With just his shikai, Byakuya completely destroys As Nodt’s wall of eyes before they can disable him. Using his new mastery of Senbonzakura, he easily shreds As Nodt into a horrible mass of gore and other unidentifiable goop. Unfortunately for Rukia, despite her increase in strength she will continue to be stuck in the shadow of her older brother. Over the few days with the Zero Squad she has achieved her bankai, Hakka no Togame, and in hindsight I suppose this isn’t too surprising. The problem now is that bankai alone doesn’t mean a whole lot now even with its power multiplier; keep in mind that several of the captains were already defeated by mid-level Sternritter, even with their full bankai. Even more troublesome is the fact that Rukia released her bankai just to finish off an already incapacitated As Nodt; again that goes to show how meaningless it is. The move was really unnecessary as Byakuya was already setting up the kill for her, like a predator teaching its children to hunt, but at the same time he was also disrespecting As Nodt by letting his little sister finish the job. Although Rukia has gotten stronger, I don’t believe she has completely proven herself yet, but at the very least, she will get to finish off the battle with a bang and get her moment of glory – somewhat fitting as hers is the most beautiful zanpakutou in Soul Society, against possibly the ugliest and most terrifying character we’ve seen yet. The chapter ends with a huge pillar of white ice; hopefully this is the end for As Nodt, and hopefully Rukia will be able to win more future fights with her new abilities.


  1. I do have to admit Sode no Shirayuki is a babe. It is still shameful big brother still has to still come to the rescue but I suppose little brothers/sisters will always be the little brothers/sisters.

      1. Nope I would call that coming to the rescue. Plus he pretty much beat Nodt for her, which will make her victory feel cheap. If they wanted Rukia to look strong then why not just allow her to beat the enemy herself without gimping him first, or let her dramatically save Byakuya as a role-reversal?

      2. What are you even saying? Did you even read the chapter? All Byakuya did was break the eye wall and cheer Rukia. That’s all. “Plus he pretty much beat Nodt for her…”- where do you take this bullcrap?

      3. Did YOU read the last chapter? Byakuya came and destroyed the power that had Rukia freaking out and most likely going to lose to, that is cheap. It is a disservice to her character to not allow her to beat an opponent on her own and show her growth. Go on, defend this, I know you want to.

      4. @SortedeVaras: All Byakuya did was just cut open As Nodt’s barrier to get Rukia’s attention and get her spirits up. Senbonzakura didn’t lay a single petal on As Nodt. And how the fuck isn’t it normal for people to be encouraged by friends and family? That’s just how people are. Good lord, people like you will literally bitch about anything.

      5. Explain to me how Byakuya “pretty much beat Nodt for her”? If he pretty much beat him, how in the world does Nodt have strength to evolve further on to another form? And even if Byakuya did “pretty much beat Nodt for her”, we’re still back to square one power-level wise as both Rukia and Nodt powered themselves up at the same time. So does that mean we’re gonna need Byakuya to rescue her again? And of course I’m going to want to defend my opinion, would be moronic of me not to.

    1. Laughing Man and Karma being down voted for offering the corrected interpretation that readers of this blog don’t want to believe, simply because they got it wrong in the first place? Humanity has Declined.

      P.S. Read the chapters properly for a change –> Use MangaStream

    2. Um.. Lets re-create the scene briefly:
      1. Byakuya come and cut Nodt’s wall: Nodt still OK.
      2. Nodt attack Byakuya.
      3. Byakuya counter attack: Nodt still OK
      4. Nodt evolve (getting stronger) and said “The Nigh is Near”
      5. Byakuya encourage Rukia and DID NOTHING TO NODT.
      6. Rukia finish off Nodt’s evolved form!

      I totally disagree if Byakuya BEAT UP Nodt and let Rukia finish off weak Nodt.
      In fact, it is Rukia who kill (well at least blast) Nodt at his strongest form (yet: if next week we dont see any further evolving of Nodt).

    3. Keep the Horses down, we only know that she use her bankai. That is the “surprise”, the other surprise is that Nodt, survived her First attack of Ice. And now why should the Bankai be more effective? Is it not just an stronger version of a Ice attack, that will not work on him? because he only fear his Master?

