「桜色のウエディング/桜色なクリスマス」 (Sakurairo no Uedingu / Sakurairona Kurisumasu)
“Sakura-colored Wedding / Sakura-colored Christmas”

Sakura Trick is at its bets when there’s progress in one of the couples, and we got plenty of that this week. How adorable!

They’re Practically Married Now!

The whole Yuu-thinking-she-and-Haruka-were-the-ones-getting-married bit was silly, yes – silly in that Yuu was being silly to think Haruka would propose in such a blase way – but it worked well because it brought Yuu’s feelings to the fore. She accepted Haruka’s proposal, and then was jealous when she thought Haruka didn’t want to marry her!! I mean, these two are practically married already, or are destined to be, but hearing them actually out and say as much, and admit that they want to be together forever…HNNNNNGGG!!!

Even Sweeter When Not Kissing

Sakura Trick has staked its reputation on the yuri kiss. That’s its selling point – if you want to see girls kiss, watch Sakura Trick. (And if you don’t want girls to kiss, you’re a monster and therefore your opinion doesn’t matter, but you also shouldn’t watch Sakura Trick.) The thing is, as with full-on ecchi series, sometimes it’s what you imply that is better than what you show, and sometimes it’s the feelings that matter more than the actions they take.

The kisses during the first half of the episode were great, don’t get me wrong. Yet somehow, them enjoying the wedding together and then spending time together outside were just as sweet, if not more. And when Yuu cuddled up to Haruka…oh my! Sometimes, something as simple as holding hands is as sweet, if not more, than a delicious yuri kiss.

Progress Is Everything

Sakura Trick is at its best when there is progress in the relationships between its characters. Some shows can tolerate the status quo better, but that’s because they’ve indulged in the status quo for so long that we’re used to it; with Sakura Trick, we got used to rapid developments from the get-go, so everything else seems wanting. This episode, we were back to seeing progress, and in the main couple no less.

The first half was great, with their vow and everything, but the second half, with their nervousness and confusion around one another, made them seem less lusty and more loving. That more directly hints at the feelings they hold for one another, not just their desire to kiss a cute girl (though I wouldn’t blame them if that was their main intent). It reminded me of relationships in the past, when I got the most nervous around the women I cared about the most. It was very sweet to see them do the same.

Good Guy Onee-chan Mitsuki

Mitsuki deserves all the props for, even though she clearly likes Haruka and is becoming increasingly aware of this fact, helping Yuu and Haruka with their “fight” anyway. Her advice even came in handy in the end! I very much enjoyed how awkward she was at going about dealing with Yuu and Haruka’s awkwardness, though. Really, Mitsuki-kaichou is just too adorable. If you’re not going to take her Haruka, I will, ’cause she’s exactly the kind of onee-chan I want. No–the kind of waifu I want! Mitsuki-kaichou is love <3

Looking Ahead – More Kissing?!

The kiss at the end of the episode was sweet, to be sure – and it was so out in the open too! But what really captured my attention was the kiss in the preview. Is that Mitsuki-kaichou kissing Haruka!? I’m looking for more progress, all the way to the end of the series if possible, and Mitsuki-kaichou kissing Haruka would be delicious progress indeed. More kissing please!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Yuu & Haruka exchange vows, & then get all nervous around their beloved. This yuri is so adorable! #桜Trick 08

Random thoughts:

  • “So a girl would be fine.” Haruka, you are so gay! Well done.
  • “I don’t think it’s that far away.” This dangerous girl!
  • Who gets naked and then decides what to wear? Not that I’m complaining. And Mitsuki-kaichou did it too, nyahaha!
  • Mitsuki is even cute with a mustache.
  • I enjoyed the special ED sung by Mitsuki-kaichou and her friends. It also gave us further reason to think that Yuzu-chan might be the only straight girl in the cast. Maybe. Except maybe the character’s moms, though if Witch Craft Works is any indication…
  • Super special hyper thanks to Zanibas for providing the screencaps for this episode. I only had about an hour to spare while my guests were taking a nap, so if it weren’t for Zani this post wouldn’t have come out this week. You rock, Zanichhi!

