The 666th chapter is here and things end up developing quite positively despite the chapter number being what it is (and despite the various obstacles in the way of our main cast). Indeed, Obito ends up doing a lot more than I ever expected him to do, and it even takes Madara by surprise. I mean, Obito literally just pushes Madara out of the way and takes some of his chakra! That’s just bad ass. It turns out he was quite capable after all—he just needed a little talking to bring out the hidden shounen powers, that’s all.

Terrible jokes aside, this week’s chapter actually ends up pretty interesting, and I must say I liked the Obito x Kakashi moments in particular. The whole reunion of Obito’s eyes, the bit where they’re working together as a team again with Minato onlooking… it was quite nicely done considering all the twists and turns we’ve gotten up to this point—even if it ironically highlights just how underdeveloped Obito was as a villain. That said, the Obito villain arc did ultimately set the stage for the epic Madara moments we’ve been getting, so it does even the scales somewhat—even if it seems like Madara’s power levels seemed to have conveniently dropped (or was it Obito’s conveniently increasing?) for the duration of this chapter.

Ultimately, the big thing is that we know how Naruto’s likely to get back into the picture, as Obito’s reclamation of part of the eight tails and one tail seem to be the key—even if it’s not exactly the Nine-Tails we’re talking about here. I suppose the number of tails do add up to nine however… so I guess the next question is what Sasuke’s going to get in order for him to re-join the picture, and I reckon we’ll be getting a brief respite from the Madara x Obito + Naruto + Kakashi portion of the fight to address this. Onward to next week!


  1. I think the only reason things worked out this way, was because Madara was taking Obito far too lightly. If he was actually fighting seriously, he could of prevented obito from escaping but I will admit he is a very cautious fighter rather then being reckless, he uses his head.

    It was cool seeing Obito and Kakashi fighting together again. I love how the Kamui is faster now that they are using it together. Now if only we could see them using Susanoo if they had it. But I gotta say did Minato really have to be made a fool out of for a flashback? lol. I was hoping he would be able to do something but not trip and fall >_>

    Regardless in my opinion it was a good chapter overall. Just one thing, where the heck did Madara see Guy? lol Only time that comes to mind is when him and Lee tried to attack him back when he was apart of the edo tensei so maybe that is what he was referring to. But its a bit odd how see Guy practically dead in one chapter as he was exhausted to the point Lee had to carry to him saving Kakashi but I guess thats the benefits of the Eight Gates. Always funny when he came remember his opponent name.

  2. I’m pretty sure that obito/zetsu still has possession of the other half of the kyubi that minato had previously. Don’t think he’s gonna become a sand octopus or whatever haha.

    1. LOL agreed. Prooof, I’m pretty sure he has access to half of Kurama’s chakra thanks to Black Zetsu snatching it up (Obito appears to have regained control over Black Zetsu now).

      If you look carefully at the panel where Obito reclaims portions of the Ichibi and Hachibi’s chakra from Madara, you see the smaller silhouette of Kurama floating over Obito, separate from the combined chakras of the other tailed beasts. I think this again illustrates that this portion of the kyuubi has not yet been absorbed by Madara and is, in fact, in Obito’s possession.

    1. I don’t see how B can be saved. He’s not an Uzumaki so I doubt he managed to survive up to this point. Naruto is an Uzumaki yet he would have died by now if it weren’t for Sakura. If anything he might have had a few gasps for air then died. That’s just how I see it. All other jinhcuriki have died after extraction besides Naruto of course, so I don’t see why B would be an exception.

  3. Eh, I would’ve felt better if Obito had died, but just beforehand, had given Kakashi his other eye and allowing these events to happen, which would’ve been a nice little “re-enactment” of when they were younger when Obito had “died”.

    It will also be cool if Gai fights Madara and ends up opening the final Gate of Death to finally show what the full power of the Eight Gates can do (given it’s supposed to be more powerful than even the five Kages), even if it does result in his death, but he’ll probably buy time at least and surprise Madara a bit beforehand.

  4. I think this was a good chapter overall, but was I the only one skeptical about Kakashi walking around after just taking a Rasengan to the chest? I mean, we’ve seen how immediately devastating the Rasengan can be in a straight-on hit (ex. fight with Pain or fight with Kabuto). I’m happy with the outcome, but I really expected him to be down for the count there.

  5. Wonder when Madara will eventually get his other eye back. In shonen, you must first let the final boss power up to final form 100% and THEN defeat him.

    Fat Buu and Super Buu both can’t be beaten because they are not final form. It gotta be Kid Buu

  6. I was worried there for a moment that Madara might actually win, but then GUY showed up.You remember GUY folks, he’s so badass he doesn’t even recognize small-fries like Uchiha Madara 😛

    On a slightly more serious note, am I the only one who finds the idea of Guy and Madara fighting, funny?Maybe it’s because their personalities are polar opposites, Guy is all unicorns and rainbows while Madara is all doom and gloom – maybe Guy can kill Madara by popping one of his blood veins.

    Anyway looking forward to the next chapter.

  7. Wait. Obito, conveniently, just got a part of Ichibi and Hachibi. Of which Naruto is still missing. If he is going to give them to Naruto, won’t Naruto have all the Tailed beast chakra? From 1 tail until 9. Even though it’s just a part of their chakra, Naruto still has somewhat the power of the Sage of the Six Paths. O.O
    The only thing he is lacking are the eyes.
    Is it possible that Naruto can GRAB the power of the tailed beast from Madara?
    Like what Obito did to Madara (since Obito once had all the powers of the tailed beast) and what Naruto did to Obito (When he was doing the tug of war with Obito to free the tailed beast).

  8. … Doesn’t Obito have the Fourth’s Kyuubi Chakra because Black Zetsu stole that from the Fourth, and now Obito controls Black Zetsu, hence has Kyuubi’s Chakra.
    Also, many chapters back, the Tailed beasts gave naruto a small portion of their chakra, at least 1-7 tails. So if Naruto gets the 8-9 tails, he would have the same Chakra as Madara, just not the same quantity.

  9. Guys

    Nine-tails chakra is supposed to be “Unlimited” meaning it will keep going on and on. 🙂 Duracell vs Energizer !

    Naruto really needs Doujutsu to compete with Madara ? Both Rinne / Sharingan …. Only one outcome … Naruto gets all the Tailed-Beast chakras … and MUST possess the Rinne-tensei … WHILE Sasuke puts out to FUSION-HAAA with Naruto to make a NaruSasutoke-Sama of Awesomeness DBZ ending with the Fusion SuperSaiyajin Level4 ….

    Oops … I just cr*pped myself thinking of the attack possibilities :-3 😛

  10. Well, I can’t really bash Obito this time because he took serious initiative and I like that. If he did this as the villain, I would like him more. He does get points this chapter though, and the Kakashi & Obito connection is working like a pro.

    But….didn’t Kakashi just take an Original Rasengan to the chest earlier? Why is he up and running?

    I’ve been waiting for the 8th gate to be opened, though I doubt that it will do much against Madara, who’s pretty much a god at this point, it will be nice to see how much power is put out.

    I love how much of a cautious fighter Madara is. He’s using his head in battle, even with the amount of power that he already has.

  11. Can someone explain why Madara’s hand went through Obito when Obito was already grabbing him? I’m pretty sure it’s been established that he can’t pass things through him if he’s physically touching someone.


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