「観測者たちの宴篇III」 (Kansoku Sha Tachi no Utage Hen III)
“Fiesta for the Observers III”

It seems like every week that I’ve been thinking this lately, but Strike the Blood really knows how to do its genre well. Flashy action fights combine with a fantasy/supernatural themed universe to make a potent combination, and strategically placed fan-service gives this cake the cherry topping it deserves. It’s similarities to the well-loved To Aru Majutsu no Index series only add to this enjoyment—we got Natsuki activating her “John’s Pen Mode” this week—and the bottom line is this: Strike the Blood keeps getting better and better. The past two arcs especially have been some of the best this series has to offer—a tough feat considering how the cast has continued to expand with every episode.

And suffice to say, it’s amazing how easily they’ve made it to accept the introduction of new villains and allies on a weekly basis—especially when they’ve got funky names like Broodt Dumblegraff, Lydianne Didier, Kira Lebedev Voltisvala, and Tobias Jagan. Put simply, these are names that seem to be a random amalgamation of syllables that “sound cool together,” and it’s something that would leave viewers going “ehhhhhhhh” if this was a normal show. But as we’ve seen so far, this series is far from ordinary in terms of its execution—a fine accomplishment considering its generic backdrop—and this episode in particular yields a boatload (pun intended) of examples in this regard.

Indeed, when one considers how fluidly the series bounces between the comedic and serious moments, there are few other phrases one can use to describe this phenomenon. It’s just good execution when your life and death moments can still yield to jokes at Akatsuki’s expense without taking away from the experience, even though you’ve got to feel a little bad for the guy at this point. I mean, on one hand, he can’t be in a room together with another female without being accused of being a pervert. And on the other hand, the fact that he hasn’t made a move on any of the girls also makes Asagi question whether or not he’s actually into men—something that’s made even more hilarious when you consider his interactions with Kira and Vatler. No matter what he does, he seems destined to be at the receiving end of all kinds of jokes and misfortune, which makes him quite like a certain main character from a certain scientific series. In the end though, I have to say… if I were him, I wouldn’t mind having to deal with all of that if it meant I’d meet people like this on a daily basis. I’m all about subverting the social order after all. Though I’d prefer not having to deal with crazy mothers and getting stabbed.

But yeah, it’s another superb episode of Strike the Blood as Asagi, Natsu-kyun, Sayaka, and Vatler end up receiving quite a bit of the focus this week. Seems like things’ll go back to focusing on Himeragi next week though, as it seems she was Tokoyagi Aya’s target the entire time, and things look like they’ll only get more and more interesting from here. Because as it turns out, there’s a lot more behind her choice as Akatsuki’s observer than we had expected, which is a nice addition to the story considering how she’s constantly been abusing that term as an excuse to dabble in all aspects of Akatsuki’s life. Until next week however, I heard you guys like…

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  1. Kojou’s harem is right up there with Ichika’s (Infinite Stratos) and Issei’s (DxD) in terms of cast and character interactions imo.
    Thoroughly enjoying this series so far and it looks like it’s only going to get better!

    1. Kojou’s harem thus far:
      – An innocent(and somewhat possessive) Sword Shaman
      – A tsundere War Dancer
      – A superhacker childhood friend
      – A flirty foreign princess with spiritual powers
      – A tomboyish witch(also childhood friend)
      – A shy middle schooler, the princess’s younger aunt

      (not sure about Astarte and Natsuki though)

      Wonder if there’ll be any more to come…

      1. You forgot Vatler and Kira as well, though Vatler would probably consider Kojou to be part of HIS harem.

        And probably Tobias, though he may look jealous and hostile, but just like Sayaka, it may just be a defensive mechamnism and is actually soft on the inside. 😀

      2. You might just change the possessive part into a yandere, seeing as it’s been confirmed lol.

        Also you might add about Avrora seeing as we see her as someone important to him in the first episode flashback scene near the end of the episode. Also I’m sure Nagisa is part of it as well. Dont really know the details, but I’m pretty sure she’s a step sister or adopted sister (or it could be Kujou), seeing as Nagisa doesnt refer to Kujou as a brother and even calls her mom by first names instead.

      1. The feeling is mutual about Index S3, unfortunately we will probably have to wait a year or two seeing as it’s always been 1-2 year gap in between series unfortunately, despite it’s popularity, that’s why I’m amazed by ongoing anime series like Detective Conan which already has frikin 600+ episodes and still no end in sight.

      1. Yean, I think the joke is not that funny to him considering he feels all the pain with each death, combine that with Vatler´s fixation with him and you have the most unlukiest bastard in the history of anime, manga and light novels. Congratulations Kojou Akatsuki, you just take the throne away from Touma Kamijo with just this episode.

