The pacing of the last two chapters has been relatively quick. Yachiru finally makes her action debut, and as we suspected she isn’t a shabby fighter at all despite being a pretty silly character. Against one of the more gimmicky opponents we’ve seen so far, she fares very well and also releases her shikai for the first time in the series. Her shikai takes the form of two large, funky creatures that mimic her attacks, in a similar vein as Komamura’s bankai. The larger one looks like some sort of low level skeleton-like hollow that wields short blade (looks a bit like Riven’s broken sword from League of Legends). The little one is short, fat furball with a large cleaver that looks like a chopped off-version of Ichigo’s original zanpakutou. Together they execute a triple attack that hits everything in front of Yachiru, and is apparently very effective despite Gwenhael’s ability to disappear from existence. After taking a few hits, he adjusts his strategy… but is promptly dispatched by the appearance of Guremi, a young, girlish Sternritter who happens to have an even more gimmicky power. Honestly, it’s pretty ridiculous to be able to harness the power of imagination to fight your battles, but that’s exactly what he does, and there appears to be no bounds to this power besides those on his own mind.

Guremi implies that Gwenhael only exists in his mind and thus is able to erase him at will, but I’m not completely sure this is what happened as Gwenhael was a Sternritter proper with a letter designation. It may be that Guremi was just toying with him with his words, saying that he can erase his existence with by “forgetting about him”; however, this would also imply that Guremi could delete any of his opponents in this way, which would be really overpowered. There has to be hard limits on what he could do, else he could certainly imagine all sorts of crazy things that would end the series right here and now. It’s either that, or he has a very limited imagination and is completely incompetent in using his powers to their full potential. If his creativity is limited to cookies, then he’s not going to last very long. Nevertheless, Guremi is clearly significantly stronger than Gwenhael was, and claims to have killed two of the defeated captains.

From the way Guremi talks to Yachiru, it seems that within his zone of control he can also plant thoughts and fears into his opponents’ minds and make their imaginations become reality. He moves pretty quickly too, and dodges all of Yachiru’s attacks without breaking a sweat. But as soon as Yachiru falters, Kenpachi himself comes charging through the walls, and we all know that Kenpachi doesn’t give a single fuck about gimmicky abilities, and will just brute force his way through pretty much anything. All he cares about is cutting up his opponents, and that is something I have no doubt he will successful in. Remember that Zaraki has basically died dozens of times to Unohana, and is now several orders of magnitude more powerful than during the first battle against the Sternritter (in which he was already insanely strong). He also learned the name of his zanpakutou, and may have achieved shikai or bankai. Either way, cookie boy is going down sooner or later, and the only question is how many tricks he can think of to keep himself from dying in one hit. This should be fun to watch.


  1. When I saw Kenpachi bust through that wall I was immediately looking for Unohana to be trailing in his wake. I’m betting big that she’s actually still alive and he somehow saved her. Here’s hoping she appears somewhere in the next or upcoming chapters, weakened but alive.

  2. Those were my thought exactly Prooof, I suspected your theory as well since Guremi had to confirm what Yachiru’s thought were. Same with Isane when she implanted fear in her with the two captains being dead. Whatever the case, I’m pretty sure Kenpachi will be having none of that and tear him (or her) a new one.

    1. Maybe it’s a sort of dispelling type that negates all abilities. Or something that weakens him for a time and then allows him to retaliate with all the damage taken.

  3. Gotta say I’m a bit disappointed if Kensei and Rose are dead. I mean what was the point of making them captains and bringing them into the story if they were just going to be killed off? They didnt even use their hollow mask which is really odd as its like they arent vizards anymore.

    Anyway Guremi power is awesome but absolutely broken lol
    His powers remind me of Rustyrose from Fairy Tail but of course we never saw him make anyone limbs turn into cookies lol

    With Kenpachi coming back Im definitely excited for it. I’m curious to see if he has his bankai but I kind of doubt it since its way too early for him but I don’t think Guremi is an opponent he should reveal his bankai on anyway.

      1. Personally, I think that he really just plants the idea in their head, and if they think it, it comes true. He says that he killed the captains, so Isane must’ve thought that, so since she thought of it, it came true. Or at least I think so. Perhaps his power isn’t really imagination so much as it is suggestion…if you get what I mean. He just plants the idea, and if you think it, it becomes reality.

    1. He can make all his fantasies come true, why doesn’t he think of a way to beat all shinigamis?
      And if the shinigamis beat him, why don’t they make him become a healer that’s even more broken than Orihime?

  4. I’m definitely calling it now, his power only works off the OPPONENTS imagination. He suggests it, and the opponent actually makes it happen. So if the opponent has NO imagination… you can imagine Ken’s got an advantage 🙂

    1. If thats the case, then the 2 captains aren’t actually dead as well then. All Isane needs to imagine is that they are alive and they will be. He did plant the idea that he killed them hence Isane thinks they are dead after all.

