It’s a slight improvement–it’s microphone related and draws from the current season!

In what is perhaps one of the more disappointing seasons in recent times, six writers come together to discuss why this is and what implications this has for the future. Not every show that’s airing right now suffers from this disappointment (basically every show we specifically decided to talk about), but as a whole, it hasn’t been a good winter. What sorts of topics and biases will come up this mid-season podcast? Who’s going to get made fun of the most this round? Tune in and find out!

Speaking for logistics though, we have decided to put changes to the podcast mainly on the backburner and to adjust the format slowly. Our first priority is setting up an iTunes feed for our Apple loving fans out there, as well as transitioning into a four-a-season format of podcast. Expect a big podcast release three weeks from now, where we talk about miscellaneous subjects, especially those concerning the weaknesses of the current season!

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    1. You can find good stuff to watch every season, which is why Zephy and I – who are more forgiving / masochistic fans in general – are still watching so much. It’s definitely weaker than most though.

      1. While I’d agree this isn’t the strongest season ever, I think people are giving it too much flak. It pales in comparison to the previous autumn season, that was filled with dissapointing shows and shows taking a nosedive (just look at Coppelion, Galilei Donna, Kyoukai no Kanata and many others) – compared to them, while this season has some stinkers (that imouto show, gah) it’s mostly pretty good (but not great). It’s better than the previous Winter season too, in my opinion (the majority of good shows that season came from the year before).

      2. I agree with Dvalinn on people giving this season too much flak. I’m not trying to say it is some amazing or outstanding season — it isn’t. However, I will say that there’s more anime this season that I’m actively following on a weekly basis than any season in…I really don’t even remember how long. Personally, I just feel like rather than having two to four explosively awesome standout shows (and most of the rest is blah crap) we have a large number of solid, consistent shows. They aren’t brilliant by any means, but they perform consistently week after week.

      3. What makes the season feel weaker than usual, in my opinion, is not that the shows are kind of eh-ish in quality or that it’s no better or worse than the usual winter, but rather that even the carryovers, which occasionally help sustain the season, have petered out.

      4. I’m spoiled with Hunter, Yowapeda and Diamond no Ace, but I would agree that the Fall carryovers have been a disappointment. Generally though, for me the problem with Winter is largely the Winter shows. It’s a combination of the lack of really elite shows at the top and the lack of creative ambition generally for me.

      5. well , not an amazing season I agree
        most of the shows i’m watching are not of this season ( Hunter , Log Horizon , Strike The Blood , Kuroko and stuff )
        but there is Narogami and Tonari No Seki Kun whitch i consider them to be really fun
        but u cant deny that there are a lot of them that has disappointed us

      6. I’m only actively following one carry over from Fall–that being Strike the Blood, which (in my opinion) has been one of the most outstanding shows I’ve seen in years. Not in the jump out at you “ZOMG! This show totally rocks!”–kind of way and it definitely isn’t for everyone, but the show started off good and has just been getting better and better with every episode. And while I can’t speak personally, people still seem to be enjoying Nagi no Asukura, Log Horizon, and Tokyo Ravens a fair bit. And the people that are into Hunter X Hunter seem to be having a ball with it based on Enzo’s posts and the comments in them.

        If anything, it seems like both this season and the carry overs from last season have a bit less overall genre diversity than previous seasons and I think that may be the thing that’s really hurting it in many people’s view–but that still doesn’t make it a poor season.

      7. I’ll throw my hat into Altherion’s ring here. There aren’t really any knock-your-socks-off shows (Although I think NagiAsu is close to capturing masterpiece status in my opinion), but I’m watching more shows this season than I ever have, and they are all solidly, unspectacular, and consistently decent.

  1. I’m still of the opinion that this season is really just as bad as the last winter season. Not to say that this season hasn’t been disappointing and that the shift to more cliche anime isn’t troubling, but I don’t see what makes it more disappointing than most winter seasons.