        P.S.: I would run for the hills the moment Kira said how apealing Kojou looked covered in blood.

    1. Lol i know! Those eyes of hers are those of yandere girls, but I was pleasantly surprised to see her act like a Mahou Shoujo with moe kyun nuances, now a nekomimi just to complete it wouldve been perfect.

  2. I’m curious on what Aya plans to accomplish by sealing everyone else’s magic and making herself the most magically powerful woman on Itogami.To conquer Itogami for her own, or is it something else?

  3. So much BD bait.

    Natsu-kyun’s commentary in response to Valter flying into the room was the funniest part of the episode for me. The way Kojou was carrying her around on his back was adorable as well.

    Judging from the preview we’re heading to the school next. Anticipation~

  4. It seems like every week that I’ve been thinking this lately, but Strike the Blood really knows how to do its genre well. Flashy action fights combine with a fantasy/supernatural themed universe to make a potent combination, and strategically placed fan-service gives this cake the cherry topping it deserves.

    I’d add one thing to that list – humor/comedy. I was surprised at how many times I LOL’d this episode. The show is really hitting its stride lately – delivering week after week a well balanced blend of all these elements. If only La Folia would quickly return… 😀

  5. A forum says Mogwai deliberately called Asagi away because it was deliberately trying to protect her.
    I’m wondering if there’s actually a hidden side to Mogwai, given it seems to be quite nosy and self-aware for a computer program.

    1. this is a subtle plot point, which becomes more apparent in the next arc and the latest arc where Asagi’s tie to the overall story is partially revealed. But at this point, all I can say is that Mogwai is indeed “protecting” Asagi.

    1. Tenbu is one of the ancient superhuman race that did a lot of wonderful things and has strange powers (including the extra arms and wind powers, I guess they are environmentally friendly lol). Apparently the race has went extinct, but this guy is one of the last member of the clan or something. I think the race also have a subtle link to the overall plotpoint, but I am not too sure on that front just yet. Right now just think that guy is one of the assassins 🙂

  6. Let’s just say Vatler’s crew and passengers are definitely amusing bunch…

    But while his harem may be comparable, Ichika as a MC doesnt really even deserve to carry Kojou’s sandals for him.

    “useless guy who still cant master his IS after 2 seasons” versus “one of 4 most powerful vampires in the world unlocking new powers every few episodes”

    same with romantic front:
    “Ichikanium density” versus “healthy young male with enough decency to not being spoiled by all the girls fawning over him”.

  7. Man just when I thought that Asagi will finally learn the truth about him being a vampire, but noooo, they still managed to avoid the issue even till now. Also it seems that it wont be shown in the anime that she will learn the truth seeing as the anime will probably only cover up to Vol.6, and she only finds the truth in Vol.7 For a super genius hacka she’s quite clueless (Daru had an excuse of not having a reading steiner like Okarin but in her case having the power to manage the whole island and have the whole island under surveillance she still doesnt know about Kujou blowing up things in various parts of the island).

    1. haha, I think Asagi’s reactions to the “revelation” (both this episode and in vol.7) quite hilarious… but consider Asagi’s apparent role in the overall plot, it isn’t that surprising that she doesn’t find out until vol.7 about Kojo’s identity. Now I just need to see Kojo finally lay his fang on Asagi, and I will be a happy panda 🙂

  8. This arc feels like its doing what Index was putting off til season 3: finally bringing the previous storys together to form a full plot. We’re finally going to see what the reason behind Himeragi “observing” Kojou is. And hopefully Kojou finally coming into his full power. It’s like they started from Index as a base and just fixed all the small stuff that kept it from being as good as it could have. Though if they do make season 3 it should solve all the problems it previously had.

    1. well the real reason was already stated at the end Right Arm of the Saint, Simba Company sold her out as bride to be for Kojou. Since Yukina is inocent she has no idea of this plot and that way they hope to take advantage of the Fourth Progenitor, hasn´t really work out so far, es Yukina fell in love with and Kojou holds her dear but they have proven to be unpredictable.

  9. This episode struck me hard and left me in a pool of blood.

    And Zeph… No mention about that blond in red bikini asking for a quickie? That scene almost exploded into a full blown hentai scene

    1. the anime might not get to it, but trust me, this will not be the last time you see these “sexy” bikini “maids” haha (if there is ever a season 2) lol
      I have to say though, Asagi >>> all of them by a long shot.

  10. So in order words, groups of men should take turns pretending to be gay so women will be starved enough to hunt for the only straight man available?
    This logic is genius! Even if they give up on the men and get satisfied with each other, we still get a Sakura Trick situation! Win-win!
    Some may even demand you show evidence that you’re not gay like Asagi, using her body.

    Giorno Giovanna

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