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ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「Sweet Kiss」 by SAKURA*TRICK



  1. This was a giggle-fest of an episode. Yuu is nearly eclipsing Haruka now in terms of yuri intensity, that had to be one of the fastest acceptances of (non)marriage I’ve seen. Ever.

    Best part though was the second half. Not only do we get to see an hilarious example of female solipsism in action with Mitsuki feeling that she knows why Haruka and Yuu aren’t talking to each other (and then solidifying her belief through every (mis)step she takes to get them together), but we have the most audacious kiss of the whole show yet. They kissed, in public, in a crowd of people, in full view of others. Thank god I have plenty of alcohol, I don’t know how much more my heart can take, the cuteness is killing me.

    Also had a giggle at Yuu using an X-Box in the second part, probably because it’s the only thing rarer than PC gaming in Japan. M$, now marketed in anime.

    1. That thing was actually more like an XBWii – The Kinect and controller were totally Xbox, but the shape of the console was unmistakably a Wii alright.

      Double marketing, I suppose?

  2. Really like what they did with Mitsuki-kaichou’s advice here.
    I wrote it off as comedic misunderstanding and completely forgot about it soon after (partly because of her moestache), so it coming up again at the end was a pleasant surprise.

    The wedding was pure awesome! Haruka’s mom cracked me up.

    I enjoyed the special ED sung by Mitsuki-kaichou and her friends.
    Have we seen those two anywhere else than the opening and now this ending?

  3. Father “I won’t give my precious girl to any random guy!”
    Haruka “So it’s OK if it’s a girl!”
    fell off the chair, literally…

    OMG that marriage misunderstanding was so cuuute!

    Surprisingly enough kaichou-oneesama meddling helped them – and rtesulted in the most blatant in-the-open kiss yet!

    And that “Xmas special” ending was nice too!

  4. Man, what a sweet episode. One of the better ones so far as well, in my opinion.

    It got out of the rut for our main couple that it was stuck in for the last few couple of episodes, in any case. I really liked how they tackled two other aspects of their relationship – fantasies about the future (marriage!) and awkwardness around each other. For the first, not only was it hilarious (especially Haruka’s twisting of her father’s words) but it’s just fun seeing them hang out together and reaffirm the fact that both of them intend to spend their lives with each other. And why the hell not I say!

    The second part was where it really shined though. It was interesting in general to see that side of them; as their feelings deepen, they get nervous around each other and had to deal with new issues. Now, more than ever, they resembled a more mature couple, probably a glimpse of their future. The lust-filled kisses of hormonal teenagers are one thing, but the way they cuddled up to each other, sharing that romantic feeling – that’s love right there. Certainly one of the best anime Christmas episodes I’ve seen in a while.

    And all enabled by onee-chan, playing unwitting cupid with the two of them. She’s hilarious and sweet at the same time. Maybe she’ll get rewarded for it next episode, considering the preview.

    I hope they can keep this momentum, anyway. Because I’d like it if the show ended on such a note.

  5. Yes Sakura Kiss has done it again, just when things started to slow down, they give us another good pump of yuri to us!

    That whole first part, just too HGNNNNNNN. The whole DAMN THING! It was beautiful, Yuu thinking Haruka proposed to her and acting all nervous and the wedding was so sweet, and the kisses, of course how can we forget!

    Troll mom, man I wanted Haruka and Yuu to catch it! They must end up together! And Haruka’s dad has made his point, he will allow a girl to marry Haruka! Hallelujah! It’s happening, it’s only a matter of time.

    And the Christmas scene was funny and the end was so sweet and HGNNNN, I can’t take it, I thought the hug before the kiss was just as sweet as the kiss that followed! It was so good and the yuri ships are at full sails again! All hail yuri!!


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