「名前」 (Namae)

All the hate and angst build-up has finally led us up to this point – the purification of Yuki.
And I’ve got to say, they did a great job on this episode. From the revelation of the phantoms on Yuki’s back, to the flashbacks and the actual confessions by Yuki, I was so blown away by the series of events. There were a lot of raw emotions coming out of Yuki during this short time and even though I saw it coming (spoiler tags in the comments please!), it was still a shock to see how well they portrayed it in the anime. Having not read the manga myself, I thought it was like removing a giant splinter out of my foot as soon as Yuki admitted to his wrong-doings. I felt a huge relief for both Yuki (and Yato) because he can finally see the impact of his harmful ways and strive to be a better person. Of course, this doesn’t negate the fact that he did those things, but he’s found redemption and I think the turning point was really seeing him confess to his crimes. I can’t say that I feel sorry for him, nor does that mean that I forgive him for the past 3 or so episodes, but at least the story finally moves on.

This episode was focused on more than just Yuki though. I thought it showed the importance of Hiyori as well – because up until now, let’s be honest, she was kind of just babying Yuki and making excuses for him. This episode really put some responsibility on Hiyori’s shoulders to try and do something to save Yato (and at the same time, Yuki). At first it annoyed me that Hiyori kept sticking her nose where it didn’t belong – she hurt herself pretty badly already carrying Yato. On top of that, what does she know? She knew nothing about what the repercussions were for Yato or Yuki until someone told her. Regardless of her actions though, Hiyori played a very predictable role and it worked to return Yuki back to his original state. It was done well and I can feel the urgency that she had towards the two when she was going to lose both. It would’ve been nice for a touch of romance to be added in, but let’s not ask for too much at once.

My favorite character appearances this episode though, had to be Kazuma and Mayu. No doubt, the most selfless actions (and Daikoku as well) as Shinki. Given the circumstances and their prior knowledge of what was happening with Yuki and Yato, they still chose to participate and help them out. I felt extremely touched when Mayu (having no obligations to Yato) would actually volunteer to help Yato. It’s characters like these that make such a powerful impact with their short amount of screen time that I just love. It’s also great that they reuse characters and show that they have a purpose in the show rather than being used for as fillers. I find that as the taste of anime audiences are changing (and so are budgets), shorter-running anime really just give enough time to introduce character rather than develop them. And just as you start to really grow attached – the season is over and you’re dying for a next one (that might never come…). But Noragami doesn’t do that. It gives you a great cast, it sets up some real issues (not just episodic issues), and there’s some actual resolutions that happen. I can’t wait to see how it all ties in together with Rabou (Sakurai Takahiro). Yes, I know he’s an anime original (and that probably means no second season?) but that just helps keep the manga-readers on their toes too.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: So much love for this week’s #ノラガミ. Still not loving Yuki, but I just loved the execution of this episode. Kazuma’s my favorite <3

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  1. I agree with your part on that even though you may not forgive Yukine, at the very least you’re happy that the story’s moving on. Heck, I can write an entire essay on how much he deserves to not be saved and should’ve just been killed. Still, instead of wasting everyone’s time, I’ll just quote Loki from Unbreakable Machine Doll:

    “I’m a benevolent and tolerant guy, but there are three things I simply can’t stand.
    People who order me around, people who oppose me, and stupid selfish little brats that deserves no redemption at all given that he’s been offered so many chances and still acted like an asshole until the very last moment!”

    1. Can’t forget getting down with the nurse while he’s trying to recover! Favorite part of UMD.

      I completely agree though. I’ve wanted to smack Yukine so many times during the past few episodes. In the end i was entertaining the idea of Nora making an appearance and slicing him up. I can sympathize for him but seriously, there IS a limit. I really want to see more of Nora though… I get higarashi vibes from her and like it…i like it a lot.

  2. i was moved when i saw yukine finally realize what he was doing to Yato and it was almost hard to watch without tearing up when he finally said, “i’m sorry.” I really didn’t expect this much emotion out of this show when it first started and i’m so glad i stuck around. I hope we get a second season…

  3. Even after Yukine confessed, had a sobbing fit, and apologized profusely for his crimes and to Hiyori, not ONCE did he even think about apologizing to Yato, who put up with all his bullshit and risking his life when he could’ve easily abandoned Yukine. And Yukine didn’t even care whether Yato lived or died. I hate Yukine so goddamn much.

