too god.
    so Noragami doesn’t focus only on the MC and random encounters with bad-ghosts. but also start to move forward in other levels.

    I’ve been told that last week, Noragami skipped a bit and now returned to the order. and yeah, it seems like that. but also they are doing some modifications. they still deliver the goods and convey the correct feeling, but I hope these are minor modifications, though the more I read, the less certain I am… I hope they are just changing a bit the order for the sake of bringing further events much more intense..
    that way or another, this is still the essence of Noragami, something that is enhanced in the anime because of the great art and OST of BONES, really really great job BONES.

  5. I really like this show, there hasn’t been a single disappointing episode. The mix of comedy and serious stuff is just too good. Also, I like Yukine. I don’t know why, but I do! Looking forward to the upcoming episode. Thanks for the post, Cherrie!

  6. I think Yato is definitely not unlike war veterans in a peaceful country. Drifting without a good job as the art of killing is not much in demand in 21th century Japan. Think John Rambo in the first movie, a homeless drifter kicked out from every place by the settled folk.

    Also, Hiyori definitely is not making poor Yukine’s hormons more stable. Come on, huggin him closely like that? If Yato is getting really stung every time Yukine gets somewhat wrong thoughts, I pity him…

  7. Okay time for my REAL reaction.

    Episode 4 was a SOMEWHAT good balance of humor and drama. The long fall seemed a bit out of place for something that isn’t at all Looney Tunes, but it was amusing anytime it was lampshaded. The god of poverty was really adorable and I’d want to get to know her myself 😉 even if I do get back luck.

    Episode 5: Hiyori and Yukine are meant for each other, to tell you the truth. They don’t give the other any strife, unlike Yato, who gives strife to both. You made the right choice, Yukine. 🙂 Apparently there’s still anime where the main characters’ parents are seen and have clear personalities of their own!

  8. Ahh… I love Noragami very much, so I checked out the manga…
    In comparison, Yukine’s character is better developed in the manga, seeing as the anime has cut off a few parts. (Also, the chronology of events is very different!)

    Even though, the anime seems to flow smoothly so far, so I’m hoping Yukine’s character will be developed sooner or later!

  9. Happy Chinese New Year! Anyways, this series is growing on me episode after episode and I’m loving the OP theme. Looking forward to finding out more about Yato’s past and I also can’t get enough of Hiyori! Neko girls 4tw!

  10. 🙁 That little ghost girl from episode 5 was probably one of the most heart-breaking things I’ve seen this anime season…>< I was actually wishing for some sort of happy ending where she starts to consider Yukine as an actual 'Onii-Chan' rather than simply addressing him as such. But maybe I am just a sentimental not-so-old fool =P

  11. I just assumed the girl named Nora is really the main focus of the anime right now. Especially when she said “say my full name” or something along the lines of that.
    Noragami anyone? I bet that’s her name.
    I really like how things are going I just want to see the plot hit the dark, dark route it seems to be headed toward. Right now I’m still sitting and trying to figure out what I’m supposed to look forward to in terms of plot.

  12. They completely changed how Yukine was an asshole to Hiyori after Yato taught him how to use the Boundary Line. Fucking Anime Original bullshit, how I hate you so much.

    It’s like they’re trying to make Yukine likeable in the anime before he starts really doing douchebaggery stuff. In the real version, Yukine is an asshole from jumpstreet. I don’t like this slow garbage. I started hating Yukine when he was an asshole to Hiyori, it was already bad enough with how he treats Yato, but he crossed the line. It gets worse from there.

    I hope Nora kills Yukine, that would be the best ending for me. Make it a heroic sacrifice or whatever as long as Yukine dies.

    1. They also completely changed the order of events WTF!

      I don’t like to use this word, but this anime is a “trainwreck”. It’s official, having good animation and comedy won’t save you just look at KyoAni, messing with the story and it’s pacing is bad and the anime studio should feel bad. DROPPED!

      1. The anime won’t be like the manga, the mangaka said that the anime would be a promotion to make better known the manga, actually , he designed a new enemy, an original anime character, which will be introduced in the next chapter and will make the anime to be quite removed from the original story. Its not BONES fault, blame the author instead…


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