  2. I always record podcasts without pants. Who are you trying to impress? =P

    My comments:
    I’m actually watching Hamatora… the animation is meh, but I agree that it’s trying to be many things rather than being it’s own thing o_O does that make sense?
    SAMUMENCO!! Ya… am I the only one torturing themselves to finish this? o_O It returns tonight!
    I DO like Nisekoi =S… and yes, it’s predictable, but I have a soft spot for gangster/romance series about star-crossed lovers. I don’t care WHERE it is in 100 chapters… all I know is that, right now, I like it =) I like it more than Golden Time… -___-‘

  3. still haven’t broken the record of RC longest podcast? there is always next time 😛
    very good podcast and choices of shows to focus on. thanks for enriching.

    a few things that popped in my head while hearing you guys:
    space dandy – well, I agree with Enzo saying space dandy is an entertaining show. we can see that it’s kinda episodic show (sometimes dandy dies in the end of the ep) and even if there will be something to tied it will be just for entertaining, as this show is comedy with references and japanese Enzo said in the first impressions – space opera. Also, you’re right, this isn’t cowboy bebop and one shouldn’t expect this in space dandy.
    it’s also 13 eps ’cause it’ll be too weird to pull out 26 consequent episodically show (in which dandy dies or something every they are gonna tied this up ha?). but if this show will return later on this year as split cour or just another 1cour season of entertaining…it could be great (because now BONES have 3 new shows in spring so there is no way dandy will continue).

    what’s interesting is that we have 2 comedy shows: dandy and Hozuki. that are both kinda the same because it’s episodic with crazy/weird stuff, but still..dandy is talking much more to western culture (and japanese aren’t that big fans of space dandy, in facts it’s not that successful in japan from my understanding), while Hozauki pretty successful in japan as it’s talking mostly to japanese. now the main thing that jumps in my head is the is it that the references make a comedy a good one in anime?I wouldn’t say so because I enjoyed a lot from other comedy shows with references even if I didn’t see right through them (like haiyore nyaruko-san) but it’s still interesting to see shows in kinda the same structure and genre but polar. now just imagine a meeting between dandy and hoazuki?that would be…(I’ll leave it to your imagination).
    another thing here is that those who aren’t familiar with japan’s culture will have hard time to enjoy Hozuki (in times it’s more entertaining in times less). but with space dandy being a show with japanese touch and refrences still not making it in japan…I guess it’s just strongly talking to western culture.

    Nagi no asukara I think it’s a good show and the fact that I am intrigued and expecting this show every week, it’s a prooof(:-P) that this show is good. but yeah, it has problems and isn’t perfect, but I still love it and enjoy from it (got to admit those PA works..animation and visuals with great OP&ED sequence).
    some of NnA problems:
    (1) NnA can be tiring because of polygon complex. Okada keeps manipulating it and messing with the polygon and sometimes it’s just feel too forced with no extra value for it..thus it becomes tiring.
    (2) so far nothing new in the macro level. I think it was Enzo who said that timeskip distanced us from it and from the “world is falling apart” and “on the verge of extinction”. and he is right..this is all gone. they tried approaching it here and there (mostly one time when there was that Ofhuniki dolls graveyard) but I feel it was neglected too much and it’s not moving for now.
    (3)looking for character to get ride of?choose Tsumugu over Miuna. I feel nothing from him as a character. now yeah, he is part of the main characters and the polygon..but what he represent?what feelings he gives?what character development or some conflict did we get from him other than romance complex in those 20 eps?I just don’t feel him as a character. emptiness. every pivot could feel his why is he MC??what’s his purpose in the story?unlike Miuna..I don’t feel there is any…
    I wish that Tsumugu was NnA main problem..but he isn’t. the first two are much more worse.

    as for the time skip – well after so many episodes, I can’t really say the time skip was bad because the 2nd half so far is executed really good as it intrigue us to watch, despite there were those “lull episodes” were boring in times (but in times they also intrigued us to think “ok what’s next and what happened”, but they still hadn’t realize that potential). however, I do feel like it could have been better without it or with a very small timeskip (of about a year) and they could pull more from our heroes and even bring some new things instead of other *manipulating* stuff.