  4. It’s hard to blame Hiyori for not knowing the repercussions and acting hastily, after all, she’s pretty been left in the dark with a lot of things. She may not know all the answers herself, but her intentions are clear. She worked on what little information she had and did what she could to help. I think of her as the classic shounen hero, where the protagonists go out of their way to help her friends, even if she’s not sure what’s going on. It’s good that this type of character isn’t the main character, since she remains pretty static as a character, but I feel her honest and caring personality is the necessary glue needed to help Yato and Yuki.

    I was hoping for some sort of back story to Yuki, but oh well, it felt great that he finally confessed his crime. I teared up a bit at the execution, it was really a beautiful moment to see things finally get resolved. I would of cried more, but Yuki pissed me to new levels during the first half of this episode, when he was STILL acting like an inconsiderate douche when he saw Yato cringing in pain. But at least it’s resolved now, and the anime can move on to it’s finale without all the god-regalia drama relationship.

  5. I do like that the issues have finally resolved, but I guess I take small issue with the whole “friendship solving the problem” thing, given all it took to start things was Hiyori threatening to not be Yukine’s friend anymore if he didn’t try to save himself. It feels like a lot of the things that were finally pointed out (that were previously pointed out by people here), like Yato putting up with Yukine, despite Yukine’s actions that resulted in hurting him, could’ve been done so bit by bit and were done this way, all at once, for the sake of drama.

    And we STILL don’t know exactly why Kazuma feels he owes Yato to the point that he would even go as far as, presumably, going behind Bishamon’s back to help him.

    1. I thought it was pretty corny myself, but the reason that “threat” worked at all was because Yukine thought he was all alone in the world with no friends to support him. But when Hiyori said it, he realised that no, he really did have a friend. Two of them, in fact.

      And that was all he needed.

      1. Yeah, I get the general logic behind it. Just that, for me anyway, such an execution felt unnecessary aside from just increasing the drama. Like I’m a bit surprised that it didn’t happen earlier, like Hiyori could’ve asked what was wrong, get little to no answer, then simply say something, “Well, if you want, you can always talk to me. We’re friends after all.”, or something like that, if it really required it to be said out loud.

        You’d even think Yukine would’ve realized when Hiyori embellished his lie with stealing the skateboard. I mean, who else besides a good friend would back you up in such a situation?

  6. Well the Yuki dilemma is now over at least; it doesn’t fully absolve him of all his actions, but it does eliminate a portion of what made him hated so much. What remains up in the air is how they’re going to close this season up. Considering the introduction of the anime-only antagonist, I’m guessing we’re looking towards an ending veering more towards anime-original than true to the source material.

    Liked the usage of ablution here in the subs too, always liked the sound of that word.

  7. OK, I hope Yukine in his new state will become really useful because both Yato and Hiyori really went out of their way to save him… Never mind the other Shinki who had basically no connection to him at all, yet went on to purify him.

  8. I am actually hoping that the events surrounding Rabo won’t change the main storyline too much and will instead serve as a way for the anime producers to save up manga material for the 2nd season. ;_; If anything, the anime boosted the manga sales so hopefully, that helps the cause.

    As for the episode, it was so intense! I liked every second of it. As much as predictable or even cliche some of the actions that the characters did were, it was done so well that I completely ignored my surroundings till the episode was over. Awesome. As always, thanks for the post, Cherrie!

  9. Well, at least that’s over with. Yuki may have finally repented, but he didn’t show any concern regarding what his actions were doing to Yato – literally killing him. It’s hard to believe that Yuki at the very least wasn’t aware he was causing Yato considerable pain and illness. For him to ignore that (even to the point of trying to escape) is kind of disturbing. Still, while I don’t like his character, he and this arc did serve a purpose in furthering the story and world building. It’s crystal clear that the relationship between shinki and the gods they serve is much more complex than simple tool/weapon and its user. Good storytelling IMO even if I don’t like all involved.

    It also makes me wonder whether there’s some sort of unspoken rule or guideline about creating shinkis – specifically age at death. IIRC, the vast majority of shinki we’ve seen are adults (at least post HS) which, in theory, should mean they are more emotionally stable. Not sure if my hypothesis is correct, but I think it’s a reasonable assumption. If any manga/LN readers want to give additional clarity on this, please do so in a spoiler tag.

