So far, Kenpachi is still the bad-ass we expected him to be, and he easily overcomes the first trick popped by Gremmy. With his imagination, Gremmy conjures both fire and water, then trapping Kenpachi deep inside a crevice in the monolith. Of course, something that trivial can hardly stop the monster that Kenpachi is now, and he simply destroys the barrier with brute strength. This is the usual progression of battles, with only weaker abilities being used initially due to one side underestimating the other. I wonder if he could just imagine his opponents dead and make it reality, though there wouldn’t be much of a point if that was the case. This chapter was awfully short on content, but once the big guns are brought out things should be more interesting. It can’t be too easy for Kenpachi, else we won’t get to see the full extent of what he is capable of.

The main point revealed this chapter was that Gremmy has to keep thinking about his imaginations for them to remain in effect, something he can’t do when distracted. His weakness then is perhaps having to deal with multiple different aspects at the same time. However, there’s also a potential caveat about Kenpachi; a group of shinigami nearby claim that couldn’t feel his reiatsu (which is undoubtedly immense) until after he began fighting. It’s not clear whether this means anything at all, but it could be that Gremmy’s imagination is unconsciously affecting Kenpachi’s abilities or power level, or alternatively that Kenpachi has gained a significant amount of control over his own reiatsu. I don’t think it’s likely that Gremmy can actually manipulate reality through his opponent’s imaginations; despite his taunts, everything is of his own doing. If this wasn’t the case, then this power will soon backfire and he will meet his demise, as Kenpachi will not lose a psychological battle.


    1. no its him i’m sure of it, or your guess can be possible as well. But i think it really is kenpachi zakari and the next few chapters is gonna prove that his power is beyond that of any imagination

      1. or….

        Let me build a background here:

        Zaraki and Unohana was fighting in a Battlefield room or something that deflect Reiatsu?.

        Now a possible Solution:

        After the Fight is done, he dig a Hole like a mole and came from down under to her Rescue? 🙂

  1. I’d have to agree that it’s possible that this Kenpachi is just an imagination due to the fact that no reiatsu was being detected. No matter how much control Kenpachi might have, he shouldn’t be able to fully hide it. So this whole ordeal is a bit weird. I guess we’ll see in the next few chapters.

    1. ichigo’s and aizen’s transcend are both different. Aizen can control how much riatsu he can make others feel while ichigo no matter how much power he releases no one including aizen can sense it. So its possible that whats happening to kenpachi is similar to aizen’s not ichigo’s transcend

  2. My guess for Ken’s missing reiatsu is that prior to his appearance he wasn’t there… and still isn’t there.

    With Yachiru incapacitated and Gremmy likely knowing who would come to her rescue who do you think both of them were thinking about?

    So what if this Kenpachi is nothing but an illusion subconsciously created by a battle eager Gremmy which is why prior to his sudden appearance there was no trace of him around.

    Would be interesting if in the middle of their fight all of a sudden a pissed off Kenpachi shows up and angrily destroys his “weak” duplicate before turning on Gremmy and starting the real fight.

    Though this would probably be a bit too deep for this series so it will likely be something far simpler.


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