A lot of what I enjoyed from the last chapter was kind of ruined here as most of the battle is spent with both Rukia and As Nodt explaining their powers in detail. I feel there are many ways to reveal a characters abilities without having him or her straight up talking about them – showing is always better than telling, though admittedly sometimes that is more difficult. As usual though, As Nodt continues blabbing about how his fear works and how true fear is irrational, based on death and utterly unavoidable by all living things. Rukia follows up by explaining that the “true form” of her zanpakutou Sode no Shirayuki (not quite a bankai) takes her body as part of the sword itself, thus requiring Rukia to keep herself in a suspended state. She is technically not alive, and is therefore immune to fear. Since Rukia has always been very sensitive to and skilled with spirit particles, it sort of makes sense that she would be capable of this sort of physics-defying manipulation. What doesn’t make sense is how shinigami are technically dead already, and they don’t actually have physical bodies comprised of atoms besides the gigai. I doubt that Rukia is invincible in this form despite being “dead”, but what happens if she is killed while being “dead”?

Regardless, Rukia has successfully nullified As Nodt’s fear ability, and he turns out to be a one-trick pony. She lowers her core temperature all the way to absolute zero and quickly cuts her opponent down. Though this battle seems to have concluded more quickly than I expected, I fear that Rukia’s success will also be coming to an end. She has revealed and explained her trump card already, and only has a four second limit at her lowest possible temperature. Following the usual Bleach pattern she might not be able to overcome the upcoming opponents that will almost certainly be much more powerful; the same tricks rarely work twice. I really hope that she is hiding more advanced powers so that she can continue to kick ass and not have to rely on Byakuya or Ichigo to come save her.


  1. ” I feel there are many ways to reveal a characters abilities without having him or her straight up talking about them” Well… I guess Tite can’t suddenly turn Togashi…

    1. It is often for psypchological reasons. As we recall, Renji didn’t talk about his “new” bankai. Rukia only talked about her power because she wanted her enemy to “feel fear” as a use of irony. To say “I am invincible,” is one way to make the enemy nervous and lose his composure.

    2. I’d rather Tite Kubo didn’t turn into Togashi, on the grounds Bleach would never return from a sudden hiatus, while slowly releasing chapters once every 1-2 years. Knowing the end is so much more important in my opinion.

  2. I honestly skipped all the blabber about fear. Too many speech bubbles to my liking…

    All jokes aside, I thought that the whole concept of absolute zero was handled incorrectly, Kubo suddenly seems to like to insert science into his fantasy but not before twisting it to his liking (Hey, let’s talk when there’s a vacuum ice, not like sound waves and vacuum hate each other, right?), but at least Rukia had her moment to shine… While I hope that As is done for – I don’t think I could handle another dozens of chapters with the bad guy magically powering up each time they are defeated – it seems kinda unfair given how many chapters were given to the ever-ridiculous Superstar.

    Well, inb4 Byakuya has to save Rukia against her next opponent.

  3. Bleach is almost turning like pokemon, you have an enemy, so you send a char with the exactly way to countermeasure that enemy’s power/ability. Then the enemy sends another different one, and so on… until a wild Ichigo appears and mow down everyone.

    1. Exactly… Lol, but I’m not buying it. I don’t think As Nodt is dead. Remember when we all thought he was dead by Yamamoto’s flames? He might activate Vollständig for all we know. Yeah anything is possible with Kubo, still caught in Aizen’s shikai. Lol

  4. I thought the point of training was becoming stronger and staying strong while leaving room for growth, not using a one-time attack. Anywho, I highly doubt As Nodt is defeated. We have yet to see his second form.

    1. Well, she got Stronger. She deepened her Bankai. Where Ichigo open His Eyes to his True Bankai Pal. Perhaps Her Brother his Bankai has now more Speed and Swords and Time… Or he is now Fearless…

  5. Now isn’t this much better than her blowing her wad with a Bankai? Now at least there is more room for growth, though this battle isn’t officially over. As Ad Nodt hasn’t done his transformation yet.

  6. What doesn’t make sense is how shinigami are technically dead already, and they don’t actually have physical bodies comprised of atoms besides the gigai.

    In Bleach, reishi is just a different form of matter.
    Shinigami have tangible bodies made of reishi. These mimic the human body in every way. All their crazy powers are just layered on top of that.


    Because billions of years of evolution makes a human body efficient, useful and they already know how to use one.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. People should read the Mangastream releases, which have far superior translations. Although Bleach has been degenerating quite a bit, blaming minor plot inconsistencies, based on poor translation of complex explanations that ought to have covered these holes, is harsh on Kubo.

  8. Chapter was boring, but at least it was (hoepfully) over quick. I am tired of the side shows and want to see the main event. I agree that I am sick of anime/manga have characters reveal exactly how their power works to an enemy. That is bone stupid, although it is cool to have enemies figure it out on their own. The best way it is done in my opinion is hunter x hunter. An outside agency is explaining everything that is going on to the readers/watcher and none of this explaining this power how it works.

    I seriously doubt that this is the full power of rukia’s ability. For one, she has transformed spectacularly, so she must have another card lying around. That is also ANOTHER complaint I have, attacks on bleach are often one trick ponies, they work once and then the next enemies can stop it with ease.

  9. Beautiful Ice Zombie!!! I guess Rukia’s spotlight will shine for a couple of more chapters? I hope so. It’s good to see her in action, with our without Bankai. Part of me wants her to be able to do it (and these are the final days/months/year of Bleach) but at the same time she’s always struck me as a character who fights bravely without one. I think the way her shikai works make her a perfect candidate to use more, self-harming (or forbidden) kido spells. That is, if her zanpakuto can also “repair” her body as it does with itself. Maybe Senjumu is the expertise in this area that trained both her and Renji (he does admittedly suck at it) in the arts of Kido??? Oh only time will tell. Next chapter please!

  10. Once again Tite Kubo shows his amazing skill and ability to have 18 pages to work with and fill those pages with blank space (white or black) or meaningless dialogue that only exists to take up space. Compare that to Oda’s One Piece, where you see 3-4 times more happen in the same real estate. Seriously, if there are any doubters then go read any One Piece or Hunter x Hunter chapter and stylistically compare it to any of the more recent Bleach chapters. You’ll notice that OP and HxH have more going on per page than Bleach, but the pacing is still good and doesn’t feel rushed, while a typical Bleach chapter is mostly empty space.

    Bleach started off pretty good and had a cool concept, but it got dull and slow and I guess the only reason I’m still reading it is because “I got this far, might as well finish”.

    1. I agree that whole chapter was a bunch of nothing that could be summed up in 1 page. “I make myself cold and freeze stuff.” Also why would a spirit have a body temperature if they have no body?

      1. Good point, as dead spirits they shouldn’t have blood either. I contend they only have blood for dramatic effect so that Kubo can end every other chapter with a random blood splash.

  11. Wow, Kubo couldn’t even give Rukia a Bankai after all that training she went through with squad 0? When will this padding end? I want to see Kenpachi and freakin Grimmjaw.

    Corey Lucas
  12. Bleach sucks, new chap is out. and yikes…. bleach is terrible. I tried to give it a chance to go back to the good ole days but i’m done reading it. If another chapter never came out I wouldnt care.


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