    My favorite character appearances this episode though, had to be Kazuma and Mayu.

    Definitely agree when it comes to Mayu. She really didn’t owe Yato anything, but stepped right up and offered to help despite the risks involved. She’s one of my favorite characters, and I still wish she was Yato’s shinki. They are hilarious together.

    Maybe this should be left for the “season summary”, but I can’t help thinking that the main story is just starting. IMO this definitely needed to be a 2-cour/24 episode run rather than 12 episodes. For me, Noragami is easily one of the better shows this season – both in terms of adaptation/directing and overall story.

    1. Bishamon has two Shinki who look like children (They appeared briefly in that scene from the earlier episode where all her Shinki lined up behind her), and I think the little girl who whispered to Kazuma may be a Shinki. So there may be exceptions.

  10. Gorgeous episode, Nuff said. I don’t really want Rabou to interfere with the name story, though he looks badass. I just want him to intertwine with it, leaving room for a second season. This is just too good of a series right now and my favorite of the winter season!

    1. @swordhack4 I don’t really want Rabou to interfere with the name story, though he looks badass. I just want him to intertwine with it, leaving room for a second season.

      I agree, and I’m going into the filler optimistic that it will in fact be the case – it syncs well with overall story without any harmful impact on later material/season 2. IMO the adaptation/direction has been consistently good so I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt for the filler.

  11. fantastic episode. so intense, strong, deep and with a bit of dark elements. we are aware of the great combination in Noragami, but this very episode they brought out all of it. great execution.

    indeed a lot of emotions, mostly Yukine’s. I loved it how he presented his rage as..justified. he was shouting toward Kazuma and the rest what it feels like to be him. what it feels to be so lonely, confused, afraid and to look at the other side all along, those people and especially student who are still alive and doesn’t really understand what they have. and his emotions are definitely understood, but he was also had to be punished, he committed too much crimes, it was accumulated like snowball..and outcome is known.
    this is where Noragami, once again, demonstrating the complexity of adolescence emotions along side the complexity of being a shinki. our characters kinda live in the “inbetween world” (between life and death, a tough position and this was tough for YUkine) but they must work together. gods maybe can do whatever they want (steal and stuff) but without a shinki they are “naked” as Yato once described. and a shinki needs his master (who mostly created them), he can hurt his master but also himself (as seen from Yukine back with the Ayakashi eyes). and this very case of Yukine (with Yato) showing how to get to harmony in master-shinki relationship along with the adolescence “problem” (as described by Hiyori that Yato is like a father now to Yukine).

    as for Hiyore, well at the beginning of this problem she was too pushy and took Yukine to “protect” him, but she discovered it wasn’t working. and since then (last week and this week) she is handling the situation by giving Yato and Yukine space when needed and more importantly by doing the right things. her determination to save Yato by finding Kazuma and her words toward Yukine show her importance. she is like a balancer to Yato and Yukine, something that she didn’t do right at the beginning.

    a magnificent episode of Noragmi. really great job by BONES.
    epilogue indicated that the series will end with fillers. it a bit sad, but it’s impossible to start the long and complex new arc now. besides, for me, BONES already did the job and outcome is outstanding. not only in this climax episode, but throughout the entire series so far. it was so good that after 2-3 episodes I started the manga. so yeah, I think Bones did fantastically. I hope and believe they can finish with the right tone, despite it will probably be with fillers.

  12. I really like Noragami, and I’m so, SO glad it moved on. Seriously, I get that characters need development, but Yukine simply plagued the show with his presence. After so many episodes revolving around his suffering turned bratty stupidity, and showing no reedeming features of his whatsoever, he was simply unbearable as a character; a thorn in the viewers’ side waiting to be removed.
    This show needed 24 episodes so badly. It spent most of its run centering on an unlikable brat, and now they’re rushing a conclusion with an anime original villain who got maybe a minute of screentime so far (plus some frames in the opening). Which doesn’t mean it will be bad, but honestly, I feel like a good potential has gone to waste.

  13. I hope from now on Yukine becomes the much better character he has the potential to be. I’ll find it a waste to not try to bring out Yukine’s good side after having him do a lot of wrongs and then punishing him for it. I might not like him much now but I feel bad kids can grow up to be fine adults, and his redemption only begins now, it’s what happens later that matters! It would be bad if everyone hated you for mistakes you used to make, especially if you’ve repented.
    I feel like the series will really get better from now on. I agree, it’s a pity it’s not 24 episodes.

