Everyone’s favorite murderous bad-ass is back, and as always, he fails to disappoint. Zaraki tells Isane directly that he killed Unohana and inherited her name, Kenpachi. It seems that Isane understood that Unohana did what was necessary despite the death of her captain, and it doesn’t seem that she will hold a grudge against Zaraki. Of course now the attention of the battle turns to him, letting Yachiru off the hook. Unfortunately she didn’t really get to show off her skills before being rescued, but this is somewhat to be expected. Gremmy reveals his full name to be Gremmy Thoumeaux “The Visionary”, and has the letter designation “V”. He seems pretty cocky in general, and claims to be the strongest Sternritter – a bold claim – and that Kenpachi will be a fitting match-up.

By imagining a giant stone monolith, Gremmy sets the stage for the battle, but Kenpachi lands the first hit, cutting into Gremmy’s shoulder despite him hardening his skin. He always has the coolest lines: “You can’t imagine anything I can’t cut through, because I’m Kenpachi”. That was pretty awesome. He doesn’t give a fuck about what Gremmy can come up with, and the kid had better think fast and more creatively. Hopefully Gremmy will live up to his claim and give Kenpachi at least somewhat of a hard time, because so far we haven’t seen anything that we didn’t know they were capable of; this chapter was more style than substance. In the end however, it’s fairly certain that Kenpachi will just crush his opponent with sheer overwhelming power. He does have a lot to prove for himself after killing Unohana, and no doubt he will live up to the hype… and beyond.


    1. I’m pretty sure Juhabach can only assimilate powers he himself has given away, such as the powers of the Sternritter.

      Fun-fact: Sternritter in German mean Star Knights. Star in Estonian is “täht”. It has 2 meanings- a star and a letter.

      1. “Despite constantly being in Shikai, Kenpachi’s Zanpakutō does not grant him any additional abilities, due to their lack of communication.”

        I was implying to that, I want him to actually use it (like Ichigo does).

  1. It looks like Gremmy’s power requires a good understanding of physics (and/or metaphysics) to be useful.

    I’ll bet he’s been so overpowered he never really had the inclination to actually learn how the world works.

    Steel? Against Zaraki Kenpachi?
    What a noob.

  2. he made his body hard as steel…lol. That’s the best metal or hard substance he can come up with? I’m going to assume Gremmy don’t have enough fighting experience.

  3. Gremmy: Dude, how come my all-powerful imagination (which evidently I’m not making very good use of ’cause I only turned my body to weak a** steel) didn’t work, huh? HUH?

    Kenpachi: ‘Cause I’m Kenpachi f***ing Zaraki, bitch. Where have you been?

    Ryan Ashlight
  4. You can’t imagine anything I can’t cut through.

    My bet’s that this line already planted the seed of doubt in Gremlin, and he will always think, in the back of his head, that this might not be enough to stop Kenpachi, and so it will be.

  5. I still find the reason for Unohana’s demise lame, it’s like Kubo overhyped her to point that he didn’t know what to do with her so he made up this whole Kenpachi thing just to get rid of her.

    That aside, this chapter felt even shorter than usual.

    1. I don’t think the Kenpachi thing was an asspull, but the fact that he couldn’t think Unohana any more interesting might be true. Although a longer backstory or a Bankai explanation would be nice.

  6. I think my favorite part is when the cut first happens, and Kenpachi is just like, “What.” Like, it was almost unfathomable to him that someone expected him to not cut them, and he was just baffled by something so simple. Like a really oblivious person, and you hit them hard to get their attention, and they never register you *hit* them, they just look up, trying to find out what is happening, usually with a, “What.”

    1. I LOVED THAT PART. It’s like Kubo telling the readers “oh and for those thinking Unohana is still breathing…..SHE’S DEAD. I’ll REPEAT, SHE IS GONE.” Lol. Anyway it was an okay chapter. It’s good to see Ken-chan again, but I feel like this chapter is padding.

      Corey Lucas
  7. Kenpachi is making his triumphant return against a guy introduced 2 chapters ago? LMAO. Why should anyone care about this fight? Why should we care about any of these fights? Kubo just keeps pulling these random ass villains of the week out of his ass.

    Bleach needs to end. This series has just been abysmal lately.

  8. >Gremmy’s ability is to make whatever he imagines truth
    >Obviously using it wrong
    >Should just imagine Kenpachi/all should reapers died, and that Aizen is standing next to him with Juabach.

    >Has the power to use the force
    >Chokes people and throws them around
    >Could just rearrange enemy internal organs

  9. Epic chills man! But this chapter went by so quick that I’ll have to save it up until the next one comes. I agree that kid better think of something good or else this looks like bullying to me soon. And Ichigo better watch out for his rematch with Zaraki; he looks unstoppable.

    random viewer
  10. Really? the dream guy Really? i thought something like Ichigo want’s to fight Juabach but Kenpachi saying something like take ishida (99% sure he is going to betray juabach but get bitch slap) or someone else because you khow if i fighting what will happen and unohana dead, first if her bankai was sooo good that could ressurect
    people why couldn’t heal properly and she used the kido healling ichigo on their way back and why the fuck she never fight with sword i thought that unohana had one of the most interesting character development in bleach if she was going to kill kenpachi i think i will be little happier even if kenpachi is one of my favorite and Yachiru omg really nothing Again
    both cases i felt like YEAAAA and in the end i got a kick in my balls.

  11. OO and something else byankuya died and i think rukia can zero squad ressurect others too and why the fuck had to be Unohana Vs Zaraki and not Zero Squad take zaraki with them and let the
    the guy that named all the sword tell the fucking name ????????????

  12. Kubo…Ok. You’ve built this up, you’ve set this all up, we have a stage set for a very good battle, you’ve danced around weird fights and padding and delaying long enough. Kenpachi vs a OP opponent. All I ask at this point is to give us a good show.

  13. Well this imagination has a weak spot.

    Pro: “i imagine that inside this Cube, there is no Air to breathe”

    What now?

    Con: “Fool, we are shinigamis. We are already dead, and dead do not need to breathe”?

    Or he imagine all kind of elements inside the Cube. Full of Water, and so on…

  14. They need to hurry up and bring the Bleach anime back. They easily have over 2 years of chapters to work with, yeah most of them are fights but still 2 years off the air is too long, especially since Fairy Tail is coming back and that rated lower on Japanese TVs, and sold lower than Bleach in Japan on DVD. Seems so unfair that they’re keeping us waiting so long.


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