      So, i hold my Gun, until i know or seen more of Rukia’s Bankai attack, in next chapter.

  2. If anything the zero squad needs to reteach all of the gotei 13, seems like anybody trained by them can whip ass alone with just a shikai, throw bankai into the mix and they become an absolute monster. But like another user said, we’re still dealing with fodder quincies, I hate to see what kind of monster brings out kenpachi to fight.

    1. It’s debatable who the best girl in Bleach is. You can definitely argue for Rukia and place her near the top. My personal favorite will always be Yoruichi. DAT DELICIOUS BROWN.

      1. I agree with you. Yoruichi is actually my favorite female but its hard to say she is the best. Because with Unohana past and powers being revealed people could argue she is the best. I do wish her powers were explained better but in my personal opinion I would put Yoruichi and Unohana as a toss up for the 1st & 2nd spot. Soi Fon for 3rd and Rukia for 4th with Nell Tu and Harribel behind her. Oh and we can’t forget about that Quincy Bambietta. Despite coming into the story in just this one arc, she was powerful.

      2. Well, Yourichi was not without reason the head of an assassin clan. Sure some will say, birthright or blood bounds

        Shoi Fon (an ex-private assassin Bodyguard), fight her way up after Yourichi left the clan headless. or is this clan ruled trough female leaders all eternity? where they the only 2 females at that time? 🙂

        And let’s not forget the Big Sister of Rukia’s old Captain… She is also on the top of their clan

        not to forget the vizards’s females ex-vice captains. And the one Female that rise alone a Child, she was the Boss when Ichigo loss his Powers after defeating Azien.

        So, there are many strong womens in Bleach, it is just they dont have the focus, or was just there for the plot progression purpose. right now it is only Orihime and Rukia that get the storyline love. even Matsumoto is out of the loop, with her injures from the fight, and lets not talk about Hinamori (perhaps she save both after the Super-quincy fight offscreen) Cap. Hitsugaya and vize-cap. Matsumoto

    2. You don’t make any sense. “Best Female” is different for each person but Rukia is clearly the most popular female Bleach character as seen in polls. Recently she was even voted No.1 Bleach female character on official Shounen Jump website as a girl to have a valentines day wallpaper made out of (fan vote).

      You may not think she is the best female but there is no need to make it into a statement as if it is a fact.

  3. Next chapter Rukia will shine, this chapter belongs to her brother. Byakuya Kuchiki stole the spot light now Rukia’s victory will forever be tainted,so sad. I am on my way to becoming an officially Byakuya Kuchiki hater.He needs to redeem himself in the fights to come.

    This is bit off topic but those anyone here believe that Uryu Ishida and the captain of the 12th Division, Mayuri Kurotsuchi are working together. At the very least ishida still has the surveillance bacteria, which Mayuri implanted into him in their fight in Soul Society arc.i believe this maybe how Mayuri knew that the invaders were quincy even before they attack Seireitei. Maybe Uryu Ishida true plan to give the Shinigami the upper with inside intelligence on the enemy. I do not believe Uryu is there for revenge but to help Ichigo Kurosaki and friends in some roundabout way even if he has to sacrifice himself to do it.

  4. PROOOF, I believe you might have misread this chapter, because kuchiki did not attack As Nodt directly all that gore and goop were all As Nodt’s ability. As Nodt opened is own chest and abdomen, all that disgusting transformation was all his doing. This maybe As Nodt at his strongest and this is the real reason why Rukia used Bankai.

    1. Exactly what he said. Reread that panel as well and compare the size difference between the new As Nodt and Byakuya. The stitches in his chest were actually hiding this form, what a creepy enemy :p. I guess he’s literally going to be the “embodiment of fear” now.

      As for my opinion on the chapter itself, I’m surprised that Byakuya didn’t just one-shot As Nodt and call a day. He is also sounding less arrogant with every moment, and more humbled (which is unsurprising considering the beating he took from As Nodt!), now acknowledging Rukia’s strength. Some well needed character development, as little as it is, never hurts considering how battle-oriented these current chapters have been :). Overall, it was not a bad chapter, and I certainly did not expect Rukia to be able to finish her fight.