    Daikoku sniffling really made my day too, and Kazuma was pure <3
    That alone made me glad I picked up this series.

  14. It may be just the translation I watched, but I noticed that Rabo said that Yato had been the “former” god of calamity. I think even he had said that he was a war god. That sounds like there is going to be some major revelation in this arc.

  15. Great episode. I was just a little bit dissapointed about how small attention was focused on Yato´s suffering from the others. He was in a really dangerous situation here also.

  16. Looking back on things now while Yukine is most definitely in the wrong i think Yato should have made a bit of an effort to get closer to him. Most of the time he just left Yukine to his own devices and as you can see it led to a lot of trouble. If yato knew it was going to get to this point that actually seems pretty irresponsible if you
    ask me. That means that he was expecting for there be three Shinki’s to
    come to his aid even though it meant risking their lives to perform the
    ablation and barely anyone knew him. If he knew his condition was going
    to get this bad i really don’t see how he thought the situation was
    going to work out. He even said himself that without Hiyori around they
    would have either both died or he would have used Nora to kill Yukine.
    Basically it doesn’t look like Yato really had a solid plan on how this
    would work out and he just got extremely lucky that he has someone like
    Hiyori around.

  17. I think people should distinguish whether or not they actually “hate Yukine” or “hate his actions.” And don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking sides, and I’m not pointing any fingers whatsoever. And I’m not sure if someone posted this already.

    But I think Yukine deserves a LITTLE more credit. He’s annoying, yes, but that was WHILE he was being a whiny little bitch. He discovered he was dead, and now he’s wimpy.

    But I enjoyed his presence in the first episodes he was introduced in! He was pretty chill in the third episode, and I liked how in the fourth he was falling down that building, giving no fucks whatsoever. His personality changed only as the plot moved, and now that he’s apparently purified, we should have some high hopes that his character will mold into a more likable one. Not to mention I liked his presence in the OVA as well.

    He gets better in the manga if that’s a high hope. It’s not translated to the point where I can say that he moved beyond this wimpy personality, but, hey. Let’s give him like a few more episodes before saying that he’s a worthless shit who should have died.

    And to be clear I’m neutral over the “Yukine sucks httngah” ordeal. But I feel like Yukine had a purpose in the series to be like this. This development was intended. It wasn’t supposed to make you hate him after he realized what he has done.

    Of course if you hated him before all this then there’s no cure. You will hate him forever, lol

  18. Just caught up with this show.

    All I gotta say, this is damn good. The drama in this show is handled pretty well and the resolve fits very well. I’m on the edge of thinking which had the best drama because the last part of ep 5 was so depressing for me. That dead kid waiting for her mother….


  19. As the saying goes “The burnt hand is the best teacher.” Yato nagging at Yuki wouldn’t have been good enough to get his point across. Yuki had to see for himself that his actions truly do have consequences.

  20. I would just like to say I think Noragami is fine without romance. There are plenty of entertaining romances recently not covered here, like White Album 2, Unbreakable Machine Doll, Nisekoi, etc etc

  21. I agree that the emotional buildup in this episode was really something. The ending of this episode when everyone was smiling and happy reminded me of some Fruits Basket moments.

  22. Glad to see Yukine finally man up and admit his wrong doing. Even though the way he’s been acting in the past 3-4 episodes deserves all the hatred people have been giving him, he’s at least on his way to redemption. From this point it’s up to him to make us change our view on his character.

    While he certainly didnt give my opinion of him a 180 yet, it’s a good start. I do hope he can show me enough growth and maturity to change my mind about him in future episodes.

  23. Finally getting around to catching up on Noragami! I think the “triumph of friendship” thing worked well in this case. Old and tired, to be sure, but I think the context of Yukine’s issues made it very appropriate, so it was still very touching all the same. I knew it was coming, but Yukine’s apology still got me choked up. And I’m so glad they dedicated the whole episode for Yukine’s purification. The purpose of each of the main characters is clear, and they each have stakes in the others’ well being. It makes the growth of the bond between Yukine, Yato, and Hiyori really great to watch. And to jump back on my broken record, the comedy at the end still totally fits amidst all the darkness and emotion. The post script scene was also effectively creepy. o_o


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