    I think it was Stilts that put out what you guys trying to say that Miuna’s course is repetitive to our heroes from 1st half. now yeah, it is true in someways, but Miuna has importance in the story that we still haven’t fully grasped. she kinda reflects what those kids were having when trying to grow and a sudden event force them. and they still haven’t grown up and really change..or are they?what I am saying is that we still haven’t understand her true importance in the theme because they continue to build it and it’ll come later on. besides, I love the way Miuna conveys her feelings and thoughts. this is executed lovely and those feels are genuine most of the time.
    so, I think Miuna isn’t the problem. nor her feelings/thoughts or what she reflects, but the fact NnA pushed away too far the big picture of the story.

    space brothers – oh you guys should blog this weekly! (maybe Enzo?:-P) well only if it still be on-going, but any other way it won’t be for too long until the anime catch with the manga and I hope A-1 won’t do fillers. they will probably wait for enough material and do the movie in the meanwhile.

    there is so much in those shows of Slice-of-Life (with silver spoon and I’d say some of nourin good eps) and stuff that is so relevant for us no matter what we do in life.
    anyway, this is amazing show that is so brilliant but still so..simple. simple as Mutta always come up with something that is brilliant but simple. and it’s amazing how this show never lose itself and bring new things. utterly brilliant!

    roundup – only 1 sentence for Noragami?but at least it was a good one (:
    also agree more or less with the other thoughts of this season

  4. Personally I never saw the appeal of Hozuki no Reitetsu. Checked the first two episodes and I thought they were kind of boring and unfunny. Actual funny jokes were rare. And while something like D-Frag! tends to have a lot of jokes that fall flat as well, at least that show never gets boring.

    So I’d put Sekai Seifuku above it. It’s a strange little show, and it is true that the handling of its tone is weird and it doesn’t always hits its mark. Regardless, the sheer outlandishness of everything in that show is kind of addicting and combined with the episodic nature I think it actually kind of resembles Space Dandy in some ways (though not as good). They’re both shows just doing their own thing, and I like that. Not to mention that the character designs have grown on me and the OST is superb.

    Inari Konkon is fun too, but I agree with the comments on the stream. Because it certainly does have quite a bunch of nice little elements, but the main story is kind of bland. Not a bad time-waster though, and it’s only 10 eps anyway.

    Also, had to laugh at how everyone destroyed Saikin Imouto. Because it was pretty much the same reaction I had – ‘dear lord this show is bad’. I’m not easily this put off by a show, but that anime really managed to irk me.

  5. I wont say that Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga is a good show but I think there is are a lot of misconceptions of what it is actually about. Astarotte no Omocha was another show like that.

    1. I agree with you, it’s certainly not a good show but definitely not as “WTF did I just watch” bad as the first episode would indicate. I would say that whoever decided on that first episode should be fired, since it managed to turn away a lot of people, even if they would have dropped it eventually.

  6. random thoughts:

    – d-frag is a damn good show, consistently funny (zipper shot, porn board game, face bag), plus takao and chitose are some fine ladies.

    – banri you may very well be the biggest pussy i have ever seen, you single-handedly ruined golden time, koko and linda-senpai should/could beat your ass…..

    – chu2 is so damn warm and fuzzy that i have to make up for it by getting drunk and picking fights with strangers………. but goddammit i love that show.

    – what happens when you decide to “dress up” jeanne as a man? nobunaga the fool gets dropped.

    – i seriously hope strike the blood gets a harem ending, the main ladies put in a lot of work just to be pushed aside…… when it comes time for best of 2014, there needs to be a nosebleed category and sayaka needs to win, with la folia as an honorable mention.

    – speaking of nosebleed honorable mentions, aki-sensei from maken-ki 2, episode 5…….. terrible series, awesome episode.

    – expectations have hurt kill la kill/space dandy/toaru hikuushi, these are good solid shows that were expected to be great, i don’t regret watching these so far, i’ve even enjoyed parts of them, but these were supposed to be top notch, which they’re not.

    – yugo from gin no saji2 is easily the best male lead of the season…………… i guess that’s not saying much. best show so far.

    – witch craft works was in “anime purgatory” for a while, enough garbage to make me wanna drop it and enough charming moments to keep me coming back. the last episode made me want to see it through to the end.

  7. Houzuki-san no Reitetsu is probably the best show this season. I just got done watching episode 8, and I laughed so hard, my stomach hurt. I haven’t found a show like that in a while. Stripping hag FTW.

    Every season at around this point, people start saying how much “{Season.Name} {Current.year}’s lineup is the worst ever.” If this were true, I think anime would be so indescribably horrible by now, it could be used as an interrogation method by certain intelligence gathering agencies.