      And good luck to this quincy in trying to take on Zaraki if thats how his powers work then…. Since Zaraki is the kind of guy who can’t imagine anyone stronger than himself. He’s a little skewed in the way of thinking after all… hehe…

    2. Kenpachi: “Isane, Unohana is actually alive (lies). It turns out she has super-powered clones of herself (more lies). Yamamoto is also still alive (blatant lies).”

  5. Admittedly this Quincy’s power is pretty overpowered. Then again it’s not like overpowered enemies ever bothered Kenpachi, lol.

    Btw, in case you guys are wondering about the “bones turning into cookies” line, this is most likely a fuckup on Mangastream’s part. In Japanese, there’s a word that sounds a lot like the English word cookie. That word is “kuuki” (くうき/クウキ/空気), which means “air”. It’s more likely that the Quincy said “The bones in your arm are nothing more than ‘air'”. It’s kinda random to say “cookies” and it does kill the mood. Then again, this Quincy is a kid so it may also be suitable for him to say it in that sense. Viz Media’s translations are much more accurate, so I’ll keep you posted on which translation they use when Viz Jump comes out on Monday.

  6. So tired of these Quincies constantly popping up with more ridiculous powers than the last. We went from a Quincies being able to give you memory loss to the next who uses the power of imagination.

    1. Dude you gotta understand that they themselves are a very OP enemy in general. Unlike most of the arrancars that pretty much just used physical fighting approaches, if anything if the opponent does not fight with a sword in bleach, then they’re OP. Does it make sense? no but then again neither does Bleach most of the time

  7. oh course Kubo would troll a character right after revealing a special ability. I feel for Yachiru. Guwenhael got trolled by Yachiru, Yachiru got trolled by Guremi and apparently Guremi is having his own moment of glory shortened by Kenpachi.

  8. Since zanpakuto’s reflect the personality and soul of the soul reaper, does anyone think that maybe Kenpachi’s zanpakuto can cancel other peoples power forcing them into his style of combat

    Red Alchemist
    1. Kenpachi’s shikai, neutralize all abilities of the enemy, and only “force” are not affected?
      Thats no fun at all for kenpachi. Perhaps his Shikai, is similar to Unohana. Self healing, to enjoy the battle longer and fearsome. That would fit better to a “i love fights to the death” Captain. You can see this like “Wolverine” X-Men Ability

  9. A Joke:

    Perhaps Kenpachi is the “Bankai” Soul of Yachiru’s Sword :). Thats why he dont have a Shikai and Bankai until now


    Well lets see, if Kubo switch the action from the vice-captain to the Captain.. This was Yachiru’s time to shine, to prove everybody that trust of kenpachi in her… Perhaps she is the next kenpachi in line…
    and let’s not forget that there is a another Vice-captain nearby

    1. basically Yachiru’s power copycats are the Future and Past of her current Sword moving

      As if the Sword has some time alternation magic on it..

      Her Bankai (if ever get) should be something with “if i swing my sword now, i already cut the enemy , and after i put in back in the shaft, it will cut again.”

  10. It seems to me that Gwenhael really is from Guremi’s imagination. It’s not odd for me to think that his imagination was so effective that he actually imagined a separately lettered Quincy.

    Also, this probably isn’t the case, but I have the feeling that maybe this isn’t really Kenpachi, but Yachiru’s imagination. Either that, or her thinking of Kenpachi with the effect of this guys powers actually summoned him.

  11. I was having fun seeing Yachiru finally get some action. Just kind of sucks that it was cut short by this new guy. Would have been nice if the first opponent was just a warm-up and she actually had to get serious about this one.

    Still will be enjoyable to watch Kenpachi just obliterate this guy for messing with Yachiru.

    Certainly seems like his ability depends on the opponent’s state of mind. If they actually think it’s possible for an instant it happens. I suppose that will either work really well or not at all with Kenpachi. Either way this guy is dead, it’s just a question of how long it takes to wipe the floor with him.

    1. It would be the greatest thing ever if a kenpachi dreamed up by yachiru actually fought and exposed all his new training, only to find out the real kenpachi is still wandering around ready to fight

  12. Of all the chapters, this one had to be the most disappointing. Yachiru had her moment to be badass and Tite could have gotten more into the intricacies of her shikai, but ANOTHER quincy appears out of nowhere with the most broken ability ever: imagination. However, like others have said, it does seem like t’s more “suggestion” wise because he had to confirm with Yachiru and Isane about what they were thinking. But if it turns out that Kensei and Rojuro are dead just like that, it’d gonna be immensely disappointing. I hope Zaraki kicks that boy’s ass because he should be insanely more powerful than he already was.

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