      The Quincies will definitely go down once Ichigo, Kenpachi, the Royal Guard(?), and the Fullbringers join the battlefield, however. It will just make Yhwach stronger in the end, anyway. Him with the Fear ability… *Shivers*

  5. I bet everyone who was whining and bitching in the thread last week saying that Kubo would never give Rukia a chance and that Byakuya would bail her out must feel REALLY fucking stupid right now.

    That being said, I am so happy that Rukia has finally achieved Bankai. All her hard work and training have finally paid off in the end and have allowed her to ascend as one of the most powerful Shinigami ever. Can’t wait to see what her Bankai can do.

    1. What do the Bleach fans here even want? They complain about Rukia not having Bankai last week, and when Kubo gives that, they still find yet another minuscule aspect to complain about! A perfectly fine chapter, and I can’t see what people are complaining about. And Prooof, sweeping statements like ‘Unfortunately for Rukia, despite her increase in strength she will continue to be stuck in the shadow of her older brother.’ are a tad too vindicating. I’m sure character development will occur at some stage considering Rukia is more main than Byakuya, and then she will escape from his shadow. As for showing As Nodt respect, yeah right, like all that respect the Quincies have shown the Shinigamis thus far.

      1. >They complain about Rukia not having Bankai last week, and when Kubo gives that, they still find yet another minuscule aspect to complain about!

        Fucking this. They just try to find any excuse they can to fling shit at this series. When they don’t understand a certain plot point and see how it relates to an earlier point in the series, they simply go “I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT SO IT MUST BE SHIT LOL”.

        Dear god, when you can have a better discussion about Bleach on 4chan’s anime board than here, you KNOW that the community here has gone to shit.

      2. Well, it was an untold secret, that thanks to Rukia’s Brother, she stayed always a vise-captain. if it was not this rule, she would have long ago a captain title. and what you need to have a captain title? yes. bankai

        so, we just has now the chance to see her secret bankai in action.

        Blame this to Nii-sama explanation in some episode, i forgotten…

    1. Wrong dipshit. Remember Kisuke’s invention that Ichigo used during the Soul Society arc to learn Bankai in less than 3 days?

      Rukia could’ve very well used that. Even so that’s not even counting the amount of time she spent training ever since the timeskip as well as the training she received from the Royal Guard. Before you scream “ASSPULL” like a mouth-breathing dumbass, wait and see what happens in the next chapter.

      1. @SortedeVaras: I called him a dipshit for making a false claim that this was an asspull and not actually paying attention or taking a little time to think about what happened in the chapter.

  6. The hell are you talking about Proof? Pre-royal guard Byakuya was obliterated by As Nodt. Rukia is already stronger than that. She cut him, dodged him, and forced him to go Vollstandig. None of which Byakuya could do, not even before his bankai was stolen.

    Kubo’s fooling you into believing that she needed Byakuya to save her because he needs to do that for Byakuya’s fangirls. It’s pure writing shenanigans. Byakuya is so “supposed to be dead” that if you would exclude him from the story nothing would be different.

    1. Remember, Byakuya was fighting his own Bankai. If Rukia fought Byakuya’s Bankai it might have been a different story. Fear can’t really be measured for it’s potency in dealing damage.

  7. In my opinion it was a good chapter, reminiscent of the old Bleach chapters when things used to make some sense. Byakuya acknowledged his sister, gave her a little speech and Rukia kicked the guy’s ass with her bankai. Byakuya stays “cool” as expected, Rukia shows her growth with her bankai and conquering her fear.

  8. To be honest Rukia has always been teh damsel in distress for so long I wasn’t expecting her to pull out a bankai. As much as I love the Kuchiki siblings I was very bummed out seeing her use her bankai on a half defeated enemy T_T

    WHY!!!!??? what was the point in using a bankai when you can’t use it in teh most dire situation? Kubo sensei! you better give us a good ending arc show casing Rukia awesomeness! T_T

  9. well, i hope Kubo will remember the Human Female Karate Friend of Orihime. I hope he will explain someday, why she could see Ichigo in his Shinigami form. perhaps something like Ichigo’s little Sisters?