    (Oops, I forgot about ImoCho. That really could get someone put before the International War Crimes Tribunal, couldn’t it?)

    Still, I’d argue that this season is no worse than any other season. It kind of threw me off a bit at first, but I find it incredibly average, in that it’s not much better or worse than the other seasons. I have plenty of shows to follow, and a few I’m saving for later, because I just can’t muster up the energy to watch them now.

    Oh, and Stilts, why no Sonico review? It’s a slice of life, isn’t it? I hear you like those! XD

    1. To be fair, I’m generally in your camp in saying that seasons aren’t nearly as bad as most people say, but this time I’m with the naysayers. Yes there are always skeptics and doomsayers, but the preponderance of people are sliding over to that side, which is the problem. The wisdom of the crowd is overrated, but it is there, especially when the crowd watches as much anime as we do, lol

      Personally, what I, and I know Enzo, since he mentioned as much above, find largely objectionable is the overall average quality (which is normal for winter) and the lack of ambition. A few shows are trying, but a lot are just mailing it in, and even if they turn out okay I can’t call that exactly “good”, per say.

      And yes, ImoCho might be jail worthy -_-

      As for Sonico, Zani was the only one who watched any of that. I have enough silly fanservice shows on my plate this season, lol

      1. So… If I read that right… What you’re saying Stilts is that for us it’s good, but for you and others who’ve been following this for longer times this ‘good’ has been there, done that and it’s just gotten stale and boring.

    1. Don’t know if you’ll like the discussion either then =S But it’s somewhere in this section of the podcast: 90:20 – 127:49 – Season Roundup.
      I know Seishun watches and actually likes the show? (Not sure how serious he is…) so maybe you can ask him for his opinion ^^”

      1. well, it doesn’t surprise me that the site’s overall tastes don’t match mine, since I’m always left shaking my head at some of the things covered and some left behind and this season is no exception lol

        But no matter. I will continue to enjoy FLAMENCO ^_^

    1. As putrid as the animation is, I love Kingdom’s story and characters. I pushed to discuss it, but you could hear the crickets for miles away… I think it scared people off with the especially ghastly CGI in the early eps, and the lack of moe or even a sexy female lead (until Qian Lei showed up) was the death blow. But at least the manga is still insanely popular.

      Still – that’s not a Winter show, it’s a carryover. And one show is one show in a schedule of dozens.

      1. i once wanted to watch Kingdom , but after 4 eps i started hating my life
        The thing is the animation sucks , no Really Interesting action and the story is such a cliche
        it is just that i did not expect to see fans of this series

      2. Well, I dropped it after 1st episode and much later some of my friends told me that it’s actually pretty good. And it’s true, it is. Yeah, the animation sucks (though it slightly improves with time) and the story is rather cliche but it has great moments and it was fun to watch. I’m definitely going to get second season when it will air in all and there will be batch for it (there is like 1 ep left or so). Especially that it seems to have much less CGI.

      3. Yeah, basically. I first read it by manga, then anime. When I saw the CGI, I was “????” and basically skipped anything with CGI. Fortunately, there isn’t much I missed. (well, I read the manga after I saw the anime so lol).

        But seriously guys, Kingdom is worth it. And yeah, so glad the manga is very popular.

        So yes. Seriously, Kingdom. Not joking.

      4. It really is that good.

        I also don’t consider the story as cliche or trite when the military/ kingdom building period epic has virtually gone extinct in anime. It’s based on historical events in any case, though the details are obviously fictionalized. I won’t deny the CGI is dreadful but it’s not as widely used after the first 20 episodes or so (though still too much).

  8. Because I have no other place to ask the writers anything (and Zephyr can never find the right time to ask it), I figured this post would have to make do, so, STILTS AND CO., I ask you:

    What do you guys think of NieR (2010)? I think it has the material to potentially be a great anime adaptation, complete with story and soundtrack.

    For a while I’ve been mourning the slow death of truly COMPELLING and creative anime. The keyword here is compelling because while anyone can be “creative” (which I feel is really a euphemism used by the audience to describe anime that dials it up to 11 but doesn’t try to be coherent or engaging at all), it’s hard to create something interesting while still delivering high notes on the story beats. One thing I really dig is if the story is morally grey while posing questions very relevant to our society or to the human condition, there’s no right or wrong, it may just be a series of misunderstandings, or everyone trying to mind their own business, etc. The few anime that I feel gets even close to that are Shinsekai Yori (and its owe a great deal to its source material), and SSY is a lot like NieR if you’ve played it.

