This chapter moved along relatively quickly, going from As Nodt’s life flashing before his eyes to his (presumed) end at the hands of Rukia, then to the beginning of a new fight. Ironically, as Byakuya observed previously, As Nodt is now the one filled with fear – fear of hell, and fear of pain. In the flashback, Yhwach mentions him to be one of the “survivors”, perhaps implying that the Sternritter are the survivors of the purge. As for Rukia, she has transformed completely white, sporting an elegant outfit, and her surroundings are frozen from top to bottom.

The next battle will feature Isane and Yachiru (the pink one) against yet another very creepy enemy. They are scouting out what seems to be the Sternritter living quarters when Sternritter V, “Vanishing Point” Gwenhael, appears behind them. This guy is pretty much straight out of a horror movie (or Doctor Who), and has the ability to appear disappear at will, from both vision and memory. Gwenhael is going to be a tough one to fight, though Yachiru does land a pretty solid first hit. They are almost certainly going to have to resort to some tricks to beat him, but I am pretty curious to see what they will be capable of. Yachiru especially has been implied to be a lot stronger than her appearances, and this may actually be the first time that we will see her fight. I really hope to see her kick ass on her own. That said, even if they are defeated there is no doubt that Kenpachi will show up and completely destroy him for attacking his lieutenant; I don’t think it will matter in the slightest whether he can see or even remember his opponent.


    1. he can manipulating the Mind, too.. erase his awareness

      More some mix of Aizen.. Because he could land a Hit on the Face invisible…
      Tousen is just for Teleport. so Aizen’s illusion World. “you can’t see me” fits better

    1. I know, I am really wondering how much stronger is she compared to ikkaku madarame. I feel that maybe Yachiru can use a bankai. She is the president of the Shinigami Women’s Association, perhaps the Supervising Chairwoman after Retsu Unohana is likely dead, so a Bankai may be likely. Since ikkaku madarame can use a bankai, but kept it a secret, I won’t be shock if Yachiru has a bankai or at least have a zampukto with a really scary name; we at least know it isn’t a kido based blade since she is from the 11th division.

      1. If Kubo, had the Idea that she is Kenpachi’s Sword Spirit. The this Idea is weak, but yeah he could use the idea for the base of “Zenpaktous rebellion” arc. because we dont saw kenpachi’s sword spirit… suspicious…


        p.s. that is a “guess” bullet of mine

  1. Its cool Bleach, not like I actually wanted to see Rukia’s first fight in years or her bankai in action. Getting 2 chapters of some scrub babbling about “the fear” then cutting to her victory pose was way better.

  2. I feel like Rukia’s bankai had no point other than showcasing her beauty in it cause she went bankai and the fight ended without even showing the reader what the bankai can do unless we are to assume that it’s just an intense version of the freezing field she made earlier. And boy I hope we finally get to see Yachiru in action after all this time rather than seeing this ugly Sternritter be the prelude to Kenpachi’s reappearance.

  3. The silence will fall until the question will be asked, a question that must never, ever be answered. The oldest question in the Universe, that must never be answered, hidden in plain sight… When does Ichigo get to the battle field?

    But on a serious note, a fearsome enemy has shown up and our cute vice-captains are in a pinch. Hopefully nothing bad happens next week.

  4. Please Kubo! Please let Yachiru fight and please please please let he be completely over powered.

    Rukia’s bankai makes he look beautiful too. It’s a real shame we’ll never see it animated.

    P Ko
    1. But I think it’ll be Yachiru trolling Gwen, because… I don’t know, some Kubo reason like, “Yachiru’s an airhead, therefore she is somehow one with the environment” or something. But I’m actually looking forward to what happens next.

      …even if they are defeated there is no doubt that Kenpachi will show up and completely destroy him for attacking his lieutenant; I don’t think it will matter in the slightest whether he can see or even remember his opponent.

      I laughed at that.

    1. He probably survived it the first time by using the quincy specialty, which is absorbing reishi to heal. Given that her bankai increases the area of effect we already got from her shikai as far as we know, it could be possible that she also froze the reishi surrounding them so that as nodt couldn’t pull the same healing trick of twice…

    1. Well, you just can look from far away… Because near her you would freeze to death..well, except Onii-chan. He can even touch her without Freeze Damage

      You saw her Blade? it is so pure Ice, that you could look through it

    2. Apparently Not since Kubo made it beautiful, and the second you finished the chapter you realize that you got ripped off because that it was bad writing and she totally could’ve done this without her brother. No to mention how her Bankai works. I hate Kubo. I hope Kenpachi doesn’t interfere and doesn’t use a gary-stu kendo ass pull on Yachiru’s opponent if she can’t handle him.

      Corey Lucas
  5. Who the fuck is this sternritter supposed to be now? Jesus….That’s the most hideous motherfucker I’ve ever seen in shounen history.

    First Mask de Masculine now this creepy ass guy -_- My Bambietta lost too easily. Bring my girl back.

    Kubo….please don’t let Kenpachi one shot this guy. As a matter of fact, don’t let him interfere at all.

    1. This guy doesn’t seem like he’s that strong if Yachiru was able to punch him in the face, so I don’t think Ken-chan will waste his breath on him. If anything we just may get to see Yachiru’s shikai.

      1. But any Stern Ritter who is defeated in battle is automatically punished by being executed and all their reiatsu assimilated/returned to Yhvach. So it’s more likely that she’s dead.

  6. I’m pissed that we don’t even know WHAT Rukia’s Bankai is or it’s name. It was just an explosion of Ice. Couldn’t she have done this WITHOUT Byakuya watching her? What is the point. Kubo you disapoint me. I gave you the benefit that you make Rukia awesome again but turns out you copped out again and made her Bankai just for eye candy.

    Corey Lucas
    1. Were you even paying attention?
      1. Rukia’s Bankai is called Hakka no Togame (“white mist silence”) and based on the chapter her Bankai is Rukia’s “absolute zero” ability on crack mixed with her Tsugi-no-mae Hakuren attack. It’s pretty easy to figure out from the artwork alone.
      2. She kinda needed Byakuya’s help to escape from As Nodt’s Volstandig before she used it.
      3. You’re retarded.

      1. Asshat, it was NOT mentioned what the name of her Bankai was. It still does not change the fact that Kubo sucks at writing and Hunter x Hunter is MILES better than this. I’m only reading this is because I want to see how stupid the ending is gonna be in all this.

        Corey Lucas
  7. Two things: Rukia looks like a ice-fairy/nymph princess to me – very beautiful (understatement). And looking forward to Kenpachi’s return, added to a Shikai if there will be one (if he doesn’t learn of his sword’s name by now idk what to say), to wreak complete destruction (another understatement).

    random viewer

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