    I am curious for a long time now

    1. Always liked her a lot. I was thinking she would become like Orihime and Chad, but apparently there was something stopping her from doing that. I doubt she’d fight at this point, though.

  10. I really wish Bleach characters weren’t so stupid for the sake of stretching out the chapters.

    A life or death situation against an enemy that has already whooped their asses before and Rukia decides to sit on her Bankai until after she’s been saved by Byakuya just happening to get there in the nick of time?

    1. Yeah! what the hell?! you just made me realize that. Why the hell did Byakuya have to give rukia a pep talk for her to be like “I’m worthy of using my bankai that I had earlier!”, If anything she should of busted that sucker out the moment As Nodt broke free from the ice, but this is Bleach…and I keep forgetting this.

      1. She always worshiped his Brother, she was feeling being below him. Weaker then him. After he told her “you grown strong”. He put her on the same Level as him, he recognize her in Power. She now feels near to Nii-san. She had the attention, what she was fighting all along. Her Ego boosted very High, her self-confidence is at their Max. She is on the same level as his Brother, not under him.

        Well, in short. She is now right next to Nii-san, on the same stair tread as him

  11. I can’t believe that sonuvabitch Kubo actually FINALLY gave Rukia a Bankai. BUT, all it took was a pep talk from Byakuya. She couldn’t just release without her brother watching her. WTF? Anyway I hope her Bankai is impressive. I’m still not changing my opinnions on how Women in Bleach are treated badly except for Yoruichi.

    Corey Lucas
    1. This is pathetic, manga authors will treat female characters they create in whatever manner they please, they don’t have to care about the opinions of white knights and Rukia fans.Although it’d be pretty funny if Rukia is saved by Byakuya in the next chapter, just to troll them.

      On a side note, I find it rather interesting how discussions about female characters are different from those about male characters, namely, when people discuss male characters it’s normally about what those characters do/did or how they act, rather than how they are ‘treated’ on the other hand when it comes to female characters it’s normally about how they’re ‘treated’ rather than what they do/did or how they act – you can even see it on this comment section.Food for thought.

    1. Yes, and Nii-sama knows that she master bankai. But she was perhaps not confident do have a strong bankai at that moment. perhaps that little boost of him, was with this in mind…

    1. Easy, Kubo has only 2 Hands. He is not an octopus. Sure he has a team, but the brain is still one….

      And, to many battles at the same time, will lose the impact between them. patience young Padawans, master kubo will please you with enough of fights…

  12. Yes, Byakuya did not lay a petal of his Bankai on the ugly evil Fear Quincy… but still, he DID save Rukia from the power that was about to overwhelm her. Without his intervention, Rukia would have been killed by As Nodt in spite of her improvements. So, yes, Byakuya *is* setting up Rukia to win. Female characters never achieve anything of their own in this series, I thought people realized that.

    Lily Nadesico
      1. Unless we’re reading different manga none of those characters achieved anything on their own, they always had help from someone or the other and in some form or another, maybe it’s just confirmation bias on your part that you can’t see it?

      2. Ichigo – barring any plot-driven fluctuation in his power – is one of the most successful fighters in the series, going from zero to defeating Captains in a blink.

        Kenpachi single-handedly became one of the most feared men in the Gotei 13.

        Byakuya… see above.

        Renji destroyed an overpowered freak of nature who eats Soul Reaper Captains for breakfast.

        Aizen and Yhwach are the main villains.

        All of which are MEN. Name a single woman who achieved anything important in Bleach on her own. You can’t, because there aren’t.

        Lily Nadesico
      3. That’s just confirmation bias and moving goalposts, when you define the terms ‘anything important’ and ‘on his/her own’ in a way that excludes female characters, of course it’s easy to manufacture a non-existent problem.
        Even if I take your word for it I’m still tempted to ask, so what?Manga aren’t required to have that kind of female characters.

      4. @Lily
        Perhaps you are reading the wrong Mangas..

        Fist of the North Star (well i only know the old Anime), is the best Manga for you. an 1 men Army, without weak spots.. well only at the beginning.. wait, make these him now weak?

        So, an unbeaten Hero is your champion? One piece? But then, even he need the help of his Crew…


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