    In the end all I really want is anime to really try to examine what makes humans tick. Think Apocalypse Now. Make something that criticizes the industry and its participants in a compelling way (see: Spec Ops: The Line). Go deeper than mere surface elements that I know a lot of series tackle in a haphazard way and somehow everything’s well after a few eps. It was just recently I started watching some old classic films that really drove this point home; that current anime probably isn’t for me anymore. And that’s a sad thought that I really don’t want to entertain, otherwise I wouldn’t speak up about it.

  9. I’m totally in Zephyr’s boat when it comes to Nagi no Asukara. He hit it right on the head, that the lull (I mean, heck, the official English title is Nagi Asu: A lull in the sea) was indeed designed purposely for disrupting the development of the characters. Tsumugu spoke as about how time can now begin turning again with the sea kiddos emerging from slumb. He’s brought it up again as recently as episode 20. I mean, Hikari’s first developments (Yeah, shocking, it’s not all about Miuna like some are making it out to be), his problem was dealing with all the changes in those five years.

    Where I think a lot of people err in their judgment of this show is when they state that the main characters are the sea kiddos+Tsumugu. That is not true at all. The main cast has always included Miuna and Sayu (and Akari for that matter) in addition to the sea kiddos and Tsumugu. I think it’s a disservice to the show by saying the story has gotten away from the main five characters. The main characters are still getting the limelight.

    We haven’t gotten away from the impending disaster-apocalypse. It has always loomed in the shadows, subtly reminding us it still threatens to engulf the world in its teeth. From the winter climate, to Tsumugu’s studies, to the two trips back to Shioshishio, to Uroku-sama’s haunting reappearance, to Tsumugu’s grandfather retelling of the not-so-popular ending of the ofunehiki story, to Hikari’s doomsday dream (appropriately delivered by Manaka)… Oh, the doomsday is still lurking. I can’t fathom why one would say they’ve gotten away from it.

    And really, back to Miuna. She’s a main character. She was never on the sidelines. I totally understand why people thought so and are frustrated with her character in the second half, but the character developments for Miuna in the second half were taking shape in the first half before the Festival. This didn’t happen all of a sudden, and it shouldn’t have surprised anyone, I think. Look, let’s look at this objectively. Miuna really hasn’t been as emphasized as much as people think. She had 2 of the first three episodes emphasizing her and Sayu’s characters as 14 year olds. Then she got the spotlight in episode 20. But what’s wrong with that? She is a main character.

    Long story short, I really don’t see any of the problems brought up here, and a lot of these problems stem from overlooking the subtle details and misidentifying character roles in this story. When I consider these things, I honest to goodness see a possible masterpiece in the making with this show. It’s just requires adequately rapping everything up.

    1. Where I think a lot of people err in their judgment of this show is when they state that the main characters are the sea kiddos+Tsumugu. That is not true at all. The main cast has always included Miuna and Sayu (and Akari for that matter) in addition to the sea kiddos and Tsumugu.

      In the first half, the triad of Akari/Miuna/Sayu were the main characters of their arcs, serving to expand on the bigger picture of the relationship between land people and sea people, and an untraditional family unit. In the second half, I see Miuna less as a main character and more as a plot device (and an extraneous relationship thread; “I still like Hikari but I’m gonna mull about it for 3 straight episodes while achieving absolutely nothing in the end”) after she reconciled with Akari.

      And really, back to Miuna. She’s a main character. She was never on the sidelines. I totally understand why people thought so and are frustrated with her character in the second half, but the character developments for Miuna in the second half were taking shape in the first half before the Festival. This didn’t happen all of a sudden, and it shouldn’t have surprised anyone, I think. Look, let’s look at this objectively. Miuna really hasn’t been as emphasized as much as people think. She had 2 of the first three episodes emphasizing her and Sayu’s characters as 14 year olds.

      Yes, she was on the sidelines for a good portion of the show while not necessarily developing beyond “hey I like you, but I’m too wishy-washy to say shit” to “hey I still like you, and i’m still too wishy-washy to say shit”. Her development came out of accepting Akari as her mother-figure turned mother. This whole paragraph insinuates that I, as a viewer, am oblivious to the subtle hints dropped about how she likes Hikari, which I’m not. My issue with this whole piece of text is that they beat if over the viewer’s head that these two girls REALLY like those two sea boys but don’t say squat. It only really takes a scene or two to get the point across that HEY, POSSIBLE SHIP HERE. Not fucking multiple episodes where nothing happens at the detriment of the stuff that’s happening with the main cast. It just comes off as “There are reason why she’s a side character, but I think she’s a main character anyway!” The reason why I find it frustrating is that Miuna, and by extension, Sayu don’t contribute much via their interactions with the main cast other than infatuation, and so I would also argue that Miuna is better off as a plot device.

      1. In the first half, the triad of Akari/Miuna/Sayu were the main characters of their arcs, serving to expand on the bigger picture of the relationship between land people and sea people, and an untraditional family unit.

        What difference does that make? They were main characters for the entire first half, which was all one arc, by the way. But really, how have they pounded it over your head over and over? You mean that little bit at the end of episode 14 after we had Chisaki and Akari review what happened the last five years? That spat in episode 16 where we had a critical development in the plot regarding Miuna? Sayu’s time in the limelight in the next episode? Or, you know, perish the thought we get a more in depth view into Miuna unlike the previous 3 episodes, on top of some Tsumugu development? Is that really beating over your head? I think you are over exaggerating here.

        I’m not gonna argue any more, not in the mood to argue. People aren’t going to truly appreciate this show until they can accept that there are characters that are main characters and not supporting characters. As long as you treat Miuna and Sayu as supporting characters getting too much of the limelight (they aren’t), you’ll hate this show. I think that’s sad, to be honest. It’s too good to for this.

      2. You do understand that the whole point of that arc was to prove to HIkari that the land people aren’t exactly terrible people and that everyone deserves a bit of happiness, and misunderstandings hurt, right? The arc had a dual purpose: (1) to reconcile Akari with Miuna, and (2) for Hikari to develop from a childish racist to an understanding chap that wishes for his sister’s happiness, which puts into context the feelings HIkari and the rest of village harbor toward the land people. The focus on these side characters don’t necessarily make them main characters because as far as Akari is concerned, she’s done. Miuna’s relationship thread was a consequence of that entire arc, so no she’s still not a main character, same with Sayu (her’s is redundant to Miuna’s).

        Listing different things that happen in between the mulling doesn’t negate the fact that Miuna’s infatuation with Hikari is drawn out over an awfully long time without her actually confronting it other than accepting that loving a person for so long is fine. She’s more of an accessory to the main cast than an actual member.

      3. You consider a community-curated database as “authoritative”? Regardless, “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

        They’re supporting characters.

  10. I usually love listening to these podcasts because they tend to have a lot of heart and the discussion of both the good and bad. Right now, the podcast predominately focuses on the negative attributes that are somewhat exaggerated. For example, in NnA zephyr was pretty much overshadowed by both Enzo and kairi (both regurgitated the same things). He couldn’t explain his defensive points very well as a result.
    The shows this season aren’t as bad as some of these writers implied. It also felt extremely weird that Noragami (one of the stars this season) did not receive the full treatment for discussion where as a long time running show like space bros, a covered show last season like NnA, or and podcast for the first season of silver spoon could be replanted here are being discussed in details. *Will skip the next podcast if it’s most like this one.

    1. For me as well it was pretty boring to listen to talk about Nagi no Asukara and Gin no Saji 2 (but Uchuu Kyoudai deserves a few minutes). I’m (mostly) with you on that and I would rather hear something new discussed in-depth.

  11. Whats the timecode for the chuni 2 discussion? Would be interested to hear what Gonzo and Stilts think about it. Probably that kyoani is once again “playing it safe”? Same as last season?

  12. Thanks for the podcast, it’s a pleasure to listen you guys discussing anime. I don’t really know many fellow anime watchers so it is actually quite nice to listen people talk about them instead just writing.
    You definitely made me curious too try out Nagi no Asukara and finally look into Gin no Saji as well.

    Keep it up! 🙂


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